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  1. Sarcasm is obviously lost on you. As for which one is the better character, that's up to the reader/watcher/player to decide. As far as this conversation goes however, Force has made a far better case for Ryan then anyone has made for Batman.
  2. Need a little clarification before I cast my opinion. First off when you say "Warhammer world", are you referring to the setting of Warhammer Fantasy or one of the many planets in Warhammer 40k? Secondly, what era do they arrive during on each world? Either way, seeing that their goal is surviving instead of conquering, I really can't see them having too much trouble with any of the settings as long as they play it smart and don't go drawing too much attention to themselves. I can't see Juggernaut really having trouble with anything on the list. The only thing that is capable of taking him down in any of these settings are the most powerful warp entities in Warhammer. Same goes for Washu after a few months of futzing around with whatever tech she can get her hands on. Giganta on the other hand is much more vulnerable. I'll get into more of that once I get the info I need.
  3. Well there's supposed to be a movie based on Steve Alten's Meg... someday? He's written an entire series that revolves around a prehistoric ecosystem hidden away at the bottom of the challenger deep and cut off from the world above. While the books have their ups and downs, they're literary masterpieces compared to the usual shit you get out of the genre.
  4. The reason Jaws stands out above everything else is at least 60% because of Robert "*vulgarity*ing" Shaw. Maybe 70%... Besides that, it is the same reason that most horror movies suck. Pacing. You never really get a good idea of how big and strong that shark is until near the end of the film. Up until that point you only get glimpses here and there of the animal. Add in a wonderful musical score, human characters you actually care about *and* great cinematography and you got yourself one hell of a movie. On the other hand Deep Blue Sea showed it's monster from the very beginning, had a throw away musical score and in place of Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider and Robert "*vulgarity*ing" Shaw, we got Samuel L Jackson. A good actor he may be, but Samuel L Jackson is no Robert "*vulgarity*ing" Shaw.
  5. Stupendous Man's powers are only limited by Calvin's imagination, potentially making him one of the most powerful characters in the entire database. Batman is in way over his head.
  6. A supernova is *not* capable of destroying an entire galaxy. It'll certainly obliterate multiple solar systems and the shockwave produced by the blast can travel for hundreds, if not thousands of light years. However, it'd have to be an extremely small galaxy for a single supernova to entirely destroy it. One a *lot* smaller in size then the Milky Way, which is over one hundred thousand light years in diameter.
  7. Just as the title says. If you were a Transformer, what would you take for your alternate form? To start off with I'll save you guys the trouble of the obvious choice.
  8. They all die bloody, with the possibility of taking one raptor with them. Really, three raptors vs one warrior is overkill, no matter who the warrior is. (I'm talking about real life, not fantasy) How about we change it to one raptor instead? That seems like a lot more common sense then just asking for somebody to get circled and killed by three hungry primordial predators Please note that all cons I give are 9/10 for the fight against the raptor, as opposed to the warrior's ability to fight another human. In order of best to worst. (1) Gladiator The gladiator has the best chance out of the bunch. Pros 1. Highly mobile - Unlike the Samurai and Viking, your typical gladiator was lightly armored and while not as fast as the raptor, would be fast enough to put up a mobile defense, something that is *key* in this fight. You just aren't going to be able to match the offense of an animal like that, even with good close combat weaponry and the know how to use it. You are also not going to last long sitting still without top notch body armor, something that prior to the development of kevlar, only the gothic knight had in spades. The 2. Experience - Gladiators regularly fought large animals in the pit. While the gladiator wouldn't have fought a raptor before, he would have fought enough animals to know the best manner in which to confront it. 3. Proper Armament - Shield and spear makes the gladiator the only one capable of actually holding his own against the raptor. The shield allows him to keep the animal at a distance, while the spear allows him to engage the animal without having to get up close and personal. If the raptor does get close however, he will still be able to put up a good fight with the gladius, which as a leaf bladed sword is well suited for thrusting. Maximum penetration (giggity) is something you want against a large animal. Cons. None outside of the consequences of being human. Viking Pros Good Defense - While the vikings armor may or may not be able to stand up to the raptors attacks as well as that of the samurai, it has the added advantage of being lighter. Also, the addition of a shield gives him a far better chance of survival in a *direct* confrontation. Passable weaponry - Seeing that the viking has somehow misplaced his most common weapon, the spear, he has to make due with his axe. Not that there's nothing wrong with a good old bearded axe. While it's not that good for fending off an animal as a gladius or the viking sword (which *were* steel in the later viking ages thank you very much), it's still going to be quick enough to deal