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  1. Yeah, I liked the idea of a monthly challenge as well. Its just that I have a about a half dozen characters floating around in the old noggin that need tending to. Seriously though, don't let all of our slackish ways get to you. I think, once things start to get clicking in the FPL and everyones all "Rargh! I need to a character", this idea is going to be just what we need. Something to give us a jump start, if you will. So if I'm ever blank on an idea it would've been nice to click on this challenge, just to get started.
  2. Damn, how did I miss that? I seriously don't know how that one got by me. Sorry about that Robotech. You have my sincerest apologies. Edited. Also, welcome back.
  3. How can I possibly choose just 10 characters? The guy who made this topic is off his rocker. Here are (in my opinion) the top 5 GREATEST FPL CHARACTERS from each year from 1999-2010 1999: Devyn Soyokaze, Quietus, Mr. Graves, Whisper, Zalrafel 2000: Aleister Michaels, Barrabus, Chakos, Forte, Stella Aurorae 2001: Drekis, Munch Monster, Sacriel, Spehere, Thantopsis 2002: The Challenger, Dodge Murphy, Glaucon, Toc Darkone, Who is as He 2003: Alexander Shadowcast, The FPL Game, Groovius Maximus, Reluctorel, Wick and ED 2004: The Fairview Fires, Fiona, Gribbenwrench, Prince of Never, Rock Sugar Baby 2005: Atom-A-Ton, Billy Hardcore, Lovecraft, Johnny Tuppence Divine, Seryph Gibbons 2006 and 2007: Ancient Beast, Devianna-Ash Meadows, Ponce, Rose Wendel, Wicked Riser 2008 (Part 1): Bianca Ordmin, Crow, The Door, Isaac W. Rodownski, Josef Freidrich Clements. 2008 (Part 2): Marjus Voyce, Ravenna Alighirei, Lord Canelaser, Khazanian Institute of Illicit Art, Arick Huebris 2009/2010: Doc Velocity, Landon Hexx, Malcolm Gate, The Last Virgin of Pele Island, Who Killed Landon Morisato AND NOW THE GREATEST FPL CHARACTERS FROM EACH YEAR... Best of 1999: Mr. Graves by Mr. Graves Best of 2000: Stella Aurorae by Darth_Maxx Best of 2001: Sphere by Abdiel Best of 2002: Glaucon (includes all of Glaucon's related characters) by Abdiel Best of 2003: The FPL Game by Mr. Graves Best of 2004: Fiona by Landon Best of 2005: Seryph Gibbons by Landon Best of 2006 and 2007: Devianna-Ash Meadows by Robotech Master Best of 2008 (1): Marjus Voyce by Ivan Best of 2008 (2): Josef Friedrich Clements by Mr. Graves Best of 2009/2010: Landon Hexx by Landon
  4. I'm really liking the "Hardcore Option" idea being thrown around here but instead of basing it off wins or matches the character has participated in, perhaps we could go by a set amount of fame/infamy points. Which, at least to me would be a better indicator of a character that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Conversely, we could go a completely different route and just stick a "Hall of Fame" button allowing other users to vote a character in.
  5. Thank you serge. This is going to be a lot easier than fumbling through the wayback machine. Plus, the search function is back!! Woot! You don't know how much easier it is to find characters now. I will not miss the days of reading through every character just to find one. However, it doesn't allow you to link to characters via the search engine. They come up but clicking on the link produces an error page. You can get the character sheet in another way but not through the search engine. Not sure if this was intentional, or you just didn't get around to it but just letting you know. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *pays his respects to Abdiel*
  6. Hmmm, well then we have a member who is unable to delete their character. Although, I think that the button is there but it denies him the ability. Also, thanks for answering the question about media matches but if its at all possible; Could you (or anyone) give me some additional information regarding the technical aspects of those types of matches? Thanks to you, I know what they mean but what do the actually do as far as the system goes? Don't mean to sound like a dick but I just want to be able to explain it thoroughly if someone asks. Plus, I kind of want to know in order to keep my personal expertise sharp . Thanks Three!
  7. I haven't been able to find any bugs with the match system thus far. Bravo Serge, bravo. Hopefully the match end code goes just as well. However, I was wondering abot something regarding character deletion. You see, I was contacted by a member who felt that his character did not meet his personal qualitative standards and he would like to delete it. However, he is unable to. I assume that members cannot delete or change the status of characters that are in a match. Is this correct? Also, is there currently (or in planning) a way for admins to block a character who is in a match or are we required to wait until the match runs its course? What actually happens if a character is blocked while they are in a match? Sorry for all these questions, but I do have one more. I've read over the FPL system post you made, and I'm kind of confused about the Media factor in certain matches. More specifically, I was wondering if you could give me some additional information regarding the technical aspect of it all. What does a "media" match actually entail? Thank you
  8. Just to clarify, is it alright for us to vote on matches, and comment?
  9. It'd be nice if someone actually posted something about the topic. Ah well, its probably just a pipe dream.
  10. "I posted a match! Come see how awesome I look! How come I'm not your list?! I just made a match, go and see how great it was!"
  11. Sure, I'll take a look. It might be awhile though. I'll get around to it eventually (maybe).
  12. Well... In that case, its kind of difficult because I don't frequent the CBUB at all. Honestly, I can't even think of 5 writers who actually write decent matches nowadays on a frequent basis. Well, Nesh and Borat are two that come to mind. Honestly I can't think of anyone else who falls under the category of both being an "active user of the CBUB" and a "Decent writer"
  13. Are you asking about the top 5 CBUBers who are actively writing matches right now or of all-time? Of All-time: Some of my favorite CBUB writers (not in any order)... Excluding Serge and the admins who helped write a majority of the back issues because that's just not fair. Caesar Speaks! Acousta Fenris Wolf Granobulax Treacherous Snow Zinger Hamboy FTANG_Commando Culwych Nesh Jarethra I'm forgetting some people, but I think that's a good start.
  14. Scenario: A massive economic discombobulation has caused Electric Ferreters everywhere to lose their jobs. Oh no! Now its up to you to find a job for them, something that fits them perfectly. You sit down at your desk with a listing of every member on the site, who do you give a job to and what is it? Rules: 1) Person A (that's me) will suggest a member, the following person (person must give the member a job and then suggest another member. Person C will take the member suggested and give them a job and so on and so forth. 2.) Same job cannot be given to the same person more than once. 3.) You cannot suggest a job that they currently have. Ready? Member who needs a job: Skirmisher
  15. Thank you. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
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