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    UWT II

    what up g, you got some good stuff up in here, you keepin it up, that good.
  2. Finally decided to update the story eh... its long overdue...
  3. AKUMA

    UWT II

    The Meteor feat is non canon since it was not taking place in the main continuity of SF. However, Canon or not, the feat is not one to be taken lightly... The Full Extent of the Satsui No Hadou for Akuma aka 'Shin/True Akuma' is for WORTHY opponants only...thats why you don't see the form often in the SF games, comics and animation...and as far as I know, not at all in Cbub Community's resident RP "phenom", UWT series... and lets not get into the various MUGEN Akumas...
  4. AKUMA

    UWT II

    Is that right...
  5. Atleast that's what they thought.....
  6. its alright, i dont want it...heh
  7. Do what you do then... i have no doubt it will be good.
  8. @ Hugo, Every once in a while... I see you guys have done alot with UWT since my absense... and so far im impressed at how its turned out... now you've got a 3rd one commin up eh? @Op, yea, i remember you, however you were absent during my time in the UWT...decided to join up huh? @G4, hows the Artwork comming along...?
  9. Im just visiting to see what most of you are up to these days...then its back to the shadows...ya know...
  10. Ive been keeping track...in one form or another...
  11. One my Favorite moments was the fight between Vin and Scarface Predator from UWT1 very entertaining.
  12. @ Skirmisher, is that what you've been thinking this RP was called the whole time...... (don't answer) @everyone else, while "Akuma" is still around, thanks for one hell of a 'year one' here on CBUB, this was my first and sorta only online community ive really been "apart of". (comic vine doesn't count.) ive learned alot of things about comics and stuff from here that i had no idea of before i came here, i had no idea who TLT was or even deadpool for that matter...to be honest, seen some decent debates and been in some decent debates on here and ive learned from them... met some decent people along the way...met some not so decent people... all in all, it was a very interesting experience to spend time in the "geek world" no offense to no one but, it is what it is... and now its time for me to stop pretending to be someone im not.....because its starting to get to me.....which is a bad thing... however on a good note, some of you have inspired me with your creative minds when u put together matches and RPs...so thanks thanks for the experience......now i know.......not to ever do it again.... The day of my return will be as a thief in the night.... SO UNTIL THEN........
  13. i suppose i can answer that. There wont be any future UWT Rps...at least not from me its creator.............unless and if there are, it wont be canon. simple as that. you guys arnt stopped from doing what your doing in nosgorth or the other places, but just name it something else like u were gonna do before. UWT is my name and the concept for the first tournament is mine... thats all i wish to have. UWT2 can be whatever... the whole point of this RP game in the first place was to test out a concept i had for the REAL Universal Warriors Tournament or The Universal Warrior, a story im trying to create myself. the first UWT tournament was just 1 of 3 concepts i had for UWT story the concept for UWT2 was kinda borrowed from another person's concept from a game...then hugo sorta put his own spin on it, which i wanted him to do... so Nobody has the rights to future CANON UWT tournaments except me. if anybody wants to create a tournament BASED of it or something of that nature, go ahead. as far as my canon story is concerned, Vin and Dante defeated akuma and dante returned everybody who survived back home. THE END....
  14. UPDATE Thanks you all for participating in my tournaments and giving it a shot. sure we've had problems but that's alright... Now, i take my leave from CBUB...perhaps permanently Life calls, and CBUB isn't for me. Its beginning to change me......and that's not a good thing...so i must part ways from it. further comments are in Sig...
  15. As someone said earlier, i consider a "buller timer or dodger", someone who can dodge the bullets after they left the gun and are heading for you with whatever speed thier going. whoever can do that, IMO is a "bullet dodger"...
  16. AKUMA

    King Slayer.

    OOC: it would be more like my char to appear outta nowhere and only when it seems appropriate.... so thats how i will enter... that okay..?
  17. AKUMA

    Tainted Blood

    well damn... i might not make it bro... "Death by stone..." *unfazed*
  18. AKUMA

    Tainted Blood

    and we know how well that worked.... @G4, this is IF i join, how long i got...before its final?
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