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  1. No but she does have the handicap of being on her own here without her brothers, particularly team leader Yakko. Most of there best feats come from them as a trio, with Yakko often leading the way. I’m not saying Dot is a fool, but she’s clearly inexperienced in being a solo act. And she’s taking on not just an old pro, but one who has already been shown to regularly humiliate and beat another old pro in Bugs Bunny.
  2. So it’s silly to assume Bubbles could speed blitz the Fox but it’s not silly to assume said Fox could evade an FTL speed characters with X-Ray vision because he’s witty? And the fuck you talking about Popeye throttling Bubbles? Bubbles and her sisters casually lift airplanes, battleships, and giant monsters! In one episode a giant octopus the size of a skyscraper fell flat on top of Bubbles and she was literally not even slightly hurt! Either name me one feat of Popeye that even comes close to Bubbles confirmed feats or stfu dude. Your embarrassing yourself. And what will he do if the Fox swipes his spinach? You yourself said the Fox was smart and cunning, whose to say he doesn’t just take Popeye’s spinach before he can eat it? That’s no more difficult then trying to evade an FTL speed and X-Ray vision Powerpuff girl! Again what seems more likely, that this Fox somehow has the foresight to pack a fly paper, something he’s never shown to pack before, or that he swipes Popeye’s spinach? Which sounds more likely? Also I’m assuming the scenario starts with both contestants being told that they need to capture the Fox so Bubbles knows the Fox is the villain here and once she knows that she won’t be willing to let him trick her into not taking him in. Again I’m not denying Bubbles is probably the most naive of her sisters, but I have never seen one episode where she let’s a known villain go, she’s nice but she’s not stupid!
  3. Not true. When Cecil and Bugs faced off for the fourth time in 2019 Looney Tunes Cartoon, Cecil beat Bugs at a street race, multiplying, and a carrot eating contest. Look up Looney Tunes Cartoons- Shell Shocked on YouTube if you want to see for yourself.
  4. Firstly, I think we can all agree that a guy like Johnny Castle wouldn’t last a week in the GoT universe. He’d either be murdered by bandits, gutted by the Hound, or he’ll somehow encountered Joffrey/Cersei and they’ll have him beheaded after he accidentally insulted them. Secondly, I believe Ethan has had this scenario before and as I pointed out then him and Brienne would make the most adorable badass couple ever! Just think of the many power couple moments they could get into in Westeros! From single handily massacring the Boltons and Frey’s themselves to taking down scum like the afore mentioned Joffrey/Cersei who should have gotten far worser deaths then they got in the show. Thirdly, I really felt bad for Brienne at the show, cause her and Jaime’s relationship was one of the many storylines that D&D ruined at the end. Personally that one pissed me off more then any of the others because they actually had the gaul to trick us into thinking that their ship had finally sailed and then ruthlessly yanked it away almost sadisticly. Sorry D&D, but you guys are assholes for that. Ethan I think really works for Brienne because he’s sorta like Jaime but also very different. Both guys are considered the best Knight/Spy of their series, they are both masters at combat but also great at subtleties and charming their way out of tough spots, and they both are also masters at pushing their loved ones buttons, and I think Brienne would love that despite herself! C’mon guys let Brienne have the happy ending she was supposed to have. Give her a Jaime who isn’t a bottom bitch to that skank Cersei! Vote for the Ethan/Brienne power couple!
  5. Does it make him fast enough to run around the globe in 3 seconds? Cause that’s as fast as he’ll need to go in order to get the Fox before Bubbles does. And what toon force has that Fox shown us exactly? Anything that can counteract FTL speeds or X-Ray vision?
  6. Sorry Dot but frankly the Animaniacs have been winning far too many matches, so I think it’s time to break their winning streak. Keep this in mind guys Cecil outsmarted and outwitted Bugs Bunny not once, not twice, not even thrice, but FOUR times in a row! Four times in a row he’s humiliated Bugs at his own game and trust me when I say that Bugs literally pulled every single cheap shot and dirty trick imaginable and none of it worked? Why? Because Cecil Turtle cheats. He cheats harder, better, and sooner then anybody else, the dude is always ten steps ahead his opponent no matter what the challenge is. Poor Bugsy learned that the hard way. Before you vote please ask yourself this: what exactly can Dot do to this Turtle that Bugs hadn’t already tried and failed to do during the four times he’s faced him?
  7. Does his spinach increase his speed any? It better because once Bubbles gets serious she can literally move faster then most humans can even think! Also how exactly will toon force help the Fox against a Powerpuff girl? Not only is she FTL speed but she also has X-Ray vision so he has no way of hiding from her!
  8. Gotta be Frank guys. Shooting Spider-Man out of the air proves he’s got faster reflexes and aim. He’s tough enough to take a beating from Captain America and stay conscious, Merlyn has been one shotted by far weaker opponents. And if by some slim chance this gets to close quarters Frank has beaten guys like Bullseye in a straight hand to hand fight, can’t really recall any decent hand to hand combat feats for Merlyn.
