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  1. This is a tough month theme. I know nothing about the Irish except that leprechauns are a thing. Not easy to do imo
  2. *Highlight reel plays of the previous match. Magik, despite summoning demons to fight alongside her, we're not enough to defeat Mario and his plethora of power-ups. With Super star invincibility, he delivers the final blow to Magik, sending her to the outside of the ring.* J.R: And with that folks, we have another contender moving onto the next round. The absolute will and ability of Mario has pushed him further, some would say, even more than expected. Whis: I'm sure Magik would agree with you, Jim. Beerus: Overconfidence got the better of her. It's too bad, she was a decent competitor. Whis: I wasn't aware you were even watching, Lord Beerus. Beerus: Don't call me out, Whis. I'm simply commenting on what I saw and that's that. J.R: Well Beerus, you and the trillions watching at-home are in luck. In case you've missed up to this point, We have a package prepared for those who may have missed our earlier rounds. Our next match, Jason Lee Scott of the Power Rangers goes one-on-one with the Sensational She-Hulk. Let's take a look at how they got here. *Highlight reel plays. Showcase of Round One with Jason Lee Scott fighting Aloy.* Jason Lee Scott: HIYAH!!! *Jason Lee Scott performs a roundhouse kick, knocking the oncoming arrow out of the air. Aloy notches two more arrows with the intent to fire, but the Red Ranger gets to her first. His fist collides with her jaw and she stumbles, but does not fall. He tries again, but Aloy ducks and slams the head of an arrow straight into his inner thigh.* Jason Lee Scott: AH! *Aloy rolls to the side, creating enough distance to fire another arrow at her opponent. This one hits Jason square in the head, but ricochets off his helmet leaving a deep gash in the armor. Jason stabilizes his footing and blocks the next arrow with his sword. Then the next. Then with quick hands he throws the Dragon Dagger from his side. It cuts the air as it races toward Aloy. She doesn't expect this move as the dagger nearly sheers her left arm off at the elbow. Her arm falls to her side and she drops her bow. Jason finishes the battle with a direct shot from his blade blaster to Aloy's midsection. She collapses. The match ends.* *The reel continues, moving onto clips of Round Two. Jason Lee Scott versus Urdnot Wrex.* Wrex: Come on, boy. Let's test that ugly armor of yours. *Wrex tightens his grip on the Red Ranger's arms as he begins to bash their heads together. With each clash, Jason's head whips back. Cracks and dents form in his helmet as he goes limp. Wrex drops him to the ground.* Wrex: Guess it doesn't hold up against Krogan. Not surprising. *Wrex walks away, thinking the match is over. When he turns however, Jason sits up just enough to stab his Power Sword into the Krogan's leg.* Wrex: Sonofa-- *Jason pulls the sword out and gets to his feet, careful to stay out of swinging distance from Wrex. The Krogan favors his injured leg, turns and pulls his rifle.* Wrex: You could of just let it go, stupid human. Now I'm going to kill you. Jason Lee Scott: Give it your best shot, frog brain. *As Wrex fires, Jason's sword transforms into a power staff, morphing him into the Gold Zeo Ranger. The bullets bounce off his armor as Jason sends a power blast from his staff into Wrex. The Krogan is eliminate by ring out.* *The highlights then move onto clips of She-Hulk in the first round, where she fights Joseph Joestar. Joseph doesn't take her seriously and attempts to flirt with her instead, leading to his elimination ten seconds later. The next match highlight is She-Hulk versus Sub-Zero.* Sub-Zero: You will know death, Lady Hulk. She-Hulk: Don't call me lady. It makes you sound like an asshole. *Sub-Zero throws an ice blast at She-Hulk. It strikes her, freezing her solid. Sub-Zero slides forward, preparing to break her apart with a single blow. But when he reaches her, she breaks free and grabs Sub-Zero by the back of the neck. In one motion she flings him across the arena. The match ends by ring out.* *The highlight reel ends. She-Hulk and Jason Lee Scott stand in the ring.* J.R: There you see ladies and gentlemen how these two unlikely warriors have made it to this point. They don't look to the past, but now onto the future. With one goal, walking out of this arena to fight in the next round. Whis: We've seen so little of She-Hulk's capabilities. I wonder if Jason will measure up. He certainly has the tenacity to win. And he also seems like he's got a few more tricks up his sleeves. J.R: He just might, Whis. Jason wants this victory, he wants to win for his friends and family back home. He can't afford to pull his punches, so to speak. Whis: Anything to add to that, Lord Beerus? *Beerus snores, unaware the match is starting.* _______________________________________________________________________ Jason Lee Scott VS She-Hulk Each combatant will have respected powers and equipment that they can carry into the ring. No outside help or influence. They have gained knowledge about each other's capabilities from watching the previous round. Jason has access to his MM Red Ranger/Dragon Shield/Gold Zeo. No zords. Tournament standard ring from Dragon Ball. Ring Out, Knockout, or Death all count as elimination.
  3. Welcome back Nesh. Classic straight up match. Neither know about the other and I think that's going to be more of a disservice to Gwen then it will D'Vorah. She can dissolve the webs and keep up with Gwen's speed. She's much more durable, having been blown apart and put herself back together. I think on a first encounter like this, D'Vorah wins clean.
  4. While I think they end up fighting alongside each other, much like BvS. I'd say the win goes to Kong in the movie. They seem to paint Godzilla as the villain in the trailer and I bet most would expect Godzilla to win, which is why they will find a way for it not to happen.
