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  1. Is there any argument that Winston can close in enough? The hot terrain works against ice?
  2. I think leadership is a strong characteristic in this fight. If the sailors are getting into a group as much as possible, then they aren’t getting picked off by the sharks and causing more to come in. I favor Rick a lot more than Michonne,. I just think a loner might get picked off, a leader helps the group.
  3. the writers making an offhand remark to Spider-Man doesn’t prove anything. It’s not like he’s reading a spidey comic or something, it’s a really big stretch to assume he knows anything about Venom when they are in separate universes. There are a lot of tongue-in-cheek references that don’t mean anything. Venom also fights noisy things all the time without an issue, it’s concentrated sonic that is an issue with him. The second attack is still lighting-based right? Which Venom still has resistance to. Again, I feel like Venom has a lot of ways to close the fight in this scenario and should be able to knock around Static once the fight is in close.
  4. Sure, but an advertisement would want to exaggerate how durable the disposable underwear could be. Again, I just feel a cartoon gives you some more advertising options than Flo, who’s schtick is “slightly deadpan insurance.”
  5. Im Most of Dutch’s traps don’t work and he is losing to the Predator in a fist fight, badly, before the Predator happens to unintentionally stand in front of a log trap into a log trap. I cannot emphasize enough that Ash constructs a prosthetic hand, crafts shotgun ammunition and fixes up a car in Medieval Europe. He has borderline toonish craftsmanship skills.
  6. I dont know enough about Hellboy’s opponent. Would the swamp slow it down?
  7. I would think the enclosed space would help The Punisher more. Nightcrawler isn’t going to be able to vary attacks as much, and Frank can react to Spider-Man, Daredevil, etc and should be able to land some hits.
  8. Not pooping himself, but Sonny at least can be a funny, memorable cartoon. He could have an ad based around him trying to destroy the underwear but can’t, showing it’s durability. I feel like you could do something with Sonny, whereas Flo is just going to a person in underwear. Both are a struggle in this scenario.
  9. I think Venom being able to close in the fight is a big advantage, especially with the terrain. In the Jungle, I think Static’s flight is going to be more compromised, while Venom is going to have a bunch of stuff to web and move around with. Removing the apparatus, beating him down, or ingestion of the symbiote are all wincons, where Static needs more creativity. I think Venom just has an edge.
  10. I think Vision just has more than in conditions here. He can indefinitely protect himself, could conceivably laser Saitama down, could phase into him and knock him out, this compared to Saitama having to tag him.
  11. The 007 car has a variety of gadgets, machine guns, smoke screen, oil slick, tire slashers, that actually give it a really good chance in a demolition type environment. it has good offensive and defensive gadgets. I think it can do damage.
  12. Alright, my consistent argument when Ash has drawn this is his ingenuity. If things get rough and a new raft needs to be constructed, etc, he has skills that are good with that scenario. He’s consistently shown to be good at building, etc and I think that helps in this scenario.
  13. I think my point was that this tier of Hellboy has hellfire manipulation, so the ice would be negated before it even gets to him. Pey already made a point on how sub zero usually uses slow-moving ice attacks, rather than freezing people solid. Skill is probably in Sub Zero’s favor but speed is relatively close and striking power and durability feats are on Hellboy’s side.
  14. I would agree, Tallahassee is built for this scenario. I think he would do well in the Tremors-verse.
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