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  1. Looking at Leman Russ, he has powers that make people nauseous just looking at him out of fear. He also can manipulate spiritual energy, and a lot of other silly war hammer 40k esque things. I haven’t read the Percy Jackson books, and just tried to do some research. Percy appears to need water for a lot of his powers and mostly stalemated more powerful beings like Kronos when they were weakened. overall, I’m leaning more towards Leman’s team, as he just seems to have more raw power. He also seems to be working with abilities that his opponents may not be able to deal with.
  2. I would still be interested in participating, I think there are other categories we can roll with. Hope it isn’t too much on you though Fox!
  3. If we’re going with entertaining, then I think Catherine is the choice. Foxy might work out better, but the Catherine choice is definitely opening more entertaining doors.
  4. I went back and forth on this for awhile. I don’t think stealth matters at all. Even though they can’t see each other at first, they’re going to quickly on a small, relatively bare island. I’m leaning Sonja if, for no other reason, that she fits the melee weapons expert a little better for me. I’m not sure though.
  5. I think Bubble’s naivety is the key factor. She’s innocent and more easily manipulated than Popeye from what I can tell, I’m leaning Popeye for now.
  6. I think Popeye is significantly stronger, from what I can find. Here's a gif of him hitting the sun, sans Spinach. Here another of him shooting the sun I've attached another list of popeye feats. Here's another thread you can go through: https://comicvine.gamespot.com/forums/deletecombine-pages-3/superman-vs-popeye-704915/ Some serious feats in his favor. I think Popeye is stronger no matter what you're looking at. I also think he's less naive? Though someone can maybe find evidence that he is. I always thought Popeye was pretty straightforward and didn't r
  7. It’s probably true, I admittedly don’t know a lot about Aloy. I enjoy the debate aspect of the draft and always want to go back and forth a little, no worries.
  8. You are right Skillz, that’s what I was suggesting. Though a “Tournament of Champions” sounds fun, but categories would be tough.
  9. I’m not downplaying Johnny. He’s a dance instructor and that’s really the only experience he offers Uhura. The sum total of your argument is that she could hum while he teaches her to dance. would it be more entertaining to learn the meringue or go on an adventure that ends in the holy grail, aliens, or angels? Or any other historial artifacts he could show her? Indy is just more interesting pretty easily. Both for a story and for a partner.
  10. Fair enough. You aren’t addressing the main point: Indy is just a more interesting person. Uhura has an interest in singing, that means nothing in terms of how she is going to attracted to Johnny. Again, Indy can talk about aliens, angels and countless historic artifacts. There is simply no way she is going to find a mere dance instructor more interesting. Also, Indiana Jones is far more entertaining than Johnny for a story.
  11. Sure, “Time Travel Adventure” indicates to me that they will be traveling through time together. Regardless, Indy seems MUCH more interesting to Uhura than Johnny.
  12. The scenario states that she is “on a time travel adventure,” and she is on a spaceship specifically sent to go find things that haven’t been found, which sounds pretty adventurous. Indy is 100% going to be able to give her a better time-traveling adventure and is a much more interesting person for her to be with. Uhura shared romantic interests with Kirk, who seems much closer to Indy than Johnny. At best, Johnny will try to teach her some very outdated dance moves and she’ll get bored. Indy can talk about countless historical relics, his experiences with angels and aliens and giv
  13. She’s time traveling in general I believe by the scenario, and taking one of these two along. this would make Indy even more of an attractive job pick, as he could probably help her pick out time periods to visit. I don’t think Uhura is going to have any trouble with Indy and his era. She’s a time traveling genius in this scenario, so I don’t see that being an issue.
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