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  1. Desmond awakes from the animus with information that the recent templars are some of Arkhams worst criminals in an alternate future when Batman dies in Arkham city from the Titan serum. Due to advancements in the animus, Huge advancements have allowed Desmond's memories to materialize with Desmond came Altair, Ezio, and Connor, and they have come with their army of assassins, They parkour their way to Arkham and see the mayhem as it unfolds, they will try to save Arkham and purge them of the Templar So its Desmond: Hidden Blade, Altair's Dagger Altair: Hidden Blade, Altair's set of armor and weapons except dagger Ezio: Hidden Blade, Hook Blade, Hidden Gun(10 shots), 5 poison darts, and his best set of armor Connor: Hidden Blade, Tomahawk, Cutlass, And his best set of armor 300 Assassins(Fully trained): Double Hidden Blades, Shortsword, 3 Smoke bombs, 1 cherry Bomb vs. Harley Quinn: Baseball Bat, RPG(8 shots) Two-face: Double Desert Eagles(2 clips each) Bane(75% juiced) Penguin: Umbrella Machine Gun(100 bullets) Mr. Freeze: Freeze gun Zsasz: 2 hunting knives 1000 Henchmen(200 have shotguns with 8 shots each, 50 have night vision) Now the Assassins can sneak around because everyone is spread out all around the city, the villains don't know the assassins are there unless they create suspicion, can the assassins eliminate the Templars for good or will they fall to the same fate as batman?
  2. The x-men have been put under a curse by the Villain Pennywise and must face the fears that have terrorized the many, the villains are scattered all over the X-mansion and know the layout of the whole house the X-men mst start from the front door and win back the mansion from the ikes of pennywise, all mystical entities do not need requirements for their powers to a degree(ex; Freddy can his polymorphing on anything but the X-men without them sleeping as Pinhead does not need his cube). So the fighters are: Wolverine Cyclops Storm Rogue Nightcrawler Gambit Colossus Kitty Pride Magik Angel Jubilee Iceman X-23 Havok Banshee [Professor X] [Magneto] [Emma Frost] [Jean Grey(Phoenix mode if they are about to lose)] [s[carlet Witch] Vs. Jason X: New Machete Victor Crowley: Hatchet Michael Myers: Butcher knife Freddy Kreuger Leatherface: Chainsaw Chucky:9mm Pistol(two clips), Switchblade Ghostface(Billy): Switchblade Maniac Cop(Billy club, Desert Eagle) Norman Bates(Dagger) Fisherman(Hook) Miner(Pickaxe) T-800 Exoskeleton(Minigun 400 Bullets) Hannibal Lecter(Scalpel) Leprechaun Carrie White Pinhead Candyman Pennywise Pumpkinhead(Non-immortal) The creeper(Bone shuriken) 20 xenomorphs 5 Blooded Predators(Spear, 2 Explosive disks, Wrist blade, Light Armor) 5 Engineers(Prometheus) Once the X-men enter the mansion they may not leave and they must kill or incapacitate all foes. The X-men in Brackets are only fighting Pennywise, Candyman, and Pinhead.
