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  1. With a great rumbling and the crash of thunder he awakes from his long sleep of inactivity. Slowly he raises his head to look up at the stars from his watery grave to see the stars are aligned. The time to get off his ass and post something has come. Alright, to get myself back in the swing of things I’m looking to see who would be interested in a straight up D&D game, using pathfinder rules and an official pathfinder adventure guide. The actual role-play would be done on a IRC channel on Tuesday or Thursday nights at any debatable time in the evening. If that doesn’t work out there is always the option of the old fashioned way here on the boards. Friday evenings is a possibility, but as my work schedule is made on a week to week basis, some weeks might not work out. Pathfinder is easy to use and a great gameplay system, everything you need to know can be found at the d20pathfinder site. Another great tool is PCgen, which is very user friendly. Between these two you can learn pretty much anything you need to know about the basics of the game. So? Who is up for an adventure?
  2. Enjoy your new Halo game, may it be just as bland as the rest of the games in the series. I'll be enjoying a much overlooked game. Naughty Bear. I made a teddy bear commit suicide by grilling it's wife's face off in front of him while it's leg was caught in a bear trap.
  3. As the man continued to rand there was a deep rumbling that seemed to come from the depths of the earth itself. the windows of the small shop shattered into a million pieces and the mugs lining the walls of the shop clattered to the floor. The occupants of the shop didn't even have time to react before the heavy cement blocks used in the construction of the building came raining down to crush all inside. Rocks fall. Everyone dies.
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    Yay! another monster movie with shaky camera so you'll never get a clear shot of the monster and just have to assume it looks awesome! And I'm pleasantly surprised how good the costume looks when compared to the 1992 version . . .
  5. I see what you did there.
  6. *Makes sound of airplane flying far over your head.* Completely missed the point.
  7. Yes. That's amazingly realistic. Deathnote and Code Geas are two things I've never gotten how people can get that into. Paper thin characters and confusing story lines. That being said I'll answer the original question. out of those four I prefer One Piece the most. followed by FMA. Naruto and bleach jocky for last place depending on how redundant the story is on any given week.
  8. For the next half hour the quaint little coffee shop was filled with the murmurs of people talking about various subjects and events. However the calm of the shop was interrupted by the sudden opening of the door. A new patron who looked to be in his mid forties entered the shop, the man gave a shudder as if trying to shake the gloom off as he hung his worn coat on the stand by the door. Walking over to the bar with an obvious limp in his left leg he sat down on the stool between Osgar and Ron and muttered something at Joy to bring hot coffee. “Hey, old timer.†Ron said looking over his shoulder at the man who suddenly was sitting in the stool he had intentionally left between him and the smelly man with a beard. Now seeing a bald man who seemed to smell even worse was getting angry at the intrusion into his personal space. Any farther rebuttal was cut off as the man gave him a hard stare with a glint in his eye. Ron had been around enough people to know the look of someone of the edge of snapping so he decided to simply get up and walk away, no reason for trouble. However the man turned in his stool to continue to stair at Ron. “They’ll kill you first.†he hissed in a low voice, missing and yellowed teeth showing. Marisa and Leslie who were sitting directly across the bar felt a shiver go up their spine. As if in response the man locked eyes with them. “No, you . . .â€
  9. Busy week myself. But anyway looking to get this thing moving. As a bonus. as Threedark and Treacherous are the first (and only so far) to post they're characters each receive a bonus point of fate. Bringing their total to three each. The next person to post will receive the same. Get posting.
  10. Nobody? To clarify. You are allowed to control other people's characters when in a non combat environment. If you find that someone is using your character in a way you don't like simply ask them to edit them. Fortune follows the bold.
