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  1. We all know Shino's reflexes aren't fast enough to dodge a *vulgarity*ing gun
  2. I got World War Hulk onto this site so you guys should thanks my asss
  3. What the *vulgarity* are you guys talking about. Vegito has no strength feats and his speed feats pale in comparison to the to shit Sentry can do Vegito is *vulgarity*ed
  4. You've been gone awhile

  5. The Imperium wins this with ease. And The Emperor has been fighting Chaos gods all his life. What can palpatine do? Force lightning?
  6. My TOP 5? Well.... 1. Wesley Gibson ( The most badass shooter in film ) 2. Ryu Haibusha ( Sorry if I spelled that wrong. But he's a freaking God in what he does.) 3. Kakashi hatake ( Genius. All I can say =p ) 4. Storm Shadow 5. Snake Eyes
  7. we have a black history month? What about a mexican history month or an asian history month?
  8. Scar enjoys himself a nice American snakc
  9. Pitt has a really good chance at killing the Lickers
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