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  1. Sigh...I wish you'd come back.

  2. Wow, Match 1205, a lot happened while I was gone. And I'm ging to be gone again. I wrote this one a long time ago, so go easy on me.
  3. The second part in my arc. #1 was Spiderman vs. Mr. Fantastic Here's the setup: March 12th 2008 It was early in the morning, Reed Richards awoke and went in the kitchen for breakfast. When he arrived, he saw Sue standing by the sink, there was a wide smile on her face. There was also something in her hand. She held it tight. "Sue," Reed said, "What's going on?" "Reed, darling, look!" She said handing him what was in her hand He looked at it. On the front was an indentation with a green bar. In the center of the green bar was the word: "Pregnant". He sighed, and rubbed his forehead gently. "What's the matter, Reed?" Sue asked, "Aren't you happy?" "Yes, but at the same time, I... I can't through what we've gone through before. The pains, the loss..." "Then we'll just have to make sure that it doesn't happen again." "You're right dear. I'll just have to stay optimistic." "Thank you dear." July 20th 2008 Reed kept a diary, trying to predict what could happen. "July 20th, 2008. Sue seems to be going through the pregnancy norm. Cravings, morning sickness, and general mood swings. Just this morning, she asked for Fruit Loops with chocolate milk, in the cereal. Her mood swings have sent shield blasts through the house, and sent her crying (naked and invisible) down the street. It's a lot to deal with, but for a child, and a future hero, it's well worth it." December 9th 2008 It was 2:07 AM. Reed awoke to a tugging on his shoulder and loud screams. "REED! GET THE H311 OUT OF BED! I'M GOING INTO LABOR!" He jumped out of bed, holding his wife's hand, they rushed to the elevator. He pressed the "L" button, and they were soon in the car. Then he noticed, he forgot the keys. He stretched himself up to their floor and entered through the window. He grabbed his keys and shouted: "Ben! Babysit Johnny while we're gone!" They went back down the way he came and into the car. He got behind the wheel and rushed to the hospital. They arrived safely, and Mr. Fantastic carried Sue in. They wheeled her to a room where... well, the details from here will be spared. But, it was a normal (looking) baby girl who they called Kendra. As all the work (more details spared) was being done on the child, Reed asked for a small blood sample. "I want to have an idea of how powerful the child might be," He said The nurse complied and gave it to him. December 12th 2008 That day, the two went home with their child. They were happy as could be. There were no outbursts of any power of any type, the child was well mannered, and had a strong attachment to it's mother. It ha neutral feelings for Johnny, but was happy as could be with Ben. All seemed well, until Reed started running tests. He got into the child's DNA, and found something startling. He came out of his lab, his fists clenched and swollen. "Sue!" He shouted pointing to his lab Sue came with him and was handed a long piece of paper. She started to read, towards the bottom was: "Mother: Susan Storm Father: Peter Parker" Sue gulped and looked at Reed with extreme fear. "I... I didn't..." Sue started "Where is he?!" Reed asked "Why?" "I'm going to kill the [email protected][email protected]!" "Wait, it wasn't..." Then Mr. Fantastic ran out of the building. He had remembered that when Spiderman applied for the Fantastic Four, he had given him his address in case the reconsider. He had also discovered that that adress belonged to Peter Parker. He arrived at Peter's apartment, but he wasn't there. He disguised himself as Peter's sheet, and waited. Then, a couple of hours later, Peter arrived. He took off his mask and set it down on his desk. Then he sat down talking to himself. He was talking in a very quiet manner, so all Reed could hear was mumbling. Then, he quietly got up and headed towards him. "Spider sense!" Peter said turning around. He saw Reed coming for him. "What do you want?" Peter asked. "Sue!" "What?" "I'll teach you to sleep with my wife!" Okay, it's Spiderman vs. Mr. Fantastic. Spiderman took off his mask, so he won't be going out of the building. And Mr. Fantstic is very pissed. Mr. Fantastic won
  4. I do miss the Cap... America should not die, nor should the hero who stands for her. If he does pass, he should be brought back. Female versions of male superheroes are tiring (most of the time.) Spiderman shouldn't have been sent back, at least he should have had MJ.
  5. They could do a Wonder Man on Captain America (have him brought back to be a baddie, then have him turn away from the dark side) Dr. Doom has been overdone, let him go (if he hasn't been yet). There should be a symbiote mass that a group of heroes have to fight (maybe have it go into a prison and produce a ton of 'Venom's) Reed and Sue should have kid and it grow up without powers, then have it become a hero in its teens. Someone needs to capture Hulk (a villain, like the Leader), bring out all his personalities, try to use them for his own, but only have them turn on him (possibly reuniting themselves and becoming Super Hulk). Daredevil should be possessed by demons (okay, maybe not). A hero who's been good for a looooooooooooooong time should look the other way (eventually becoming pure evil). They need more anti-heroes. Maybe a team of them. Wolverine should be killed and have his adamantium skeleton left in the desert. Then one night, he returns and kills whoever did it to him. What do you think?
  6. They're not destroying their best characters (for one thing, it was only ONE!), they're getting rid of those who have no stories left in 'em.
  7. Well then, either we'll have to decide who gets all the glory, or not do it.
  8. I got together with MF15 and Artermis and decided we wanted to create a match together. One of the problem's we faced was, since it will be so great, we'll probably get a ton of "It's great"s, and it wouldn't be fair for one person to get all of them. So, would it be possible for us to create a joint CBUB just for the "greatest" matches? I also invite Cosmic Deapool, Marvel Man, Culwych, and Adam to join us.
  9. Yeah! I read a graphic novel that I picked up at BAM, it was awesome
  10. Just give me a job up there. Even in this recession they'd be swimming in cash. What they need are new villains (completely new, maybe even some new powers), and maybe a new hero or two. A hero with color, some of them are starting to go bland. We need betrayal, take someone who's been good since the 60's and make him try to destroy earth. As far as Spiderman goes, there's one way to save his comics. Somehow, if Pete didn't have MJ he would've lost a battle, and thousands of lives would have been lost. So Uatu (or Beyonder) steps in and brings things back to the way they used to be, somewhat. Then Uatu is punished for betraying the Watcher code, and has to fight Mephisto (sorry, didn't read the comic where this all happened, but he did it right) to redeem himself. Spidey should be taken back to just after he was married, and instead of starting over, they should rewrite his it from there. Pete gets a different job, has a couple of kids, and fights different villains.
  11. I couldn't find a good pic for the Furious Five, and I'm working on Tei Lung (or however you spell it) Can't wait for Stan Lee, Bear Grylls, and The Forces of Nature to be accepted. By the way, I've resubmitted The Kree, with a better picture. I trimmed off the meaningless top, and then resized it.
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