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  1. i have one questionable pick with mine i may have to change
  2. but here he can only use a rifle right so i take billy in this one he doesn't like rifles but he is a hell of a shot with anything
  3. they can and they can transform humans who have there own giant robots to there cause not to mention they have giant space whales but at the end of the day it depends on the giant robot
  4. zangief has the weight strength and is the better grapplier and king won't have room to mover around and use his skill set
  5. iam not sure who jake is so i can't say for sure
  6. even without her god powers she was able to hang with herc and ares in hth who both have the strength of a hundred men
  7. iam not so sure look at the way midnighter kicked around grifter in his solo series he likes to plays too much he pretty much screwed around and let grifter gain the upper hand and he had every advantage because he caught grifter by but instead of killing him he pinned him to the ground giving him a chance to turn the tables if he did this to slade he probably dies but yes i do need alot of ifs to win
  8. the fact that midnighter thinks he knows every thing and always has things under control has bit him in the ass on several occasions the battle computer will make this seem to easy and cause him to relax to much midnighter has a battle computer in his brain slade's brain is the battle computer and midnighter's battle computer was hacked and shut down the midighter solo series so where it is the ultimate advantage midnighter can often become to reliant on it
  9. wolverine has once found a guy who hid his sent by noticing a person sized spot that had absolutely no scent wolverine is a master of stealth too and has superior strength and speed regeneration
  10. hey do any of you guy's really know what jaba's taste in music is how do you know he won't like these noise to be honest i was kind of digging some of that for a second
  11. wolverine batman and midnighter are the main ones who can possibly take slade that i have seen it's really a toss up between these guys i don't know anything about comic terry to worry about him
  12. this is one of the only 3 people i was worried about in this spot i was hoping if this fight happened i would have terrain i could use thats not really the case this really could go either way slade is stronger and faster and more ruthless bruce is probably a hair more skilled and smarter also more patient
  13. no way this guy can't stand up with rock at all and he can't move quick enough to go for a take down without risking falling rocky knocks him out
  14. wolverine has tagged him to manny times and nightcrawler already said that that chances are if him and wolverine fought wolverine would kill him.
  15. iam not even to shattered grid yet but what i have read so far is pretty cool.
  16. anyone reading the power rangers comic from boom studious it's pretty good
  17. flair he actually does have an amateur wrestling back ground
  18. i am pretty confident my boy slade has this
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