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  1. Now unless Maul has powers that I don't know about that somehow gets him past all of DBZ's overpowered-ness, I can't see how he wins in the second scenario. The way the force is portrayed in the movies is pathetic compared to the powers displayed in DBZ. The first scenario is arguable, it's a martial artist with laser swords vs an unarmed martial artist, basically. Would someone care to enlighten me as to how Darth Maul wins the second scenario?
  2. One of my favorite tunes by Bill Evans, a jazz pianist.
  3. Tried it out, no idea how anything works, and it's been years since I've played. There's no tutorial on the site, and the players aren't much help either... I also dislike how everything is manually done by the player.
  4. I hate it when you listen to a good song, but feel like it's missing something. It's a feeling that bugs me a lot, with a lot of songs. Songs can be good, but rarely satisfy me. Meh. Anyway, here are my suggestions. (P.S.- Screw the three song limit, I haz muffin button!) Masterplan - Crimson Rider --- It's a song about the Red Baron. Sufficiently affirmed. --- It's a sad song, for some reason it motivates me to work. Reverse psychology? Meh. Was in the game Portal 2. Fort Minor- Remember the name --- This is a motivational song that puts me in a chill mood, for some reason. --- This song makes me think about what I can do to better for the world. What they were aiming for I suppose. --- While listening to this song I imagine diving into outer space, wearing nothing but swimming trunks, and swimming through it like it was water. Awesome. --- It's hard to say what I think of this song. I think of negative things, and literally what it would be like to go crazy... But I also think of trudging through the bad times, and staying true to myself no matter what happens. Strange. Manafest - No Plan B --- My reaction to this song is fairly straightforward, It makes me think of taking chances, moving forward, and rolling with your decisions. I get a sense of flying as well. --- This makes me think of older music vs newer music, and how... artificial and shallow many songs have become. Yeah, some of those songs can be catchy, and can have their own charm, but they don't have as much... substance. I'm not saying all songs are like that nowadays, though... I'm going in circles. Also for those interested, this was the song chosen by Tite Kubo as the theme song for Ginjou Kuugo, a character in Bleach. Axenstar - Northern Sky --- Here is a song that reminds me of longing for something more. It makes me want to stare at the stars and forget the problems of this life for a moment. --- This doesn't remind me of rain, at all. When I think of rain, I think of a bluesy feel, I picture a lonely city street at night, with pouring rain. Something a bit more melancholic, in other words. This song isn't like that to me at all, it reminds me of someone reflecting on themselves in old age, with happy memories as well as thinking of regrets. I guess it could go with rain, as it's namesake implies, but it doesn't fit my perception of rain. Maybe a light drizzle, at the most. I think too much. --- This is closer to a rainy feeling than the above, but it feels like it's missing something. Hard to say what. The feeling is just slightly off, and that can be extremely frustrating.
  5. Sorry for the late reply(I've been busy,) but thanks everyone!

  6. http://www.youtube.com/show?p=6VWyXFZ6aFI&...tracker=show_av I've never seen it, but I've found the first season on YouTube.
  7. Claymore is good, both the anime and manga. However, at the end of the anime it starts to divert from the manga, and is cut short by an extremely unsatisfying ending that's pulled out of nowhere. Just giving you a heads-up.
  8. Mr. Green


    I'd take the one million. I'd try and make more money with it. Once I was satisfied with what I had, I'd try and change the world. Or I might catastrophically fail and go bankrupt,
  9. You'd be surprised how much seemingly small amounts of money can add up... Every bit helps.
  10. Well, I've decided to stop buying video games for awhile. I never really bought too many to begin with, but any extra spending I might have done is going in to saving for this. With that, I'll never have to worry about paying for gas. I'm also saving for college.
  11. The only thing that comes to mind is Highschool of the Dead. It's extremely fanservice heavy, take that as you will. I'm sure there are other shows out there that I've seen that deal with surviving a zombie apocalypse, but I can't think of any at the moment.
  12. I've seen the anime. It is EXTREMELY brutal. I'll give you an example. (NSFW) That's just part of the first episode. Is it good? Meh. It had a bullsh*t ending.
  13. The first season of Code Geass is sort of alright, the second season blows, IMO. I wouldn't watch it if I were you. I like Bleach, but it does have it's flaws. I'd watch it if you like action. One I'd recommend is The Big O, it's one of my favorites. If I remember correctly, Landon likes it as well. I recommend the English dub version over the subbed version, it's much better IMO. The show is very noir-esque, and was partially inspired by Batman, if that gives you any indication if you would like it or not.
  14. Physically? About twenty. Things I've actually read? Hundreds of them.
  15. ^ Watched it years ago. Not the greatest anime, but better than DBZ, imo. Haven't watched anything recently. I have read a Manwha called The Legend of Maian recently, I like it so far.
  16. (Sorry for the late reply, haven't been on lately.) All in all the entire thing took about a week, however I haven't done anything else with it recently. I do plan on finishing it eventually. I'm not sure what else to do with it though... I'm having a bit of creator's block.
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