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  1. If the F4 Can take him down than so could Superman, Cap Marvel, Spectre, GL Corps. There is a ton of heros that could take him.
  2. ZOMFG! Batman could solo, Superman could solo. Together they destroy!
  3. I like your intentions, but rogue is WAY overpowered
  4. GL Corps, such diversity in characters and awesome villains.
  5. Great Job! Very good first set-up! Robin FTW!
  6. I used to be alright, not nearly the best but I was ok. I havent written a match in ... Wow along time I really need to get back into it.
  7. @Soberguy I like to believe that women will be attracted to a 20 year old guy out having fun with his mates. Im sorry that your an old and grumpy Canadian who cant have fun because its 'childish' @Nesh yeah I was thinking about going with sector 1358!
  8. Costume This is the costume. @Soberguy this costume is for a pub crawl, during which i will make many vein attempts to seduce a woman. If i am sucessfull you wll be the first to know.
  9. Hey, does anyone where to get a costume made? Ive already tried Moon Costumes. Oh and they need to ship to Australia, cheers.
  10. i gave my brother a steel superman symbol clock
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