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  1. I would go with a team of YVH droids. They haven't been made yet, but, whatever. Modified with special frames to hold Ysalamir(spelling?) and given weapons with some type of explosive rounds, those things could get some serious Jedi murdering on. Hell, standard YVHs are already extremely difficult for Jedi to deal with.
  2. After that book... He's barely a contender.
  3. First I've heard of either. Wait... Are these real things or am I just missing the joke?
  4. Wait... where'd that happen? The black hole part.
  5. I don't know if I'd call that conclusive enough to say Kyp's "The Most Powerful", although it is interesting. Unfortunately there is no way know how anyone who didn't take the test would have performed, for all we know Bane might have brought the house down. Btw, what was that in?
  6. No, it's an actual affect of Sidious' power that I'm referring to. It extended to people that wouldn't need to fear Vader being sent after them, ordinary civilians, farmers, office workers, people entire unconnected to the Empire. It's not like every time someone acted up Vader came knocking at their door. It's documented, but, I'm too lazy to find it just now. But, yeah, it's amongst his powers.
  7. Toss up... Palpatine- ridiculously huge Force storms and he imposed his will on the entire galaxy keeping the vast majority of the populace's will in a submissive state. Able to traverse interstellar distances in spirit form(after his first death). Claimed he had killed adversaries over "vast distances" through the Force. The Emperor(TOR timeline)- Force drained a planet through Sith alchemy, leaving the planet utterly devoid of life and the Force it self and also disintegrated all organics. That process empowered him enough to become virtually immortal and allowing him to live and rule over the Sith for well over 1000 years. Dominated the minds of both Revan and Malak causing their turn to the darkside.
  8. Very good, except that, in the strictest technical sense, Ventress, Starkiller and Lumiya aren't actually Sith, but, I'll allow them.
  9. Not sure if this is the place to ask this, but... Can the name on a character in the Database be changed? I ask because the Jedi Exile has recently been given a name in the Revan novel and I thought it should be given to her here.
  10. Starkiller won't win all that easily. Maul was still good enough that his clone could push Vader to the limit, ultimately leading to Vader having to nearly kill himself to defeat the clone. I see Maul (possibly) being slightly faster and maybe even a little better with the lightsaber. He was, after all a master duelist. He couldn't wield a doublesaber if he wasn't and it was is primary focus. Starkiller's over-all ability, however, is leagues beyond Maul. He'd probably have no qualms with making a duel of this for awhile before eventually deciding that he needs to start letting loose his Force powers to win. Starkiller wins once he decides to stop fighting on his opponent's terms.
  11. Fett has faced Jedi and Sith, including going toe-to-toe with Vader and doing the same thing he's doing here to an already ticked off Starkiller. Spidey's main disadvantage is that aside from his webs he's got no real long range attacks. Fett's got a plan and intel because he never does anything without it. The doesn't grocery shop without hacking the security cams there first. He has a headstart and more than has been laying traps the whole way back to his ship. Which, in 15 minutes, he's probably already reached. If Fett stuck around to engage Spidey that could go bad for him, but he's not that stupid.
  12. Fett is already gone, he can summon Slave 1 to anywhere on the planet with a short series of eye blinks. Hell, he can arm and fire it's weapons in the same manner. Considering he's been in virtually the same situation with Starkiller in Spidey's place, he should make a quite comfortable escape.
  13. "This content is currently unavailable The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page." That's what I'm getting when I click the link... how else can I find the page?
  14. This isn't a battle. I'm not concerned with who'd "win".
  15. A co-worker and I were having a debate over this question. I won't go into detail about that, but, I decided to just have you guys settle the matter here. So which one do you guys think is the more diabolical of the two?
  16. The only things that matters in choosing a system is which system has the games you want and whether or not you care about the extra features. That's it. The graphics are comparable enough that you won't notice when you're sitting there trying to make it through the level you've been working on all day. Speed is comparable as well. If one loads a game in 3.8 seconds and the other loads the same game in 3.5, who really cares? Which system has more games doesn't matter unless you plan on buying the entire library. If you have that kind of cash to blow you should just get both. Listing a bunch of games for each system is silly if you haven't bothered to asked what games the gamer wants. You can tell me the System A has this, that and the other, but, if I'm not interested in those games you really haven't made valid point. Just because you think those games are awesome doesn't mean I will. Personally, I prefer the PS3 because when I bought it I wanted the browser (since I didn't have a computer) and because I really like GTA. When my best friend asked what he should get I told him to get the XBox because I know all he's going to play is Madden, why spend the extra money to play one game both systems have. What you guys are doing isn't helping someone make an informed decision, it just giving your personal favorite system some free advertising.
  17. Assuming price isn't a factor, the PS3 offers a web browser, free online gaming, Move and a blu-ray player while the XBox offers better online gaming(or so I'm told), Kinect and... some other stuff, I guess. If those things don't matter to you, then you should base your decision on which system offers the most games that you have interest in or which has a few games you really want. So, if the PS3 has more games that you have interest in you should probably go with that. However, if you simply MUST have Halo, then you should go with the XBox. Pretty much everything else, from memory to graphics, is close enough in comparison that the average gamer wouldn't really notice the difference.
  18. I don't think power-ups are necessarily a bad thing, so long as it isn't being done in place of creating a good story. If it's being done in a way that flows naturally or that actually provides new and interesting challenges to the character, that's fine. If it's simply a case where the writers said "Crap! People are losing interest. Quick, let's give him ______!", then yeah, that's pretty lame. For instance (not comic related, but, whatever), in an episode of Star Trek TNG, Riker received the powers of the Q. He then quickly started losing touch with his humanity. That was a pretty interesting concept in my opinion. On the other hand (although I haven't read it), from everything I've heard World War Hulk seemed like an excuse to have Hulk smash things on another level. That seems pretty lazy to me. My opinion on WWH may not be all that accurate, but, my point still stands.
  19. Hell, he didn't even seem to notice it was there.
  20. I haven't had a chance to read any of the comics involving Tholme, but, based on a look at his wiki and what I know Kun can do, Kun should rip through him quite easily. Tholme seems to lack the skill, dueling prowess and raw power to compete with Exar Kun. Also, as the set-up states, Kun has foreseen this event. So, presumably, he already knows that he is about to kick all kinds of ass.
  21. You did mention the clones, as did I. Sidious still did more to directly cause the deaths of Jedi. He actually planned their deaths, where in Bane's case they pretty much just sacrificed themselves. And Sidious still had several Force adepts he could have used in Vader's place. They may not be as good but the end result would have been roughly the same.
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