  11. The street was dark, doors closed and curtains drawn. And although it was early September, a chill drifted though the air that made anyone swear it was November. Discarded papers were swept along the street by the chill winds. It was one of those nights. Those nights that everyone seemed to want to ignore. There was almost a malice in the air that kept most indoors or at the very least in a group. Nights like these had almost become a common part of life. People canceling dates and meetings, not wanting to be about in the darkness that descended upon the city. On a small street in the port side district there stood a single shop. It was just a small coffee shop favored by the locals for excellent coffee at a good price. But tonight it stood out for any to see as the only building in the area that happened to be open. The light poring out from the front door illuminating the area and adding color to the gray-lit world outside. Inside however the atmosphere was much more welcoming. A few patrons of varying age, ethnic background, and beliefs were gathered inside the shop. Two lawyers discussed their hard won victory, a man who discreetly pocketed a wad of cash as he walked through the door, a employee, a blogger, a mountain of a man, and a neigh goth girl all gathered in the main area of the shop. There were other rooms in the shop but none dared to venture into the darker parts of the shop. the feeling of malice too easily brought to mind there. _______________________ Everyone is in the main room, feel free to start up a conversation with the other patrons. Everyone is looking for a little bit of cheerfulness to lift the mood.
  12. *Puts the key into the ignition and smiles as the monstrosity roars to life.* And here we . . . go! Check the second post for more character abilities and powers. please do not edit your stats that you have already chosen.
  13. So far the group is . . . Landon: Shinto. ThreeDark: Aztec. MarvelMan: Greek Treacherous: Egyptian. Exal: Native American. Updatedude: Christan. Tarvius: Norse. Apologies to Werewolf and HWFM, Good luck next time.
  14. When tossing out ideas with threedark I picked the eight we discussed. Hinduism didn't really come up. And as I told Tarv when asking about Celtic Gods I've already created stats and powers for these specific eight pantheons. Not if I don't want it to be.
  15. Good, So far Threedark and Landon are definitely in. As I forget, Add two fate points to your character sheet.
  16. Updated. again! And He who fights munsters, your character is a copy and paste of the exact words Landon used the other night. Bring your own character to the table. there is only room for the top 8 at max. I'm not against running with 7 if need be.
  17. The sith rookie who never even got a single line in the movie and is only remembered because of the double light saber?
  18. The mechanics of the game are simple. For any action the character will take, 3 d6 will be rolled in an attempt to roll under the stat desired. For instance, attempting to dodge out of the way of a strike will require your character to roll 3d6 and score under your agility stat. Each turn will follow a sequence that flows in initiative order. The character with the highest initiative (friend or foe) will go first. in the event of a tie the GM will decide based on circumstances During the player's turn each character may make up to two actions (Never the same action twice), actions and stats linked to them are as followed. Move: Automatic. Move up to 15 feet in any direction. Duck for cover: Automatic. requires cover to hide in. Attack: attack with any weapons you may be holding at the time. Charge: Weapon Skill. Hurl yourself into combat (Move 5 feet) and gain +2 weapon skill and strength for the turn. Use Spell: Wisdom. Use a spell that you know. Tackle: Strength (With a -10 or -20 to the roll for large, or monstrous opponents). Try to drive an opponent to the ground. Rise: Automatic. Get up after being tackled. Parry: Weapon Skill. Block a incoming blow. (may be initiated before the blow actually comes.) Knock back: Strength. knock the target backwards 1 foot for every point under your strength. Dodge: Agility. Evade a strike. Look out for traps: Awareness. Examine the ground for hidden traps. Look out for enemies: Awareness. Attempt to spot yet unseen enemies. Charm: Charisma. try to convince a local to do as you say. Resist spell: Wisdom. Attempt to block a spell aimed at you. Lurk: Automatic. pull back and let the enemies focus on the others. Throw item: Ballistic skill. throw a item nearby at an enemy d3 damage Distract: Ballistic skill. Throw something into the distance to distract unaware enemies. Rest: automatic. Pull back from the battle and heal d3 wounds. *Takes two actions* Sloothing: Charisma. Discreetly inquire about information without seeming out of place for doing so. ------------------------------------------------------------- Example: Lets say Billy is fighting with a Goblin. Billy's initiative of 4 is higher than the goblins initiative of 3. Billy will go first. Billy elects to Use Spell (lightning bolt) and prepares to Dodge. Billy has a