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  1. they were alot of fun inspired the matches on here for like 2 years too
  2. this thread is basically to point out the diffrences of characters from different time periods and see how they changed and diffrences in power 90's wolverine ht 5'3 wt 300 pounds vs current wolverine ht 5'8 wt 195 pounds advantages strength speed durability advantages skill intelligence better healing who wins this and which version did you perfer who would have thought lgan getting his memories back would make him 5 inches taller and 105 pounds lighter lol
  3. can autolycus turn into brisco county jr for this round
  4. yeah unless a garbage truck hits her because of michelangelo luck and toon force psylocke wins this
  5. dude rock stomps so hard i use rocky videos every morning for workouts "it's not about how hard you hit it's about how how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward that's how winning is done" dude i could run through a rock wall after enough of these
  6. this ones a good one i think i got this one hail the king
  7. i did before i saw this my bad i will see if i can drop her
  8. but can the time out work on feeny that would be funny if zack tries it and feeny is like and who are you talking to mr morris lol
  9. he says the thieves can't have powers not the ninjas the ninjas can have powers as long as there not crazy powerful
  10. really good point kingdom come was one of the greatest storys ever it's hard to argue this i see injustice as a tribute to the animated universe it's a lot of fun but lacks a little granted i haven't read it all yet i really hope it has a different ending than the game
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