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  1. Buddy redecorated an entire house, including hand-making a rocking horse, in one night. He’s gonna stomp in a decorating contest.
  2. I think this is absolutely what Hobbes does all the time. He’s Calvin’s emotional support, this should be an easy win
  3. The nutcracker is still only a regular sized nutcracker who fights regular sized rats. Hobbes is a full tiger, still think he’s much better for protection.
  4. I’m actually confused why this isn’t an easy win for Hobbes. Wouldn’t he be much better equipped/inclined to protect a child?
  5. Hobbes spends his time hanging out with and protecting Calvin. I think he’s much better suited to protect a kid.
  6. Thanks to Fox for keeping this going, the fantasy draft has become one of my favorite aspects of the site. Thanks to CT for a fun final round! I think this was the best of the fantasy seasons, not just because I won, but the scenarios and slots were more fun. I'd say my team was nicely balanced with The Dagda, Orks and Weird Al all doing well. Looking forward to next season!
  7. Not relevant to this fight, but given that Wolverine's healing factor seems to usually push lodged bullets out his body. Why can't it push out dirt? Again, no she's not an amateur, but she has almost no room to work with in most of Moria. It's mostly narrow passageways and sudden drops, with it being a mine and all. I don't think her fighting in a pitch-black environment that she isn't going to know lends itself well to hit-and-run. I put in quotes to paraphrase what you said, but also because I just don't think it's that significant. She has been training most of her life, Deadpool has been fighting superpowered beings and able to trade blows with the best h2h fighters in Marvel. They are skilled fighters when it comes down to it. Her training most of her life doesn't do anything to prove she is a superior fighter. Deadpool has a couple of things going for him that make him a tougher fight than someone like Wolverine. Namely, he has versatility and unpredictability in his fighting style. Taskmaster, a guy whose whole power is being able to predict how people are going to fight, can't keep up with Wade. His arsenal is varied and I think he can hit a lot of different ways. Teleportation, and a small aresenal should help in the environment, especially when the goblins start getting involved. If there's a crowd, then grenades and guns are going to a better job of keeping groups of Deadpool than Laura is going to do by herself.
  8. I don’t think that’s true at all. The orks have superior firepower. We’ve been debating numbers back and forth but the superior weaponry of the orks should be what carries the day. EDIT: i also don’t know why we would assume they would or should have a fleet of equal size. The Orks have a better ability to swarm with greater numbers.
  9. There's no given that hunters are actually going to be able to do that sort of thing. Just because they can hunt deer for food doesn't mean they can sneak around and subtly take out trained mob henchmen. The Dagda represents strength and wisdom, it actually makes a lot more sense that warriors would come up with a plan of attack (whether it be brute force or a stealth attack), rather than hunters, used to hunting something that won't shoot back. The idea that hunters are superior at stealth attacking seems like a stretch.
  10. Cat and Mouse results in not much for either combatant, as both of them would just heal up after any sort of hit and run. Not to mention the fact that Deadpool may not be able to smell her or anything, but his reflexes let him fight Iron Fist, Captain America, Daredevil, Spider-Man, etc so I think he can react to her fighting. I guess if she wants to scurry away and hide in a mind that she's never been in then she can do that, but it's not like most of Moria offers great areas to have her hide away in. I don't think it's as great of area to sneak around given cave-ins and goblins alerting folks to either fighter's location. She's as likely to drop off a shaft then to actually be successful. Even is she has been "trained since childhood," it doesn't matter if Deadpool has feats that place him on her level or higher. He can fight and beat opponents that match up with X23's feats and beyond. I'm also not willing to accept that she's more agile, given the caliber of opponents that Deadpool can fight against. HEaling factors should be equal, and Deadpool has a better variety of equipment to fight with and he's much stronger and used to fighting opponents that are capable of dealing more damage. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Laura only coated with adamantium on her claws? Seems like gunshot wounds to the skull, ribs and other areas should be significant here.
  11. I don't think enhanced senses with the locale matters much at all. They are going to be engaged in a hand-to-hand fight for most of the time, rather than a cat-and-mouse kind of affair. Deadpool is most of the same, he's essentially been either training as a mercenary or fighting some of the best h2h fighters the Marvel universe has to offer.
  12. They both have same experience fighting people with a similar healing factor (against the same foes), though Deadpool has at least been fighting Wolverine for much longer. I'm not sure why X23 is the better trained of the two, Deadpool is a master hand-to-hand fighter with more experience that I think has more feats than X23. I'm not sure about faster or more agile, Deadpool's reflexes let him fight Spider-Man, Captain America, etc. I would say this is a close fight.
  13. I think it's far more likely that warriors are going to be better at storming a Mob Boss's hideout than hunters are going to able to stealthily take it down. Hunters are good at stalking deer in the woods, it doesn't mean they can infiltrate a mob base. All in all, kind of glad this was the scenario? Shakes it up a lot.
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