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  1. marvel team way to many heavy hitters phoenix could win this on her own Darkseid is the biggest threat on team DC but phoenix beats him surfer Apocalypse and thanos easily beats everyone else
  2. yeah but they undid that by having him beat bron who destroyed goldberg after that and they did all of that work putting him back in a good place just to feed him to roman like they did they need to have him respond and get some payback in a hurry
  3. i was at work i didn't get to watch it yet i will watch payback once i get home tomorrow.
  4. wcw reference probably something tony schovanie said
  5. which 90's powerhouse shut down by galactus wins hyperstorm vs tyrant
  6. me too that was a great show and ended for no real reason
  7. no it's the entire team except for void and imp
  8. lol awesome fight predictable but awesome if this was thunderlips fighting ivan sure ivan could win. but in the 80's no one is beating hogan at wrestlemania it's not happening ivan hits him so hard it almost kills him hogan is down the ref is counting to 9 then the familiar hogan is stiring the ref stops his count ivan comes to finish him but his punches are doing nothing. ivan can't believe he tries one more time but was blocked boot and leg drop and finish
  9. i know i was checking to see if they were both on site and posted by accident
  10. there will be a setup am rewatching both shows first
  11. he is strong enough to fight 2 thors at once i don't know if his is stronger than superman but he could definitely hang with him in strength
  12. not my best just wanted something quickly on the site still working on my ash vs negan fight may wait until my points renew to do that one
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