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  1. This is not a physical fight, nor is it a fight to actually kill the opponent. It's simply a contest to see who can ruin the other financially first. If Gekko and Luthor tried each to bankrupt the other, who would come out victorious?
  2. ... ...I'm sorry, I'm stilling tryin g to wrap around my head the fact that Ramona (or any girl, for that matter) would willingly date Johnny.
  3. I don't recall seeing any Persian in "300" that looked like The Prince...
  4. Saruman is a Maya, one of the ancient wizard gods of Middle Earth. I don't see Obi-Wan and Anakin taking out a godlike being.
  5. The Prince looks like a human being. And a pretty handsome one at that. Leonidas will be too dumbfounded by seeing a Persian that doesn't look like a monster or a zombie or an androgynous being to bother fighting.
  6. The Three Musketeers have guns. Robin Hood and his Merry Men have swords and bows. Without any "emotional powers" or "writing" or any other FPL crap to get in their way, the Three Musketeers just shoot Robin Hood and the Merry Men.
  7. So, the bottom line is: Daken has a healing factor, and therefore he wins this, regardless of wether you like him as a character or not.
  8. Before anyone says it, I'll say it: Pennywise is an eldritch abomination known as 'The Spider', a cosmic entity as old as time itself that stood by and watched as the Supreme Being created the universe. As such, there is no logical way for Jason to kill him.
  9. Having a Tannen around drastically reduces Carmen's chances of victory, so Doc Brown and Marty and Sherlock and Watson have this.
  10. I love Harry Potter. I have all of the books. I have all of the movies on DVD. I have an autographed copy of "The Tales of Beedle the Bard". My room is littered with Potter memorabilia. I plan to camp out the day before the premier of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2" in full costume. As such, I higly take offense at what you said. Seriously, I *vulgarity*ing hate you. And what about you? You think being a comic book fan makes you better than me? You worship a grown man dressed around like a flying rat, a silver guy on a surf board and a loser geek than got powers because he got bitten by a spider. You are SO not better than me, so don't insult the things that I love ever again.
  11. Why...does...everyone...in your...setup...talk...like...William Shatner?
  12. Yeah, I didn't mention it in the setup (because I thought that I didn't need to), but the Na'Vi have Jake Sully (in his Avatar body) on their side in this match.
  13. ... ... ...I don't know what to say, other than I really wish I was in the kind of message board that lets you delete messages.
  14. Wouldn't the Justice League's experience at defeating Darkseid come in handy here? If Thanos is so tough, how come the Avengers always defeat him?
  15. With enough spinach, Popeye can beat anyone.
  16. Fixit rips Violator's head off, killing him.
  17. Dawn Summers (in her giantess form from the recent comics) VS Ginormica (from "Monsters VS Aliens") Who wins this?
  18. Anakin and the clones are experts at taking out amries of killer robots. They take this.
  19. V has knives and explosives. Alex has a cane. V wins.
  20. Jason DOESN'T have a "healing factor". He's a zombie. You can't kill him because he is already dead.
  21. I don't care how powerful you think you are, you can't beat luck. Luck is the most powerful, most devastating power there is. If you don't believe me, look up "Gladstone Glander". As long as Domino has luck on her side, Spider-Man ain't beating her.
  22. Given that Lois is from the DC Universe, she would familiar enough with the Riddler to help Mary-Jane win.
  23. Given that this is a fighting tournament, the only ones who are truly in their element are Ryu and Ken, giving them the win.
  24. Aragorn (from The Lord of the Rings) VS Eragon VS Hawk the Slayer VS Conan the Barbarian VS Kull the Destroyer VS The Beastmaster VS Xena, Warrior Princess VS Deathstalker VS Ator VS Willow Ulfgood VS Lina Inverse (from Slayers) VS Sturm Brightblade (from Dragonlance) VS Rand Al'Thor (from The Wheel Of Time) VS Fafhrd They all have their trademark weapons. Who wins this?
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