  9. C’mon guys it’s gotta be Catherine! Tell me it wouldn’t be entertaining to watch Neville get so tongue tied and nervous around this beautiful women who for some inexplicable reason seems so interested in him, only for him to slowly put together that she’s getting ready to make him the next victim in her next book. It literally has the making of an equally scary and comedic movie like Freaky (2020) or Tucker and Dale vs Evil!
  10. Bubbles could win it in less a second honestly. She’s literally flew around the globe in about 3 seconds, so the second that fox pisses her off he’ll be in a steel trap cage before he can even blink! Now there is some merit to the argument she’ll try to befriend it first, but again the second she realizes the Fox doesn’t want to be friends with her she can easily speed blitz it into any sort of cage she desires.
  11. Here’s a clip for Letty Ortiz, her fight scenes start at 1:22. And here are some for Sofia from John Wick 3:
  12. Previously on One Night in Sin City: “I think we need to rethink our plan here Toretto.” Across the creek from the Roark Compound was a woody hill, a perfect location to watch over the compound without attracting any attention. Through the leafy coverage the tip of a sniper rifle stuck out, not firing but instead spying on the massacre that just took place. “You gonna tell me who won that shootout any time soon Shaw?” “It was a bit too one sided to be considered a shootout Toretto. Zero’s men took over the place with no casualties, not sure whether their gonna kill the Senator or not though. The point is that this might be too tough of a job for just two buggers like us.” “My son might be in there Shaw, so one or another we’re going in there. Besides I imagine Marv won’t be too far behind us.” (Wallace vs Mother Russia) “Even with that scar faced wanker I doubt it’d be enough. These are tough bastards Toretto, real tough and they outnumber us by a bloody lot. If we’re gonna pull this off, we’ll need some more reinforcements.” *Ring! Ring! Click!* “Tell me you got some good news Tej.” “Not exactly Dom. I just got in contact with Hobbs, he’s in the hospital Dom. Some douche named Wick got the jump on him when he got to town.” (John Wick vs Luke Hobbs) “Hobbs is down? Fuck!” “There is some good though. Hobbs also told me he ran into an old friend of his. An Indonesian Brimob officer named Rama. Hobbs sent him to look for information at the airport, he might be able to help you out Dom. Letty should be flying into Basin City around this time too.” (Rama vs Cassian) “Letty? She’s okay?” “The doctor suggested she take it easy for a few days, but she told him to cram it. Her plane should be touching down around this time too.” “Thanks for the info Tej.” Dominic Toretto hung up the phone and got Deckard Shaw up to speed on the situation. “I’ll go to the airport and pick up Letty, I’ll try to get the Brimob guy as well. You stay here and keep an eye on this joint, let me know if anything changes. Keep an eye out for Marv too.” “Get as much help as you can Toretto. We’re gonna need it.” ************************************ They saw that when you die you see your whole life flash before your eyes. All the bad times you have ever had, but also all the good times. I’ve starred death in the face twice now, can’t really remember seeing my whole life flash, but what I do remember is seeing the faces of all the loved ones I had in my life, all looking down at me with tears in their eyes. Like they knew they were saying goodbye to me for the very last time. I never was good with goodbyes. Maybe that’s why I keep willing myself back from the edge, back from death. Or maybe I’m just a lucky bitch who needs to stop stepping into deep shit. What I do know for certain, is that the my second near death experience reminded me that I had a family to live for and fight for. So fuck taking it easy or whatever else that quack doctor said, Dom and Bryan Jr needed me, so no way was I gonna sit this one out. Flying into this city, Sin City it was aptly called, I remembered Tej’s advise to me before I left: the majority of people were criminals and killers, the majority of cops were criminals and killers, and that any one of them could be working for that dick Zero. *Bang! Bang! Bang!* “There’s a shooting outside! Everybody get down and wait for the police to get here!” (Rama vs Cassian) Barely made it to the baggage reclaim carousel and already a shootout is happening. Here I thought my hometown was bad. Most everyone in here rushed to the corners to huddle in fear. Everyone except this one woman who strutted up to who I presumed to be her valet hiding behind one of the benches. “Are we going or not?” “L-lady I am not moving from this spot until the shooting stops!” “Then give me the keys! I’m in a hurry!” The fearful valet quickly handed over her keys without another word. The women didn’t get far though, as a security guard quickly tried to block her way. “Ma’am I must insist that you wait with the others until the police-“ *Bang!* The security guard cried out in pain as the woman shot him in his shins. Stepping over the wounded man the woman continued on her way almost with no care in the world. Remembering what Tej told me about Dom and the others finding Zero’s henchmen in this city, I got it in my head that she could be one of those people working for Zero. I know it isn’t hard evidence, but if there’s a chance that she was, I couldn’t let her go! Running after the mysterious lady, I caught up to her as she found her car in the parking garage. I pulled out my gun as she was putting her bags in the back and quietly as I could sneaked up behind her and quickly placed my gun against the back of her head. “Don’t move or I’ll blow your fucking head off!” Keeping my gun against her temple I felt around for her gun and then tossed it away. “Your making a big mistake trying to rob me honey.” “I ain’t robbing shit honey, I just wanna know where your heading in such a hurry.” “You really don’t wanna know the answer to that question. Trust me you don’t.” “I don’t trust you bitch! Now get in the goddamn car, your driving!” “You really, really don’t wanna do this. It won’t end well for you.” “Shut the fuck up! And get in the fucking car before I-” Fast as hell she grabbed my hand and pointed my gun away from her head. As we grappled for the gun I reflexively squeezed the trigger and the gun fired over and over until it went click to indicate it was out. I tried a headbutt to stun the bitch, but she kept her wits and swept my legs out and flipped me around on my back. Getting back up quickly I balled up my fists as I prepared to take this mysterious woman down! ************************************ Letty Ortiz from the Fast and Furious series vs Sofia Al-Azwar from John Wick. In a pure fist fight in a parking garage who wins it?