  3. While in hell Cell and Freeza run it with their tyrannical experience bullying the lesser villains with their power but one day the demon king Piccolo has found a passage out to the regular world but the void was slowly closing, thinking smart about this he gathers a team of villains he can call peers to assist him in his journey. Soon after a few hours of gathering he has a small army of evil which he is going to use against good. He ventures through the portal only to find that this world is not his own, it is the world full of Ninjas as he has journeyed to the point of the Chunin Exam finale his team waits as they study the fighters from afar so they cannot be sensed they wait but Tambourine comes back to Kin Piccolo after scouting and tells him about a blonde fighter and a sand monster by the time they all get there to assess the situation they see both fighters unconscious on the ground. Not wanting to waste time with weak opponents they look for a place to set up their kingdom, they spot the leaf villae from a distance and set their marker, they arrive and kill many of the villagers causing them to evacuate and bring in the Anbu nut they failed horribly against Piccolo and his men. Months later team 7 gathers together them and other shinobi to take out this threat, Can the leaf village be saved or will King Piccolo rule for good. The shinobi are: Naruto Sasuke Rock Lee Neji Sakura Choji Kiba & Akumaru Shikamaru Hinata Kakashi Guy Sensei vs King Piccolo Tambourine Drum Guldo General Tao Raditz Spopovitch Yamu x5 Saibamen
  4. Sandman Chthon Red hulk Venom Deadpool Taskmaster Maestro
  5. The time has come to determine who the next spot in the Elite Four goes to and they have decided to give an invitational to all the Gym leaders to bring their Pokemon of choice to the arena for a battle of the century. As the Gym leaders arrive they smack talk eachother and get riled up for the battle, only this battle is a bit different than usual, It's a free for all including a HUGE roster of characters and its up to the audience to try an predict a winner(that's you guys) So who will it be? Brock: Steelix-Rock Slide-Dig-Iron Tail-Rock Polish Misty: Starmie-Hydro Pump-Ice Beam-Swift-Recover Lt. Surge: Raichu-Thunder-Thunder wave-Rain Dance-Iron Tail Erika: Vileploom-Solarbeam-Giga drain-Toxic-Leech Seed Sabrina: Alakazam-Psychic-Shadow Ball-Calm Mind-Teleport Koga: Weezing-Sludge Bomb-Smokescreen-Poison Gas-Flamethrower Baine: Magmortar-Fire blast-Thunderbolt-Confuse Ray-Will-o-wisp Giovanni: Nidoking-Double Kick-Earthquake-Poison Sting-Thrash------------------------------------------------------------- Falkner: Pidgeot-Fly-Mud-slap-Brave bird-Roost Bugsy: Scizor-Bullet Punch-X-scissor-Double Team-Swords Dance Whitney: Miltank-Rollout-Giga Impact-Milk Drink-Zen Headbutt Morty: Gengar-Shadow Ball-Hypnosis-Dream Eater-Focus Blast Chuck: Poliwrath-Waterfall-Focus Punch-Belly Drum-Rock Slide Jasmine: Steelix-Iron Tail-Stone Edge-Curse-Screech Pryce: Mamoswine-Icicle Spear-Ice Shard-Earthquake-Double-edge Clair: Dragonite-Dragon Claw-Extreme Speed-Fly-Dragon Dance ------------------------------------------------ Roxanne: Probopass-Earth Power-Power Gem-Protect-Flash Cannon Brawly: Hariyama-Arm Thrust-Belly Drum-Body Slam-Seismic toss Wattson: Manetric-Thunder-Double Team-Thunder Bolt-Flame Thrower Flannery: Torkoal-Fire Blast-Gyro Ball-Stone Edge-Yawn Norman: Slaking-Giga impact-Hammer Arm-Facade-Rock Throw Winona: Altaria-Cotton Guard-Sky Attack-Dragon Dance-Outrage Tate & Liza: Claydol-Trick Room-Psychic-Gravity-Ancient Power Wallace: Milotic-Surf-Icy wind-Rest-Sleep Talk ------------------------------------------------------- Roark: Rampardos-Zen Headbutt-Superpower-Avalanche-Stone Edge Gardenia: Roserade-Petal Dance-Poison Jab-Shadow Ball-Leech Seed Maylene: Lucario-Close Combat-Extreme Speed-Bone Rush-Metal Claw Crasher Wake: Floatzel-Aqua Jet-Ice Punch-Bulk Up-Pursuit Fantina: Drifblim-Silver Wind-Ominous Wind-Minimize-Will-o-wisp Byron: Bastiodon-Metal Burst-Iron Defense-Ancient Power-Headbutt Candice: Abombasnow-Wood Hammer-Grass Whistle-Ingrain-Avalanche Volkner: Luxray-Thunder Fang-Fire Fang-Ice Fang-Crunch ------------------------------------------------------Cilan: Simisage-Energy Ball-Work up-Acrobatics-Seed bomb Chili: Simisear-Overheat-Low Kick-Crunch-Rock Slide Cress: SimiPour-Hydro Pump-Mud Sport-Double Team-Brine Lenora: Watchog-Hypnosis-Hyper Fang-Confuse ray-Low kick Burgh: Leavanny-Swords Dance-Aerial Ace-Leaf Blade-X-Scissor Elesa: Zebstrika-Wild Charge-Return-Flame Charge-Quick Attack Clay: Excadrill-Drill Run-Submission-Rock Slide-Swords Dance Skyla: Swanna-Featherdance-Roost-Surf-Air Slash Brycen: Beartic-Bulk Up-Super Power-Rock Slide-Icicle Crash Drayden: Haxorus-Outrage-Dragon Dance-Earthquake-Brick Break -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who will win this Free-for-all and become the next member of the Elite 4?
