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  1. We see an office in Washington DC filled with senators and congressman all laughing and drinking with each other. Senator Kelly: Well Senator Bolson I must say I am very pleased to see that your sentinel bill was passed and soon they will be up and running destroying the mutant menace. Senator Bolson: Soon they will be up and running my dear Senator Kelly the factory is already created and the sentinels will be ready to go into commission in less than a week. Kelly: Very good old man how did you get the funding and equipment so fast. Bolson: I actually used the old A bomb factories in Wyoming. Kelly: well congratulations again old man. Kelley leaves the room after saying his good byes. Bolson: That should lead the mutants right into my attack: Random Senator: What do you mean bolson? Bolson: It seems our dear friend Mr. Kelly is actually a mutant named Mystique that will lead magneto into a trap set by me. As Magnetos Brotherhood rushes into the old factory in Wyoming they are not met by large mutant killing robots but instead by the Ufoes and 100 armed guards. Before a word can be said the battle begins with with most mutants attacking the armed guards and having the Ufoes do battle with Magneto, Juggernaut, Avalanche, and Quicksilver who wins the 4 on 4 battle.
  2. In a straight battle Penguin wins his Umbrella is as versatile as batmans utility belt and jokers harpoon guns are going to do nothing for him.
  3. the unthinkable had happened Latveria has gone to war against the USA. It happened on a Saturday morning just when things couldn't get worse. Dr. Doom had sent his air force into American airspace and started bombing making most of the US heroes occupied with doom bots and latverian fighter jet pilots. Luckily for the USA Tony Stark had sent out a message calling for a small Avenger attack squad to come together and take down the Latverian king. One mile outside the castle ground the small avengers force plans an attack. Captain America: Ok Night Crawler and Quicksilver it is your job to take out all Latverian snipers on the ridges here, here, and here he says while pointing on the map. Red and She Hulk you two are going to rush the courtyard letting him spring his trap and big guns on you while spiderman scales the gate letting us all in. Storm, Ms. Marvel, Thor, Green Goblin, and human torch you take down anything in the air. While Juggernaut, beast, Hawkeye, sabertooth, Cyclops, and myself go this way. Wolverine, hercules, black Panther, Thing, and Venom go this way. First one to find Victor knock him down for me. Two minutes after the plan casualties are high with both Hulks the entire air team, and beast are now dead. Fortunately the team that Thing and Venom are on make it to Doom. Dr. Doom O my old friends the avengers im glad you came here to die. The battle begins with doom popping logans head clean off, and the rest of the team being blasted to dust beside thing and venom. Doom: I wont kill you Ben Flash here will kill you. All of a sudden a beam comes out of Dooms hand turning calm agent Venom into crazy bloodthirsty Venom. Thing throws venom into Doom sending venom into a rage attacking Doom. All three men are out for blood combatants are: The Thing, Flash Thomphson Venom with guns and a big sledgehammer, and doom in his normal suit with laser gauntlets mini force field and 3 rockets that can shoot out of his chest.
  4. Odin Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post.
  5. thanks for telling me that thats good to know
  6. Nightwing : the jla and avengers have been fighting for five days we need to help by taking out the x men. at the same time Cyclops: We have to stop the jla sidekicks so we can help the avengers. Best of seven series: Match 1: Superboy vs wolverine the two are fighting in the grand canyon both want to kill eachother and are not holding back. Match 2: Emma frost vs Miss martian The two are fighting in Washington dc near the monument. Match 3: impulse and blue beetle vs collossus and nightcrawler the four are fighting in a military base with high tech weapons laying around. Match 4: Storm vs Aqua lad the two are fighting on a yacht in the middle of the pacific. Match 5: Cyborg vs Gambit: The fight is happening in a swap in lousiana Match 6: Cyclops vs nightwing The match is happening in the back alley in memphis tennesse Match 7: The surviving members of the earlier fights if the x men have less ppl the fight takes place in the mansion if young justice has less people the fight takes place in there home base if its a tie it takes place on an aircraft carrier.
  7. Odin Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post.
  8. Breaking news for all of space! came over all space holograms. Darkseid and superman have killed each other both lay dead on earth. A mad rush ro be the first conquerer of earth and apokolips has begun between different warriors. Who will be the new power in the universe. Lois Lane: So it has begun it is the end of the battle and end of the world. The planetary battle began with thousands of warriors but they are now dead this includes the gl corps, sinestro corps, and most of the jla the only surviving members are wonder woman, batman, aquaman, and the flash. There are only six combatants left and they are mettallo, mongul, desparo, general zod, black adam, and black beetle. Lets look at the battle field. We zoom into the battle field in time to see mongul rip out mettallos kryptonite heart and step on it, black adam electricute black beetle, and desparo put zod into a coma. The three remaning combatants all walked toward each other slowly. Mongul: I will be the rightful ruler of this planet and i wont let you two idiots get in my way. Black Adam: I am a living god and you should step back before i show you how out matched all of you are. Desparo: Why you to are fighting for your first world this will be my 1000th conquer of a planet. The three argued when each of them drew a weapon. Mongul had a cosmic axe, desparo drew a spear, and black adam drew a mace. The three then rushed one another to decide the fate of the earth and declare a winner.
  9. U know what you guys are 100% right this is not the site for me so i say goodbye and hope you enjoy fanboys vs master splinter matches im sure this sight will be filled with new and exciting conversation and not shut down for inactivity in the next few months
  10. i dont know about everyone else but it seems to me ironmans armors have always had the exact same weapons photon cannons, force fields, flight, strength, durability, and missiles i mean from the begining he has had those and nothing has changed since.
  11. also two of my last three matches were the top rated ones and i am sorry for the blow up its just iv had some past experiences on this sight now that im done lets get back to the discussion I believe if cap can grab ahold of flash he will win he may have to take a beating first but if he gets in close its game over for the flash
  12. To everyone i know my set ups are weak i used to care about this and try hard but people were still jerks and never cared about the matches so i come on here to talk to people that care about interesting matches and want to debate because honestly there is barely anyone on this sight because of all the jerks but if you dont like interesting matches like (supes vs martian manhunter, invisible woman vs jean, and this one.) then i will leave you to your lame ass darkseid vs michael jackson dance off and what other stupid matches you have on here. Now refering to this match cap is the leader of the avengers i think he can hold his own against the flash i mean if you trip a man going 500 mph what happens that being said flash probally is the favorite
  13. poison ivy of course what an odvious answer great matchup not one sided at all im sure the last vote will be real close.
  14. Spider: Reed you have to stop if the levels of your project go any higher a poisonous gas can be released and kill half of New York City. Reed: Spiderman this isnt the time for you to start trying to understand the greatest mind of the twentieth century. Spiderman: fine you wont listen ill make you listen. The Thing: you want reed you got to go through me The thing vs spiderman takes place in the plaza of the baxter building.
  15. Captain America couldnt believe his eyes a member of the justice leauge had just appeared through a vortex and punched him in the gut. CA: Why did you do that the jla and avengers have always been allies. Flash: Our doctor fate just told us about two brothers trying to push two worlds together and combining us and since im the fastest jla member i was the first to arrive. CA: Well i dont know about these brothers but you just started an act of war... the flash rushes captain America but cap puts his shield up in time having flash punch the shield with a 200 mph fist hurting his hand Cap: now im ready speedster.
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