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  1. I smiled, and slammed my fists onto the ground, sending the heroes flying. Except Iron Man. He was more powerful than before, and we charged at eachother
  2. Hulk and Skaar Teasers!!! Alright today I'm going to treat you all to some kick-ass Hulk and Skaar teaser pics which are promoting the relaunch of The Incredible Hulk series written by Greg Pak and drawn by Ariel Olivetti. Hulk 601 starts right after Skaar 12 where Savage Hulk confronted Skaar, who said "I'll fight you when there is someone worth fighting", which essentially meant he wanted to confront the 'Green Scar'. The first teasers back up my idea that Green Scar will fight or at least confront Skaar in Hulk 601, just see for yourself: And the cover for the comic: Then, in issue 602, the father and son fight none other than the unstoppable Juggernaut: Now remember my blog SHOULD be the top viewed so lets make that a reality.
  3. Yeah I had the same problem. Firefox works for the matches, though it doesn't fix the other problems.
  4. Wolverine, he is the ultimate assassin. Just look at what happened when he did turn rogue when he was brainwashed by HYDRA. He couldn't be stopped.
  5. My Avatar: World War Hulk
  6. Bond just has too much experience for Bourne to contend with, and the fact Bond is a great shot with a pistol will help as well.
  7. You know what!! Forget Skaar, lets talk about.... If you have read other Robert Kirkman stuff, this is his first series. Done with the art of Tony Moore and various other artists, the book is unique. Battle Pope mainly consists of the Pope(We don't know his actual name) beating on all matter of Hell-spawn, getting hot chicks and having to put up with Jesus being his roommate. God has assigned him to defeat the demons from hell who have invaded earth(and live peacefuly enough) who want to kill him. Some of the demons include:Belaam, a demon who has confronted Pope many times and lost many limbs from fighting him. Lucifer, the ex-lord of hell. Mephistopheles, the brother of Lucifer. And Many more. Also, here is the first issue of Battle Pope: Lets make my blog the top blog And I will post some Skaar eventually.
  8. Thor would win if it was Odin Force Thor, but since it would most likely be normal Thor, it could go either way. Plus Superman CAN'T lift Thor's hammer, the only reason he could do so was because Thor allowed him to, for a short amount of time. Superman can't lift it otherwise. Just look at the picture:
  9. You have to read The Exiles comics. It shows that Marvel has an indefinite number of universes, granting Marvel the win.
  10. I know I said I'd post some Skaar, but first I have to post the best comic I've read in ages.... Savage Dragon The other day when I downloaded a load of Savage Dragon comics off PSPISO, I was amazed at what I saw. The comic is essentially, for people who want to read a more mature comic but don't want to start reading Vertigo. Savage Dragon is a green finned super-strong amnesiac, who remembers waking up in a burning field. He is part of the police force in Chicago and battles the superfreaks(the super villians of Chicago). I haven't read that much but I will start posting more info on him and his universe. Oh and by the way he is and Image Comic and is one of the two Image comics still written and drawn by its creator(the other being Spawn). And everyone I noticed my blog isn't the most viewed anymore, so lets change that. Darn you Marvel Man, I shall make my blog the most viewed again.
  11. Well I say no one wins, its just too evenly matched. What will happen is that Supes and Thor will work something out and they will calm down Hulk.
  12. The covenant all the way. If it wasn't for the fact that the elites split from them, they could have won the Halo war. They are just to powerful for the other opponents. Except maybe the Predators or the Independence Day aliens.
  13. New stuff coming soon I haven't been posting any updates for a while, but I will start posting new stuff in a while. I just arrived home from my holiday home(which has no computer) and I shall post some new info on Skaar, son of Hulk for ya Also I noted the fact my blog isn't the top viewed anymore, darn you marvel man.
  14. Yeah, the Golden Superman was actually the result of Galactus making Superman his herald(and the second most powerful being in the marvel universe, according to Reed Richards) in the Superman/Fantastic Four crossover.
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