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  1. surfer just shuts him down with telepathy or devolves him turns him to stone overrides all of his powers steal his life force i mean this fight really isn't fair in the slightest
  2. she fights the siver surfer and thor and has blocked attacks from celestials mark isn't getting through anytime sue
  3. drakkon because of his magic and over all versatility
  4. so anyone play the new x-box all i ever see is ps 5 talk and iam planning to get one of the new systems with my tax refund.
  5. yeah she was she is just now walking and she wants to go everywhere
  6. i was rushed i have my 2 year old niece with me and she is keeping me running around. i am just glad i kind of finished it
  7. sam and dean are driving through trinity when the car goes dead all of a sudden. dean- what the hell sam - i told you you need to get this thing looked at dean- shut up or you be walking sam- it looks like were both going to be walking henry the barber - let me take a look what seems be the problem lucas- henry you know your a busy man and all keeping trinity looking good why don't you get back to work and let me help these two henry- uh yes lucas sure lucas- what seems to be the problem boys let me take a look dean- nothing i just checked car starts lucas- well not every ones a mechanic son. sam- well thank you sheriff we will be going now dean- hold on a second lucas why was that guy so afraid of you lucas- unpaid parking tickets shoot son i don't know you ask too many questions you boys should just continue on your way. sam and dean stop by the barber to ask questions henry- you two should really just drop it somethings not right about lucas he is a little different razor he was using shorts out and henry is electrocuted. lucas- well you boys should have left well enough alone looks like your now murder suspects in old henry's death iam going to have to take you in and the fights on who wins the demonic sherif of trinity or is this another Thursday for the sam and dean
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