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  1. UWT2 is by far my fondest memory. I know that some people around here aren't too keen on the UWT name, as there were some issues with it bleeding over to other parts of the site where it annoyed people. But, ask anyone who was a part of it, UWT2 was special. It's the one that began to branch off, inspiring matches and fics, even plenty of inside jokes for the players to enjoy. The players formed strong bonds. As far as anyone involved with it is concerned, it set the bar for CBUB RPS (that is, RPs with established characters). It also spawned a few of it's own original characters - one of whom has her way of popping up in various places (probably a bit obnoxious on my part, but I tend to fall in love with my characters and have trouble letting them go).
  2. I'm all for it. No idea where yet, but this has my full support.
  3. Catwoman at house sitting. Bonus points if it involves dog sitting. Batman at parenting.
  4. Del Rio, in my opinion, is a perfect example of how important charisma is. He's a great wrestler, no doubt, but my God is his boring. I just can't bring myself to care about anything he does.
  5. Aye wish aye may, aye wish aye might, join the third season and not ruin the cadence of this reference.... damn it.
  6. It's sadly fitting that this fight gets put up once the site comes back... With that said.... Here You seriously couldn't go anywhere else for this fight?
  7. We need to keep some slots that aren't straight up fights. While the straight up brawls are the heart of this whole thing, the humor and CSI matches helped to keep things interesting.
  8. I caught a few episodes of Teen Titans Go, because I liked the concept in theory. And while there are some funny moments, and some really good ideas, to me it seems to lack any sense of comedic timing or delivery. Half the good jokes are lost in that, then the rest of the jokes seem to be "Cyborg and Beast Boy are yelling" or "Hey guys! In case you missed it, here's our joke." I feel like it desperately wants to be Adventure Time, but doesn't actually understand what makes Adventure Time funny.
  9. I feel like He-Man should be able to win this, but I can probably be convinced otherwise.
  10. McNinja is likely a better driver, so there's that...
  11. The classic "if you read my post". Man, I hate that. But seriously, I only brought up mind transfer to add to the bit about it being last ditch. Everything else I said was supposed to set up the frame work for my point, and that point was admitting that IF it got to the point where Doom would need that, they'd both be nearly dead so at that point, it wouldn't actually change much. As for talking, the same goes for Dante though. Dante's quick enough to dodge or block incoming attacks, and he mouths off while doing it. Nether of these two will sit back and try and stop the fight while talking. Both will get their words in. I just see Doom getting fed up and wanting to teach Dante respect. But you're right, I don't know Doom that well. Certainly not as well as I know Dante. I've seen some of Doom can do, sure, but not many of his higher showings. Which is why I was originally, and still am mostly, trying to point out Dante's capabilities and argue for him having a chance - even if it's just a slight one, more than trying to go point for point how the battle will play out.
  12. Hwoarang has always been my favorite. Always been a fan of huge explosive kicks, and his story line has always stuck out to me. As for others who stand out, in no particular order, Lee Chaolan, Steve Fox, Eddy Gordo, Law, Ling Xiaoyu, and Christie Monterio.
  13. Alright team! You got to get your selves in gear! We were undefeat. UNDEFEATED! For 5 rounds, FIVE ROUNDS! And what happened? You got cocky, and now we Doctor McNinja - the man who went to the future and defeated sentient Dinosaurs with the help of an army of Paul Bunions - lost to a baby. TO. A. BABY! And now Dante's fighting for his life against Doctor Doom! A battle that he has every chance of winning.... BUT WILL HE? Will he? In the sorry state this teams in, I highly doubt it. McNinja, I'm giving you another chance. One more loss and your on the bench! At this rate I might have to pull Shredder in... SO GET IN GEAR TEAM!
  14. Doppelganger is a seperate entity though, bonded with Dante yes but it's own being completely. Also, thinking about the mind transfer more, in a case like this, it would be a last ditch effort. He doesn't fully know or understand Dante's capabilities, so there's no incentive to start with that. But, the way I figure it, once he gets to that point Dante will be so tired out from this intense battle that a mind transfer may be entirely pointless considering both would be exhausted and capable of winning. As for restraining Dante, I feel it wouldn't happen. Doom is prideful, and Dante is arrogant. And both love to talk. It seems more likely to me that Dante will unknowingly exploit Doom's pride, and he'll want to defeat Dante in straight up combat. Beside all that, this is probably a Doombot, which means he's not as combat capable as the real DOOOOOOOOOOOOM
  15. I said depending on who you ask. Ask me, I say it's about the same, but I have seen claims otherwise. That's also why I put up the videos, to allow for context. Magic equal to and above Sorcerer Supreme puts him at Oh Shit level, no? Since this is an anchor level battle, some of Doom's most powerful feats are going to be omitted. Not that he doesn't have super crazy magics still, and I'm not trying to say he wouldn't be able to beat Dante with his magic, just pointing out that you have to keep in mind the level of magic the category allows. It's possible. With Dante's only semi-possible defense against that being if he has access to and manages to use Doppelganger before Doom does his mind transfer. But, it's also possible that Dante can defeat him before he pulls it off. Which would be made more possible if he's allowed Yamato - but that sword may be outside the power range for the category on its own. All in all, the likely hood of Dante winning depends on the version used, with each one having different strengths and weaknesses. But in any case, he does have at least a puncher's chance at winning.
