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  1. That would be fun! Good sibling rivalry would be good for the season…
  2. I dig the shirt. Too long have I not had some Ferret swag to show off to my friends and colleagues. No more!
  3. For me, primative tools would be way closer to Hawkeye’s expertise. He is used to grabbing whatever is close and isn’t usually working in the far-flung future. EDIT: I think he’s also a lot less squimish, probably being used to war injuries, etc. I think he just has more expertise here.
  4. Hawkeye Pierce did well in this challenge before. He’s a MASH unit doctor, so primative tools and self-surgery shouldn’t be hard for him.
  5. “Burgling rich person homes” seems exactly up Robin Hood’s set of skills. I think he should be able to take this challenge.
  6. I think Merida can get a bear army going; she at least has experience in other animals. I think that wins?
  7. These two competed in the same challenge in round 3 and Eric Taylor won. Here’s what I wrote there: I think Shifu’s growth as a character represents this challenge somewhat well, but Taylor just has way too much experience. His Star running back confesses to ateríos use in season one, in season threee he deals with an abusive parent, in seasons 4 & 5 he deals with players that are dealing with poverty, jail time and racist treatment. Every time he not overcomes, but generally gets that player to perform at their highest level. Matt Saracen, Smash Williams, Vince Howard, and Tim Riggins all deal with explicit issues that Taylor helps them overcome and excel later on. Riggins and Howard each have fathers that turn out to be abusive and/or criminals that he then helps them deal with. Saracen takes care of his grandmother and is essentially growing up on his own, making all the money for the house, and Smash has the steroid problem. These are just the more major storylines in the show too, he’s got a lot more examples of working through these things, even after players graduate. I don’t doubt Shifu, I just think this is “Taylor”-made for Eric here (unintentional joke the first time, purposeful this time). He’s just very experienced with this kind of incident.
  8. Two more were only five points off the tie as well. Nutty end to the regular season.
  9. I would think Hawkeye would have more experience with this kind of thing, working in a MASH unit, than Hank.
  10. I think Merida has a pretty big advantage in just how ungraceful Fiona is. Merida puts away her suitors in a manner that was bombastic, but I think she is capable of more grace than Fiona, most of who’s character is based around her being ungraceful and having ogre shenanigans.
  11. I think McCoy is a little too practical for something like this? Hawkeye always seemed more worldly with his wisdom, so I think he would be better at identifying this.
  12. Alright, the best arguments I can make for Daredevil are that 1) mma would strip them of armor and weapons, taking away Slade’s helmet and armor is pretty significant vs Daredevil just getting rid of his simple costume. 2) Daredevil is very similar in fighting style and agility to Nightwing, who always gives Slade problems. 3) I think Daredevil might have some more relevant training. He went through ninjitsu and boxing training, which would seem to translate really well in mma. He’s also very good in Judo and jiu jitsu. Combined with his gymnastics, I think he can take plenty of points. 4) I think Daredevil might be better with a judge scoring system. Again, a lot of boxing training could be really helpful here. A fight to the death favors Slade hard, I think a more structured bout actually gives Murdock a solid chance.
  13. I think that Taylor just has a lot more relevant experience. Vince, his quarterback in seasons 4 & 5, is a troubled high school kid who is brought to him by the police. Eric takes him and makes him into one of the best quarterbacks in the state despite him not having really played football.
  14. I think Eric Taylor has the edge here for a couple reasons: - Season 4 of FNL sees him take over an entirely new high school t am with almost no talent and no experience. Within a year, he has them winning the state championship. -Taylor has a lot of experience with players who have terrible personal lives, up to them or family members having trouble with the law. I think Taylor just has better experience within this scenario and should be able to come out on top.
  15. I think Merida is being underplayed in that she has at least actually dealt with suitors. Mulan almost causes the kingdoms to fall apart in the second movie as she tries to undue arranged marriages, not to mention her own relationship almost collapses. Merida just beats her suitors at the game established to marry her off. She’s definitive and skilled with her denials.
  16. I think Hoth claims another victim from exposure here. Nothing I read shows Marco being able to survive this planet.
  17. Eh, I don’t think Mulan is socially graceful at all. Most of the beginning of her movie is establishing how bad she is with social grace. The “honor to us all” scene, and what directly follows, shows that pretty well. I don’t know who is more independent, but Merida has a lot more royal upbringing to lean on than Mulan in this category. I think Merida would be able to escape a suitor more gracefully in particular, a huge part of Milan’s character is that she specifically is not good at interacting with potential suitors.
  18. This fight pretty much comes down to Spawn vs Dormammu, though team 2 is stronger on the whole. There are versions of Spawn that might be powerful enough to defeat Dormammu, but he’s generally stronger than Spawn.
  19. If we’re taking Thomas Elliot as the surgeon, then I think he has a pretty good chance. He’s one of the best surgeons in the world and has fooled most people into thinking he’s a wonderful guy. If Hush has to show up in bandages, then that is going to be more difficult for him. I know Bones is grumpy. That’s about all I know of Bones.
  20. Fox can probably correct me if I’m wrong, but these are the seven Shinzo I disguises I found: The Shoniniki’s Seven Disguises include: 1. Itinerant monks (komuso) – for wandering the countryside. 2. Buddhist monks – for infiltrating temples, towns, and cities. 3. Mountain ascetics. 4. Merchants. 5. Actors. 6. Street entertainers. 7. “Normal Appearance” – which means taking on the persona of a typical resident of the city, village, or area the shinobi wanted to infiltrate without being noticed. I don’t know if Raphael can quickly get into these. I also don’t know if Raiden is ver uses disguise in his series.
  21. I don’t have much better arguments than this. I think working in a Korean War unit should give him the edge.
  22. Lol, I think Daredevil has probably trained in a better variety of weapons in his Hand training.
  23. Guess I’ll just reiterate my main point: I think there is enough evidence to suggest Daredevil would kill if necessary, and that he would have an advantage in getting to Tarkin. I think Daredevil wins.
  24. Don’t think this is definitive, DD has killed when lives were at stake. If this is following Rogue One then killing Tarkin definitely would motivate Murdoch to eliminate him.
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