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  1. Here is a video of the Dino Ultrazord finishers. See 3:12 to 11:58.
  2. Well one thing the Dino Ultrazord never lost a fight.
  3. I’m into bunny girls now. So I’m going to vote the White Rabbit.
  4. Well can Rodan fly faster then Voltron? If so then Rodan can fly around Voltron, while doing damage to him. Also, I like to point out that in a Godzilla comic book by IDW, Rodan made a sonic boom that rip out one of Keizer Ghidorah’s heads.
  5. Every time I see boobs, I will give the UMPIRE a point.
  6. Wow, I didn’t think the Dino Ultrazord’s first match would be up against Godzilla! In the end of most Power Rangers episodes of Season 1, the Dino Ultrazord would one hit a monster. But who knows how many hits it would take to bring down the King of the Monsters?
  7. Three more for SLOT 6: Hot Dog eating contest. The hunt for the Dragon Balls. Save Romeo and Juliet. SLOT 7: Team up with a cop. Play basketball. Save a kid trap in a well. The best replacement for the cat in Alien (1979). Which animal can become a star in a upcoming action movie?
  8. For SLOT 6: You can survival an zombie outbreak? You can survival a Sharknado? Who would make a good member to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Try to get a date with She-Hulk. You can help the Japanese Army save Tokyo from Godzilla? You can delivered pizza the fastest during an alien invasion?
  9. Zombie Power Rangers: Part 6 -------- Previously: The battle of the Zords came to an end as the Zombie Power Rangers used the Ninja Ultrazord to overpower the Shadow Force Megazord and Q-Rex. The Q-Rex was forced to retire, while the rest of the Time Force Zords went back to the future for repairs. After the Shogun Megazord and Ninja Ultrazord were teleported away, the Zombie Rangers and Time Force Rangers were going to get into another round of fighting. But they were interrupted as the Ohrangers showed up as they wanted to destroy both teams of Power Rangers, making it into a three-way fight. -------- At Angel Grove Park, the Ohrangers were losing the fight as the Red Time Force Ranger and Quantum Ranger were using their Battle Armor, while the Zombie Power Rangers were using the Metallic Armor. The Ohrangers regrouped, and watched the Zombie Rangers and Time Force Rangers fight each other, who have seemed to forgot about them. "Man, how can these Fake Sentai Teams be this strong?" OhGreen asked. "There has to be a way to beat them." OhPink said. "There is." OhRed told his team. Then he yelled out, "Giant Roller!" Skyphoenix came flying through the sky as the Giant Roller is dropped out of the flying machine and lands on the ground. The Zombie Power Rangers and Time Force Power Rangers stopped fighting as they saw the weapon. "Is that a giant wheel?" Rocky asked. OhRed jumps inside the Giant Roller. "Its over you fakers!" OhRed yelled as he hit some buttons on the control panel. The giant tire took off as it was heading towards the two teams of Power Rangers. "NO!" The Red Time Force Ranger yelled as he uses his sword, and the Quantum Ranger uses his two guns to fire lasers at the Giant Roller. The three beams hit the wheel, but the weapon continued to slowly push itself towards the two Time Force Rangers. "Looks like those two need our help." Rocky said to his follow zombies. "Why should we help them?" Kat asked. "Because if they lose, we lose. Besides, as soon as we beat these Fake Power Rangers, the sooner we can eat the real ones." Rocky said. "Good Point." Aisha said. "Let’s put our weapons together." Billy said. "Power Axe!" "Power Bow! "Power Daggers!" "Power Lance!" "Power Sword!" "Power Rangers!" The zombies yelled as they combined their weapons into the Power Blaster. The Pink Time Force Ranger saw the zombies were behind and between the two Future Red Rangers. "Wes! Eric! Watch Out! Those zombies have a weapon!" She yelled to them. But there was nothing the Red Time Force Ranger and Quantum Ranger could do, as they kept on firing their beams to hold back the Giant Roller. "Fire!" The Zombie Rangers yelled as the Power Blaster fired five lasers. The five beams went between the two Red Rangers and hit the Giant Roller. The eight lasers together were able to push back the wheel, sending it towards the Ohrangers. "Watch Out!" King Ranger yelled to his team. But it was too late as the Giant Roller hit the Ohrangers, and made a huge explosion. The Time Force Rangers were shocked by the outcome. "Did those zombies help us?" The Yellow Time Force Ranger asked. When the smoke died down, it was revealed that all six Ohrangers were down on the ground as they were hurt badly. "How... How could they have beaten us." OhYellow asked herself. The Red Time Force Ranger and Quantum Ranger