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  1. Going against the grain here, but doesn’t the fact that Giselle has actually defeated an evil, magically powered villain net her any points here? No offense to Mary Poppins, but teaching a family to better listen and communicate with each other is not the same as defeating an ancient, trans-dimensional creature that eats children.
  2. Vote Bubbles! For the Babies sake, please, PLEASE vote Bubbles!!!
  3. Admittedly I know next to nothing about Zealot or really any Wildstorm characters, but fuck it, I’m going all in my guy Frank. This is an open area guys, so if Frank can’t simply pepper her to death, he’ll keep her at a distance until he figures her out. The guy is a Marine Force Recon vet who served several tours in the Middle East so he’ll out easily outmaneuver her in the desert and even be able to hide and sneak attack her. Finally, need I remind everyone here of the kinda OP feats Castile has done over the years? Taking down Wolverine, almost killing Deadpool with the muramasa sword,
  4. Okay guys seriously, no more fooling around, vote Crimson Viper to win. She’s stronger, tougher, and her attacks are faster and let her control the fight better. I’m real serious guys, vote Viper. I’m getting real sick of the better fighters getting eliminated unfairly.
  5. Honestly I’m voting for Sarah because I assume it will lead to a TFatWS/Terminator crossover and I would kill to see what sort of Terminators could be created and fought in this sort of setting.
  6. That is a very good point and I’m not just saying that because I used a similar argument for one my last Catherine match. I’ll vote Patrick just because the scenario is who will have the most “entertaining choice.”
  7. So why don’t you think she can pull this off? Cervantes at the time was destroying entire cities and massacring armies. Unknown surely isn’t that strong.
  8. Awesome work Broadway! I’ll score the set-up 5.0. I’m rooting for the Putties, they’re already on top of the droids, so they won’t be able to rely on the long rang of their blasters, and it appears their already taking loses. As long as Finster, Squatt, and Baboo can keep replenishing the Putties numbers then I think they’ll eventually overwhelm and scatter the tactically inept droids.
  9. Sonja comes from a more fantasy like setting then the more realistic Achilles. She’s drop kicked giant ogres, broken a gorilla’s arms, beat a werewolf to death with a rock, and most impressively beaten Conan in a fight and fought him to a draw several times. She takes this match.
  10. Sorry Broadway, but Vicki’s screaming at every little thing from the original 1980 Batman still haunt my dreams and I don’t wanna repeat of it. Voting Jessica.
  11. While usually Kirk should be the favorite when it comes to these romance scenarios, I personally think that might work against him here cause Jessica is decidedly someone who goes against what’s mainstream and popular. She’d sooner choose Connor I think.
  12. In almost every cartoon a skunks smell is the single greatest chemical weapon imaginable. So with that in mind I’ll cast my vote for Pepe.
  13. While I think they both could probably escape this scenario, I would think Gazoo would have more faster and reliable methods then Yako. Gazoo could freeze his fellow aliens in time, teleport them away from him, or simply vaporize them where they stand. Yako would probably resort to annoying them until they dropped him back on Earth. Not saying that Yako’s method wouldn’t succeed, just that the Great Gazoo’s are more reliable and faster, so I would rather bet on him winning.
  14. The question is do either of these two know how to play piano? Never really watched Tiny Toons or Captain Planet so I wouldn’t know the answer to that.
  15. Bad draw for Kate here, if Hawkeye couldn’t beat Deadshot in this scenario then I doubt she’ll fair much better.
  16. I think people are forgetting that Scully was the realist of the X Files: she’s a down to earth, sensible women who prefers to live in the realm of the knowable and explainable. I would think she would prefer the safer, morally sound man Ethan, as he already fits her notion of a strong, dependable, and trustworthy man that she would see herself with.
  17. So I’m guessing this is the BBC Sherlock? In this case I think we actually saw how this love triangle would go down in the show itself: Evelyn would be the Molly in this scenario, she’s nice and means well but Holmes would be hard press to even remember her name, cause unless you have something to do with his case, your not on his radar. Catherine would be Irene, the deadly, cunning, and manipulative villainess that Holmes would be utterly obsessed with, more so her methods and criminal success then with her looks. Again, Evelyn like would be nice if your looking for a nice, safe Barbie a
  18. Starting a new story arc with Final Fantasy characters huh? That’s awesome, I love the Final Fantasy series, particularly VII and X. I’ll vote Lulu for this match, her rapid offensive spells plus her dolls are a very deadly combo, besides Cait Sith is more a supporting class fighter so he won’t be very effective fighting alone.
  19. For those of you who didn’t see Kick-Ass 2, here’s some videos that show how equally badass Mother Russia is:
  20. Unfortunately Wallace never got featured in the movies, which always annoyed me, so I’ll have to post comic scans to give you guys an idea of how badass this guy is. Here’s him taking down four cops that tried to intimidate him into not looking for a missing Esther: And here’s him taking out a whole shipyard of armed thugs so fast none of them could fire a shot:
  21. Previously on One Night in Sin City: “Cardinal we really must take you to the safe house.” The lead officer tried to insist. “I won’t be long my son, I just need to check up on my old friend.” Cardinal Roark kept his pace toward the old farmhouse, his two police escorts reluctantly following him. As the rumble of thunder heralded the coming of rain, Cardinal Roark entered the decrepit, spooky old house and attempted to turn on the lights only to find that they didn’t work. Unshaken, the old man continued into the house, the policemen chose to wait by the door.
  22. From what I could look up Thok is just a regular Gamorrean guard. Who are really just featless mooks at best. Pretty sure main protagonists like Aloy eat those guys for breakfast.
  23. I mean Bill and Ted had help too, they had a time machine, historical figures from all across time, and even after death they were given a second chance to come back. All Dorothy had for help was a cowardly lion, a brainless scarecrow, and a heartless tin man. Sorry but I’d rather put my money on the little lady who killed a wicked witch then two stoners who needed 31 years to write a song.
  24. Before anyone tries to argue that Boomerang wins because his attacks are fast enough to hit the Flash, I’ll remind them that even a street level characters like Deadshot can outdraw him:
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