repeated blows to the raptor, which is key if the animal gets close. Cons Could use a spear - Vikings usually carried spears in battle, seeing that they often fought in phalanx formation. In a fight against an animal like the raptor, keeping the animal at a distance is going to be the best way to survive. Samurai Pros Spear - As I said, the best weapon against a raptor is going to be a spear.. and it's really the best weapon that the samurai has for this fight. The samurai has the best chance in killing the raptor in a single strike.. but being able to deliver a blow like that one hundred percent of the time is something that is just not possible for the samurai. He just doesn't have the knowledge of raptor anatomy like he does a human beings. He does however have the ability to keep the animal at a distance with such a weapon. Cons Poor Armor - While it certainly offers more defense then the gladiators attire, it just isn't enough to make up for the fact that it's not just very heavy, but insufficiently balanced for the weight it has. Samurai armor balances its weight on the shoulders instead of spreading it out along the entire body. This lowers the samurais mobility quite a bit and a mobile defense is the best bet against a large animal like the raptor. No shield - Your best bet against the raptor is a mobile defense. Your second best bet is a heavy stationary defense. The lack of a shield is a critical flaw that the samurai has against the animal. If and when it gets up close, the samurai is just not going to be capable of putting up a good defense with the katana alone. I'll get to that next. Slow sword - I can see the responses to this one now. "The katana slow? Inconceivable! The katana is the fastest sword in the world! It can strike at mach 3.52358734, you don't know what you're talking about. Racist.. Racist! RACIST!!!" Well okay, I don't expect it from you guys but I've gotten it before in these type of debates. The fact is however that in comparison to the gladius or bearded axe, the katana is not the lightning quick weapon you see presented in popular media. It's a single edged two handed weapon and while it is certainly lighter then a two handed European sword, the lack of a dual edge means that it can not deliver repeated strikes as quickly or as fluently as its counterpart. Further more, the samurai's combat style involves cutting and slicing with strokes as opposed to penetrating flesh with full on strikes and the tip thrusting, something that would be much better suited to hurting a large animal like the raptor. For the task at hand, it's just not as good as the gladius or the axe.
  9. Swamp Thing Doctor Manhattan Lucifer Morningstar Saint of Killers Bugs Bunny
  10. The largest of the Deep Blue Sea sharks is 40 feet in length, fifteen feet longer then Jaws in the first movie and quite a bit bigger then any of the others. Even without backup, or its intelligence, it would be too much for Jaws.
  11. Alright, so pretty much the power of plot holes at work. Gotchya.
  12. Just about anything produced by Games Workshop or written by Garth Ennis.
  13. That really doesn't make much sense. How exactly did Hal, by himself, take out a being in control of all seven ring entities. From what I know of Green Lantern lore the entities are the source of the rings power. If that is true, then how is it possible that Hal was able to overpower Kronos with his standard armament and abilities while the later was literally wielding the source of said armament?
  14. While I think the winner of #2 is kind of obvious... Without his force enhanced sense of perspective, would Maul even be able to wield that lightsaber without chopping off his own legs by accident?
  15. Lobo and Doomsday can easily take the other team by themselves.
  16. Quick question. How fast are the Lanterns when it comes to being using their rings? Your typical Space Marines are fast enough that a human would barely be able to follow their movements, with the Primarchs themselves being a hell of a lot faster. The explanation given for Deathstroke being able to defeat a Green Lantern was his enhanced speed and intelligence, something that your typical Space Marine also shares. Unless there's some factor that prevents it, what's from stopping Sanguinius from using his powers to kill one or two of the Lanterns prior to them getting their shields up. As for stopping the Emperor himself? No, you'd need at least Ion for that. Lanterns may be able to stop super novas, but there's a big difference between containing exploding stars and holding shut a warp storm (light years sized holes in reality) with your mind for ten thousand years, while also being able to create them at will. There's a reason that he's called the "God Emperor of Mankind". *Quick Edit* Just realized that you guys are probably going to want a little more detail on the whole "cork the warp storm" thing. Well it goes like this. Back at the dawn of the Horus Heresy, Magnus the Red the Primarch of the Thousand Sons, was able to see Horus' betrayal through what he thought was newly strengthened by forbidden sorcery psyker powers. In truth it was actually Tzeencht himself, the dark god of change. In a brilliant master stroke, Tzeencht revealed Horus' treachery to Magnus who he knew would only be able to warn his father of the betrayal through the use of his sorcery to contact him, via warp communication. This gave Tzeencht the ability to literally open a gateway smack dab in the Emperor's own throne room from the warp dimension. And once the gods of chaos open a warp gate, there ain't no permanently closing it even for a guy like the Emperor. This is the hidden truth behind the original construction of the Golden Throne, which was built