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  1. Thanks. I'll look into it. Do you know exactly when, these maybe my last two fights on this sight then.
  2. It was any other day in the Tri-State Area. Dr. Doofenshmirtz was still thinking of a plan to take over the Tri-State Area. All of his plans were thrawted by a certain platypus. He was too busy concentrating that he had no idea that someone else whom had lost to a certain blue Hedgehog was also visiting the area. Outside near the harbor, Dr. Eggman had just landed with his two robot servents "Dr" one of the robots known as Bocoe spoke "We've arrived in this Tri-State Area." "Excellent" Dr. Eggman said "I shall start my new Eggman Empire here." "Dr..." Decoe spoke "There seems to be someone else interested in the area as well." "What is his name?" Dr. Eggman asked. Decoe answers "Well, doctor, he calls himself Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz." Dr. Eggman views the other scientist's profile "I see...Even if he isn't worth the competition, I think I'll settle this myself. "Right away" the robot replied. A few minutes later Dr. Eggman in his Hovercraft approached a certain building. An evil jingle is heard "Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!" Dr. Eggman paused as if he heard the jingle scartching his head muttering "Perhaps I shouldn't be asking him for a partnership if this is going to be contiously heard..." Despite this, Dr. Eggman knocks on the door and Doofenshmirtz answers "Perry the Platypus I assume, come in!" Dr. Eggman opens the door and Doofenshmirtz was expecting someone else as he seen the hovercraft "Oh, you aren't Perry the Platypus...Uh but you do look familar...Hmm, You know you're head looks like an egg anyone tells you that?" "I have heard that from someone else...You fool" Dr. Eggman announced "I am the great, Dr. Eggman. The most smartest Scientific Genius in the world. I've merely came here to ask of your assistance." Dr. Doofenshmirtz hears this "Oh, so that's why you look familar, wait a second, YOUR THE DR. EGGMAN? I've been a fan of you all my life sense I was a child but uh, what sort of assistance?" Dr. Eggman answers "I've come to conquer the Tri-State Area in order to start my new land, Eggmand Empire I've heard that you've been wanting to conquer this area too." "Of course!" Dr. Doofenshmirtz said "But you know there can only be one ruler..." "I was expecting us to be rulers together" Eggman explained. "Oh, now that's different...Okay, we can do that...Just so you know I'll be the one in charge and you can be my Vice President." Dr. Eggman eyes the doctor "That is where we disagree, you see, I'm the one that will be in charge of everything including above you...And you will be my second-in-Command." "Yes, we have a disagreement there" Dr. Doofenshmirtz said "But we need to settle this right now." Dr. Eggman eyes him "I was thinking the same thing, a fight till one is knocked out." "It's a deal!" Doofenshmirtz said accepting the challenge thinking After all you won't stand a chance against my Deathrayintiator. Eggman is also grinning thinking It shall be my finest moment knocking you out, especially when I have two Chaos Emeralds...And...my Death Egg Robo!" Dr. Doofenshmirtz gets ready to get his newest invention unknowingly that Dr. Eggman had already summoned and was about to go into the Death Egg Robo. Dr. Doofenshmirtz comes back with the ray "Alright Dr. Eggman we can..." He eyes the Death Egg Robo "Uh, what is that?" Dr. Eggman laughs getting into the robot to control it "My finest invention, the Death Egg Robo! Prepare to know defeat!" Dr. Doofenshmirtz eyes him "It is so on mr. I love robots man." The two prepare to fight. Okay, this fight has been bugging me, so please help me settle this matter, which of our favorite Scientists win a match to the knock out. Dr. Eggman only has his Death Egg Robo, and two Chaos Emeralds. Dr. Doofenshmirtz has all of his inventions and the new one that was named by his thoughts. So who wins to become the true ruler of Eggman's Future Empire?
