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  1. I love these crazy matches lol. Team WFHCPS takes this win. Batman can probably handle Bebop and Rocksteady with the help of Chewy and Han as support. Superman, Panty and Stocking can handle the rest as they are incredibly strong and durable. Thor will take some time but Supes can handle him.
  2. Here's hoping Samoa Joe heads over to AEW. Speaking of, never sat down and watched AEW. Where can I watch it? I don't have cable.
  3. Both cars seem similar to me from what I've found online. Hard to say either way.
  4. Itachi takes this pretty easy, as Hellboy doesn't have a lot of ways to counter the ninja's techniques. Not only that, Hellboy probably can't even hit him.
  5. Deku has no counter for Luffy's Haki, which is bad enough. But Deku doesn't even have an effect way to hurt Luffy as Luffy is made of rubber. As impressive current Deku is in the manga, Luffy is a step above right now.
  6. Wendy seemed like the best option for this match, but even moreso now. A seasonal ketchup wouldn't be a bad angle.
  7. Didn't get a chance to comment but I voted Taisen Universe. Drakkon doesn't know these heroes like he does PR. That's going to be is undoing but he's going to really hurt their numbers. He will likely retreat in the battle. As for the story, I didn't expect this. It was almost out of the blue but that's not a bad thing. Throwing in some of these Taisen Heroes might make things very interesting for the story. Nice job and looking forward to more.
  8. Looking up the fighters, I think Darli would have gotten my vote. I like her combos a bit more and she seems pretty powerful. I will also agree with Pizzaguy in that I love the power couple of Darli and Maxi.
  9. Sorry didn't get to this in time but I quite like this match. Very natural enemies imo. And the writing was well done. I would have gone with Maxi, but I'm fine with the tie. We don't get enough of those in fighting games a lot of the time and it will be interesting to see where that goes.
  10. I mean... I got more. Slot for Digimon versus Slot for Pokemon Slot for mythical beast versus Slot for mythical warrior Slot for superhero team versus slot for supervillain team Slot for marvel character versus slot for Capcom character Slot for pirate character versus slot for Ninja character
  11. Slot for Dragon vs Slot for a Knight? Dog slot vs Cat slot? Or a slot for Werewolves vs a slot for Vampires? Slot for Avenger member vs slot for Justice League member Slot for cowboys vs slot for aliens
  12. We might just need to cut the season a bit short when we remove the bench. It's still worth a try and we will have more matches per round anyway. Or you could just run the same match with a different scenario and keep the 10 rounds? Either would work for me.
  13. Definitely like the no benching idea. That will change the game in how people build their teams. The slot vs slot is also cool and presents a lot of opportunities. Marvel vs DC, Monster vs Monster hunter, Detective vs Criminal, etc. Just got to have them mirror each other. Although, if there is seven slots I don't know how you would even that out. You'd have one slot on its own, possibly could just make that a Vs Battle Tier or something.
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