  16. He is, but he's also a normal human. Plus, Power Rangers tend to battle unmorphed first. And, I'm going under the assumption that Tommy would know who Bruce Lee is, I base this last part purely on nothing and refuse to be convinced otherwise.
  17. This is another case of both people can do it, but Winter Soldier does it faster.
  18. Hopefully for Colbert there are no bears for Jumanji to summon.
  19. This one's cool, but yeah, Dark Claw is definitely one of star players in this category. He wins after an awesome battle.
  20. Rorshach wins, and probably kills Dexter by the time this is all over.
  21. "I got'ch yer compelling argument right here, LOBO IS THE MAIN MAN! And no two bit chump lizard is gonna take me down. I'll frag him right outta his shell!" But seriously, I'm unsure who to vote for here. I just really like Lobo. So I'll hold my vote until some arguments start coming in.
  22. I honestly can't see why, aside from the most powerful versions ruling, Tommy would use a suit against Bruce Lee. It just seems really out of character for him. He'd want to fight on human terms out of respect for Bruce and in an effort to test himself. And I think he still has a chance unmorphed. Not necessarily a great one, but he could pull out a victory. I'll hold my vote until I decide how I see this one going down. Because morphed, he destroys him.
  23. Man, and I thought Dante vs Optimus was close. This one will be a challenge, both physically and verbally. Because, honestly, the verbal spar between these two is where the gold lies: exhibit A But of course, a verbal battle this is not. And, Dante being my draft pick and personal favorite I am honor bound to defend him. This may be an uphill battle, "but a fight every now and again does make life a little more interesting, don't'cha think?" So, let's rock! Dante is no slouch defensively. Dante has a healing factor that, depending on who you ask, rivals or puts to shame Wolverine's. A few examples: head shots just annoy him Being impaled multiple times just annoys himIn almost every game, Dante ends up impaled by his own sword, and the result is something similar to this Some say, this clip shows Dante can heal from an injury such as being cut in half before the blade goes through him as evidenced by the fact that he doesn't end up in two pieces on the ground. Keep in mind, this one comes after a prolonged battle with his brother, and his healing powers weaken over time. Secondly note, is this is Devil May Cry 3 Dante, who is the youngest and weakest version of Dante (aside from the two special abilities he gets in game of Doppelganger and Quicksilver) and so using any later version of Dante will have a stronger healing factor. But, that's not all. Dante doesn't just heal, he's also highly resistant to damage from extreme heat, such as hellfire so if I'm correct in assuming that Doom's arsenal contains Plasma bolts, those are problem entirely out the question as our demon hunter will shrug them off. But doom's armor contains many other hidden surprises. Surprises like missiles? Dante's fast enough to not only dodge them at close range, but he can even ride one. IT DEFIES LOGIC! But it's cool as hell. Of course Dante's speed isn't just impressive when we're talking his reflexes, but his running speed as well And he does that while fighting a swarm of demons. Sure he gets ate at the end, but he gets better. Beside, if he didn't he may have squished against the ground below... So, yeah, there's that. And if that's not fast enough for you, well my friends I present you with his Trickster fighting style which allows him to use his inherent demon energy for -Short bursts of increased speed -Quick aerial dashes -Limited teleportation Here it is in action And of course, we can't talk about Dante's defensive capabilities without touching on his Royalguard style. Where he block enemy attacks with a shield of demonic energy. This absorbs the energy from any attack, physical or energy based, and allows him to build that energy up to send back whenever he pleases. The energy can also be used to supplement his healing factor (Devil May Cry 3) or temporarily enter an invulnerable state, know as his Dreadnaught form (Devil May Cry 4). And that's not even touching on offensive abilities.
  24. Well, okay. Not going to try and dispute your points, because my frame of reference is only up to series 2 of Digimon, and I've only seen the Pokemon anime and not really much past Johto, and for both it's been forever. But, my points wasn't that they all even up as levels go up, and I wasn't trying to speak in absolute terms, because there are obvious variation in strength on an individual basis. My point was that first or second stage pokemon can battle with weaker rookie level digimom - of course depending on the individual species of each in question. After that, Digimon in general do outclass Pokemon in general. Pokemon only put up much of a fight again once they reach legendary status. Of course, as mentioned, my view of Pokemon comes purely from the Anime and the games.
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