  3. It was a big day in Ponyville, every pony and creature was present at the starting line. Ever sense Equestria had Mobian vistors, things were always exciting. Now one thing was going to prove who was the fastest creature in Equestria. That's right, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Rainbow Dash were going to race against each other. Everyone was excited. Princess Celestia strolls up annoucing the event "Attention everypony and creature, the first ever Equestrian/Mobian Race is about to begin! Will all contestants approach the starting line in the order I announce them! First the challenger, the fastest hedgehog in the galaxy, he love to eat these Chili Dogs, and thrawts Eggman on a regular baises-" There was a loud "BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" coming from Dr. Eggman whom was also watching the race. Tails, and Knuckles all shouted "Go Sonic!" Amy Rose shouts "Come on Sonic! Show your opponent whose really the fastest thing alive!" Sonic approaches the starting line stretching and getting ready "Alright I'm ready." Princess Celestia debated to have Dr. Eggman arrested right then and there or just let him watch the race. She settled for allowing him to watch the race then turns "And representing Equestria, the one Pegasus Pony whom claims to be the fastest pony of all Equestria...The Weather Manager of Ponyville, Rainbow Dash!" Rainbow Dash dives down from the sky landing perfectly, stretched herself then approached the starting line amogst her cheering friends "Thank you everypony, I'll show this Hedgehog whose the fastest." Sonic gives her a thumbs up as if telling her good luck. She gives him a thumbs up back with one of her wings. Princess Celestia spoke "The race starts in Canterlot, threw Ponyville, threw the Everfree Forest, threw the Crystal Empire and then finishes back in Canterlot. The rules are simple, Rainbow Dash may fly but she can't unleash a Sonic Rainboom, as for Sonic, while you may use your Spin Dash, you can't use a Chaos Emerald or Power Ring to increase his speed. You may not hurt or injure your opponent in anyway." "Got it!" Both Rainbow Dash and Sonic shouted. Princess Celestia gives out the single, "ON, YOUR MARKS! GET SET! GO!" With this both Sonic and Rainbow Dash begin their race. Who wins? Sonic and Rainbow Dash can't use any items to enhance their speed as Celestia explained. This match up is strickly a race based material, so try to think on whom is faster then the other without any enhancing, Rainbow Dash can fly and Sonic can use his Spin Dash. So which of our two contestants wins in a race based off speed?
  4. Please note that this match takes place days after my last match up which was the Changelings vs. the Zerg Swarm. Which by the way the Zergs did manage to defeat the Changelings 7-4 was the final vote. So the match continues on. It was a disaster for Queen Chrysalis. She was certain her forces would crush these invaders but they had never managed to defeat the invaders whom swarmed over her Changeling Army without any chance of fighting back. With her forces being bitten in the front by Zerg Zergling, huge snakelike creatures known as Hydralisk backed up the Zergling with their acidic spines. To make matters worse, Zerg Mutalisk and Guardians bombarded her forces from afar. Well the Guardians did but the Mutalisk prety much attacked from the sky as well. She doesn't see the Zerg's leader till it's too late. She feels sharp blades peirce her flesh, she turns to see the attacker but couldn't until the attacker uncloaks herself "Who are you?" Queen Chrysalis asked. Kerrigan answers "The name is Sarah Kerrigan, also known as the Queen of Blades." She stabs Chrysalis whom is on the ground bleeding from the stabs before grinning "And I'm the leader of the Zerg Swarm. Prepare to die." Queen Chrysalis may have been bold and eager to take on Princess Celestia and win but this new alien leader she was paronid and spoke "Please spare my life, I surrender! You may have every single Changeling I command. Spare my life!" Kerrigan eyes Chrysalis as she prepares herself for the kill "I normally don't accept surrender from anyone that leads an army against me. But you maybe of some use to me." "W-W-W-What can I do?" Chrysalis asked. Kerrigan answers "I'm going to keep you alive providing you show me around. My forces will overrun the planet within days now that we've won our little skirmish." Chrysalis eyes Kerrigan "What do you need my help for if you will overrun Equestria within days?" Kerrigan once more answers " I want to know who is in charge of this planet and where can I find them?" Chrysalis shakes her head but answers "The leaders of Equestria are two Princesses, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Both are sisters. Princess Luna maybe on the moon but for Celestia...She's in Canterlot." Kerrigan smiles "See? You are already providing use to me. Anyway now I'll spare the rest of your forces. But you must join us." "We will' Chrysalis told her. Kerrigan turns towards her soldiers ordering them to stop which they did. Then she eyes Chrysalis "We march upon Canterlot right away." Chrysalis only nods her head and leads the way to Canterlot with Kerrigan smiling ordering her troops "Besides our Changeling Allies, Zergs, I give you this message, kill anyone that dares to