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  1. I love Ricky and he definitely has some intense training montages, but I'm not sure he has anything thing that compares to having kids run inside a concrete truck or siccing dogs on them.
  2. So as mentioned the Saint works with a pickpocket in The Saint in London. He also picks pockets himself in the book series. There are examples of it in 'The Man Who Was Clever', 'The Gold Standard', and 'The Man From St. Louis'. He also uses similar sleight of hand and distraction techniques to place things like transmitters in the tv series. Do we see Amanda pick pockets in the field or just teach it? Because those are very different circumstances.
  3. It's worth pointing out that primitive is subjective and that a modern state of the art surgery ward would be primitive to both competitors in this match. We also have to acknowledge that the Doc being a hologram isn't going to work on himself the same way and organic life form would. That said The Doctor has worked on his program/Holo-emitter/power source before. To give himself upgrades and to keep them running and he has done so while Voyager was damaged. He has also effected repairs on his mobile emitter a device that is from 500 years in the future of his universe. That's the equivalent of fixing a smart phone in medieval black smiths shop and it's the equivalent of surgery for the Doc.
  4. I feel like Zordon's experience with a multitude of forms of life and harnessing animal spirits is going to work to his benefit here.
  5. Carmen has stollen big things like skyscrapers, islands , geographical features etc and esoteric things like dance steps. It seems like stealing a village holiday is much more her thing then Hunts. If stealing Christmas showed up in Carmen Sandiago media it would not be out of place.
  6. Mystery illness and the like are pretty common in Star Trek and the Doc has discovered and cured a fair number himself. He is also overly attentive and curious to and about those around him. So he is likely to notice something is wrong before others, including possible the person with the cough. It also doesn't hurt that he's got the entire Federation medical database at his disposal.
  7. Even assuming Ron doesn't end up in one of the relatively peaceful areas and there's a decent chance that he does. I will once again point out he is a combat vet, with the arsenal/equipment ( in his spells and broom ) to harm or evade many of the denizens of The Savage Land, experience/training with large animals/monsters and experience with wilderness survival.
  8. Bigger means Ron has more space to hide in and the any population of dinos is less concentrated.
  9. The Savage Land is home to a number of human and humanoid tribes. There are towns, villages, outposts etc and a fair number of themselves are home to fairly peaceable people.
  10. This feels like Falstaff's kinda of world, yeah he has to acclimate to the technology, but he actually has the morals, charisma, charm, and if need martial skill. To not only survive, but possibly carve out a nice little life for himself given time.
  11. How would he do it faster? Both ninjas are super human-ish with modern-ish weapons, why/how would one be faster then the other.
  12. Look up Tangled "Day of The Animals". To see multiple animals working together to rescue Rapunzel. It's also not hard to find pictures of Maximus and Pascal together. You can also look up Fidella, Ruddiger, Hamuel. Who can also be seen with Maximus and each other. I would add pics, but at the moment my phone won't let me.
  13. Remember though the Pearl is important to him. Also Sparrow's whole shtick is unpredictability. This is all assuming that Jack is in command. For much of it's existence Sparrow was not the Captain of the Black Pearl. On top of that if One believes it's a simple smash and grab where the pirates will instantly capitulate. Then either ninja can hop on deck dodge a few musket shots and cap a few pirates in about the same amount of time. Snake-Eyes though has other options, should a direct assault prove I'll advised.
  14. It's not a maybe though Rapunzel has other animal associates that have come to her aid.
  15. It which can mobilize the most impressive army. Maximus was seen to command the other horses used by the guards. He was also made an officer of the guard. So he would be able to bring a small armies worth of horses with him. Rapunzel also gained a handful of other animal friends over the course of the Tangled series and had Pascal from the beginning. I'm don't recall if Megara had any animal associates outside of Pegasus.
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