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  1. Been a little preoccupied the last week or two but I'm hyped for this!
  2. ^This. Either one of these guys could do this in their sleep. Honestly there's no number of generic mafia/gangster/criminal guys I'd ever vote for over the Punisher or Batman's angrier, more murderous dad in pretty much any scenario. If we were talking some of the more memorable mafioso characters from movies or TV or whatever else then you could make the case for pitting their own characterized savviness against a situation where they have to survive a hit from Punisher or evil Batman or whoever, but as is yeah...
  3. Every time I go to open the character submission page every major release over the last seven years across any medium deserts my brain. Will probably keep adding and using RWBY characters on a per-match basis tho. Surely if I jog my memory hard enough eventually at least one other modern interest HAS to shake loose????
  4. It's as good as or a bit better than Deathstroke's at best tho, Laura's is still far better than that
  5. If both these sharks became part of the Sharknado would that be fucked up or what?
  6. Eh, not to cop out but I'm not really too swayed. We can agree to disagree though.
  7. Hahaha, Jason lamenting his back issues losses is hilarious. Good job man. Satan beats Jason's ass. It's a hilarious mental image but the dude's legit when he's not being upstaged by the Z Fighters, look at this guy. I know he gets shot but still! He moves faster than that guy can see!
  8. Just saw this, man that's a scary thought for the warsies. I'm not too sure which way to vote, part of me thinks they could stop the tide of angels once they become wise to their tricks and figure out what needs to be done to coral them, but then again we still know so little about what the angels are capable of really (especially as an invasion force). If they start setting up weird paradox reliant stuff in the SW verse like the hotel they had in New York then shit could go real south. How would the Force interact with angels I wonder? If Luke or someone were 'seeing' (more perceiving) t
  9. Immortal Hulk is AMAZING. I honestly think it's my favorite take on the character since Fixit himself. Might look into adding that incarnation to the database actually...
  10. They do suck ass in fairness. I just like sites that provide a 'flat' perspective of character abilities across different works and settings, if you get me, since individual wikias tend to go into the mechanics of the world and such a bit too much. I used to check a better one called OBD but I think it got nuked, you know any?
  11. Thanks guys! I was basically just staring at the recently added list trying to come up with a match and it came to me to do something where I incorporated all of them as cameos, haha. I kinda wrote the whole thing around that. Might do more with the premise of Khazan opening up after a long time and trying to process this whole backlog of new arrivals, we'll see. Honestly I thought the last season was one of the best, would hella recommend. Yang takes kind of a backseat in it which is a bummer but she still gets some good showings in (there's this one lady strong enough to flip an elep
  12. Yang Xiao Long was not having a good day. Granted, that had been the case even before whatever the heck all this was. Last thing she remembered, pretty much one of the worst days in the entire history of Remnant had been in full swing, with her and her fellow intrepid heroes having been declared enemies of the state by a guy neck-deep in probably the worst midlife crisis in recorded history. That had been pretty bad. Even worse had been the tidal wave of oncoming darkness that appeared over the horizon in the immediate aftermath, bent on swallowing up the most densely-populated of all
  13. Fair. Seems pretty even then tbh, I'll reserve voting pending further research
  14. Cool match Mark. So um, I'm not the most knowledgeable on JoJo (and honestly I never will be) but based on what I just read from Dio's vsbattles page he gets completely destroyed. Honestly Accelerator's hax vector redirection is so all-encompassing I'm not even sure he'd be affected by the time stop bc he's pretty much always been depicted as being able to no-sell whatever weird magic shit gets thrown at him too, even though his powers are rooted in science. I think the idea is that pretty much everything that can affect another living organism has a vector of some kind. The setup obvious
  15. I broke it. I broke it so fuckign bad I'm sorry I have no idea what happened My man's too powerful for the database to process
  16. From the album: CBUB Character Submission Images

    The title character, Saitama (サイタマ), is a bald-headed 26-year-old man who is bored of fighting because he is effortlessly able to defeat enemies with a single punch.Vol. 1 He lives in an apartment in City Z. Three years prior to the start of the series when he had hair, Saitama was applying for jobs as a salaryman, when he defeats a crab-like monster that attempted to kill a child.Ch. 2 Saitima says he became a hero "for the fun of it".Ch. 5 His abilities mainly consist of normal human physical abilities (he does not have the ability to fly or project energy) magnified to an immeasurable degre
  17. I noticed a lot of characters who had their own pages back in the day got cut down by Wikipedia's relevancy policy and folded into 'List of ____ characters' pages, the ruthless bastards. Thankfully those links all seem to still redirect to the appropriate article tho.
  18. How does the general scale of speed and reflexes in the Samurai Jack world compare to Wrath's? I feel like we saw Jack struggle a lot with one-off characters who didn't really seem that impressive in those regards, while Bradley at his best never really struggled with anyone in a straight fight and blitzed people with impressive speed of their own (like Greed) on the regular. My first impression says him but I never really looked at SJ with too analytic an eye when it came to feats and stuff so I could easily be mistaken.
  19. That's a fair point re: the Russos, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Straight up power isn't always the most crucial factor in a fight tho and I don't necessarily think a big concern of Waititi/the Russos was maintaining a cohesive power scale between their movies (clear statement from Ragnarok was that Thor is actually at his strongest without channeling his power through some kind of weapon, but the Russos largely ignored that for the sake of rule of cool and there wasn't even a mention of the awakened state in either IW or Endgame), and not to harp on about the Scarlet Witch showing
  20. Not to be insensitive but Thor Lebowski was a depressed fatass, he was far from at his peak. We don't know how Thanos beat Thor at the start of IW (unless there's been a comic or something covering that), so I dunno how accurate it is to say Thanos's physicality is far superior to his. If we go by the showings Thor w/ Stormbreaker in his peak physical condition has against Thanos then he's the one who sliced right through a beam from the Infinity Gauntlet like it was nothing and owned him, I'm actually of the opinion that Thor on top of his game and wielding the axe could match Thanos if not o
  21. What stones did Thanos have at the start of IW again? Was it just power? I actually think with both at base Hela would absolutely dumpster Thanos. He can overpower pure physical opponents like Thor and Hulk because he's stronger than them and all they can really do is throw hands, but like we saw with Scarlet Witch if an enemy can shut him down by keeping him at a distance and throwing inordinate amounts of firepower at him then there's really shit all he can do. Does holding the power gem boost his durability passively? If so he probably wins, but it always looked like whatever way the g
  22. So the Deadlights are like, unimaginably powerful, but It's constrained to certain rules and limitations in its earthly form which is why the kiddies were able to stop it themselves, with Hellboy's experience and resourcefulness backing them up they 100% will. Plus it specifically targets kids because adults are less likely to be afraid of it, and when the kids stopped being scared of it its power and influence over them waned. Hellboy won't give a shit about some creepy clown antics or creepy bugs or whatever else. It's in the bag. Fun matchup tho.
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