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  1. If the eggs naturally hatch the second they sense life then why did only one of them hatch even though there were three life forms in the area? My personal theory was that the eggs in the 1st film were in some form of hibernation since there had been no food for them for a very long time, and that the only reason one of them woke up was because Kane actively made contact with it. The ones in AvP would probably be the default way the Xenomorph eggs operate, but again they probably didn’t need to hibernate for an unknown amount of time until suitable prey came along. Since we are discussing the eggs of the first movie, we must assume that they operate the way we see it happen in the film: they only hatch when one touches them. Marco may not be a genius but once he survives the first attack by the facehugger even he would know not to disturb the others. He would likely barricade the chamber and then wait out the 24 hours until he could leave. Assuming that those black liquids were in fact on the ship and that Ripley’s crew just missed them, all Marco would have to do is not touch them and he’d be fine. Again he’s no Einstein but I’m pretty sure even a fool would know that any type of black liquid wouldn’t be safe to ingest, and would most likely just avoid it. It’s a big ship so the odds of him choosing to stay nearby the potentially poisonous liquids for long enough for it to leak out is pretty unlikely.
  2. I just realized that they might not have platypuses on Remnant. And if he’s just acting like a mindless animal some less developed cultures might decide to eat him, while places like Atlas or Mistral would try to experiment on him to find out what kind of animal he is.
  3. Not all He-Man characters are planet busters Macklemore, some of them are just badass normals like Bow, Mekaneck, and Man-At-Arms. Just because their not God-tier like He-Man doesn’t make them useless, just like Ron being a bad-ass normal doesn’t mean he can’t carve out his own niche in Eternia.
  4. I think you mean Dilophosaurus chow, but I get the main idea.
  5. Gotta give it to the sass master herself. Go Tinkerbelle!
  6. A one-liner contest hmm? Well in this case I’ll back Hawkeye.
  7. I think you and lots of others are severely underestimating Ron here, like yeah he started the series as a cowardly comic relief, but there’s a little thing called character development and by the final season Ron was a legitimate hero who had saved the world almost as many times as Kim herself! He may clumsy and bumbling but that doesn’t take away the feats of him infiltrating Drakken’s lair numerous times, as a running back for his school football team he was fast enough to break several state records, he’s beaten Monkey Fist multiple times on his own, once beat Kim herself during a mind-controlled episode, and by the fourth season Ron had mastered his Mystical Monkey Powers to the point where he could beat Warhok and Warmonga when even Kim and Shego working together failed to do so. Put some respect on Ron’s name guys, the dude has long earned it.
  8. There seems to be some confusion as to the objective of this scenario: do the ninjas need to defeat Barbossa’s Black Pearl crew, Jack’s Black Pearl crew, or do they need to sneak in to assassinate the Pearl’s Captain? Going strictly by the wording of the challenge, which says “which of these ninja could board the Black Pearl and take over the ship,” and the picture to the left of it shows Jack instead of Barbossa I would think that the idea is who would be able to take over the Black Pearl ship captained by Jack Sparrow and his crew by the end of the first movie. The key wording here is “take over the ship” not necessarily kill off all the pirates. Going by dialogue from the second movie you’ll need at least a 5-6 crew members to sail the Pearl, so if the ninjas want to successfully take it over they’ll need to spare some of the crew and convince them to serve him. Either guy could kill off Jack and have the remaining crew at his mercy, but in terms of who could convince the crew to serve them, I think Hanzō’s lack of social skills might hinder his ability to sway the crew to his side, plus his undead nature might make them more apprehensive of him, given their experiences with Barbossa, Davy Jones, and Salazar. Genji’s meanwhile has the better personality, mindset and skills to convince the crew to make him Captain so I might have to give this to him.
  9. C’mon Rakai that doesn’t count and you know it. The 2003 Turtles clearly weren’t trying to fight them, they were focused on talking them down and they eventually succeeded. If that were a real fight then it would have been a lot closer. But for the Leonardo (Mirage) vs Leonardo (2012) fight, I was never really impressed by the 2012 Turtles, wasn’t a fan of the bulky animation style or the childish portrayal of the turtles. I’ll vote for Mirage Leo. If this were Mirage vs 2003 Turtles though, my answer would be very different.
