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  1. In case u don't know about sharknado, it is another shark movie by the Asylum. But it's Sharknado. Now unlike most of the other shark movies by Asylum, Sharknado became a viral hit because of the Title and trailer. Now not only is sharknado being seen in over 200 theaters, but they are getting people to come up with a name for the sequel to sharknado. Sharktopus, another movie Asylum created is probably another reason that sharknado was made. Sharktopus was made before sharknado and like sharknado it became big because the name. Now everybody knows that the movie itself is bad, but with a name like sharknado, it will get big. The movie stars Tara Reid and a couple other actors and actresses( if you want to call them that). It is a 2013 made-for-television disaster film about a waterspout that lifts sharks out of the ocean and deposits them in Los Angeles. It deposits them from a that's right, a tornado. So here it is, A thread all on sharknado http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cN5PO2oFl4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XxuBIiFZKs
  2. About the pro-bowl, I was just talking bout the teams and no kick-offs. I know the players have to live their lives after football but they also know what their risking if they are going to play football. I don't think it is fair for defensive players to be fined for tackles that are really just solid tackles that look or seem "too hard" to the refs. They could at least add more padding to the players. I also think that heavy tackles intensify the game for the players and the fans.
  3. football is becoming more and more soft. The NFL has ruined the pro-bowl. I mean c'mon, no kickoffs, no afc vs nfc teams anymore. Thats terrible.The fans should pick both teams, but the players should have to be in the same conference to be on the same team. Shaking my head. Plus, u can't hit a player too hard or u get fined. It's called a CONTACT SPORT for a reason. Why should a player get fined for good defense. So what the Saints ran a bounty program. That was the mentality a defensive player had back then. They didn't get fined.Teams like the LA Rams, Buccs, Steelers, etc had some of the best defense cause they always hit hard and that's why people loved watching them. Thats what made football football.Thats why football now couldn't top football back then. Football is a defensive game and taking the hard hits away from defense is just pathetic. If u can't take the heat, then get out the kitchen. NFL is babying the offensive players because they don't want them to get hurt. Boo-Hoo. NFL back then makes NFL now look like 2-hand touch. Or maybe thats what NFL is leading to. Either that or flag.
  4. I just want to know if anything good happened I can see you guys changed up the forum
  5. What's good with Thunder(KD) getting dat first ring vs celtics.(Or da heat i guess) 4-2(Thunder) no matter who they face. #JustTooHot
  6. jets and the eagles still have a chance to go to the playoffs packs lose to the chiefs and colts beat Tennessee only a couple of college basketball teams are still undefeated including no.1Syracuse and no.22 Murray st. couple days till the big game and tis the game that both teams need to win i asked this before jets vs. giants if the jets win, they stay in the wild card if the giants win(if the eagles beat the cowboys) they still have a chance eagles vs. cowboys who wins if the cowboys win they sealed the nfc east if the eagles win they just have to beat the redskins and hope that the cowboys lose to the g-men and the giants lose to the jets it's possible
  7. the center for the knicks needs to leave so that we can have tyson chandler. chris paul is going to the lakers(maybe) if the people allow it. guess they stopped it so dwight howard won't go to the lakers. cant wait for december25
  8. eagles fall 4-7 damn. in other news, saints crush giants and the cowboys lead the NFC EAST. and jets look to win the wild card this year TIM TEBOW. 6-5 broncos he might be a problem Vince young. good for now. for college basketball looks like Fine isn't so "fine" right now pardon the pun I got Ohio State and North Carolina winning the acc whatever
  9. colts are 0-8 . sorry. the colts need to face the dolphins
  10. are you crazy, packs are the only undefeated team in the nfl right now. Might try to pull what the dolphins did back then.
  11. That's sadly true. I had to learn it the hard way.
  12. Just leave it to this.We have the same overall score. How about this: Wait till the end of the football season. Then lets talk about how the teams played. Agreed
  13. We are a big threat to you guys. Biggest dumbass on the site. good one. Yeah I did admit i don't care if we got embarrassed next year. At least i know when to admit when my team is doing bad. 9 touchdowns 1 pick wow you must be very happy aren't you. Syracuse blowing-out the mountaineers doesn't make sense? Look it up it's all over the internet. A team doesn't have to be ranked to be good. Ohh yeah I forgot. Have fun Losing to Rutgers making your score 5-3 getting knocked out from the top 25. Grow up Peter Pan.... Good Job. . Beat a team that isn't so called shitty and reply back. In the meanwhile, I'll put down the power-rankings of football
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