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  1. (This Story takes place right after Star Wars The Force Unleashed II in which Galen Marek's Clone defeats Darth Vader and captures him) Galen's Journal entry number 15: It has been 10 days since Vader’s capture. It seems that the empire hasn't found out about his absents yet, but everybody is still on edge, and even I have an ire felling that we are and have been being followed since we went into hyper drive. I try not to think about if I am a clone or if I am the real Galen Marek because it doesn’t really matter to me, all that matters is that Juno is safe and with me again, but I keep analyzing in my head what Vader said to me " As long as she lives, I will always control you." Every time...I .....look at him... I.. long to kill that man, end the horror right there and then, but it is not the Jedi way. However if Vader tires to harm her in anyway I will do whatever means necessary to protect her: Darth Vader's tenure in Rebel Alliance captivity wouldn't last long, as he would be freed by Boba Fett and his men who had been chasing them since they went into hyper drive. Vader then thanks Boba Fett by viciously force pushing him through a vault that contained fallen Jedi’s lightsabers (to properly honor the Jedi’s who welded them) Vader grabs one and as he walks away the bloody Boba Fett shoots him with a blaster in the head, the blaster has no effect on his helmet and barely moves his head, Vader then begins to force-choke him. Vader is then stopped by Galen who bursts in and almost cuts Vader arm off forcing him to release his choke. Vader then opens his saber and sees that it contains a blue crystal. Vader then begins to think of when he was a Jedi and gets extremely upset and saber-throws the lightsaber at Galen, who is totally caught off guard never seeing Vader lose his cool like that, but manages to recover before the fatal blow lands. Galen then charges forward and flips right as the lightsaber is about to come back, Vader grabs the saber and they being to battle. The fight switches back and forth but Galen seems to be having the upper hand, Vader then force-pushes him out of a window and Galen goes shooting out of the ship but force-lunges himself back into the ship. He proceeds to grab the large broken vault and force-pushes the vault against the window, he then resumes the battle and the Sith Lord beats him. However before he can land the fatal blow the vault is finally sucked up by the oxygen trying to get out of the ship and into space. The vault leaves a huge hole in the ship and sucks both Vader and Galen in to the atmosphere, they continue their battle in free fall while holding their breaths, as they hurdle toward a unknown planet, Vader force-throws Galen on top of the Slave I (Boba Fett’s ship) however he manages to avoid impact and grab on the ship with the force to steady his swirling body, Vader then throws his saber at Galen forcing him to continue swirling. However Galen grabs on to Vader with the force and pulls him down with him into the atmosphere of the unknown planet. Vader releasing that Galen might kill himself to kill him, punches Galen and pulls the orbiting Slave I down to them. He forces the hatch open and force-lunges inside. Galen then follows barely getting inside before the hatch closed; after quickly catching their breaths they continue their battle. The ensuing battle ruins the ship and it crash lands on the unknown planet. Amidst the confusion Vader slips out the mutilated ship and starts to force-crush the Slave I with Galen still in side. However Galen is able to escape and the sworn enemies then clash once again. However before a victor can be decided, Vader’s new Dark Apprentice Dark Stalker arrives in his masters ship with a militia of stormtroopers. Darth Stalker then apologizes to Vader stating “Sorry I’m late master. But there was an unexpected interception†Vader states “It’s alright. But don’t let it happen again. Now we must hurry the emperor has discovered my absence and hired that incompetent fool Boba Fett to bring me back. Our plans will now have to move ahead of schedule.†Vader then orders Dark Stalker to finish Galen proclaiming “this will be your finale testâ€. As Vader leaves Galen tells him “I can’t just let you walk away Vader and you know just as well as I do that your new pet isn’t going to stop me. So come back and let’s end this…once and for all.†Vader keeps walking ignoring Galen completely. Galen then attempts to saber-throw at Vader but it is immediately deflected by Darth Stalker. Vader continues walking toward his ship and tells the troops to “fire at willâ€. As the blasts come Darth Stalker force-pushes the troops away into the ship with Vader. Vader then begins to laugh manically amused by his apprentice’s bravado and he tells the pilot to ready for departure. As Vader ship leaves the two warriors stranded Galen ask Darth Stalker “Now before this starts ask yourself is Vader really worth getting killed.†Darth Stalker chuckles at the thought and reassures Galen “I won’t be the one drowning in a pool of my own blood†Galen then remarks “Have it your way†and pulls out his second saber. The two then get into their respective stances and begin charging at each other.
  2. Good Job on the set-up i could really invision them saying those things, and would be a pretty decient 76 mintue film As far as the battle goes, i honestly don't know anything about the Borg/or Cube, so i will have to go with the z fighters, seeing how this reminds me of the return of cooler with Goku and Vegeta fighting Cooler and his clones. this is how it will go down They will brawl for a bout an hour with spores and spores upon spores coming out, the team will be weary from battle and Krillin seeing this will send Gohan for some senzu beans, Tein will be the first to be defeated then Yamcha, then Krillin. Piccolo and Vegeta will remain and more Spores come, Vegeta looks as if he is ready to lose all hope when Piccolo runs charging in there and destroys about 15 of them then more come and best Piccolo. Vegeta now desperate powers up and files to the Battle Zone, when he hears Gohan’s voice a Borg sees Gohan and punches him in the face releasing the Senzu beans, Piccolo then musters up what strength he has left to save Gohan and Vegeta dives for the Senzu beans but only gets one, He then eats it and goes full power and notices the origin that the spores are coming from, the Cube and goes charging but he is suddenly stopped again when he feels a familiar Ki and Goku arrives, Vegeta tells Goku what he missed during his absents and shows him the cube they then go darting in destroying Borg upon Borg upon Borg until they reach the Cube. Goku then goes into his Kamehamaha stance and Vegeta takes up his Galick Gun stance and the execute their moves in perfect symmetry destroying the Cube.
  3. Do any of my Characters meet the rules and regulations
  4. I say doomsday 2 tough and durable for the sentry
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