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  1. Steering away from agonizingly specific instances, I'm interested in reading what, if anything, the DBZers can do to counter Sentry and Thor. God-Speed? Oltobaz? Care to answer?
  2. Good thing we have Doc Strange on our side, then.
  3. I always enjoy "DBZ vs. [insert combatant here]" threads.
  4. Strange died in that blast, which was why he confronted Death to begin with. Galactus was the one that brought them back. Strange just peeved Death off long enough so that she thought it wasn't worth her time. EDIT: Strange had intentionally dropped his guard for Banner. He won't be caught with his pants down here.
  5. By whom? EDIT: And what was the quote? This one?
  6. Can anyone point me to the reference that confirms this film being canon?
  7. While it's true that he is heavily outclassed in terms of speed, Strange has demonstrated battle precog before. Against the Silver Surfer. He'll easily be able to intercept and defend against anything the DBZers will throw at him. Strange can die, actually, assuming it isn't old age attacking him. As per the Ancient One, "Death can only come from without, not from within." Strange has Type II immortality (possibly Type VI like the ancient one) as well as Type 0 immortality (which is inadmissible in this fight, of course). He'll be deprived of Earth magic, but that's it. Strange still treats the core of a star like a warm summer day, then forcefully induces its collapse into a black hole if said star gets too uppity. Strange has many more options available to him than that. He could literally tear Buu's mind from his body and send it back to the dawn of time, trap him in an eternal sleep, or imprison Buu within his own consciousness. And those are just his mental options. Doc can also reverse the spells holding Buu together, or just cause whatever magical energy Buu has to disperse, leaving Buu unable to reform until such time as Strange allows it. I was actually thinking he might avoid banishing him there. Not only do the wards of those realms (Cyttorak, and such) not instantly react to everything that trespasses (Buu has a slight chance for escape), but think of the opportunity Buu provides: a mindless magical construct that reacts to the orders of a superior will, ready-baked and on their front porch. Juggernaut too troublesome? Empower Buu. Thanos too bitchy? Empower Buu. Strange would be better off just disincorporating him outright, or sending Buu to a place that is uninhabitable for beings made of matter...though I guess he just gets sent to Mistress Death either way. Also, how hard is it to get to/from the Crossroads normally?
  8. Some dimensions in the Marvel universe can only be accessed/exited through vertain points or by accomplishing certain rituals. Or, he could just banish him to a place beyond time, so Buu could not act. Strange mentally battles "magical creatures" almost all the time. It's one of the key areas of his job description. A Buu, with polymorphic traits like every other Buu, got hit with his own Candy Beam and was unable to revert. No Buu has demonstrated resistance to such an attack. "When did I say he couldn't?" You seemed to suggest that Buu's energy output was more impressive than channeling fledgling Zom.
  9. Depends on where he's banishing him to. Telepathy will work. Don't see why it wouldn't. Buu gets pwned by his own Candy Beam attack. Yeah, Doc Strange is gonna have a field day. Probably. "How much energy can Strange handle?" Anything Buu can dish out. "Has he mimicked the power of someone on Kid Buu's level?" He doesn't mimic. If you have something he likes, he'll flat out jack that from you faster than you shout alliterative expletives. "EDIT: In WWH, he channeled Zom's essence, but it wasn't full power. How well does his power mimic trick work?" Even that Zom could decimate the DBZers.
  10. Just so everyone knows, my questions above were rhetorical. -.- EDIT: Although... I've read estimates/calculations that suggest much more energy is needed. Orders of magnitude more, in fact. I can't remember where I first saw them, though.
  11. How much more energy does it take to blow up the sun than it does Earth? How fast would Superman have to be flying in order to shatter Jupiter's moon Io? At what multiple of c would it take to traverse the Milky Way in 3 hours? We all (read: me) ask these question every day. What links them together, other than the inherent awesomeness that finding the answer to each of them entails? Math, of course. Unfortunately, some of us are more qualified than others. But we shan't let that bog us down. We are a community, after all, and here's a chance for the more mathematically able of us to lend a helping hand to others when they need something quantified: The Calculations Conclave. In this thread, for those of you who remain in the dark about math or are too lazy, post any questions you have concerning the quantification of a feat you'd like sorted out. For those of you who really like to answer questions using math, feel free to respond to anyone and everyone who asks for assistance. Enjoy.
  12. From a long ways off, compared to the agents' use of bullet dodging a few feet away. But you're right, I'd forgotten about that scene. Still, it's the only straight up bullet dodge I recall seeing from Neo.
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