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  1. Yea, that surprised me. Well I will be working on another part to this arc.
  2. Ok everyone, the match will be ending soon. Please vote and rate the match, so I will know if I should continue this arc, or end the story here.
  3. Ok, I added in a rule where Goku can’t fly. In Dragon Ball Super, a bullet did harm Goku. 😑
  4. Battle Terrain Combat Terrain: Khazan Arena Rules: -The number of zombies is endless. -For the match, let’s say that the WWZ virus can infect Goku. -Goku can’t fly in this match. -In order for Goku to win, he has to fight the zombies for one hour. -In order for the zombies to win, they will have to eat Goku, or infect him with the virus. Who will win?
  5. Thanks for the replies, leroypowell3 and DSkillz. 🙂 Well at the end of the setup, I have that the Alien is already in its adult stage.
  6. Zombie Power Rangers: Part 21 -------- Previously: The Time Force Rangers had explained to the Original Rangers about the Zeo Rangers. Since Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Billy, and Kat were zombies, there was no way to go to the past to get the Zeo shards. But the heroes came up with an idea to combine the shard in Africa with the morphers of the Ohrangers to make the Zeo Power Rangers. Meanwhile, the Super Hero Taisen Army had appeared in Angel Grove, and got in a fight with an army of zombies. The battle got bigger as G.I. Joe showed up to fight both sides. -------- Note: This takes place during the same time as the fight in Part 20. -------- On the moon, the Terror Toad was pinned down by five Moon Rock Aliens. The frog-like monster was in so much pain as the giant bugs were bitting and stabbing him. The Terror Toad couldn’t take it anymore and he teleported away. However, he ended up taking the Moon Rock Aliens with him. Standing on top of a cliff, Finster couldn’t believe his plan to capture the Moon Rock Aliens had failed. “Now what do I do?” He asked himself. ****** Somewhere in a village in Africa, Tanya and her mentor, Ashala were in the medical room of an animal clinic. The two women were trying to help a lion that was sick with a mysteries plague that has infected many of the local animals. Unfortunately, they couldn’t save the large cat. “We lost another one.” Tanya said sadly. Ashala put her hand on Tanya’s shoulder. “We have done everything that we could to help the poor creature.” She told Tanya. “But that’s the thing. It’s never enough. Once the animals are gone, Africa will be gone as well. If only we had more help.” Tanya said. “Unfortunately, we’re on our own. Look, how about we take a break and clean up. It’s almost time for lunch.” Ashala said. “Fine.” Tanya said. After Tanya and Ashala left the medical room, they heard the people outside screaming. The two women looked though a window, and were shocked as they saw the villagers were being attacked by giant insects. Ashala and Tanya also noticed a dead green monster on the ground, but were more focused on the carnage. “What are those things?” Tanya said, as she was scared. “I have no idea. But you need to get out of here.” Ashala said. “What? But what about you?” Tanya asked. “I need to stay to help the villagers. I need you to go to find some help. But before you go, I need to give you something.” Ashala said. Ashala grabbed a case and opened it up. She then hands Tanya a crystal. “Why are you giving me this?” Tanya asked her. “Something tells me, you will be needing this to protect you. Now let’s get you out here. We’ll use the back door to sneak you out.” Ashala said. But before they could do anything, a Moon Rock Alien bust though a wall. The giant bug used its sharp front leg to stab Ashala right into her chest. “NO!” Tanya yelled in horror as her mentor fell to the floor. The alien removed its leg from the Ashala’s corpse, and was going to attack Tanya next. But the alien stopped moving as the crystal in Tanya’s possession was glowing yellow, along with her body. Just then Tanya's body was covered in a yellow suit with a helmet covering her whole head. Tanya didn’t know what happened to her, but she felt powerful, and she wasn’t going to lose this opportunity. Before the bug realized it, the Yellow Zeo Ranger did a powerful kick to its face that sent the alien flying though the hole in the wall. The other four Moon Rock Aliens stopped attacking people as they saw their fifth member hit the ground. The Yellow Ranger jumped out of the animal clinic, and landed in front of the insects. “I don’t know what you are! But I’ll make you pay for what you did!” The Yellow Ranger yelled at the aliens. None of the aliens understood what she was saying, and had no idea what she was. But one thing for sure, they just saw her as something else for them to kill. -------- So there you have it. Notes: -This is Tanya as Zeo Ranger II Yellow. -As you may have guessed it, this is Tanya’s first time as a Power Ranger in this story. -There are five Moon Rock Aliens in the match. -The Moon Rock Aliens in this fight are the size of humans. Who do you think will win?