wisdom of 12, rolling a 8 on 3d6 the spell goes off hitting the goblin and dealing 2d6 damage. Billy rolls a 7 on the dice and deals 7 damage to the goblin. The now weakened goblin elects to Move, and attack. moving into range he lashes out with his spear. the goblin has a weapon skill of 8. Rolling 3d6 he scores an 8, just barley managing to hit. Billy was expecting this has was prepared to Dodge, rolling 3d6 he compares the roll of 16 to his agility of 10 and does not make the dodge in time. Now that the goblin has hit he compares his strength of 7 to billy's toughness of 5. Subtracting the two Billy is dealt 2 damage. Now it's billy's turn again. he elects to Tackle and attack. Billy rolls 3d6 and manages to roll under his strength, effectively knocking the goblin to the ground where Billy then attacks. Billy rolls under his weapon skill and scores a hit, but his strength of 5 is less than the goblin's (who happens to be wearing some sheet metal Armor) toughness of 8. Billy rolls the number of dice equal to the tens place in his strength plus one. (O+1) to reduce the goblins armor by that amount. he rolls a 5. reducing the armor of the goblin to 3. the Goblins turn starts with the Goblin getting to his feet with Rise, and attacking. the goblin rolls horribly over his weapon skill and misses completely. Billy Elects to Attack, rolling under his weapon skill he scores a hit and compares his strength of 5 to the goblins new armor of 3. Dealing the final 2 wounds to the goblin and killing him outright. ---------------------------------------------------------- Corruption: As you go along your adventures you are bound to see things or do things that may effect your newly god given powers in ways you or they may not expect. these are call corruption points. Corruption points, or CP are negative in the long run, but can save your character if he needs it. Lets say Billy had 1 CP at the start of the goblin fight. Turing the turn where he was unable to Harm the goblin to to the armor being too thick he could have elected to use a CP to roll an additional 6d and add that to his strength for that turn. In doing so Billy would gain yet another corruption point. along with the possibility of something strange happening. Corruption points are gained as follows: By failing a Spell roll by over 4. (or a roll of an 18 will always fail and gain you an extra point.) By using natural abilities too often (Duel strike, shaddowskin, ect.) By failing a terror test by more than 6 Or by doing something the GM finds would trigger a corruption point. Corruption points may be used in the following ways: To roll a d6 and replace the highest in your roll for an action. (Say you roll a 6, a 5, and a 4. failing the spell power by 2. you could use a CP to roll another dice and replace the 6. (you may not use corruption points to avoid gaining corruption points.) To roll an extra d6 and add the score to your strength. Or to add an extra d6 damage to any spell. ----------------------------------------------------------- Spells: Odds are your character will have some form of spell he is able to use. When rolling for spells make sure you declare what darget you are aiming at. You may single out a specific enemy, or declare you are aiming at a group in hopes of catching them in an area effect. Nominate the target and damage as normal, if the GM allows it he will add damage to other nearby creatures as well. ------------------------------------------------------------- Weapons: odds are you will encounter many weapons as you go, And the odds are they will not be as good as the ones given to you by the gods. However if you feel the need to bring other weapons such as guns don't expect them to do much harm to the eldrich monstrosities you will be facing. Weapons of the gods: these are your weapons given to you at the beginning of your quest. they are finely made and hold incredible power. they allow you to cut through steel like paper. And harm creature no other mortal could hope to face. there is very little difference between the weapons, feel free to choose your own, but they must fall in a category of Slicing, bashing, or hacking. there is no difference between damage only the side effects. Slicing: Reroll one dice when attacking. Hacking: after damage is dealt reduce target's toughness by d6. Bashing: Adds d6 to damage (After damage is dealt) ------------------------------------------------------------- Special effects: these are things that factor into the fight that might tip the balance. Surprise attack/attacking from behind: Getting the drop on an enemy before they can react, add 5 to all damage delt. fatigue: on any turn you loose over 1/4th your health during a single turn odds are you will have to step back for a moment and rest. Fategue will reduce all stats by 3 for each point gained. Points may be removed to taking an action to rest. (Fatigue will be removed as well as wounds healed as above) Entangled: anything that is entangled may not make any action until they pass a test to free themselves or a friend spends an action to attack the object entangling them. (Entangling object is automatically removed.
