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  1. Kirito was allow to have his video game powers in Season 5 of the Draft Matches. So I don’t see why it can’t be the same for Asuna.
  2. So there are two Conan Edogawas. https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=151 https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=7530 May want to delete the profile that has nothing in it's fight record.
  3. I mean you could just make a team to help the UMPIRE create matches.
  4. There is nothing to be sorry about. I’m just letting you know. Also, if you like, you still got some time to edit the set-up before the match ends.
  5. Sorry to say, but the way the set-up is, the match should be in the Rumbles.
  6. Poor Chloe. 😋 Good job on the ending. 🙂
  7. Back in 2013, it was discovered that the old Wonder Woman profile had a link to a porn site, which got deleted. When the CBUB came back last year, a new Wonder Woman profile was made. I just happened to find Wonder Woman’s old Battle Images from very old matches, and add them to her new profile.
  8. Well I do like Chloe more than Ladybug. 😊 Good luck on writing the finish of the fight.
  9. You know the funny thing is, in the Draft Matches, Chloe would get 4 to 7 votes. But here, Ladybug only got 1 vote.
  10. Ok, everyone. When voting, keep in mind that Raphael is more naked than Mai. 😋
  11. I like Kasumi’s new Battle Image. 🥰
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