  7. Power Rangers vs Alien: Part 5 -------- Previously: Andros, T.J., and Ashley were able to knock out Cassie, who was mutated by the black liquid. After they took Cassie to the medical room, Alpha 6 was able to use the Repair Healer to restore her body. Carlos was freed from the Facehugger, as it had gotten off him and died. Before the Power Rangers could leave LV-426, they wanted to destroy the Derelict. In order to do that, they transformed the Astro Megaship into the Astro Megazord. Just as the Megazord was about to destroy the Derelict, the Space Jockey Alien had shown up and attacked the giant blue robot. -------- It was a long tough fight between the Astro Megazord and the giant monster. While the zord had the weapons and size advantage, the monster was very fast and strong. They were almost equally matched. That is, until the Megazord powerfully kicked the monster and it roared in pain as it crashed right onto the alien ship. "Astro Saber!" The Red Ranger yelled. The sword in the robot’s head started to glow with energy. The Astro Megazord swung the saber and cut across the creature’s body as well as cutting the spacecraft. The giant monster let out one last roar as it and the vessel exploded. As a big black cloud of smoke and fire went up towards the sky, the monster’s acid blood rained down on the Astro Megazord. The acid had burned holes into the robot’s armor, but not enough to do any real damage to the machine. The Space Power Rangers cheered as they rid the universe of the alien ship and its cargo. "Now that's over, let's get off this moon." The Red Ranger said. ****** Later, the Power Rangers had transformed the Astro Megazord back into the Astro Megaship. The blue ship had just left the extra solar moon as the Rangers were now on a four hour journey back to Earth. Inside the bridge of the Astro Megaship, the Rangers had powered down to their civilian form. After Andros had hit some buttons on a control panel, he told everyone, “Ok, I have set the Astro Megaship on auto pilot. Come on Carlos, let’s get you to the medical room.” “But I feel fine, you guys. I think you all are worried over nothing.” Carlos said. “Look, we don’t know what that spider-thing could have done to you. Besides, Alpha should have the Repair Healer ready by now. It won’t take long for him to scan you.” Andros said to Carlos. “Fine. Let’s just get this over.” Carlos said. The five Rangers left the bridge, and were walking through the passage to get to the medical room. But Carlos stopped moving as he felt a sharp pain in his chest. The other Rangers stopped walking as they noticed there was something wrong with Carlos. “You ok?” Ashley asked him. “Yea, I just have this pain in my.....” Carlos didn’t get to finish as the pain got worst. Carlos fell to his back and started to cry out in pain. “Carlos!” Everyone yelled. “Hold him still! He could hurt himself!” Andros yelled. T.J. and Ashley bent down and grabbed Carlos by his arms, while Cassie was holding down his legs. “Alpha! We need the Repair Healer now! We’re in the passage between the bridge and the medical room!” Andros yelled into his communicator. “(I’m on my way!)” Alpha replied. Carlos was trying to get out of T.J.’s, Ashley’s, and Cassie’s grip. “Hold on Carlos; everything is going to be ok.” T.J. said as he tried to calm his friend down. “O My God!” Cassie yelled as she saw a spot of blood growing on Carlos’ shirt at his chest. “What’s happening to him?!” Ashley yelled. “I’m here guys!” Alpha yelled with the Repair Healer in his hands. But before the robot could use the device, Carlos' chest burst open. A loud screech was heard, followed by blood splattering all over T.J., Ashley, and Cassie. The four Rangers and Alpha were stunned by not just the sudden death of their friend, but by the creature that came out of his chest. It looked like some kind of worm with a mouth. The creature was just setting on Carlos’ body as it was looking at everyone with its unseen eyes. Andros was the first one to get out of the state of shock. “Someone grab it!” Andros yelled. Once the others had snapped out of it, T.J. tried