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  1. Randall Flagg esp. the live-action version like either the one from miniseries or movie.
  2. Like via the Ectoplasm trap or something (example: like plasma spam into the dragon's jaws & throat or maybe by transforming it into something small, innocent and completely harmless)?
  3. Actually it's from the animated TV series titled Camp Cretaceous based of the Jurassic World film series.
  4. It's Mick (but most likely "Michael/Mikey Dundee") vs Mick and this takes place in Australia.
  5. The Lizard (as Curtis Connors) may be trying to experiment on the Indoraptor during this match or before it begins with Spiderman being the hero.
  6. But i thought Balthazar Blake's spells/incantations might be able to do something against Megatron.
  7. Can Saxton Hale do something to stop the Skullcrawler (esp Ramarak) before it's too late?
  8. This takes place in the dark at night during the rain (esp. on rooftops) while Batman might need enough prep if the Indoraptor is too much for him.
  9. Could Balthazar Blake use his magic spells to stop this Decepticon (any version of Megatron) like via transmutation or the ectoplasm trap?
  10. But actually the Zillo Beast took hits from lightsabers and some energy beams.
  11. So maybe I should choose the original Pumpkinhead like the one from the 1st movie or maybe Ashes to Ashes.
  12. Alright actually i should've begin with the 15 feet tall variant.
  13. But actually its Shin Godzilla, not the one from Legendary's Monsterverse!
  14. But didn't the Zillo Beast tank hits from advanced high-tech weaponry that consist of strong lasers?
  15. This begins with single one of the White Spikes and Rocket Raccoon (esp of MCU) may have extra-prep &/or access to stronger weaponry if he's overwhelmed while a jetpack may not be needed here.
  16. This takes place particularly outdoors and see respect threads for both of them.
  17. Pinhead of the movie vs Pumpkinhead esp from Blood Wings movie and this takes place in an apartment at night while they both are bloodlusted.
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