  10. You sure about that? I think by virtue of them actually being able to capture the protagonist makes those knights much more competent then the Stormtroopers. 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Wow, it’s real funny how quickly things went from very bleak to very optimistic for Odie. Yet somehow this makes sense for his character.
  12. Grimm won’t be the only threat to him. With his appearance and intelligence some people might mistake him for a new breed of Grimm or a Faunus, which could be trouble if Perry ended up in a less tolerant part of Remnant.
  13. If I had known that the idea was to have a place that actively trying to kill someone I might have picked differently. But if the Konoha ninjas are actively trying to kill Muttley, he’s a dead little doggy.
  14. @RakaiThwei and @Fox, Look clearly you two haven’t seen Star vs The Forces of Evil so I understand that y’all would take one look at Marco and incorrectly assume he’s the stereotypical goofy, accident prone sidekick whose only there for comic relief. But as a long time fan of the show, let me assure you that Marco Diaz would straight up cake walk this scenario. I’ll explain: Firstly, in Season 2 Episode 16 (Running With Scissors) Marco spent 16 years in Hekapoo’s dimension, trying to chase her down to prove himself worthy of her Dimensional Scissors. During those 16 years Marco survived the exploding plains of Flendar, the mists of the Neverzone, the Afflicted Forest where he fought and tamed a dragon-motorcycle creature he named Nachos, defeated an army wolf-bears, and the various clones of Hekapoo before finally blowing out her candle to prove himself worthy of the scissors. Admittedly most of that stuff happened off screen, but the point is that as long as the place has an atmosphere Marco can survive it. Secondly, those Facehugger Aliens don’t stand a chance against Marco. The dude is fast enough to catch Hekapoo and her clones (Hekapoo can run across the circumference of a planet in about four seconds) and spar with Star Butterfly whose spells fire at the speed of lightning. Marco is also stronger then Ludo’s minions who can easily lift up cars and he survived being at the epicenter of this blast: https://m.imgur.com/LmvTglx Marco Diaz is a certified badass! He’s survived far worst threats then a couple of prepubescent alien experiments. This’ll just be a Tuesday for him.
  15. Predaking takes this one. Normal sized Scorponok gets bodied.
  16. Completely forgot that she was on LoT myself. 🤣! It’s been a long while since I watched that show tbh, so I might need to look up some scenes on YouTube.
  17. It’s a toss up. Round 1 should go to Stargirl because of her greater feats of energy projection. But Round 2 should go to Starlight because she’s got got much better showings and screen time then Smallville’s Stargirl. Actually not sure how to vote now, lol.
  18. I’d put money on Kimahri. His ability to absorb HP and MP from his opponents plus his own pretty strong attacks should put him over Red XIII.
  19. I’d say Captain Comet, though I don’t know that much about Exodus tbh.
  20. Very cool, a tournament entry and a continuation of your Zombie Power Ranger arc all rolled into one. Props for thinking of that. I think Alpha 5 might be right that Titanus upgrades would make him stronger then Tor and that in a prolonged battle Titanus would probably win. But I will say that if Tor focuses on fighting defensively and on just stalling Titanus, then I think it might have the defense and firepower to hold off Titanus long enough for Alpha 5 to shutdown the rogue zord. I’ll vote Tor.
  21. Wow, didn’t really understand the plot at first but after rereading it a few times, very well done Culwych. The uniqueness of it will allow it stand out in the tournament. If the “entity” is going off the factors you listed, I’d put money on it choosing Scully: I think she’s got adaptability, cunning, and intelligence going for her, and throughout The X-File has had to endure and survive many kinds of trials and horrors such as an alien abduction, several serial killers, cancer, and mountain loads of other incidents that have given her PTSD and shaken her faith as a Catholic. Scully is a survivor, both physically and mentally, and I think this entity will be drawn to that.
  22. Very interesting write up here Z451, I think you did pretty good writing for characters you didn’t know about until recently. Can’t really say that I know much about these guys either but I do wanna give you some respect for taking the time and effort to make a pretty write up that gives us some glimpses into Indian culture. Your okay in my book!
  23. Very good match Patrick, another great tournament entry. I’ll put money on Varia, I remember her just being way more badass then Kendra.
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