stop you, every man, woman, and child. It's time 'Equestria' knows how their new soon to be ruler rules over them if they try to stand up against us." The Zerg Swarm lets out an enourmace amount of roars. One day later, the Zergs and Changelings approach Canterlot. Queen Chrysalis had to laugh at this because the barrier wasn't up "This would be too easy to try to invade Canterlot again." "Why do you say that?" Kerrigan asked. Queen Chrysalis answers "Because they have no barrier. Nothing to protect them from another attack from my forces." "Sounds good to me" Kerrigan spoke she turns to the Changelings and Zerg Swarm "Destroy and kill everything you come upon!" The Zergs and Changelings go on forfilling Kerrigan's order. Queen Chrysalis turns to join the Changelings and the Zergs but Kerrigan stops her "Oh-no you don't. While the Princesses's guards deal with our army, we'll be taking them by surprise." Queen Chrysalis nods following Kerrigan. Inside the castle both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna whom was visiting that day heard ponies screaming for their lives. The Guards all ran out to fight what appeared to be at first Changelings attacking only to be over run by the Zergs. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna waste no time knowing that Canterlot was under siege and race to help the guards but are confronted by Queen Chrysalis. "Chrysalis!" Princess Celestia spoke "What are you doing here?" Chrysalis answers evilly " I've come to settle our despute. Now my force shall be taking over Equestria, all I've got to do is get rid of you." "AND ME!" Princess Luna shouted. "Give it up Chrysalis" Princess Celestia warned "You caught me off guard last time because I underestimated your power. But now with my sister at my side, we shall be the ones to kill you." Before the three could fight a powerful storm of psychic energy strikes the area. The two Princesses manage to get out of the way and Chrysalis grins as Kerrigan makes herself visible "Oh, I lied, Sarah Kerrigan here will be Equestria's new ruler. I'm just helping her." Kerrigan eyes both Princesses "Hmm, Winged unicorns...Not the exact opposition leaders I was expecting but...Regardless, Queen Chrysalis you and I will deal with these two Princesses. Then Equestria will belong to the Zergs." Both Kerrigan and Queen Chrysalis prepare to face off against Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Can the two Princesses over come Kerrigan and Chrysalis. You're votes decide the fate of Equestria. Also important to know these factors, this version of Sarah Kerrigan is the one in the first Starcraft, which means she has the cloaking ability or to become invisible for a specific amount of time and the Psyonic Storm (Which I misspelled probably) which Kerrigan used as a warning shot. Queen Chrysalis still has Shining Armor's love for Cadence inside her. Both Princess Luna and Princess Celestia are prepared to fight to the death to defend Canterlot.
  5. Thanks for the reply! I've been wondering when the Changelings would be added here and when I saw them I had to pit them up against something so why not the Zergs? If the Changelings attack first and quickly they may acchieve early success but the Zerg are known to gain their forces up in no time and usually use overwhelming numbers on their foes. But question is will the Zergs strategy work?
  6. War of the Insects! The Changeling Queen had been beaten. Her forces which had beenscattered around Equestria due to the Shining Armor and Cadence's Love which sent them flying sky high repealing them from Canterlot now were united once more. Now the Changelings were back to square one. The Changeling Queen like all villains hated defeat especially when she was SO CLOSE in conquering Equestria. "We'll" the Changeling Queen muttered "At least it couldn't get any worse." She would be proven wrong for deep in space a very threatening force was approaching it. Just like the Changelings they too were mostly insects. Make that alien insects. Their leader was the most bezar creature in the world. She appeared human but with some trace of insect parts on her. Plus she had a lot of blades on her hands. Her name was Sarah Kerrigan now known as the Queen of Blades. A Zerg Scout appears to her explaining the situation. Kerrigan grins "Interesting...A peaceful planet that should be easy to conquer especially sense they don't know the meaning of war." Once the Zerg were in invasion range Kerrigan gives the order "Commence the Invasion!" The Zerg waste no time landing on Equestria but the Changelings notice this. The Changeling Queen knew of a threat when she saw one. She wasn't going to let these aliens land and succeed where she had failed. She gathers her Changelings together preparing for a war unaware Kerrigan had been watching from afar. Kerrigan herself now knew that these other insects would be taken down first it was the question who struck first? The Queen of Blades grins wickedly as if daring the Changelings to strike first. *Which of these two forces win the confrontation? The Zergs have no knowledge of the Changeling's Abilities and the Changelings don't know all of the Zerg Swarm's abilities as well. Also if this match will come down to the leaders of the forces, you may take that into consideration as well. You're votes decide.
