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  1. I’m not too familiar with Leona, but the fact that she’s apparently tough enough to stalemate Lars Alexandersson (Tekken) leaves me perplexed: is she really tough enough to go toe to toe with a guy who fights and beats devil gene characters? Or were there just one or two blind witnesses who clearly didn’t know the strength levels of those characters? Regardless, great match and write up as always Rakai! I’ll grade it a 4.8!
  2. The Horsemen are good, but Danny Ocean and his team practically wrote the book on how to pull off a heist! The Ocean crew will be in and out the joint so quick, the Horsemen will be left stunned and questioning whether Ocean is a better magician then all of them.
  3. Looked up He-Man’s stats and while he’s definitely strong enough to make this a match, Kefla ultimately beats him.
  4. Both fighters come from pretty tough worlds, but Mitsurugi has more experience with tougher opponents: he’s got got a pretty even rivalry with Taki, who fought and killed Cervantes de Leon after he slaughtered entire armies and towns across Europe, and he once stalemated Algol, the creator and master of the pocket dimension Astral Chaos realm. I’m not sure if guest characters are canon, but in VI he even fought Geralt of Rivia! It was unclear who won, but Geralt apparently considered him a worthy rival.
  5. Yeah this is another win for Team One Eye, I dare say this’ll be a stomp.
  6. This is a battle between age and experience (Auron) vs youth and strength (Gladiolus). It’s a tough fight, and although I think more people will be better familiar with Auron, I think I’ll throw my hat in the underdog Gladiolus. While Auron has more experience, Gladiolus has been training to be a warrior since he was very young so he’s far from a newb, so in the end I feel as though Gladiolus being more physically stronger and in his prime will eventually overwhelm and take down Auron.
  7. I think She-Hulk eventually out muscles and out lasts Mario. The plumber is stronger then he looks but She-Hulk has more consistent higher end feats.
  8. Like I said last time Electra is the toughest person there, she’ll win it again this time. Also feel kinda bad for Bond. Sorry bout Selina leaving you for dead bud.
  9. Carol or Mark could stomp the other team by themselves honestly. Pretty sure neither Bob, Lion-O, or Man-at-Arms are planet busters.
  10. If Luke can get close, his lightsaber and force abilities should do some big damage to even Iron Man. But unfortunately, I do see Tony cutting him down before he gets too close. Samurai Jack I think schools Kimberly in every conceivable category, especially experience, skills, and durability. The Predator might be a big deal in his own universe, but Hawk Girl by scaling should take him out pretty easily. All in all Team Avenger should take this round pretty easily. Hopefully we’ll get closer fights as the tournaments finals get closer.
  11. Been nice knowing ya Hun. Actually no it really hasn’t, but why speak ill of the dead? The Cybermen slaughter the Purple Dragons! Keep up the good work on writing up matches Movie-Brat! Big fan of yours!
  12. Love how hard working you are at writhing your matches Rakai! I give a 5.0, very great! The Ikari Warriors have never really impressed me much, though that might be because I only played one of there games once a long time ago. Donnie can take this, Clark is far from the toughest opponent he and his brothers have taken on.
  13. Gotta bet on Team Justice. Like the others have said, Team Ninja has no real counter for Lemillion and to a lesser extent Scarlet Spider.
