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  1. Ok......... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lyi2RSVxqg
  2. I found this I wrote about three years ago: This is the Smasher's code: 1. A Smasher must always answer the call to Smash. There is no excuse for it. 2. Smashers disregard the Tier lists. They are after all unable to comprehend a player's skill. 3. A Smasher must spike back should he be spiked first. 4. Smashers must have three characters that they are masters of. 5. Once challenged, no matter what, a Smasher must accept and play all out. 6. Trash talking is a sign of weakness. Those that do must accept and play that much harder for the win. 7. Changing characters to characters you have not played to in a long smashing session is a must. Everyone must play as each character at least once. 8. Items must be off and no handicaps are allowed. 9. Final Smashes are Spikes, not the smash orbs. 10. Team battles are only allowed for newcomer smashers. 11. A smasher must be able to use any controller style, regardless of level of skill or preference. 12. Smashers must have a name to go by. This is given to them after the first smashing party. 13. Each match must be 5- 10 lives per match, no time or coin battles unless it's for unlocking stages. 14. A right of passage for a smasher is the spike. And not just a normal spike, but a spike that leaves you saying what the hell just happened? 15. Death before dishonor. A smasher must be willing to fight, even when logic says otherwise. 16. Spamming is not allowed. Only skill allow you to be a ranked Smasher. The code of the smasher is final.
  3. So Soundwave is teamed up to bring the BASS:
  4. Ok so I just watched the Season finale of the new TMNT...wow...I mean wow...That scene on the water...i forgot it was a cartoon it looked so real.
  5. Then you really need to remove all power ups from both sides to make it fair.
  6. Question! Does Pit have the Great Sacred Treasure with the One Hit KO Canon?
  7. Yes, I know. I was commenting on a previous post about had this been a full out battle.
  8. And they gave a villain Schizophrenia (Seriously, Azula shows all the signs) but yeah. Some days I do question it. However, These guys are more sports-combat focused. It's not saying that their not good, but... here, this video from HSDK should help my point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=4MAKmibGogo&t=656 In short, their fighting is based more off of rules and regulations than wars that are essentially nothing but street fights once a battle begin. Toph's skill would probably be too much for the new hot headed Avatar. I doubt that the new crew knows how to redirect lighting, even though one of them can shoot the stuff. (Names escape me as I've just got my gf into Avatar and she hates Korra.)
  9. Yeah, in a straight up fight, Toph pretty much Solos. But, because of Pro Bending, Zuko's going to be the strength because of his natural style.
  10. Closing time. Thanks for the memories.

  11. Cause I beat you to your jokes or because I used an over the top video of crying?
  12. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too many to list. For my Pit and Samus arc I was going to have them enter the MLP verse to fight a suped up army of Changelings and requiring help tying in a package of continuity by having The Doctor pull everyone that they meet into a full on assult of Canterlot, ending with an awesome two on one fight of Samus and Pit going against Queen Chrystalis herself. However....That was part 1 of the finale. For the War of the roses, I was gonna add Lilith to the group (see Borderlands 2 for her version of the "Hancock" love illness). But, the last match I'll do for this site will involve my original character and Callisto fighting off a force of pure evil.
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