  7. Jake's POV It was like any other day on a Friday afternoon. My friends and I were doing homework in Cassie's barn trying to figure out our next move. The Yeerks were overpowering us Animorphs battle after battle. We had tried on some attempts to rescue people from the Yeerk Pool. Witho our numbers we were just lucky to get out of the area alive. We were just trying to plan ahead when he appeared. He was a human docked in specialized armor and a machine gun. With him was an army of marines. Only different then modern day marines. They were more like marines designed for space battles. "Hello you kids" The man spoke "My name is Jim Raynor. And these are my forces. We are here to help out with your Yeerk problem." "How so?" Marco asked. Jim Raynor answers "My buddies and I have fought more dangerous enemies the Zerg. The Zergs are far more worse then the Yeerks. If we can take on the Zerg, we can easily defeat the Yeerks." "You'll fight the Yeerks?" Rachel my cousin asked "Then what do we do? Jim Raynor answers "You can also fight the Yeerks but in battles that are needed outside of the main area. Besides we need to find out where the location of the Yeerk Pool is." "We can help you with that" Cassie agreed. Jim Raynor completes his explanations "You find the entrance, give it's location to me, and then leave everything to me and my forces." I look at Ax who was in his human form and then looks at me "Prince Jake...It maybe the only time a human like Mr. Raynor here is willing to help us." I give him a nod "Understood...Okay Jim Raynor, we'll help you." A couple of hours later and we do find the coordinates to the Yeerk Pool and give them to Jim Raynor. We watch as Jim Raynor and his forces start to engage the Yeerks hoping he would rescue the humans in there and fight against the Yeerks. We also saw Visser Three guarding the Yeerk Pool now knowing that Jim Raynor was going to have a fight with the most dangerous Yeerk that was here. Who wins? Jim Raynor is in his Starcraft Marine outfit and has brought with him a good sized army to engage the Yeerks. Visser Three has all his morphs in the Animorph Series and is leading the Yeerks against Jim Raynor's forces. It will come down to one-on-one Jim Raynor Vs. Visser Three. Who wins?
  8. Hello everyone! I have watched Deadliest Warrior on Youtube and this scenario is nearly like Deadliest Warrior scenario, one that I have been thinking of. On one corner we have Raven from the Teen Titans going up against the evil Ganondorf. Both have dark magic at their disposal but who would come out victorious in a battle of the death. Their are X-factors one must think of while deciding the victor of the match one is, Who's Dark Magic is stronger. Both of these two have a lot of dark magic but which one has the edge on the other. The second X-factor is who has the edge in close combat. Mostly, can Ganondorf's Sword penetrate Raven's Dark Magical defenses? The third X-factor one must think on are the two special abilites/transformations. More exactly can all of Raven's personalities overcome Ganondorf's powerful beast transformation and the Triforce of Power? And a fouth X-factor one needs to think of is one's emotions. We all know Raven must contain her emotions will it play a key role in the battle? The X-factors are all set and now it's up to you all to decide which of these two Dark Spellcasters is the deadliest. Please think carefully before voting.
  9. Sorry my bad! Anyway Transformers Prime Shockwave doesn't appear to use a sword. Although he was good enough in hand to hand combat against Bulkhead and Wheeljack. Heck even knocked them out with one blast.
