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  1. Before anyone tries to argue that Boomerang wins because his attacks are fast enough to hit the Flash, I’ll remind them that even a street level characters like Deadshot can outdraw him:
  2. Can’t go against Khal Drogo. The guy doesn’t even need weapons to kill you, just his own bear hands. Don’t get much harder then that.
  3. I’m going with King due to him being much bigger, stronger, and a true professional fighter. Sorry Hakan, but as the president of an oil company there’s no way you train as long or as hard as King. P.S. Kinda depressed after reading the part about Lars slowly dying, was one of my favorite Tekken characters. 🥺🥺🥺
  4. I mean Dorothy has taken down a wicked witch and her army of flying monkeys and stone soldiers before, so I would think this is her scenario to lose.
  5. I fear that Neville will be too intimidated by Leia to consider her as a romantic option. Vicki would probably be more his speed.
  6. Going with Sarah actually. I feel like in this scenario they’d bond better as fellow outsiders that everybody thinks is crazy.
  7. C’mon guys, you gotta give this to Ethan! I mean him and Brienne would be the ultimate power couple! Like they could kick so much Lannister and Bolton ass together it would so awesome! But I also like that that their not too similar, like Ethan’s bit more methodical, cunning, and playful, while Brienne is more hard-headed, righteous, and no-nonsense, so they’ll balance each other so well. Also Brienne is so tall! And Ethan (like Tom Cruise in real life) is so small! Tell me that wouldn’t be adorable!
  8. Wow, a very amazing battle of words going on between @Magnamax and @Movie-Brat and I am loving every moment of it!🍿🍿🍿!!! Gonna have to really look through y’all’s arguments before I vote.
  9. Oh wow, I am very surprised. I did not think that we could mix things up like halfway through the season. But I love it! Thanks to Fox for hearing out my arguments! I do agree with the overall consensus about Jackie, she’s closer to Picard’s age, they can bond over there love of old school detective work, and I just feel like since both live very dangerous lifestyles they’ll understand and relate to each other better. Sorry Anya, but at least you still got Dimitri. Thanks again Fox, it was super cool of you to do me this solid. You rock!!!
  10. Thanks. I’m basically picking characters from action movie franchises that I consider to be some of my all-time favorites, particularly ones that haven’t had many matches on this site. Still got at least two other franchises to introduce though, so keep on the look out for them.
  11. Team spies (Bond & Bourne) will probably take this. They got a lot more movies between them and thus more feats to argue for. I see them winning rounds 2 and 3, but round 1 will probably be won by Rambo and Matrix.
  12. While I doubt anybody needs any reminders about Hit-Girl, but for fairs sake I’ll post a vid about her and Elle Driver:
  13. Previously on One Night in Sin City: “Remember to take only one pain pill at time, it’ll dull the pain for a bit but more then six and you’ll be foaming at the mouth in seconds. And take some adrenaline shots just in case you need some extra energy. Oh and don’t forget Marv’s medicine, make certain he doesn’t forget to take it.” “Thanks again for your hospitality Claire. I promise I’ll pay you and Lucille back once this is over.” “Oh don’t even worry about that, I just wish we could do more to help find your son.” “You’ve done more then most oth
  14. Sorry Scoob, but Yakko and his siblings have taken on Satan himself! A few bees aren’t gonna give him any trouble.
  15. Is whoever picked Road Runner not gonna try to argue for him? Cause right now the odds seem to be in Woody’s favor.
  16. Cole has telepathy right? He’ll probably see Kenshin coming and get the drop on him quick. Voting for Grifter.
  17. I’m thinking Chris would take this one. As a STARS operator and BSAA agent he’ll have definitely had better accuracy training, plus as a Resident Evil protagonist he’ll have definitely learned how to be extremely accurate because in nearly every game he’s been in he’s started with low ammo access, with enemies that need to be shot in just the right areas in order to be defeated. And since the scenario greatly discourages moving around and dodging, I’ll give it to the guy who’ll be more accurately hitting his target.
  18. I second Rakai, Eddie’s never impressed me as a fighter, so I’ll go with Darli. I also consider this a bit of a protest vote because dammit I’m still not over Maxi and Lars being eliminated because of a technical tie. Completely ridiculous, but it is what it is.
  19. A battle between two champions of law and order vs two instruments of chaos and anarchy. I like it! Now the outcome of this battle might very well depend on whether the judges go after the clown duo immediately or not. If they try to take them down immediately and by surprise then they’ll probably be able to kill them thanks to info sent to them by Bats. But if Joker and Harley are able to find out about them and prep for their arrival they just might be able to turn the tables on the judges. Jokers killed Batman after all, so at this point Joker might be too unpredictable and insane for
  20. Don’t misunderstand me Fox I got nothing against the romance genre, in fact I consider myself a hopeless romantic myself. I do like the creativity and originality of this category, all I’m saying is that it could have been a bit less one dimensional about it’s objective. Speaking strictly from a CBUB tournament contestant perspective, I do think it’s kinda unfair to the contestants who picked women like the Chels, Chase Meridians, and others since their kinda being screwed over because they just happened to pick women who just happen to be interested in having a relationship. Meanwhile co
  21. Going Lady Shiva here. Though admittedly I know next to nothing about this Daniel guy.
  22. I’m thinking that Melvin gets killed by the T-800 before he even gets the chance to romance Evie.
  23. Another incredibly written match setup Broadway! I really admire how much work you put into this, especially since poor Chel and Anamaria don’t usually get used. Much respect my man! For this scenario, I honestly think Chel will have an advantage in that it takes place in El Dorado. Not only will she be familiar with the terrain and it’s short cuts, I think she’ll be better able to blend in and evade the guards then Anamaria.
  24. Austin’s more of a lover then a fighter, I think if he actually did come up against a jealous ex boyfriend, more often then not he’d cut his loses and find another gal to flirt with.
  25. Also the scenario seems to favor the one who can better draw attention to his circus. Jerry’s shy, mouse of few words stick might work against him in that regard, meanwhile Speedy’s confident, life-of-the-party attitude might assist him in drawing more people to his circus.
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