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  1. So the MUTOs may team up to fight together if they want.
  2. Yeah but i didn't even say only one at the time.
  3. Now this is Guts as he is at the beginning of the Golden age before he gets the Dragon Slayer.
  4. This begins with the male MUTO before the female one.
  5. This takes place in London and Professor Layton might need some stronger weapons to stand up against the dragons so what is going to happen here?
  6. But the aliens of Battle: Los Angeles don't just come in 1 by a single one, they might tend to come in many huge numerous groups (like about a nearly an inconsistent number of them).
  7. This takes place at the rivers of East-central Africa.
  8. This takes place in the city of Los Angeles where they both land there at the start.
  9. Yeah but 1 scene of the film did show the Skullcrawler getting slashed by a katana that sliced through it.
  10. This takes place anywhere at the backyard, streets or in the apartment of California or some areas of America while Ghostface has a bulletproof vest if Sterling Archer is armed with a loaded gun.
  11. Not very sure yet but i'll later see for that.
  12. Also besides, he has even fought a giant cobra which Jafar has morphed/transformed.
  13. Aladdin is armed with a sword but please read this before you post any reply to that if you're about to do so since the Skullcrawler might be way too big for him to fight.
  14. This takes place in an Australian outback esp at midnight and they both are bloodlusted.
  15. Can the female ghostbusters stand up to the female ghost and survive the encounter with her before its too late?
  16. That'd begin with a few raptors including the Big one and Hanna may have her handguns for self-defense just in case she's overwhelmed.
  17. Please read this before you reply as the creature might be way too big for Kazuma Kiryu to deal with so he might need a rocket launcher besides firearms due to its massive sheer size and this takes place somewhere in a cruise ship at the central western side of the Pacific ocean.
  18. Barney the imaginary anthropomorphic dinosaur is about take on an actual T-Rex which may have the strongest bite force that might be enough to hurt/harm him.
  19. This takes place anywhere (but esp on a landscape) in Louisiana at midnight and Luc Deveraux may have his standard gear.
  20. Kazuma Kiryu was shown to be capable of fighting ghosts and Sadakaya has the powers and abilities of both Safari and Kayako while battle takes place at midnight.
  21. The Rancor encounters the Goliath on another planet at the beginning of this and they're both about to attack each other so what will happen here?
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