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  1. Thanks, guys, i feel privileged.

  2. 'Parently that's my area in this case.
  3. I hope somebody has read Supergods. I thought it was cool. Hence the fight.
  4. Krishna, Maitreya, Malek, Craven, Perun and Dajjal, from the comic Supergods vs Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Mrs Marvel, Sentry and Hulk, standard 616 versions They are fighting on an alternate version of Earth devoid of other superhumans. Win by death or incapacitation. Everyone is in character, other than the Supergods working together and the Avengers being willing to kill. They start in New York. Opinions?
  5. Lestat, from the film Interview With The Vampire vs Luc, from the film Universal Solider They are fighting in a large abandoned warehouse. Win by death or incapacitation. There are lots of crates scattered throughout the warehouse. They start on opposite sides on the warehouse. Lestat has his standard powers. Luc has his standard body armor, infrared goggles and several of those super steroid-filled needles, as well as a handgun, a knife and a few grenades. Opinions?
  6. Ok, so Jensen is much faster than Batman and he has defenses against EMPs. I also think Batman would have a very hard time getting the drop on Jensen, due to his various sensory upgrades, although Batman will share some of Jensen's capabilities, like heat vision, explosives, etc. On the whole, though, Batman's chances are looking slim.
  7. Yeah, of course they're the same character, but like i said, i asked because i want to know how much experience this Batman has. I agree, if this is an experienced Batman then he definitely has the skills, smarts and gear to give Jensen a hard time, but the latter did have some serious firepower, and can apparently dodge bullets. Also, if they get into a fist fight then Jensen has an edge in both speed and strength, making this pretty even. However, Batman normally carries EMP emitters and/or something that gives you a nasty electric shock, so he could very well screw up Jensen's enhancements. I'm really not sure about this.
  8. They're similar, for sure, but there are bound to be differences. The main reason i asked was because there's obviously a large difference in experience between the older and newer Batmen, which would affect his performance in the fight. Also, Jensen dodging bullets is impressive, but Batman has dealt with extremely fast enemies before (if this is pre-reboot Batman, anyway), and what would be actually help is knowing exactly how fast Jensen can move. Does anyone know what his top speed is?
  9. Tough call. What Batman is this, pre-reboot or New 52? Also, while i'm aware of a lot of Jensen's abilities i'm sure i don't know al of them, so can you post a link to a list or video of all his abilities?
  10. I don't think either can hurt the other by themselves. They'd both need something else, a source of extreme heat, a vacuum, etc, to beat the other. I reckon the T-1000 would find something first, as he'd figure out Sandman's weaknesses before the supervilllain did so.
  11. I'm inclined to think Archangel wins this, due to flight and the versatility of his wings, but if he gets too close to either Daken or Red then he's probably going down, especially in the latter's case. I have no idea who'd win in a fight between Daken and Red, though. They're pretty evenly matched.
  12. I kinda asked that before. OP said this:
  13. Aragorn is the superior sword fighter, but Wayne is the superior hand-to-hand combatant, so it evens out. They have very different kinds of training, though, and they are both very physically capable, making it even more difficult to decide who wins, in my eyes.
  14. Perhaps. Bruce does have better armor in this fight, but a shorter sword. Considering the amount of people he disarms throughout the films i reckon he can get rid of Aragorn's sword, and possibly turn the tide.
  15. So, Iron Fist taking him out is definitely a big deal. I don't remember Akuma taking out anyone God-ish.
  16. Ok, then. And how powerful is the clone compared to the real Thor?
  17. Aragorn definitely has superior experience, in terms of both length and versatility, but he doesn't show anything in the films that would put him miles above Bruce in terms of physical strength. He wasn't completely unharmed, Lurtz gave him a hard time during their fight. Also, Bruce has had some seriously good training and did, eventually, beat Bane, who is easily physically superior to Aragorn.
  18. On a scale of not-at-all to exactly-the-same, how similar are Thor and his clone? If it's the same one, or the same model, as seen in Civil War then the above feat impressive, but not as much as it would be were the clone closer to the real Thor in terms of power. Also, what happened next? Did Iron Fist destroy that clone or what?
  19. I've never seen Akuma do anything on a par with Iron Fist myself, in terms of speed or destructive force, at least. They are both highly skilled, though, and i'm not sure who'd win in a fight without powers.
  20. That's a good point, both armies of super-zombies are very likely to join forces, one way or another. Do the Dalek's have the reality bomb in this fight? I think a few of the super-zombies might be able to survive it.
  21. The above statements are very vague. Only one actual feat was given, which is this: Mr Smith infiltrates his wife's high-tech HQ, Mrs Smith takes out a few cars with a handgun whilst driving her own car and together they survive an onslaught from roughly fifty fully armed killers wearing full combat gear. The one above feat is not enough to say for certain that Bourne and Cross win.
  22. This: Raiden wins easily. If the TX got a hit in with it's laser cannon then he's got a lot to come back from, but he can fight extremely well without all his limbs, and with them he's a pretty flawless swordsman and martial artist, plus, he's a bullet-timer. Raiden wins this, after a decent little fight.
  23. Neither Bourne nor Cross have similar showings. They fought less people with less weapons. They're both very skilled and stealthy, and Cross is above peak human, but they don't have the same feats as the Smiths.
  24. No, but they both take out a shitload of their equally well-trained and heavily-armed ex-colleges, have access to all sorts of high-tech gadgets and weaponry and work very well as a team, once they got past the initial marital issues.
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