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  1. he is faster stronger has better range attacks.
  2. comic _book _fan drops down from the shadows behind test character zero and breaks out his horrible grammar and mediocre writing ha you may have all the powers of every fictional character but you also get there weaknesses and terrible writing can bring down even the most powerful character.
  3. well that's true but along side rose I don't think he has to be the 30 point wade for them to win that's a deep team all they need is someone besides rose who can get his own shot be a reliable scoring option and run the offence wade can do all that.
  4. hey send him to the bulls they can set him right next to derrick rose and then the bulls will have the best back court in the nba bar none they will be almost unstoppable. two stars guards born and raised in Chicago playing for the bulls dropping 30 points and 6 rebs and 8assts a piece along side the group the bulls already have instant title.
  5. I remember I was debating someone I can't remember his name on silver surfer vs buu I remember it because the debate went on for like over 120 comments in the span of like 3 days and I also remember a captain marvel vs captain marvell match that had went well over 100 comments. and my first of many rivals on this sight although he probably didn't know it was invincinerd I can't remember why but I signaled that guy out for some reason . and I miss writing mediocre matches I might try to get one more in before the site goes down but you guys put so much more effort into your matches now then when I first came on here my matches might have fallen from mediocre to down right bad in comparison
  6. I got a little mankind vive from your gimmick any influence? and for a stretch you seemed to be getting a response and anyresponse is a good one.
  7. if Apocalypse was written correctly lobo couldn't hurt him.
  8. well if they do let me know or post it what name do you wrestle under. never mind about the name I found.
  9. I haven't got to read much of those comics what's the deal with the twins apocalypse children , clones what?
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