fell to their knees as their Battle Armor disappeared due to using too much energy against the Giant Roller. "Guys!" The Green Time Force Ranger yelled, as the Future Rangers regrouped with their two red teammates. The Zombie Rangers broke down the Power Blaster as they put their weapons away, and powered down the Metallic Armor. The zombies walked to the Time Force Rangers, and stopped a few feet from them. "Don’t get any wrong ideas, we only helped you so we could eat you." Adam told the Future Rangers. "Now its time to feast." Aisha said. "Guys, I don’t think I can fight anymore." The Blue Time Force Ranger said to his friends. Truth be told, the fight with the zombies had taken a lot of energy and willpower out of the Time Force Power Rangers. "I have nothing left to fight." The Yellow Time Force Ranger said. "No matter what we do, we can’t keep them down." The Quantum Ranger said. "I feel like we’ve been fighting them for seven years." The Red Time Force Ranger said. "There has to be a way for us to win." The Pink Time Force Ranger said. "Enough talk. Time to eat." Kat said. Before the zombies could get any closer, the Time Force Power Rangers were teleported away. The zombies were filled with shock and anger. "WHAT! NO!" Rocky yelled angrily. "This must be Zordon’s doing! I’m sure he’s bringing them back to the Command Center!" Billy yelled. "Should we go after them?" Adam asked. "We might end up getting into a trap. I say let them lick their wounds." Billy said. "Besides, we have food over there." Kat said as the zombies looked at the fallen Ohrangers. "Please, No!" OhBlue yelled as the Ohrangers tried to run, but were too hurt and weak to move. The Zombie Rangers ran and jumped onto the Ohrangers. The Sentai Team cried out in horror and pain as they were being eaten alive. ***** Back at the city, the number of zombies had died down to three. Ninjor and the Metallic Armor White Ranger with the Sword of Power were beating Spider-Man and Goldar, while Frankenstein was holding the Zombie Bulk by his head. "Let go of me you freak!" Bulk yelled. Frankenstein only roared as he started to squeeze Bulk’s head. Bulk could only scream before his head was crushed between Frankenstein’s hands. However, the zombie’s blood got into Frankenstein's mouth, nose, and eyes. Frankenstein roared as he dropped what was left of Bulk, and was starting to feel sick, only to start feeling hungry. Goldar and Spider-Man slammed against the side of a building, and fell to the ground. The White Ranger and Ninjor stood side by side as they watched the two zombies slowly get back up. "It’s time you two payed for what you did to my friends, and to Angel Grove. I hope both of your souls get burned in Hell, if they aren’t already down there." The White Ranger said as he was going to use the Sword of Power to finish off Spider-Man and Goldar. But then a spiked ball and chain hit the White Ranger in the back, and sent him sliding to the ground with the sword out of his hand. "Tommy!" Ninjor yelled in shock. The blue man turned around in time to dodge the spiked ball that was coming at him. Ninjor was stunned as he saw the spiked ball was thrown by Frankenstein, who was now a zombie. "Frankenstein is hungry!" The zombiefied monster yelled. The White Ranger tried to get to the sword, but... "I’ll be taking that." Spider-Man fired stick veins and arteries from his wrists. The arteries and veins hit the sword, and the weapon was yanked away from the Ranger, as it fell into the hands of Spider-Man. "No, give that back!" The White Ranger yelled. "Sorry, if you can’t play nice, you can’t have this at all." Spider-Man said. "As much as we like to stick around, we got bigger fish to fry." Goldar said before he put his hand on Spider-Man’s shoulder, and the two zombies teleported away with the sword. "NO! They got away! Again!" The White Ranger yelled. "Tommy, we’ll deal with those guys later. Right now we got this guy to fight." Ninjor said to the White Ranger. The Zombie Frankenstein roared as he came marching towards Ninjor and the White Ranger. "Great, as if this guy wasn’t bad enough." The White Ranger said. -------- So there you have it. It’s Tommy as the White Ranger and Ninjor vs the Frankenstein Monster as a zombie. Notes: -Tommy/White Ranger is powered by the White Falcon Power Coin. -Tommy/White Ranger has on the Metallic Armor. -I will post videos of the Metallic Armor and the Frankenstein Monster under the Callisto Post. Who do you think will win?
  10. So far there’s only one Gundam that made it into the draft. https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=9949
  11. Putting Dennis Nedry on the Bench.
  12. The teams look good. So when will this season start?
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