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  1. Oops my bad, so this is just to see which 1 of them is scarier.
  2. Eda Clawthorne may have her Palisman to fly and this may begin with the standard magic spells and multiple dragons.
  3. Let's start off with Cordell Walker and either the Scorpios Rex or the Indoraptor while Expedanbles and/or John Rambo may come up with heavier weaponry but main when necessary or if it were the Indominus Rex.
  4. Are you nuts?! Zira didn't seem to have anything against Tamatoa & she's so tiny as compared to him!
  5. This takes place in Mexico and begins with Cordell Walker while he and John Rambo may both have their standard weaponry and the graboids may include the Assblasters or Shriekers.
  6. This takes place in the streets of New York City at midnight.
  7. As for the Jungle Hunter Predator, i doubt his plasma cannon might seriously hurt any of them even though it has been slowed down by trees.
  8. The Skullcrawler esp starting with the one first shown in the 2017 Skull Island film.
  9. But i thought a large enough log and some explosives might do something against a house sized Skullcrawler.
  10. Yeah so the Indoraptor may be able to hurt the old classic live-action version of Hulk.
  11. But the Indoraptor might probably be faster than this Hulk's grip.
  12. This takes place in Manhattan and since the Cloverfield monster is currently a baby would there be an overly huge adult version (like about maybe the size of a mountain) of itself eating Zilla alive if fully grown?
  13. Flippy might need enough prep (like a giant log or grenades) for that before the Skullcrawler attacks him while becoming Fliqpy.
  14. Particularly or most likely a bowie knife and crossbow while netgun may be included.
  15. But what if it were the classic 1940s version of Mighty Joe Young?
  16. Can these 2 men do something to deal with the Indoraptor by trying to get enough prep like via booby traps and guns?
  17. This starts with a single Future Predator esp the mutated one.
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