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  1. This takes place in a very distant future and can Ripley 8 stand up against the T-X (esp while armed with the Lacrima shock rifle)?
  2. This takes place in Antarctica and the South pole while Scar Predator has his standard gear including the plasma cannon and the shuriken.
  3. Both of Showa Era and this takes place in Japan.
  4. This takes place in Tokyo, Japan at midnight.
  5. This takes place in London and begins with only a few of the dragons.
  6. This is Peter Quill at his base to begin with while the Goliath is bloodlusted.
  7. This takes place in an alternate timeline.
  8. This takes place in the snowy winter during Christmas (mostly indoors).
  9. Yeah but Hancock carved a heart on a moon that's large enough for anyone on Earth to see it.
  10. This takes place in the streets of Los Angeles while the T-850 is more resistant to plasma weaponry and may have some firearms if neceassary.
  11. Can Hancock deal with any of the kaiju without having to kill them if they're too much for him to totally destroy them?
  12. The T-800 is bloodlusted while this takes place mostly in the real world of a very distant future with mainly h2h.
  13. Could Michael Myers (esp even from the original timeline) stand up against Ginosaji's beating?
  14. The Lizard and the Deathclaw are at equal size while this takes place in either the streets or underground sewers.
  15. Edward Cullen esp movie version & this takes place in an alternate timeline.
  16. Could Dave Stutler (try to) use the shield spell & electric bolts or telekinesis to stop Edward Cullen the vampire (esp movie version) from attacking him during the battle if he were to fight him?
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