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  1. So has anyone here played the new Deadpool game? The few reviews I've found have been pretty mixed.
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    Why did Treach post that anywhere but the Fan Discussion board? It's kinda the place were fan discussions about Star Wars, movies, you know pre-existing fictional universes are... It did seem weird that I saw this in stat class (where I had a lively class discussion about it) at like noon and no one had posted it by the time i got back home though. Also, Nova would make a terrible president. (Ron Paul 2012)
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    So George Lucas has sold Disney Lucasfilm and all of its subsidiaries (e.g. ILM, Skywalker Sound, LucasArts, etc.) along with the rights to Star Wars and Indiana Jones. The immediate result is a new Star Wars trilogy. By Disney. In 2015. I'm sure this will all turn out great...
  4. Whoa necro. The Madden Curse is nonsense. Just think about it logically in terms of statistics: You're a pretty good player who therefore attracts significant attention. You have a great season well above your average (which is still above the league average). You have another great season, even better than the previous one in fact. You may even have another fantastic season. As a result of your phenomenal performance, they decide to stick you on the cover of the newest Madden game. The next year, big surprise, it turns out that you peaked and are going back to your normal playing average. Essentially, this (the law of averages) says that you had some really great season based partly on skill and partly on chance but that chance component is more and more likely to disappear as time goes on.
  5. I'll take this opportunity to plug Total War: Shogun 2. Has anyone here played Nuclear Dawn or Torchlight 2? My friend's been telling me get at least of them. Also, if you can somehow set up a PayPal transaction, I'll buy that copy of Revelations off you Surfer.
  6. I've recently-ish been recommended Hanasaku Iroha, Ho. 6, Haibane Renmei, and Sword Art Online. Anyone have any input on these that I might not have already gleaned from rooting around online for some reviews and review aggregates?
  7. I'm still in shock that the Kings won the Stanley Cup.. Damned stereotypical, band-wagoning LA "fans" don't seem to be though.
  8. Having rediscovered the existence of anime now that school's over, I seem to have become engrossed with Polar Bear Cafe. It's so damn clever and yet insanely cute/charming at the same time. Plus, that opening song is just so... catchy. On a different note, Space Brothers, despite it's lame name, is actually a pretty solid anime. Nothing mind blowing or anything, but it does a good job of making its characters seem real and getting you to care about them. Despite the near-future setting, it also has an oddly 60s-ish space exploration earnestness about it (something I've always liked) that's pretty refreshing. I just hope it doesn't go off on some stupid UFO tangent later on...
  9. Forget "practicality", air bending seems to easily be the most fun. Super-speed and flying, plus I'd never have to worry about overheating/air conditioning again since I could just generate my own breeze. Seems like a good deal to me.
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    Saw Prometheus Friday. Visual design was amazing. All the costumes, vehicles, and sets were damn near perfect. Everything else ranged from meh to bleh.
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    If you torrented that, AVP, you deserve to die in a feces filled pit.
  12. The Green Care Bear http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTJBNes-C2Y"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTJBNes-C2Y
  13. Long ass video, but I found it intersting because, well, I love science. Steer clear if you're an awful person you don't. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0rBKyU1vu0"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0rBKyU1vu0
  14. I dunno about all of that Rookie. Sure Wing Chun wasn't "designed for MMA," but then again no martial art really was. As for no MMA fighters really practicing Wing Chun, that's largely because it isn't one of those big-name martial arts in the west. I mean, BJJ is really only so widely practiced by MMA fighters because they're trying to emulate the tremendous success of the Gracies. Wing Chun may not have the raw power of boxing, the brutality of Muay Thai, or the ground work of BJJ, but it's emphasis on speed and the center-line protection would definitely help get Bruce out of some sticky grappling situations. Obviously he won't be remotely immune to take downs, but I think his reputation as a striker is being counted against him more than it should be.
  15. I'll just put my two cents in. The "new tricks" that everyone keeps talking about aren't really "new" at all. BJJ, though rightfully a martial art of its own, derives lots of its stuff from judo (with some misc European and South American influences), something that Bruce Lee would have been familiar with. The only really new aspect would be the giant focus on ground fighting due to the the safety regulations and padded floor really lending themselves to extended ground battles (since, you know, throwing someone onto packed dirt or concrete has a pretty different effect than throwing someone onto a padded arena floor). Bruce Lee was primarily a striker to be sure, but he knew how to handle grapplers to at least some extent. And then there's his blinding speed and incredible strength... Provided you give Bruce some time to get used to the different tactics modern MMA requires, he'd tear just about everyone to shreds.
  16. So tell me, should I start spending $3 a comic again for the New 52 stuff or is it really not worth that much for every tiny step in the story?
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    Huh, that's almost exactly what one of my friends said about it. Weird, considering that I normally don't trust his opinions of entertainment at all. I guess I'll start trying to listen to him again.
  18. On school days, I generally run on about 3 hours of sleep a night so... yeah. Also, I'm with the others and call BS on that film critic for just about everything there.
  19. Sure Transformers and the like are undeniable, blatant cash grabs whose only attraction is expensive special effects, but it's neither representative of the whole industry nor anything new. There are still plenty of quality films coming out with great story, great characterization, and great cinematography. As for saying that Star Wars is the root cause of all the film industry's woes, well that's overstating it. Cash grab movies have been put out practically since the film industry began. Some things have changed here and there (particularly the technological aspects), but really, it's not so different. There were plenty of crappy films back in the 50s too. Also, Avatar is quite possibly one of the most overrated movies that I'm at all aware of.
  20. Keep the archive but delete matches every month or so? I think you misunderstood what Serge was saying. All the old matches currently in the archives will be deleted, but the new ones will still be archived in the sense that they hang around after voting ends since they'll now be directly integrated into the forum. Well, at least that's what I got from the post...
  21. I'd vote for Culwych's suggestion. Although, I think it would be better if filling out a short critique was mandatory for all grades given not just the low ones. I have a feeling that people might start giving better grades just to avoid the effort of writing a review. It's nice to be encouraging, but it doesn't help anyone if the encouragement is for something that's either thoroughly meh or outright bad. When I was still tuned in to what was happening on CBUB outside of the forum, I know that a pretty common complaint was that people would get grades without anyone commenting to provide any kind of critique. There would be lots of complaints somewhere along the lines of "Everyone who commented on the fight loved my match, but the FPA was only 2.3!!!1!" If people were forced to provide criticism when they voted, the amount of self righteous writers' rants and complaints would probably be decreased (or at least given a little more direction). As for seeing how different users voted on your match, I don't think that should really be much of a problem as long as the standards for earning match rating status are sufficiently high. A few petty twerps might still get through, but retaliatory ratings shouldn't be that much of a problem.
  22. I'll participate after AP exams are over. Assuming that this is still going in two months...
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    Alcatraz was not what it was hyped up to be.
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