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  1. Gotta disagree with that. Frank is far more hardcore than Batman and he has the advantage of earning his strength by not being a rich playboy. He's just as smart and fast as Batman and is probably physically stronger than Bats, plus Frank isn't afraid to kill or take criminal hostages.
  2. Isn't the point of Knights of the old republic this battle?
  3. In the mini-series Underworld Unleashed, the Trickster remarks, "When super-villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories." And tell Frank Castle(Who killed the entire Marvel Roster) or Bruce Wayne that a normal person is no match for a superhuman. The Batman is the guy that Superman believes can kill him if he should ever go rogue and three little girls (Super powers or no) would be no problem for the Joker. You are forgetting that among the PPG they usually face villains who are really up front about what they do and have almost no degree of subtlety about what they do. They simply would not be prepared for what the Joker would unleash on Townsville. Have you seen the Dark Knight? The Joker held Gotham City hostage and that was against a relatively competent government. There is NO WAY that the Mayor and the Townsville police force would have a chance at anything that The Joker would be able to put together which would likely involve freeing all the criminals in town or as a previous poster pointed out something else horrible like say Titan Monsters running loose. Imagine Him or Fuzzy Lumpkins or the Rowdy Ruff Boys being loaded up with Titan.
  4. You people are way too impressed with Super Abilities and you greatly underestimate the power of intelligence and determination. As for the Joker... Well there is a quote that when villains want to scare each other they tell Joker Stories.
  5. Funny... seems like someone already did this match awhile back... I forget who...
  6. Better Idea for this fight, Wet T-Shirt Contest.
  7. Are you kidding Me? Buffy by herself could beat lestat if he had the Power cosmic.
  8. Nice reference to Susan Eisenberg.
  9. Well said, plus Jacen has experience in fighting an entire race of psychotically religious people who are not connected (and thus not affected by) to the force. Starkiller has no such experience... as far as we know at any rate.
  10. Seems like there was something on ine of them new fangled devices... whatcha callit? A Videogame!
  11. Yeah there was that as well, but he was mostly concerned for Ben.
  12. Actually, Luke COULD have killed him but then he knew that if he had, then his son Ben would have fallen to the Dark side of the force.
  13. Okay, here's the thing. Starkiller (and apparently his clone) have been trained from a very young age to use the force in as powerful a way as possible, further He is quite gifted in the use of the force and is a natural at lightsaber combat. Here's the thing. So is Jacen Solo. Jacen can fully duplicate everything that Starkiller is capable of but unlike Starkiller, Jacen is a master at subtle uses of the force not to mention that (as legend X pointed out) he has the Skywalker bloodline in him so anything new that Starkiller pulls on him Jacen will almost instantly be able to duplicate and use in a better fashion than Starkiller... That being said it is a VERY close fight.
  14. By dropping something much larger and heavier on him?
  15. Do you people even try anymore?
  16. For the record the Addamses would find both places lovely vacation spots.
  17. This is why it's a bad idea to have more than one version of the same character listed. Why have 10 different versions of Superman when you can write in the set-up which version of the character is fighting.
  18. Actually at the time Qui-gon Jinn was considered to be the greatest swordsman in the jedi order. Kit Fisto is a more balanced type of Jedi and Ki-Adi Mundi is a negotiator. Neither of them really have a chance against Maul and while together they are good sport, ultimately Maul will decimate them.
  19. Barrett would probably have said something more to the tune of: "#@&! I don't trust Em." and "$#%* Well lets do this then." As for the Match itself I think that Yuffie and Psylocke would get whatever they're looking for first and get back. Even if Yuffie is a bit of a goofball when it comes to theft she knows what she's doing and with Psylocke watching their backs they have litttle to fear... Although I admit I am tempted to vote for Rogue and Tifa... Boobs.
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