  13. Okay sorry, I guess I missed that part of your post. Yeah but he’s got nowhere near the feats or skill set that Punisher has. If Frank couldn’t take Zealot down I doubt Floyd will do much better.
  14. I second Movie-Brat! I haven’t heard of either character before this season, but from the feats I’ve read about I’ll back Agnes.
  15. Gotta be Chris! Come on guys, the man has gone through more hell then Simon would ever dream of! Give the man his respect!
  16. Cid. It’s gotta be Cid. Any true fan of Final Fantasy will have to vote Cid! The man’s a legend.
  17. No way does Anthony beat Xena. The girl has crossed blades with heavy hitters like Hercules, Callisto, and Ares! Anthony is a chump compared to them! Come on guys don’t the Highlander punk get another unfair win!
  18. Bullshit! @leroypowell3 and @IKA can one of y’all explain to me why Deadshot could beat Zealot in this scenario but The Punisher couldn’t?
  19. I’ll second what Rakai said. Nicely written match though Movie-Brat, I’ll give it a 4.5!
  20. Sorry Blaze, but King just has the advantage of being in more games and thus having a much better list of unique and powerful fighters.
  21. @Peypeypeypey and @Magnamax I get your points about Drizzt being able to beat Harry, but you’re yet to explain how he’s going to take on Percy: demigods in the Riordan universe are already much stronger and faster then regular humans and as the son of Poseidon Percy is undoubtedly stronger and faster then even other Gods! Percy has beaten Ares the God of War in a sword fight, he’s shrugged off blows from giants and cyclops, and in the book The Last Olympian was able to fight Kronos the King of the Titans to a standstill, didn’t really beat him but stalled him until his friends could find a way to defeat Kronos permanently. Oh and if he’s ever in a place without water he can summon a storm, even small hurricanes to provide him with as much water as he needs to simply wash away Drizzt.
  22. He was only intense or invasive whenever he was on the job and considering that job was saving the entire world, three times in a row I might add, I think that’s to be expected. And unless I’m misremembering Hermione was the same way whenever they went up against Voldemort so that’s another thing they can relate to each other about. But if you remember his interactions with Julia and Ilsa then you’d know that when he’s allowed to let his guard down Ethan is a very approachable and light hearted guy which I believe someone like Hermione will be even more attracted to. If Hermione’s attracted to initiative and drive then Ethan will blow Westley out of the water! The guy’s saved the world from nuclear Holocaust and World War 3 several times, found and proved the existence of a secret crime syndicate that not even the CIA could find any evidence of, hanged off buildings by just his fingertips, climbed up a cargo net into a helicopter, crashed said helicopter into another helicopter, survived and fought off the big bad while dangling off a cliff by his fingertips yet again! And if Hermione is so into fantasy stories why did she end falling for Ron over Krum? Because Krum is cardboard cutout fantasy man with no real personality, just like Westley. He might initially catch Hermione’s attraction, but in the end she fell for Ron because Ron had more of a personality and charm to him, just like Ethan. Case in point; when Hermione talks about some of her favorite subjects and magical theories from Hogwarts, which guy do you actually see being invested and asking questions that relate to her topics, and which guy do you see being hopelessly lost because this has nothing to do with swashbuckling fantasy stories.
  23. Excuse me but Westley only had one love interest in his movie, Ethan’s romanced Julia, Ilsa, even Carter had some very heavy sexual tension with him during Ghost Protocol. Also remind me again which character was played by People’s Magazine and Vanity Fair’s sexiest man alive Tom Cruise? In all seriousness Westley I think is more a fantasy crush then a real one. I mean I’m sure every little girl has had her fantasies of the dashing, overly romantic rogue who takes her off on wild adventures, but I think Ethan is better because he’s more what the little girl goes for once she grows into a woman: an intelligent, approachable, kind-hearted, but also witty and playful man who is more dependable and real then the catch-line spewing swashbuckling archetype with no other personality besides.
  24. I would like to refer voters back to my last argument for Catherine for the Sherlock Holmes romance scenario: https://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?/topic/34876-105-catherine-tramell-vs-evelyn-o39connell/ Now Amanda is definitely more an anti-villain then Evelyn, but I think we all knew she would eventually have her face-heel turn and become a true hero. Catherine is a true femme fatale so I think that’ll attract Holmes more. Also her crimes have much more to do with manipulation and cunning then Amanda’s, so that’s another thing that’ll attract Holmes more to Catherine then Amanda.
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