  10. This match takes place shortly after Darkmount's destruction by the Autobots and the USA's Air Force in Transformers Prime. Darkmount and it's Fusion Cannons had been destroyed. No sooner had Shockwave ordered Soundwave to bring him a Ground Bridge, the Decepticon was deep in planning. His Predacon had been frozen in the Arctic and he knew that Megatron was furious at this battle's lost. For once the Cons had almost won their battle against the Autobots, but Optimus Prime's newest form easily overpowered Megatron and stopped the Decepticon's evil plan. "I must make sure I gain a powerful ally for the Cons" Shockwave admitted "With this recent loss we'll need a powerful revenge plan and I bet I know the one that will be quite of interest to our cause." Shockwave orders Soundwave to Ground Bridge him into the Digital World "So this is the Digital World...Now to find the biggest robot monster in this world...MachineDramon." Shockwave wouldn't have to look for MachineDramon for long, for the giant mechanical dragon Digimon found him first. Shockwave wasn't one to understand emotion or show it. For once he just froze at the sight of MachineDramon. It was truly big. Bigger then even Megatron. Shockwave had also noticed the sight of MachineDramon huge cannon. "Who dares trespass in my domain?" MachineDramon asked. Shockwave bows to the giant Dark Master "My name is Shockwave, and I serve the Decepticons mainly our leader Lord Megatron, I've come to ask you for assistance." "What assistance do you need?" MachineDramon asked. Shockwave answers "Lord Megatron would like the Autobots to be destroyed. And I want to surprise him. May I ask you for your assistance?" "And what do I have to gain?" MachineDramon asked. Once more Shockwave Answers slyly "You would've earned your spot on the Decepticon cause and...In return Lord Megatron will help you locate and destroy the Digidesten." MachineDramon gives out a good but evil laugh "Sounds possible Shockwave and good reasoning." Shockwave lowers his guard down "So you'll help?" He is only able to see MachineDramon's cannons leveling at him with MachineDramon speaking "Giga Cannon!" Shockwave barely had time to avoid the Giga Cannon attack but he manages to do so "What was that for?" MachineDramon laughs "I have no time to ally myself to weaklings! You must prove to me that my decision to HELP your cause is logical." "By hat means?" Shockwave asked. MachineDramon answers "By facing me in battle for one hour. If you can survive my relentless pursuits for that long, I'll join your cause...But if you don't...You'll be scrap metal." MachineDramon eyes Shockwave giving Shockwave little time to call for help and even if he did call Soundwave to Ground Bridge him out he found out that something was jamming the Ground Bridge and his communications. Most likely it was MachineDramon's own forces. Shockwave sighs "Very well MachineDramon. I accept the challenge. So this match is a bit different. For Shockwave to win against MachineDramon he has to hold his own against MachineDramon for 1 hour. For MachineDramon to win on the other hand, MachineDramon must destroy Shockwave in one hour or knock Shockwave out. So...Who wins? Can the Decepticon Shockwave prove his might against MachineDramon? Or will MachineDramon turn him into scrap? You're votes decide. Also as stated this form of Shockwave is from Transformers Prime, and has all his skills, and abilities shown in the show.
  11. Zen-Aku is wandering around in a city. He had heard of a new threat to evil. The Samurai Rangers. Grabbing his sword and turning his Wild Zords back to their Dark Wild Zords formation he had made his way into the city where the Samurai Rangers protected. Not normally a mercenary for evil, Zen-Aku decided to try to test their might. As he wandered into the city he overheard three beings talking. Zen-Aku walked into the area to see two humaniod monster figure talking to a third. "You say you can fix Urumasa?" the Skeleton figure asked the third figure. "Don't trust Serrator, Deker" the female humanoid spoke. "I can fix Urumasa" the third spoke in a wise but dealing tone "After all I was the one that created it." Deker looks at Serrator whom spoke "This sort of things take time Deker, I promise if you serve me for a while I will repair Urumasa and Dayu's harmonium." It is then the three beings noticed Zen-Aku. "Who are you?" Deker asked. Zen-Aku introduced himself "Greetings, the name is Zen-Aku and I've came to deal with the Samurai Rangers." Serrator looks at Zen-Aku "It's not my place to say this, but why would you want to face off against the Samurai Rangers?" Zen-Aku answers leveling his sword "I've heard of many Nighloks failing to defeat the Samurai Rangers. The sounds of these failures have naturally gained my attention. I myself faced off against a different group of Power Rangers...The Wild Force Rangers even beating