  19. Ok, time for some more characterization. Each of you must now choose a Pantheon of gods from the list below. Alter your character slightly so they know about the pantheon, and have studied/followed it for some time. They don't have to be a member of any group, but the said religious view should have effected your outlook on life in whatever small way you would like. Pantheon List: Aztec: Threedark Judaeo–Christian: Werewolf Greek: Norse: Amerindian: Shinto: Egyptian: Once you have picked one. you'll need a single d6 dice. Three would be better once the game actually starts. You will roll once for each of the following stats. later you will add your pantheon's stats to this, so don't worry if you get a 1, not the end of the world. You get 1 reroll for whatever skill you feel did not meet satisfaction. Weapon Skill: Ranged skill: Strength: Toughness: Agility: Initiative: Awareness: Willpower: Charisma: Post the results to the character sheet. More character traits! This is a link to your pantheon's bonuses. you wont be needing these just yet. But add your natural abilities to the ones listed there and write it in your character sheep separately from your natural abilities. Personality traits. Pict any two of the following and add them to your character. They are free and are simple abilities your character exhibits with no relation to any god given powers. Driving: You have an innate skill at driving vehicles fast and with some degree of skill. Long distance runner: you can run for long periods of time without expending energy. Sprinter: you’re especially fast over short distances. fastball: You are skilled when it comes to hitting with thrown objects. +3 to hit when throwing anything. Rock Climber: Climbing comes naturally, +3 to climbing tests. Shelter: whether its from years of camping or some other life experience, you are naturally good at finding safe places to shelter for the night Inner willpower: +5 to rolls when testing for corruption Strength of will: +3 to terror tests. Sturdy: you are hard to knock over, Acrobatic: standing up is a free movement Bluff: you can easily convince people to believe what you say. Glare: Silence an enemy who might otherwise attempt to question your authority. Sticky fingers: things just seem to ‘slip’ into your hand. +3 to thieving rolls Trailblazer: You are especially adept at finding shortcuts or alternate routes to destinations. Heavy lifter: +3 to moving heavy objects and tackling creatures. Abilities: Each pantheon has unique and overlapping abilities. you have 25 points to spend on them. Abilities with the ‘*’ may be taken more than once. Norse: Thunderstrike:(Spell) Ranged, 2d6 damage 10 Rune Armor*: Increase wounds by 1 5 Ax training*: +3 to all rolls made with axes 5 Hammer training*: +3 to all rolls with hammers 5 Berserk charge: Additional +2 to Weapon Skill and strength on turns you initiate a charge 10 Battle shout: Redirect enemies focus to yourself 10 Hammer slam: (Spell, pushback) d6 AoE attack. *Requires hammer training* 10 Greek: Thunderstrike: (Spell,Ranged) 2d6 damage 10 Erebus flame: (Spell, noisy, Ranged) AoE, D6 damage 10 Poseidon force: (Spell,Ranged), 2d6 pick the highest damage, Water. 10 Titan’s strength: (Spell) your strength increased by 12 for remainder of turn. 10 Nature’s grasp: (Spell) vines come forth to entangle d3 enemies. 10 Olympic heritage: your heritage lies withing the halls of Olympus itself. Your wounds, strength and toughness are increased by 2 each. 20 Judaeo–Christian: Healing hands: (Spell) heal d6 wounds 10 Davine protection: (Spell, noisy) All damage done to target is reduced by half. 10 Hellflame: (Spell, ranged, noisy) Ignites target in hellish flames for d6 damage, damage will continue until extinguished or target is dead. 15 Wings: Your character has suddenly grown wings, these may be angelic or demonic. 