  6. The punisher is not a fan of the anti-killing morals of the majority of superheroes but he has compiled a team of heroes that are willing to fight his fight and eliminate the villains so they will not be future threats his team is as follows: Punisher(Captain): ACR(5 mags) Sawn-off shot gun(12 shells) Dual Barettas(4 clips each) Metal baseball bat, 6 grenades X-23: Powers, 2 flash grenades Wolverine: Powers, 2 Stun grenades Hawkeye: 30 Explosive bolts, 10 Stun bolts, 10 Poison Bolts, 5 tranquilizer bolts, 5 freeze bolts, Katana Black Widow: Dual uzis( 2 mags each) Dual Desert Eagles(5 clips each), Wrist gun(8 shots, clawed gloves. Deadpool(Non Immortal): Ak-47(4 mags), M4A1(4 mags), Colt Revolver(12 shots), RPG(3 shots), Dual Katanas, 3 smoke bombs, 1 explosive teddy bear they will go on to fight the following villains at once. Green Goblin: Glider, 20 pumpkin bombs Blob Doctor Octopus Rhino Vermin Electro Bullseye: 10 Shuriken, 10 throwing knives, 2 sais Klaw Crossbones: Minigun(300 shots) 2 hunting knives Lady deathstrike Pyro this fight takes place in the baxter buldingthe villains are scattered amongst the top floors as the heroes are making their way cautiously to the top.
  7. This is all a plot to create a new series and make DBZ characters OP
  8. DIdn't most of the people on the list have trouble with just 1 hulk?
  9. Does this mean that Goku and the others are pushovers?
  10. But wouldn't you think it would be tough for strange to fight off 100 nappa level siayans while conjuring a spell for banishment?
  11. But is that a popular strategy by them, i'm not knocking out the possibility but do they usually just banish their opponents just like that? if so they could have did that so many times
  12. LMFAO I didn't see that typo, thank you
  13. Dr. Gero totally reincarnated has made a device that can revive the dead saiyans make them at their purest of evil, an other ability of this device it can take control of living saiyans and dulls the part of the brain which knows peace and enhances the primal chaos in them, this means that Goku and other saiyan friends are under Gero's control. Now that this has occurred Gero collects the saiyans and holds them all in containment telling them what the plan is, to conquer any world that they travel to now that they do this the teleporter malfunctions but the coordinates set them on course to a whole different universe far from theirs; Marvel 616. They fall on a planet identical to thiers in an open field and now the numbers of the saiyans are great as they exit the teleporter ship. The vision senses a disturbance and does Xavier as he tells his men that there is a great amount of power close by. The saiyans will be attempting to cause as much destruction as possible but wont destroy the planet because the mission is to take over. Each of the revived saiyans will have a ten percent power boost from when they died. So the list of Saiyans present is as follows: Goku(SSJ2): Can go SSJ3 Vegeta(SSJ2) Gohan(SSJ2); Adult Goten(SSJ):Adult Trunks(SSJ):Adult Pan: Will go SSJ if one of the above dies Now that is the main saiyan team the second line of fighters is a bit of a longer list King Vegeta Broly(LSSJ) Paragus Nappa Raditz Turles Bardock Tora Fasha Borgos Shugesh Tarble 200 Saiyan warriors around Nappa level when he first arrived on earth As well as Dr.Gero being in the fight with a 20% increase in strength and speed Now the team marvel is sending will try to stop the saiyan team but wont kill right away being that Avengers don't kill the team is: Thor Sentry Red Hulk Doctor Strange Iron man: Extermis Spiderman Namor: A few minutes out of water Thing Mister Fantastic Invisible woman Human Torch Cyclops Wolverine Colossus: Cyttorak Rogue Nightcrawler Storm She-hulk Nova X-23 So can they stop the saiyans and thwart dr. Gero's plan or will they have to kill them to save the planet, maybe neither and the saiyans take over?
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