them a few times. Let me deal with the Samurai Rangers." Serrator agrees "Very well, Deker, Dayu and I do have things to discuss but if you want Zen-Aku, I'll allow it." Zen-Aku bows to Serrator "Consider the Rangers done for." Zen-Aku walks off trying to figure out how to drive the Samurai Rangers out. Well he wouldn't have to for Serrator had secretly sent Moogers to help drive out the Samurai Power Rangers. Minutes later all six Samurai Rangers arrive to combat the Moogers. They easily defeat the Moogers slicing them all down with their Spin Swords. While this was going on Zen-Aku announces he is there by playing his flute. "Hey?" Antonio the Gold Samurai Ranger asked "What's that sound?" "It sounds mystical" Kevin the Blue Samurai Ranger said. Jayden the Red Samurai Ranger listens closely and turns around "Guys! Behind us!" All six Samurai Rangers turn to see Zen-Aku. "Boy" Mike, the Green Samurai Ranger spoke "Which Nighlok is that?" "I don't think he is a Nighlok" Jayden spoke "But still I sense his evil." Zen-Aku stops playing his flute, then looks at the Samurai Rangers and it certainly started Mia the Pink Samurai Ranger "No kidding! I can sense his bloodlust." "So can I" Emily the Yellow Samurai Ranger spoke. "Who are you stranger?" Jayden asked. Zen-Aku answers "I am the feared Zen-Aku. I have travelled the world listening to the Nighloks's failures." "Are you an ally to them?" Antonio asked. Zen-Aku answers once more "No, I'm merely here to see if you are truly that good as the Nighloks say you are. I did meet this Serrator and I did promise him to destroy you." "You're the one that's going to be destroyed" Jayden told Zen-Aku. "Yeah you creep!" Mike told Zen-Aku "Evil will always fall." "We shall see" Zen-Aku said. All Six Samurai Rangers watch Zen-Aku whom watches them closely. They both waited for an opening for this battle. Only one side would win this confrontation. *Who wins? This fight will go into two rounds. The first round will be the Samurai Rangers fighting Zen-Aku then if they haven't killed Zen-Aku or he proves too much for him they can form the Claw Armor Megazord. Zen-Aku has access to his Dark Wild Zords to form the Dark Predazord. Which side wins?
  12. This match takes place during the Megazord vs. Dreadwing On board the Decepticon's Warship, Knockout and Finister were working on a little bit of a growth potion. One thing bothered Knockout. "Finster is it?" Knockout asked. "Yes, that's my name" Finster spoke. "If you say your Empress Rita has a Magical Wand that grows someone, why is she asking us to work on this?" Knockout asked. Finster pauses then answers "That wand of hers grows anyone to gigantic height...Now it maybe not a big deal to you but I guess the Empress wants Tommy to handle the Autobots their size. Now I know she's planning designing a new Zord for him but that will be the same problem." "I see, a fair fight" Knockout said "So do you really think this evil Green Ranger of hers has what it takes to destroy the Autobots?" Finster seems to smile "I have faith in the Empress. This is why it's the Green Ranger's first test." "I see" Knockout said. Couple of minutes later the two manage to complete the potion and give it to the Green Ranger whom takes it and is now the size of Knockout. Megatron walks in "I see the little experiment had worked." He turns to the Green Ranger "Rita has her hopes up for you. As I said I'll watch over you but on board this ship, now Green Ranger, I have already sent my forces to deal with the Autobots. Now go and destroy the Autobots." "Consider that done" the Green Ranger spoke. He then teleported out of the ship and soon joins the Decepticon Forces. The Autobots were still fighting against the Decepticon and it appeared the Autobots were gaining the upper hand. Before the Autobots could react the Green Ranger jabs his sword into the ground and sends an eletrical current towards the Autobots which sends the Autobots onto their backs shocked but not too seriously injured. The Green Ranger meant it to be a welcome attack from him and that was the reason why he managed to make sure it wasn't that seriously damaging to the Autobots. The Autobots turn to see whom had blasted them and see a human. "Uh Ratchet" Bulkhead spoke in his comlink "Are you seeing what I'm seeing." "I am, and I don't believe my eyes, a Power Ranger" Ratchet "But I always thought the Power Rangers were good." "Good evening Autobrats" Tommy the Green Ranger said drawing the Sword of Darkness "And welcome to your end! Rita has sent me to exterminate you." He gathers in a green energy orb and fires it at Bumblebee whom takes it and falls onto the ground, he was still alive but the attack sent him off guard. Tommy quickly begins to attack the other Autobots and thanks to his surprise attack earlier and their tenancy to not harm humans he was able to beat them all backwards. "I don't get