to make a grab for the creature. But the worm-like thing zoomed off of Carlos, and ran past everyone. But before they knew it, the creature was gone from their sight. “G... Guys...” Everybody looked and saw Carlos was still alive, but barely. “Carlos!” Cassie yelled. “Everyone stand back!” Alpha yelled, pointing the Repair Healer at Carlos. Without hesitation, T.J., Ashley, and Cassie moved away from their nearly dead friend. Alpha shot out a beam of light from the Repair Healer and used it to scan Carlos. The Black Ranger started to glow, and soon the hole in his chest was gone. Carlos let out a groan and opened his eyes. “He’s alive!” T.J. yelled as he and the others were happy. “Guys, please tell me a worm did not just come out of me.” Carlos said. ****** Later, the Rangers and Alpha were in the medical room. T.J., Ashley, and Cassie had cleaned the blood off their bodies. Carlos was setting on a medical bed with Alpha using a scanning device to scan him. “Is this really necessary?” Carlos asked the robot. “After what we’ve been through today, I’m not taking anymore chances.” Alpha said. “Well we can take a guess of what happened to the pilot of that alien ship. One of those spider-creatures had impregnation him.” Andros said. “The worm that came out Carlos looks like an infant version of that giant monster.” Ashley said. “So the giant monster was born from the pilot.” T.J. said. “Ok, Carlos. The scanner shows your body is clear.” Alpha said. “That good. But something tells me I’m going to be having nightmares for a long time.” Carlos said. “So now what?” Cassie asked. “We look for the creature. If it’s anything like it’s big brother, it will cause us problems.” Andros said. “But where do we find it? It could be anywhere on the ship.” T.J. said. “D.E.C.A. should be able to locate it.” Andros told everyone. “D.E.C.A., do a search for other life-forms on the ship.” He said to the on-board computer of the Astro Megaship. “@#&%#%*&%@#&%#*&%$#^%#” D.E.C.A. was saying. Everyone became confused. “D.E.C.A.?” Andros asked her. “*&%$#^%@#&%#%*&%@” D.E.C.A. tried to talk. “What’s wrong with her?” Carlos asked. “Oh no. That fight with the giant monster must have damaged her mainframe. Its going to take me hours to fix her.” Alpha said. “We don’t have hours. Who knows what that thing could do to the ship.” Cassie said. “We’re going to have to search the ship. To be on the safe-side, let’s go ahead and suite up.” Andros said. "Right." The other four Rangers agreed. "Let's Rocket!" Andros yelled as he and the team opened the lids to their Morphers, and entered in the code. Soon the five teenagers became the Space Power Rangers. “We can cover more ground if we split up.” The Red Ranger said. “Yea, the faster we get rid of this thing, the better.” The Yellow Ranger said. “Be careful, Rangers. As you know, the Repair Healer takes an hour to recharge, and can only heal one person at a time. Plus, you all should know that the device can’t bring someone back from the dead. The only reason Carlos is alive now, is because I was there in time to save him. Any longer, and Carlos would have been gone for good.” Alpha said. “We’ll be ok, Alpha. Besides, the thing is only a baby. What’s the worst it can do?” The Blue Ranger said. ****** Somewhere on the Astro Megaship, the creature has grown into its adult stage. -------- So there you have it. As you may have guessed it, the creature is a Xenomorph. However, this is the Xenomorph from the first Alien movie; just with a different origin in the match. Now depending on the winner of this match, this could be the last part of this arc. Once the match ends, I will let everyone know if this is the end, or if I will make more parts to the story. Until then, who do you think will win here? The Alien or the Space Power Rangers?
  8. Chloe and Chel! 😀 It was only matter of time before two of my favorite gals face each other. I don’t know who to root for. But something tells me Chel will get the most votes.
  9. Can a version of Godzilla survive 24-Hours on the home world of the Xenomorphs?
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