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  1. I think, overall, Genie's powers trump Ego's. Would be fun to see unfold. Nice rumble.
  2. Handling/grappling may come easy or very difficult for these ladies. Don't know who has advantage. That said, hilarious idea for a match.
  3. Haven't seen this version of TMNT, but I'm more of a Street Sharks fan so...
  4. *The lights go up, stretching across the arena as fireworks pelt the sky. The air fills with the sound of Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC and the cheers of fans.* *The music dies down as Jim Ross's voice echos over the loudspeaker.* J.R: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the greatest show in the multiverse! WE ARE LIVE here in the grand arena for the start of the semi-final round of what has been one hellacious tournament. I'm Jim Ross and joining me this evening is none other than my good friend, Jerry '"The King" Lawler. Lawler: I'll tell you J.R., I've been watching this tourna
  5. Lars is my man. He'll have a tough fight but I think he can put down Leona rather quick. Also, thanks for the round update Johnny. Looks like DOA is doing the best in terms of wins/losses.
  6. Not in a fair fight. Cad would need some strong Intel on the Bad Batch beforehand and have traps set before the encounter. He'd need to separate them. Not impossible but still I'd give Bad Batch an 7/10 chance of winning.
  7. Very interesting fight and one that would be great to see unfold. The Nazi stuff isn't a bother, it serves the story imo. I've watched both shows and I think if I had to vote, I'd go with Stormfront. She's ruthless and cunning and has much more experience than Atom Eve.
  8. Guile may not be the fastest but I think his combos are much stronger than Law's and are more impressive. I know I've had harder times fighting Guile than I have against Law.
  9. Good match and continuation of the story. I love the tension between the three teams. Didn't get to vote but I think I would have given this to the Dragonzord anyway. I think it has the better firepower overall.
  10. I echo this. Fan of the franchise and the characters just missed the match. Really solid though. Not sure if Cad would have won.
  11. Glad this match got a 5 @broadwaybeyonder This was a great match and a good pair-up. But yeah, Tracer would win.
  12. @JohnnyChany Love to get another update on where each franchise/game stands on the wins and losses.
  13. Wow, poor Juri. Lol Think Ibuki is a bit faster than her opponent. That might give her the edge she needs.
  14. Love the continued storyline of the Freedom Survivor. Everything feels nature and the writing is clean. The win goes to Asuka, who would have taken it fair imo.
  15. Nice win for Cassandra. I'm liking her story in this more and more.
  16. The Zafina/Rose fight was creative and I like how it played out. The fight here would be close but I actually would have tied it up by voting for Kilik.
  17. I tend to agree. Superboy Prime edges out the win for his team. And Brightburn is probably the first to die in any scenario. Good idea for a match though.
  18. Jhun Hoon looks like the buff male version of Weiss from RWBY. I can't unsee it.
  19. I think the Sailor Scouts probably have this based on the power scaling. TMNT vs Avengers would be pretty boss though and an even match.
  20. Stomp for the Doctor/A-Force combo I think. They would be one hell of a team.
  21. Does our Slot Four character have to use some sort of melee weapon or can they just fight with their hands?
  22. The Batmen are going to have a hard time winning as they are outmatched in physical strength and speed. But if they have full knowledge of the Spider-Men, then I think I'll give this to them based on that they may find a way around the strength/speed/spidersense.
  23. First off, I love Street Sharks. Second off, I think they would totally style the TMNT. I say this almost solely based on their strength lol
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