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  1. hogan throws the game at the confused guards and escapes
  2. the tick is going to wreck so many mirrors
  3. iam always going with the og rangers tommy is the most powerful ranger ever he can take on entire ranger teams by himself
  4. i like this fight win or lose but i will say i think if they had prep panther would have a better chance panther is just as much of an actual prep master as slade if not better but where slade takes this is in skill and on resourcefulness his brain opperates faster making him better in the on hand tactics slade has better range weapons he will go up close and will be a little taken back by the vibrainium destroying his swords and armor but he isn't defenseless there he will shake panther once he realizes he needs too and use his surroundings to his advantage panther's armor can be overwhelmed perhaps if slade drops a building on him it will make a hole to get through .this fight could go either way but slade's range plus the surrounding's work for him here .
  5. the tick can casually toss cars with one hand topple giant robots i don't know what his limit is but i haven't seen that kind of strength in teken
  6. but how is he going to hurt him the tick is next to impossible to hurt and way physically stronger
  7. is he not going to be in street fighter anymore
  8. he can't be frozen he is cuddle to tightly in the warm embrace of justice
  9. this is interesting i would agree ash wins in most cases he is smarter has been through worse . but i don't remember either of them being in this kind of scenario so i think it's kind of up in the air
  10. no but he doesn't usually fight whatever that guy is either
  11. mystique has given wolverine and psylocke problems in h2h so if frank does beat her in h2h it isn't by much and and she is almost as good of a shot and she can shift her weight and form to hit harder and make the bullets miss and she is much quicker and more agile she has this
  12. beetlejuice can do anything unless you say his name again unless pennywise can find this weakness than it's a giant fear sucking roach up against a freaking cartoon who can bend physics to his will i think the ghost with the most will have this
  13. cool story cap would probably win the fight but frank still destroys the weapon before he can recover it
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