  5. This one is hard to judge. If neo has all of his matrix abilities, I think he wins. Nel is strong but hasn't shown enough to top the abilities of Neo who is a bit Superman/godlike.
  6. Tier 7 or not, R.Mika doesn't stand a chance against an enemy as large as Gipsy Danger. She gets stepped on. Dinobot is pretty clever though. He may not fight directly, but instead get inside Gipsy and kill the pilots.
  7. This should have been jumanji's win. Neither Ash or the Ghost have a counter for it's magic.
  8. This would be a pretty interesting fight though. Yang would handle herself for awhile but I don't know if she could put the titan down for good. I don't know much about Carrie to say either way.
  9. Yeah, Korra could probably whoop Misty's Pokemon on her own. But none of them could out run or block gun fire from the Falcon. Win for the Falcon.
  10. Looks like Nightwing wasn't getting the discounts that he wanted.
  11. Yeah he is probably about that strong. Though that's only strength and it won't really matter much if he can't lay in his attacks on Magik. From my understanding She has dealt with some pretty heavy hitters herself.
  12. Love the tier slots. Gives more freedom to pick whomever you like. So many options you can choose.
  13. Was going to say try loading the page with switching it to desktop version.
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  17. Those feats count as well, I think. As long as it's considered canon to the character.
  18. *Commentary during Round 3, Match 1* J.R: Good god almighty, All Might's crushing her hand! *Rey screams in pain as All Might crushes the lightsaber in her hand, breaking her fingers in the process.* *All Might let's go once she falls to her knees.* All Might: You can surrender now. You've done your best to- *Rey throws her other hand toward All Might, crackling with energy as lightning strikes him squarely in the chest.* Whis: Oh my, now that's a new trick. J.R: And what an act of desperation from Rey. She's fighting tooth and nail to get to her feet, shocking the holy hell out of All Might. He's trying to fight it. Beerus: Oh please, just end it already. *All Might bring his arms up to block the lightning. With one swift move he cuts the air around him, dispersing the lightning.* Whis: Oh dear. All Might: TEXAS SMASH! *All Might's lunges with a punch, connects and sends Rey into the arena wall outside of the ring.* J.R: My gawd what impact. Rey has been finished here, folks. She's been sent to the outside and that's our match. *Rey lays unconscious on the outside. Ainz Ooal Gown returns to the ring to raise All Might's hand and announce his official win. After leaving the stage, Ainz repairs the ring with his magic. Whis: Well, that was certainly something, what did you think, my Lord? Beerus: To quote this buffoon over here, 'It was a slobberknocker.' Whis: Lord Beerus, you're too much. J.R: It was that, Beerus. I don't think anyone here in this crowd could be displeased with Rey's performance here tonight. She made it to round three, but round four just wasn't in the cards. Whis: Agreed. Let's move on shall we? Our next contest is about to begin! Beerus: Already? How many of these do I have to sit through, Whis? *Backstage* *All Might walks the backstage hall to his dressing room when he is stopped by a large sword pointed at his throat. Standing before him is another tournament contestant, Magik. The two stare, sizing each other up.* All Might: So, you're Magik? I watched your last performance. Can't say I was impressed. Magik: You insult the woman whose weapon is at your throat? You've got some nerve- *All Might put his hand on Magik's sword, lowering it from his throat.* All Might: Don't make idle threats, they fall on deaf ears to a hero such as myself. Magik: I just wanted to see what was so special about you. The fans clearly love you despite your disappointing performance. You've had it easy in this tournament. All Might: You're mistaken. I tell my opponents to give it their all when they face me. I want them at their best. *Magik shoulders her massive sword and walks past All Might before responding.* Magik: I'm winning this tournament regardless. After this round, you're next. So be ready to lose. *Magik continues down the hall. All Might responds just loud enough for her to hear.* All Might: Good luck in the ring, Magik. I think you'll need it. *Magik heads to the ring for the upcoming match.* *The arena erupts with the opening theme of 90s X-Men cartoon. Commentary begins broadcasting.* J.R: Welcome back! We're moving right along onto the next contest. Magik, the sorceress mutant and Mario, the legend himself, prepare to head to this ring for the third time. We see Magik now, she's got some fire and determination in those eyes. *Magik stands in the ring, summoning her sword and slashing it through the sky. The crowd cheers, chanting her name in unison.* J.R: It seems Magik is quite the fan favorite. Whis: I can certainly see the appeal. I think I can say this for everyone watching that we hope to see a real effort from her. So far she's dealt with her opponents far too easily. J.R: She's boxing in a stronger division for sure, Whis. Here comes her opponent Mario! *A green tube comes out the floor of the ring. Mario leaps out. Magik turns to face him with interest. Ainz Ooal Gown appears in the ring and announces the challengers.* Ainz: Okay you two, we want a good clean fight- J.R: Oh my gawd, these two aren't waiting for a bell. Magik looking to end this early by teleporting Mario outside the ring. Whis: I suppose that's it then... Oh? What a neat trick from the plumber. J.R: Quick thinking there by Mario, using his trademark green tube on the outside before his feet touched the ground. Now he's back in the ring and ready to go. *Mario pulls out a glowing star and merges with it, glowing with power. Magik dashes forward, sword ready to strike.* Ainz: Let me just get out the way. Ring the bell! _______________________________________________________________________ Magik VS Mario Each combatant will have respected powers and equipment that they can carry into the ring. No outside help or influence. They have gained knowledge about each other's capabilities from watching the previous round. Tournament standard ring from Dragon Ball. Ring Out, Knockout, or Death all count as elimination.
  19. Congrats Peypeypeypey! One hell of a team.
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