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  1. Again putting the patch notes up here as well to try and catch as many interested parties as possible. 0.2.4 Changed the version scheme slightly. Got off track a little to be major.minor.bug_fix instead of major.minor.sub_minor.bug_fix. New version 0.2.4 is equivalent to Added a rules & instructions page to the character creator. 0.2.5 Fixed a bug that did not set a characters total points to be spent correctly (found because allowed points was increased from 250 to 300 but point total in new characters was still marked as 250) Changed length of character names fr
  2. With Redux taking at least a somewhat officially taking the place of the FPL I thought I would post updates here as well. With some more people using the system we're finding and squashing some more bugs that have been over looked up until now. At this point the CC seems to be bug free (now that I've said it I expect someone to prove me wrong), but at least the normal functionality is there. So before we get to the patch notes I want to give a run down of the current status. Character Creator: creation and submission of a character seems to be fully functional. Editing the text of a chara
  3. S. Justice's birthday is today...? Happy Birthday whereever you are.

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