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  1. Thanks for the extra info! At this point I’m definitely leaning towards her, I’ll wait to see any other arguments but seems like a good chance she is better equipped. This is why I enjoy the CBUB mostly: getting a chance to learn more about characters that I’ve never really explored. Fantasy seasons have been especially great for this kind of thing.
  2. I agree with this, it just seems most of the arguments for Sonja so far seem to revolve around her just existing in a world with crazier stuff. She also exists in a far crazier world than Sherlock Holmes, but he still has better skills for this scenario. Maybe I’m underselling Sonja? I thought she was just a female version of Conan. Betrayal and getting linked are also different than tracking a mystery, Wick has a stronger network (I think) and a good ability to stay doggedly determined to a case, that’s my best argument.
  3. I would honestly need to rewatch to verify but that sounds somewhat right, though he’s always able to at least call in favors and eventually shoot his way out. I don’t know of Red Sonja even being able to get that far with an investigation.
  4. If Wonder Woman stays on top of her and applies enough pressure, then Scarlet Witch should buckle. Lasso of Truth also is really effective as an incapacitation element here.
  5. I feel like John Wick is getting spited a lot here. Red Sonja might see more supernatural stuff, but from what I know of the two I would favor John Wick’s deduction skills more in this scenario. Does Red Sonja actually have to follow any sort of conspiracies. Wick at least is resourceful and has to unravel various assassin plots in his movies, or times where he is being set up.
  6. I don’t see a good argument for Starfire here as of now
  7. Mecha has to be considered way more versatile here right? Extra claw-grabbing, shocking gadgets along with additional firepower should be an edge.
  8. You’re telling me kids wouldn’t go nuts for a cereal touted by a teleporting, talking, mental-power using bulldog? Lockjaw is putting the hurt on the bunny’s Cadbury eggs and whatever else people purchase on Easter.
  9. I would argue that Magneto has the upper hand in terms being bloodlusted and willing to use blood-based attacks. He's used that to incapacitate the Avengers before, I think he's just a more experienced warrior and he has a better defense than Wanda.
  10. PR said that the grumpy turtle would sell more team Magnamax apparel in the pro shop, so this is the new reality. Also, your opinion is invalid, your poser profile picture isn't fooling anyone; you've never even seen a Godzilla movie in your existence.
  11. Mecha King Ghidorah has got this, he’s got that shock claw attack.
  12. Wow...sorry to say but I think Ethan is good here. Even in similar espionage missions I think he is a grade above Emma, though I’m not fully knowledgeable on The Avengers.
  13. I think Akuma is in a good position to win here.
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