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  1. The Rancor encounters the Goliath on another planet at the beginning of this and they're both about to attack each other so what will happen here?
  2. The Falconer Predator is about to take on the Indoraptor which is about to attack him during his hunting trip in the deep lush greenery and the dark woods as this starts with the Indoraptor charging towards the Falconer Predator.
  3. This begins with her encounter with Ahmanet and what do you think will happen here?
  4. This begins with the Ghoulies getting summoned in Manhattan via ritual and the Ghostbusters are about to take on them so what will happen here?
  5. Alright so how do regain back points to create another new CBUB match?
  6. Why don't i just post in the Rumbles forum manually (without the Match maker) if i've already ran out of points?
  7. I guess Godzilla and King Kong might win but depending on the version.
  8. Also, in 1 scene of the movie Aliens, the Queen appeared to be caught in an explosion of a cluster of grenades while one in AvP movie took some hits from bladed Yautja weaponry.
  9. You mean like blasting the dragons into their throat or nearly turning them into permanent still life?
  10. This begins with the Xenomorph Queen charging towards the E.D 209 which starts to open fire.
  11. Battle between hybrid creatures and see what will happen here.
  12. This begins with Balthazar Blake and Dave Stutler pitted against the dragons esp the gigantic male one.
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