  14. Greenwood Film Studios, Hollywood, USA. *Buzz!* Mr. Greenwood sir? There’s a Mr. Daffy Duck and a Mr. Squidward Tentacles here to see you.” James Greenwood, Chairman of Greenwood Films, smirked at hearing his secretary’s report. Taking out a Cuban Cigar from the jar on his desk, figuring he deserved a little celebration. After all this was just what he needed to transform his humble little studio into a main contender in the Hollywood film industry, as long as he chose the right star for the role. “Send them in at once Ms. Kelly,” The Chairman ordered as he lit his cigar. The door to Greenwood’s office burst open, and two anthropomorphic cartoon animals attempted to enter the office at once. The turquoise octopus, wearing only a brown shirt and possessing a rather large nose, grunted as he tried to push past the other toon. The black feathered duck with a white neck ring pushed back against his competitor though, determined to be the first one to enter. After much pushing and straining, the two cartoon animals fell to the floor almost simultaneously. Brushing themselves off, the duck and octopus made their way over to the desk of Mr. James Greenwood. “Squidward! Daffy! So glad you both could make it! Please have a seat fellows, we got so much to talk about!” “I’ll say Jimmy! For starters, whose bright idea was to have this surly, snobbish, simpleton as the welcome committee to your office?” “Oh puh-lease! The delusional duck was the one causing the problems! He wouldn’t stop talking about he great he used to be at Warner Brothers until that ‘long eared, carrot chomping miscreant’ stole the spotlight from him. It was giving me a migraine!” “Well it’s true! Why if it wasn’t for me, that backstabbing company would have never made it past the public radio! And they repay me by making that despicable rabbit the companies mascot! But hey, no can say that Daffy Duck stays where he’s not appreciated! It took a lot of boring legal work to get me out of my contract with Warner Bros, so you better have the offer of a lifetime Jimmy.” “Now just a minute duck boy! Mr. Greenwood has already told me I was his choice for his studios newest project! And I am not going back to being the designated punchline for that annoying, barnacle headed sea sponge!” “Fellas, fellas, relax. First things first, let me explain to you guys my offer: see these last couple of months my kids have bugging me night and day to get them Disney Plus so that they could watch that Marvel/Disney show Loki. Now at first I was rather annoyed, but then I had an epiphany! Our target audience these days are sick to death of watching the same boring, cliche, traditional heroes they see all the time on their cartoons! See the truth is, folks these days would rather watch a series about the evil trickster Loki, then his heroic and strong brother Thor. Wanna guess why that is?” “The 90’s trend of gritty anti-heroes is back?” Daffy Duck guessed. “People these days are greedy and selfish monsters who wanna see other greedy selfish monsters succeed?” Squidward speculated. “No and no. It’s because folks these days better identify with the woobie character then ever before! You know, the character who constantly loses, constantly gets humiliated and beaten on by the more gallant and traditionally strong character! Bonus points for if the character is also the more cynical and sarcastic one of the cast, for obvious reasons. See our audience better identify with those characters because more often then not they see themselves as that character! And once I realized that little fact I figured why shouldn’t I take advantage of this new rising fan base and make my own ‘Loki’ show? That’s why your both here gentlemen: you are both some of the saddest, most pathetically accurate examples of woobies I could bring under my company.” “HEY!” “HEY!” “With all due respect I assure you! But that’s why I’m offering you both the position of a lifetime: to become the newest stars of Greenwood Studios newest flagship series! The one that finally allows you guys the opportunity to become the main lead and no longer play second banana to either Bugs or Spongebob!” “Really? A Squidward Tentacles show? Oh Mr. Greenwood you have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear that!” Squidward nearly cried at Mr. Greenwood’s offer. “Now your talking Jimmy boy! When does shooting start? I want a full origins story that goes my glorious rise to stardom and a theme that accurately captures my greatness and my attractiveness!” Daffy dramatically posed and mugged as he envisioned it all. “Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves fellas. First of all we gotta decide which one of you will actually get the opportunity.” A record scratching sound was heard as both duck and octopus felt their hopes drop as they heard what James Greenwood just said. “Sadly we don’t have the budget to produce two shows at once, so the producers and I decided to launch one show first just to see if it’ll catch the enough attention or not. And hey if it get’s popular enough, maybe