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  1. I would go with a team of YVH droids. They haven't been made yet, but, whatever. Modified with special frames to hold Ysalamir(spelling?) and given weapons with some type of explosive rounds, those things could get some serious Jedi murdering on. Hell, standard YVHs are already extremely difficult for Jedi to deal with.
  2. After that book... He's barely a contender.
  3. First I've heard of either. Wait... Are these real things or am I just missing the joke?
  4. Wait... where'd that happen? The black hole part.
  5. I don't know if I'd call that conclusive enough to say Kyp's "The Most Powerful", although it is interesting. Unfortunately there is no way know how anyone who didn't take the test would have performed, for all we know Bane might have brought the house down. Btw, what was that in?
  6. No, it's an actual affect of Sidious' power that I'm referring to. It extended to people that wouldn't need to fear Vader being sent after them, ordinary civilians, farmers, office workers, people entire unconnected to the Empire. It's not like every time someone acted up Vader came knocking at their door. It's documented, but, I'm too lazy to find it just now. But, yeah, it's amongst his powers.
  7. Toss up... Palpatine- ridiculously huge Force storms and he imposed his will on the entire galaxy keeping the vast majority of the populace's will in a submissive state. Able to traverse interstellar distances in spirit form(after his first death). Claimed he had killed adversaries over "vast distances" through the Force. The Emperor(TOR timeline)- Force drained a planet through Sith alchemy, leaving the planet utterly devoid of life and the Force it self and also disintegrated all organics. That process empowered him enough to become virtually immortal and allowing him to live and rule over the Sith for well over 1000 years. Dominated the minds of both Revan and Malak causing their turn to the darkside.
  8. Very good, except that, in the strictest technical sense, Ventress, Starkiller and Lumiya aren't actually Sith, but, I'll allow them.
  9. Not sure if this is the place to ask this, but... Can the name on a character in the Database be changed? I ask because the Jedi Exile has recently been given a name in the Revan novel and I thought it should be given to her here.
  10. Starkiller won't win all that easily. Maul was still good enough that his clone could push Vader to the limit, ultimately leading to Vader having to nearly kill himself to defeat the clone. I see Maul (possibly) being slightly faster and maybe even a little better with the lightsaber. He was, after all a master duelist. He couldn't wield a doublesaber if he wasn't and it was is primary focus. Starkiller's over-all ability, however, is leagues beyond Maul. He'd probably have no qualms with making a duel of this for awhile before eventually deciding that he needs to start letting loose his Force powers to win. Starkiller wins once he decides to stop fighting on his opponent's terms.
  11. Fett has faced Jedi and Sith, including going toe-to-toe with Vader and doing the same thing he's doing here to an already ticked off Starkiller. Spidey's main disadvantage is that aside from his webs he's got no real long range attacks. Fett's got a plan and intel because he never does anything without it. The doesn't grocery shop without hacking the security cams there first. He has a headstart and more than has been laying traps the whole way back to his ship. Which, in 15 minutes, he's probably already reached. If Fett stuck around to engage Spidey that could go bad for him, but he's not that stupid.
  12. Fett is already gone, he can summon Slave 1 to anywhere on the planet with a short series of eye blinks. Hell, he can arm and fire it's weapons in the same manner. Considering he's been in virtually the same situation with Starkiller in Spidey's place, he should make a quite comfortable escape.
  13. "This content is currently unavailable The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page." That's what I'm getting when I click the link... how else can I find the page?
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