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  1. Meh, the genetic strength levels in Tolkien's world were never really that clear cut from what I remember. Certainly nothing like what's used in the Inheritance books. In the book Boromir led the way in clearing a path through the snow of the Misty Mountains, and in the movie he carried both Pippin and Merry while jumping across the gap in the staircase.
  2. Monty Python aside I'd take the horses.
  3. It's been awhile since I've read through The Fellowship of the Ring, but I seem to remember it being implied(perhaps not directly) that Boromir was the stronger of the two while Aragorn more skilled/agile. In any case Aragorn should handily win this fight. Boromir was a great warrior, no doubt about it, but Aragorn was a cut above.
  4. Agreed. Toph's unique abilities are ideal when facing other earthbenders but should be more vulnerable to other styles(particularly firebending and airbending). Good point, I hadn't thought of that. Still though, given Toph's blindness and Zuko's frequent hotheadedness I think the Fire Ferrets have the edge.
  5. I'm not so certain the originals would win in a straight up fight given that the other team actually has an Avatar, but if Korra were still restricted to waterbending I'd say the new guys lose. However in the given scenario it's going to depend a lot on how much practice and/or how familiar the originals are with the sport. Remember Korra's first match? I picture the originals committing a lot of fouls mainly because they're not used to fighting with rules.
  6. I found a variation with these nine: That makes the decision much, much easier in my opinion.
  7. I agree with Dinsdale that a match like this is impossible to predict with certainty. All things being equal I'd say Thor has about the best odds of winning given his level of strength and skill. However being one of the first contestants in the ring definitely works against you particularly if you're dominating, then you become a threat that the later entries are willing to gang up against. Given the order of the line-up I think She-Hulk has good odds of winning given that she's late to the party, has a respectable strength level, has actual wrestling experience(I'm pretty sure she was a member of the old super being wresting thing Marvel used to have back in the day, Unlimited Class Wrestling or something), and is a woman(not trying to be sexist here just saying that whether consciously or not most guys are going to have a tendency to underestimate and/or go easy on a woman).
  8. This would be a great match. ...until Surfer decides to get serious.
  9. 1. Could be close, not so sure about this. 2. Yoda easily, 800 years of experience goes a long way. 3. Depends on what you mean by "Eastern". Splinter is the only one who actually teaches from that sort of background. But I'd say Yoda easily has the most wisdom. The only category Morpheus really has a chance in is fighting skills in my opinion.
  10. Is it just me or do the heroes utterly annihilate the villains? Maybe I'm missing something.
  11. I remember someone putting forth this matchup awhile ago. I believe Gaara has the advantage given Toph's method of "seeing". Gaara generally moves very little or not at all in fights which makes it likely that Toph will be unable to react to his attacks.
  12. Exactly! The SPAWN comics. Nothing besides divine/demonic powers from his own universe may be able to affect him, but Silver Surfer is not from Spawn's universe. Absolute statements don't necessarily hold up outside of their original parameters.
  13. I think that version would be well outside the limits for this slot.
  14. I'm fairly ignorant on Spawn but how do we know that ONLY divine/demonic powers can defeat him? Has he encountered EVERY kind of power and found all others ineffective? Because I feel this argument is like claiming that paper can ONLY be destroyed by scissors because rock is ineffective against it. Just because Spawn has not been defeated by powers other than divine/demonic does not guarantee that he can not be.
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