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  1. SSJRuss

    Video Games

    So I caved and bought Power Rangers Battle for the Grid. I ended up getting it for the Switch though because I didn't want those ridiculous trophies haunting my PS.
  2. I think he would quickly figure out he has to neutralize those gauntlets. Once he does that Shocker isn't much of a factor.
  3. Spidey is use to foes like Bane and even Catwoman to an extent. He will have trouble, but he is faster than them and will outlast them.
  4. Now that Batman is taking on Spidey's bad guys, let's see how Spider-Man fares against Batman's Rogue's Gallery In this round, Spider-Man needs to defeat Bane and Catwoman as they work as a team. The fight takes place in warehouse but can spill out into the city streets. Spider-Man is Earth-616 (Peter Parker) and Bane and Catwoman are their comic book iterations. No prep time for either side. Win by KO, Submission or Fatality.
  5. Maybe try to use the desktop version of the page on your phone. I added a few characters using my phone and that's what I had to do.
  6. Oh I figured Batman had this one. Just trying to see how many of these guys he can beat on his own. At first I was going to make it one-on-one but then I thought 'no that would be a major stomp'. That said, Shocker is awesome and he doesn't get enough love. Both him and Scorpion are cool but they are fighting a losing battle.
  7. Is that with the Thomas Wayne version? Doesn't he use guns too? Well even if they do hate each other, I can't see both of them getting beat by the mafia.
  8. I think one of the most memorial moments on that site for me was running that CrossGalactic Tournament. We had a lot of debates over those matches but none as much as we did for that first preliminary.
  9. *cracks knuckles* Let me get to work then.
  10. Batman takes on the Spider-Man Rogue's Gallery In this first round, Batman needs to defeat Shocker and Scorpion working as a team. The fight takes place at the good ol' docks and let's make it during sunset. Each of these competitors are their primary comic book iterations so they would only possess their usual weapons and gadgets. Batman gets no prep-time for the encounter but can learn about his opponents during the fight. Win by KO, Submission or Fatality.
  11. Don't know enough about Class 3-E to say for sure who wins. But good write up.
  12. Maybe it will find new life here. Like your profile pic
  13. Winners are obvious but fun to see Punisher working with Batman here. They make a good pair.
  14. I saw Rey was added. Surprised you didn't add her last name *winks* Or the last name she chose *winkswinks* I've only add four so far Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia) The War Doctor (Doctor Who, was thinking of adding more incarnations that we missed like the 12th and 13th doctors) Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn And The Will and his partner Lying Cat from Saga. I have a whole list that I want to add but I don't want to over tax the people that have to review the submissions lol
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