10 Pain: A single enemy suffers d3 damage and is knocked out for d6 turns. 10 Charm of the saints: a charm lets the wearer instantly kill an undead. (Once per battle) 10 American Indian: Disguise:(Spell) all enemies will see you as a creature of the same breed. 10 Shadowmeld: Your skin seems to become one with the shadows, making you hard to pick out when standing still. 5 Nature’s Grasp: (Spell)Vines reach forth to entangle d3 enemies. 10 Confuse: (Spell) Cause an enemy to go wild and attack anything around. 10 Knife Training*: +3 to all rolls made with knives. (thrown and handheld) 5 Meditate: (Spell) quickly regain d3 wounds by remaining immobile for a short time 10 Shinto: Blade mastery*: +3 to all rolls made with swords +5 Double strike: attack twice while only counting at one action. 15 Devine Armor: (Spell) Summon armor for a turn increases your armor by +12 10 Celestial Slash: (Spell, push, noisy) d6 wounds to target and bushes back several feet. 10 Terrifying vestige: Try to intimidate an enemy to run. 5 Touch of oblivion: (Spell) Dissolve an enemy's weapon or armor.Reduce enemy’s armor by 20. 15 Aztec: Natural weaponry: expendable claws grow from hands/elbows, ect 10 Berserk charge: an additional +2 to weapon skill and Strength on turns you initiate a charge 10 Blood calling. Killing blows done to enemies heal you for half the damage dealt. 20 Mist veil:(Spell) Covers the surrounding area in a dense fog to help the party hide in. 5 Sneak attack: you deal an extra d6 damage when attacking from behind (Stacks with normal bonuses fro attacking behind) 10 Battle roar: redirect focus to yourself. 10 Egyptian : Sands of time: (Spell AoE) Slows enemies movement and initiative to half for 1 turn. 15 Ra’s wrath. (Spell, ranged) 2d6 damage to one enemy, illuminates the area as well. 10 Sinking sands (Spell, AoE) large monsters are pulled downward into the sand, 10 Favor of the jackal: when using a fate point roll a d6, on a 5 or 6 point is not expended. 20 Dessert conditioning: Resistant to flame and light attacks. 5 Osiris’s charm: a charm that lets the wearer remote view the area for up to 500 feet ahead. 10 Universal Powers: (These are non-damaging powers except against certain enemies, Water to douse fire, ect. In which case it deals 6 damage.) Illuminate: Light the area for all to see. 5 Water: Summons a small jet of water. 5 Static Shock: Your hands generate electricity, 5 Fire: Creates a burst of flame. 5 Freeze: lowers the temperature to below freezing. Can be used to make a bridge across water. 5 Shadow play: Shroud the area in darkness to enhance stealth. 5
  20. Ok, I was going to name this the mystery Rp as a placeholder, but as threedark apparently like to wait until he hears someone else has something planned to start a new RP It's just going to be nameless for now. The game mechanics will come later, so for now I simple need characters. Information must include. Characters should be healthy and 'in shape', and are assumed to do lots of outdoors activities, rock climbing, running, ect. More will come once the characters are created. Name: Age: (must be between 18 and 45) Sex: Race: Height: Weight: General Appearance: Hobbies: Reason for being in a sleepy coffee shop near closing time in downtown Manhattan. This is gonna be good.
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    I never appreciated that as a child.
  22. Tried to make it this year, but this marks the 4th year in a row a family crisis has stopped my geek holiday.
  23. Deeply envy you because this is possibly my favorite style, a mix of east and western styles.
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