we’ll be able to make a show for the other guy in a year or two.” “Surely you mean to produce my show first Jimmy! I’m clearly a bigger and brighter star then Iznogoud the ink spewer over there.” “Excuse me?! Mr. Greenwood I am artist! A once in a generation talent who has for too long been sidelined by those big wig buffoons at Nickelodeon! And I refuse to wait for my chance at stardom behind some outdated and poorly drawn duck!” “Now just a second there buster! Need I remind you that I was headlining cartons and rolling in the moolah before you were even a concept art in a break room?!” “Well if you ask me, I think your time has come and gone old timer. And it’s time for a younger toon to be given a shot!” Daffy Duck and Squidward Tentacles went nose to bill, growling at each other in anger. “Take it easy boys, you’ll both get your chance to show us your talents. Our show runners have already set up several auditions starting this week that are meant to show us how well you two would do in the following television genres: Action, Mystery, Drama, Romance, and Comedy. It’ll both show us your acting ranges and give us some ideas for the show. Ms. Kelly will email you two the specifics, so let’s try to keep it professional okay?” “Hmph! I still find it degrading that a seasoned actor like myself must compete for a role so clearly meant for me!” Daffy crossed his arms in a haughtily manner. “Yeah. I bet Bugs Bunny would have never had this trouble, huh lispy? Eughhehehaa!” Squidward’s nose deflated and inflated as he laughed. “… Youuu’re deththpicable!!!” ************************************ One of these two long overshadowed cosmic woobies will finally get the chance to become the star they always dreamed they would become. But which one will it be? The winner shall be decided based on whoever does the best at the following auditions based around the genres the producers are considering for the show: Action- The two characters must wow the producers by fighting off a group of laser firing mooks and hungry guard dogs. The last one standing wins this round. Mystery- Both contestants are given an atypical crime scene to solve. The first wannabe sleuth to crack the case wins this round. Drama- This round will test each characters ability to draw the audience in and make them feel for them. The two will memorize and act out a scene where their just on the verge of losing it all and practically begging the universe to give them some kind of a miracle. Whomever does it the most convincingly wins. Romance- Our production has caught the attention of rising star actress Natalie Barrera. This no-nonsense, firecracker is gonna be a huge draw to the public, so she’ll need a leading man who can work great beside her. Whoever has the best chemistry and working relationship with Ms. Barrera will take this round. Comedy- Each of our potential stars will put together a comedic shtick of there choosing to be presented before a live audience. The star who generates the most laughs from the audience will earn the win. Best 3/5 will win. Cheating or attempting to sabotage your opponent is of course officially condemned, but secretly a familiar tactic in the cutthroat world of Hollywood. Break a leg gentlemen, cause Lord knows you two have been through worse!
  15. Gotta bet on Jeffrey McWild! The guy’s main rival is a Devil Shark! Don’t get more hard then that!
  16. I’m betting on the Joes, I know folks tend to only remember Snake-Eyes but the Joes have tons of other badass mofos besides him: Duke, Flint, Spirit, Scarlet, Roadblock, and Lady Jaye are all tough enough to take on almost any Gotham villains as well as Snake-Eyes and considering they regularly take on a global terrorist organization bent on controlling the world, I would think a dozen or so city level villains would be more then within their ability to handle.
  17. Yes but as I mentioned in a previous match Percy can control the weather to an extant and has used that power in the past to summon hurricanes and storms to bring water directly to him. So the guy is never without a source of water to use for battle. Also I’m very aware of the ludicrous power levels of the Warhammer 40k universe, but from what I could look up while Leman is considered one of the better pure swordsmen of the Primarchs, in terms of pure power I think he was more mid tier if anything. While yes Kronos was weaken, even at that point he was still considered the most powerful being in existence, stronger then even Elder Gods like Zeus and Poseidon. Percy definitely has better higher end feats then Leman, guys like Kronos and Ares would be like Chaos Gods in the 40k universe.
  18. Never saw District 9 sadly. But I remember the robots from I Robot being pretty badass and strong, so I’ll back them.
  19. Hmm, I think the variety of powers and abilities of the MK fighters might just give them the advantage. Then again the Red Rangers will have better teamwork, and several members of MK might just turn on one another due to past beefs. A greatly written match regardless dude.