it" Smokescreen spoke "How is a human working for evil?" Optimus Prime sees the answer "He's under a spell of somesort...That would be the only logical explanation for this." Tommy speaks to the Autobots "Are you all just going to stand their letting me destroy you one-by-one or will you provide a proper challenge?" The Autobots get up looking confused but Optimus's decision was what got them to obey "I have no idea what the spell on you is and how we can break it but we need these keys...Autobots try to last long enough to escape. Ratchet we'll need you-" "Prime we have a problem!" Ratchet spoke. "What is it?" Optimus asked but Ratchet's only response was "Soundwave somehow has sent a virus to our Ground Bridge system...I'll need to get Rath then together he and I can override the system...It'll take some time." "How much time?" Optimus asked. "About 4 hours" Ratchet replied. The Autobots were trapped and Optimus turns to his fellow Autobots "Autobots...We have no choice, we need to survive for 2 hours against this Green Ranger. Use weapons for defense only...Or until I find out what is making the Green Ranger evil." The Autobots prepare to fight against the Green Ranger but are wary of hurting another being especially when the being was under a spell without even knowing it. Which team wins? The Autobots win If they survive for 2 hours against the Green Ranger or if Optimus Prime can find out what is the source of the spell that's on the Green Ranger then destroy that source. Remember though the Autobots are wary of hurting the Green Ranger because he's under a spell. Also please remember that the Autobots are from the Transformers Prime series season 2 and are as follows; Optimus Prime, Arcee, Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Smokescreen. Tommy wins if he destroys at least one of the Autobots before Ratchet gets the virus out of their Ground Bridge system. Also please remember that Tommy is the size of the Autobots.
  13. It was a strange case for the Decepticon Leader Megatron. He would've never expected a human to be living on the Moon with a bunch of strange alien forces. The leader of this introduced herself as the Empress of Evil Rita Repulsa. Right now she and her forces were meeting with the Deceptcon Leader. "Why have you summoned us here?" Megatron demanded to Rita. Rita responds "I've asked you all to come here Lord Megatron for your assistants." "What assistance can the Decepticons give you?" Megatron asked her. Rita answers "There is only one force that is keeping me away from conquering the Earth-" "Those cursive Autobots?" Megatron demanded. "I was aware of those" Rita admitted "But I'm talking about a bunch of goodie two shoes known as the Power Rangers. I have came up with plan after plan and every monster I sent failed me. So I'm asking you for your hand in destroying those Power Rangers." "And if I do agree to send one of my men to destroy these Power Rangers" Megatron demanded "Where would that get me?" Rita answers "We'll share the Earth between us, if you send one of your men to destroy the Power Rangers, then I'll send my evil Green Ranger to destroy the Autobots." Megatron looks at her "You'll send a human to destroy the Autobots?" Rita nods as the Green Ranger appears "Indeed Lord Megatron, meet my Evil Green Ranger. I believe he has the strength to defeat the Power Rangers!" "Then why don't you send him?" Megatron asked. Rita asked "I'd like to test his strength against your Autobot foes. I know Autobots won't even harm a human." "Fine" Megatron agrees to the task, "I'll allow you to help and I'll send one of my best henchmen to destroy the Rangers...For your sake I'll be guiding this evil Green Ranger you speak of against the Autobots then we'll share the Earth." "Then it's agreed" Rita says shaking Megatron's mechanical hand "Oh I almost forgot Finster get your little butt in here!" Finster appears "Yes, My Queen! What is it that you want?" Rita answers "I want you to go with Lord Megatron." "What for my Queen?" Finster asked. Rita responds "I want you with Knockout to make a little bit of a growth potion for my Evil Green Ranger, that way he's the size of these Autobots." "Right my queen!" Finster said "I'll prepare to leave right away!" Finster and The Green Ranger goes off with Megatron whom is speaking to Dreadwing "Did you hear what Rita Repusla has asked me?" "Yes, Lord Megatron" Dreadwing responded "And who are you going to send?" Megatron doesn't need to think on this "Someone amongst us that will absolutely not fail me, I could send Soundwave but I need him for monitoring for the relics the Autobots are looking for. Knockout I need him to work with this Finster fleshling. So Dreadwing, I'm sending you to destroy these Power Rangers. If Rita has told me the right coordinates they are in this Angel Grove California...Destroy these annoyances Rita has. She has also told me she'll supply you with her men those clay creatures to help you drive the Rangers out." "Consider it done, Lord Megatron!" Dreadwing speaks transforming. 