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  1. I’m going with Indy because he’s a better man than Powers.
  2. Leon takes the round because of what he’s been doing his entire life fighting bio weapons.
  3. Sarah can make a better romance story with Sam because they some things in common.
  4. I’m going with Conan because of his experience dealing with creepiest things something that Morticia does in her lifetime and they both have that in common.
  5. Fox should have a better reflection than Rambo but he still got the better experience of military and strategies.
  6. I can see that Xena can easily be attracted to Patrick’s look.
  7. To me while Jackie is good but I think that Vampirella has the better chemistry of giving Aragorn a good romance story because of her times fighting against evil monsters like Aragorn does.
  8. Deadshot takes this one because of better equipment and marksmanship.
  9. Sonja has the better experience and skills that can surpass Achilles.
  10. I see the A-Force taking this match with no difficulty.
  11. I can definitely see that Evelyn will be the perfect woman for Sherlock than Catherine who is a criminal.
  12. I’d say King takes the victory but will have a little hard time against Hakan.
  13. Actually you are right that Dorothy with her musical can definitely help her out in Apocalypse and I see now that the Witch was way scary than Kurtz in my opinion.
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