  20. Okay so Nancy’s skills with a crossbow start at about 1:47. The other vids are pretty straight forward.
  21. Previously on One Night in Sin City: “Do you know who I fucking am! Who my fucking father is?” Kick-Ass ducked under the wild knife swing and then swatted away the follow up with one of his baton sticks. This crazed man had no real form or discipline to his attacks, only wild and reckless attacks. The hero tried to put some distance between them to better figure this Yellow Bastard out, but the sadistic asshole lunges forward yet again! Kick-Ass crossed his sticks around the rapists wrists, struggling to keep the knife at bay as the insane villain pressed forward with all his might! “Your already dead you stupid motherfucker! You think playing dress up is gonna stop my dad from making you suffer like a-“ “I don’t care!” I drove my knee into the Bastard’s groin, he yelped in pain and dropped his knife to the ground. “I don’t care who you are!” I swung my baton into his left cheek, whipping his head back. “I don’t care who your dad is!” I slammed my other stick into his kidney, dropping him to his knees. “I’m still!” Another strike to his face! “Gonna kick!” Another strike! This time hard enough to break my stick! “Your ass!” As my fist made contact I felt his jaw break from the force of my hit! The Yellow Bastard crumpled to the floor like a puppet who just got his strings cut and just laid there, sniffling and crying. I couldn’t tell you who was worse, that bitch Chris or this psychopath. I returned to the lady tied to the bed and quickly untied her and helped her up. “There are still some girls down stairs in a cage, do you know where he keeps the key to it?” “I… I think so. L-let me check the dresser.” As the blond women went to look through the dresser, I made sure to keep an eye on that Yellow Bastard. He was still not moving much, just continued to curl up in a fetal position and wailing about how his daddy was gonna make me pay. “Would you shut up already! Your not the first spoiled little psycho who thought their dad was always gonna protect him. It doesn’t matter how much money and power you grew up with, you can’t-“ *BLAM!* “AHHHH! NOT AGAIN! AHHHHH!” “Woah!” I almost jumped out of my skin as the blonde came back with a gun and shot her would be rapist in his genitals. Poetic justice I guess. She watched him wriggle and scream in agony for a minute or two, before finally unloading the remaining bullets into his head. “…Are you sure your okay miss..?” “Nancy Callahan. And yeah, not by much but I’m getting there.” Nancy Callahan gathered the rest of her stuff and then walked back over to the stringed up corpse in the corner. Despite the smell she stroked the cheek of the dead old man and even kissed his forehead softly. Did she know him? (John Hartigan vs Ms Perkins) The sounds of incoming police cars seemed to break her out her trance, because when she turned backed to me she was dead serious once more. “If you wanna make it out of here alive, come with me.” “But about the girls still in cages?” “They won’t be harmed now that he’s dead. But if the cops catch us standing over a Roark’s body we won’t live to see tomorrow. Are you coming or not?” I reluctantly agreed to follow her. Jeez, what kind of town was this? ************************************ “This is Frieda Cortez, reporting from Channel 4 news! Ethan Roark Jr., only son of Senator Ethan Roark Senior, was just found murdered only moments ago. But the bigger story was the fact the fact he was found-“ “-seemingly in the middle of kidnapping/rape assault gone array! Police have already liberated several terrified and traumatized little girls, all telling horrifying accounts of Roark Junior abducting them from their homes-“ “-with the clear intention of rapping them! For many years rumors have persisted of the deformed Roark’s alleged involvement in the disappearance of numerous little girls, but today it would seem that a brave individual has finally delivered the justice Ethan Roark Jr. has long eluded.” “The Senator himself could not be reached for comments. But if his son was in fact the one responsible for these and countless other young girls abductions and murders then the senior Roark could face political ruin and potential criminal charges! This has been Byron Mitchell of the 8th Hour News reporting.” Not far away from where many reporters and police officers had gathered, two individuals were watching the scene unfold with cold and calculating interest. The one on the right was an Indonesian male, currently in the middle of twirling a steel baseball bat idly. The women on the left was Indonesian also, wearing shades and slowly stroking her pair of hammers. A buzzing sound came from the males pocket and he pulled it out to answer his cell phone. “Your plan has come together almost flawlessly Zero.” “Yes, I’m watching the various news reports right now. I think