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  1. Yeah so but actually the Predator's Falcons used as weapons was what's merely/mainly featured in video games.
  2. Alright actually a plasma cannon is more of an energy weapon so i doubt/guess the plasma blast could just probably just fry its living organic tissue and also, there's one video game featuring an upgraded version of the same main weapon that can even set targets ablaze.
  3. But the movie shows that the Falconer Predator didn't even have plasma cannon.
  4. But i thought the plasma cannon might be effective enough against (to harm/hurt) it.
  5. They both are bloodlusted and this takes place on a different planet other than Earth.
  6. This takes place in a very distant future and can Ripley 8 stand up against the T-X (esp while armed with the Lacrima 99 shock rifle)?
  7. This takes place in Antarctica and the South pole while Scar Predator has his standard gear including the plasma cannon and the shuriken.
  8. Both of Showa Era and this takes place in Japan.
  9. This takes place in Tokyo, Japan at midnight.
  10. This takes place in London and begins with only a few of the dragons.
  11. This is Peter Quill at his base to begin with while the Goliath is bloodlusted.
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