10 minutes later Dreadwing appears in Angel Grove with putties at his side. Zordon and Alpha Five immediately contact the Power Rangers whom get right to work. After morphing the Rangers easily handle the putties, but have a difficult time against Dreadwing. That was until they blasted him with their Power Blaster. Injuring the Decepticon badly. Seeing Dreadwing so close, Rita growls from the Moon "So you Rangers think you have won? Well we'll see about that, Magic Wand, make this Decepticon Grow!" She throws her wand as she had done to her many other monsters. The wand travels to the Earth hitting the ground and unleashes it's magic causing gas to come up from the crack it had made. It also made Dreadwing grow as if he were one of Rita's monsters. Jason the Red Ranger sees this "Oh-man, if he wasn't hard enough before!" Dreadwing looks at the Rangers "It seems Rita has something that you Rangers, don't" he takes aim with his blaster "Time for your destruction!" He fires at the Rangers whom take the blast only to get up even when sparks had flown to them. They raise their hands to the sky "We need Dinozord Power now!" One by one the Dinozords appear, the Tyrannosaurus first followed by the Mastodon, which was then followed by the Triceratops, which was then followed by the Saber-Tooth Tiger and then it was followed by the Pterodactyl. The Rangers board their Zords and quickly form the Megazord. "Megazord activated" The Megazord's computer spoke as it formed. "So, they really do have something that matches our ally" Dreadwing spoke "But your only a robot just like the Autobots, my specialty." Both Dreadwing and the Megazord square off against each other. Who wins? Will Dreadwing's destructive weapons be enough for the Megazord? Or will the Megazord prevail. Also note that this is before Green with Evil so the Rangers do not have the Dragonzord or their Carrier Zord.
  14. Which is why I placed her in the match against Darkseid. She's a ot more powerful then people are thinking about her. Then again Darkseid has taken on the Man of Steel multiple times and even fought Doomsday which he lost to Doomsday.
  15. Darkseid has returned to Earth and is awaiting for his attack on earth. Parademons were all gathered around waiting for his orders. This was going to be Earth's darkest hour. Finally Darkseid orders the attack to begins. Many Parademons begin to attack Earth in all of countries. As expected, Darkseid watches as the Justice League responds to the attacks sending it's members alongside Lex Luthor's allies to stop the Parademons. The only other country they haven't responded towards was Japan, however to his eyes the Sailor Senshi were responding to the attack. These girls he noted was impressive as they were doing quite well against his armies. Now the first five, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Mercury were weaker then the other four, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto and the one that caught his eye was the one docked in a purple skirt and a grim reaper like Glaive. This one he noted from previous other villains whom lost to this one mus've been Sailor Saturn. The Sailor Senshi of Death, Destruction and Rebirth. He bashes his fists together as Sailor Saturn slashes the parademons down with no remorse. He then makes his move beaming himself down onto the planet startling Sailor Saturn whom finished off the parademons surrounding her. "Sailor Saturn, I presume" Darkseid spoke. Sailor Saturn looks at her foe and knows from the start he was a threat to Earth and positions her Glaive ready to do battle with the foe "I am Sailor Saturn, WHO ARE YOU?" "I'm surprised you don't know me Sailor Saturn" Darkseid said getting ready for a fight "I'm Darkseid and I've gotta hand this to you. You're pretty good and powerful so I've came here to battle against you." With this he unleashes his Omega Beam but Sailor Saturn shouts "Silent Wall!" Her attack completely blocks Darkseid's attack even when he tried to get her in the back, the unseen wall blocked his Omega Beams and he stops watching Sailor Saturn. Darkseid looks at Sailor Saturn "Impressive so it appears you can fully protect yourself from my Omega Beams, this just means you might be worth the challenge. So let's begin." Sailor Saturn agrees "You got it, and just to let you know Darkseid, Even if you try to kill me, I won't hold back in killing both of us." The two get ready the uncoming battle and fate of Japan lies in the two combatant's hands. Who wins? Sailor Saturn has all of her moves and if Darkseid has the edge on her will use her powers to make sure she kills herself and him but will it be enough against Darkseid? You're votes decide.
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