we’ll still need Nancy Callahan back with us unfortunately. A written down testimony of an adult will make certain that all our activities can be placed squarely at old man Roark’s feet.” “We saw the girl and the man in the green cosplay outfit head west by Auburn street. We’ll find them shortly.” “Remember: both Callahan and Kick-Ass must be brought back alive. Now that young Ms. Callahan has a new Knight in Shining Armor, she’ll do whatever we ask as long as we keep him alive.” “Understood.” Hanging up, the Baseball Bat Man turned to his sister and through sign language communicated to her the mission and that both targets must be taken alive. The Hammer Girl frowned at the idea of not being able to kill them, but nodded to show that she understood. ************************************ “So you’ve been following the directions of someone named ‘Zero’s Game’ for over a week now. You’ve meet him, never talked to him, you just get messages from him and follow them without question. And that’s why you came to Sin City and found me?” “Well.. yeah… I-I guess.” Nancy Callahan gave the green wet suit man a look of pure incredulous. After an awkward pause the guy quickly blurted out words to explain himself. “B-but I mean I do this a lot! Or actually, I used to do this a lot. It’s been awhile since I last checked my old Instagram account. But I mean it’s okay cause like I’m a superhero! You know, Kick-Ass!?” “A superhero? And what exactly are your powers again?” “I… Well I guess I’m more of a Batman or Daredevil type hero. Only without the billion dollar company or the super sensitive ears. Wait, wouldn’t that make me more of a Wildcat or Union Jack hero? Aw man that sucks!” Sighing heavily, I turned to one of the lockers that I had set up in this safe house. I always feared that one day the Roarks would come after me again, so I found this abandoned safe house and stored some supplies here in case I needed to lie low. But whoever set up this ‘Kick-Ass’ he’s not one of the Roark’s, they wouldn’t scheme against one of there own. But then who’s behind this? “At least it all worked out though right? I mean I saved your life and we both got away scott free.” “We only escaped because someone else wanted us to escape. Probably as a way to go after the Roarks. But now that they got what they wanted, I doubt they’ll let us walk away from this, knowing what we know.” I pulled out my crossbow and began loading it with bolts. In case hiding didn’t work and in case I couldn’t rely on Marv or Hartigan to help me, I made sure to train with some weapons to make sure I could fight back! “W-wait a second. You really think someone helped me rescue you just so that they could kill us both afterwards?” “Welcome to Sin City hero. Trust no one and always be ready for a fight.” Walking up to one of the training courses I put together, I took aim and starting firing out some bolts. I smirked as I saw that all that training was finally paying off. “If you don’t mind me asking, who was that man who was strung up when I found you?” “… His name was John Hartigan. When Roark first abducted me as a kid, he saved my life and it cost him almost everything. Now as an adult he tried to save me again and this time it did cost him everything.” (John Hartigan vs Ms Perkins) I had to fight the urge to not cry. Now wasn’t the time for it and it never did me any good anyhow. “Whoever planned all of this, they were the one who caused Hartigan’s death. So when their goons come looking for me, I’ll be waiting for them. I understand if this isn’t your fight.” “I know what it’s like to be helpless. To be kicked around by someone stronger then you and seeing someone else die because they tried to help you. I kinda got sick of seeing so many others be in a position to help but always running away because it was too hard or none of their business. So I’m not going anywhere, we’re a team now.” “Thanks for that. But sorry, I’m not going to keep calling you Kick-Ass. Don’t you have a regular name or something?” “Oh yeah, Dave. Dave Lizewski. Ready for a team up Ms. Crossbowette?” “No. We’re not doing that either.” ************************************ Nancy and Kick-Ass are hiding out at an abandoned factory. Baseball Man and Hammer Girl will arrive in a few minutes. The two goons are ordered to take them alive. Who wins?
  22. Well looks like another lady is gonna win in a fight, I for one will be shell-shocked if Tifa loses a popular vote.
  23. I’m rooting for Helena. She has more experience, actually won the fourth DoA tournament, and because like she said she was the one who put this team together.
  24. Oscar Wilde once said “You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies,” and throughout his time Mitsurugi has made enemies and rivalries with Taki, Algol, Setsuka, and in the reboot the guest fighter Geralt of Rivia! My money’s on him.
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