to channel the Emperor's psyker powers to keep said warp hole shut until they found out a way to deal with it. It involved him literally sitting on the damn thing. This was prior to the Emperor being mortally wounded by Horus, which is why he needs to feed off of psykers to stay alive as opposed to needing it as a power supply. He's the "God Emperor of Mankind", capable of forming warp storms with a thought. The only reason he didn't smite all his enemies during the Crusades was because that type of unrestrained use of his abilities would give the forces of chaos more doorways out of their dimension and into his. He don't need your stinking energy bars! Anyway, back on track. During the fight with Horus, the Emperor was mortally wounded. Normally, even with how powerful Horus had become, the Emperor would have wiped the floor with him. However, Horus was his son.. his eldest son.. and he knew that it was the influence of the warp rather then his own free will which turned Horus to chaos. It was only when a lone Adeptus Custodes (formerly a lone guardsman, but then Games Workshop retcons suck like) stepped between Horus and the Emperor, resulting in the former turning said Custodes into a fine red mist, that the Emperor stopped holding back. Horus never stood a chance from that point on and was killed very quickly by his father. Thus he was found near death by Dorn (Imperial Fists Primarch), placed on the golden throne and for the last ten thousand years has been plugging up that warp hole with his godly butt, appearing in visions to his chosen few and guiding astropaths through the warp. On at least one occasion he has also directly intervened in warfare. This was when he created his own warp storm in the center of a heretical Lord of Terra's fleet during the age of apostasy, quite possibly the Imperium's darkest hour outside of the Horus Heresy itself. So yeah, like I said, there's a reason he's called the "God Emperor". *Second Edit - AKA "God damn I hate me some retcons"* So I did a little digging on the current status of the Golden Throne's creation and found out that Games Workshop retconned it again shortly after I stopped keeping up with them on account of untalented hacks (Matt Ward and C.S Goto) taking a big old steamy poo on my childhood. As of the current edition, the golden throne was created originally to help the Emperor take advantage of the Eldar webway, a sub-dimensional super highway that would allow humanity faster interstellar travel, allowing his armies to respond near instantaneously to intergalactic threats. The rest is pretty much the same. Magnus uses his sorcery to open a portal through the web way to warn daddy about big brothers betrayal, big horrific dark gods now have their own personal off ramp to Terra, Emperor needs to block it with his proverbial ass.
  17. What dark sorcery is this where one drags up long dead discussions from the murky depths of the forums darkest waters?
  18. This is the interpretation of Luthor where he's only a villain because of his goals to free mankind from the influence of individuals like Superman right? Not the crazy bald egomaniac that bores me to tears? If so yeah, I'd vote for Luthor in a heart beat.
  19. Scar


    Probably God, as presented by religious extremists everywhere. He's pretty much the omnipotent version of a narcissistic control freak father who will beat his children bloody if they don't worship the ground he walks on and grow up the way he wants them to.
  20. I'll take a shot at the ones with characters I know well. Winners in Bold Namor vs Aquaman Jason Todd vs Winter Solider Richard Dragon vs Ra's Al Ghul Ares(Marvel) vs Superman(Pre-Crisis) Red Robin vs Bucky(Rick Jones) SuperBoy vs A-Bomb Blade vs Van Helsing (Bram Stokers Dracula novel) Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake Dogpool vs Ace the Bathound Carnage vs Venom Alucard vs Vampire Hunter D Blue Devil vs Ghost Rider(Ketch)
  21. Iron Man's armor is leagues ahead of anything the Space Wolves have as far as technological advanceness goes. I don't know if he'd be able to stand up to Russ, seeing that he went down pretty easily against Hulk, but then I've also yet to see anything on this new armor of his. Also, while he can't tamper with any of the Space Wolves armor or vehicles because of the machine spirits that possess them, the same can't be said for their weaponry. The Space Wolves are also pretty much crap in the Psyker department as well. Maybe if this was the Blood Angels they'd be able to throw Mephiston at him, but without any alpha levelers there's not much they'll be able to do to stand up to Tony. The warp on the other hand.. no. Surviving the warp isn't about technology or intelligence, or how much you can throw at it. The only thing that protects you against the warp itself is pure unadulterated willpower and the ability to resist the temptation of the four gods of chaos. After the shit he pulled during the civil war, he's pretty much easy pickings for Tzeentch. As for fighting the forces of Chaos himself I'm pretty sure he could hold his own granted he wasn't fighting *in* the warp. I'm fairly certain that he'd be able to fight off Fulgrim, Lorgar, Perturabo, Alpharion and Omegon outside of warp space. As long as he keeps his distance he should be able to do the same against Angron as well. Magnus though is likely too powerful a psyker and sorcerer for him to defeat. As for Mortarian, the moment that he gets anywhere near Nurgles favorite he's going to be infested with all sorts of horrific warp spawn pathogens, parasites and viral agents. Horus on the other hand just needs to look at him and there won't be enough left to put in a test tube.
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