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  1. Gonna have to disagree with several of your points Peypey. Firstly: “Cherry would beat Michael?” Get out of here with that! Michael is almost as supernatural as Jason, he’s survived being shot, stabbed, and burned alive twice! He’d butcher Cherry easily, and he’d probably be able to kill the Horseman too! Secondly: While I do agree that this match will likely come down to Jason vs the Wolf Man, I think your forgetting that Jason can only be killed by specific means as well. Jason Goes To Hell clearly explains that Jason can only be killed by other members of his bloodline and that they mu
  2. In case folks have forgotten Beatrix Kiddo hunted down and slaughtered the five most deadly assassins in the world, she took on an entire army of Yakuza Warriors at once and killed or maimed them all, oh and she has a sweet little move called the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique which does exactly as the name suggests. How exactly will Thok defend against that?
  3. It seems every argument against Dorothy seems to hinge on her having help/luck on her side. Need I remind you that Bill and Ted had a lot of luck and help during their adventures as well? I mean they got help from a time lord, several historical figures, and their future selves. Plus they both died twice and were brought back to life with almost no catch, a much bigger deus ex machina then water killing the witch in my opinion. Also if you think about it, The Wizard of Oz played out almost exactly like how an extended Goosebumps episode would, right down to having a low budget monster tha
  4. As has been mentioned several times, Gallen like other Highlanders are killable via decapitation. As I’ve also mentioned before Frank has tangled with and almost killed other seemingly immortals like Wolverine and Deadpool.
  5. On one hand, Iori’s destructive abilities and fire manipulation feats are on paper much more devastating then any of Ken’s attacks. But on the other hand, Ken has regularly kept up with and even sometimes gotten the better of Ryu, I even think he at one point kept up with Dark Ryu. Very tough, by feats it should be Iori but by scaling it should be Ken. Gonna have to really think on this one. No where left to hide now, the big dogs are fighting it out now. Can’t wait to see what comes next JohnnyChany.
  6. Lightning should take this fight, especially if her sister’s safety is in the balance. Guys I am not hyperbolizing at all when I say that Lighting is unquestionably the strongest protagonist in all of Final Fantasy. She has fought and defeated literal gods, and I don’t mean minor planet busters like Sephiroth or Kefka, but actual universe creating gods! Squall’s good, but Lightning is literally the best!
  7. Oh boy, gotta feel for the guy who picked Tommy for his team. He’s really been one of the weakest characters.
  8. Road Runner had this scenario last time didn’t he? He didn’t do too well then, so unless something drastic happens I think he’ll be out of luck once more.
  9. Remember Rakai that most of Captain Planet’s rogue gallery are street level characters and for the most part they’ve never had trouble landing hits on the guy. Plus considering Cecil’s seemingly harmless disposition and slow speech I doubt Captain Planet will see him as much of a threat until it’s too late. Anyways, Cecil has managed to beat Bugs Bunny at his own game pretty consistently, so I honestly see this as Cecil appealing to C. Planet’s noble side and convincing him to take the brunt of the ACME products so that the poor old turtle doesn’t get too hurt, and then once Cecil rea
  10. Here’s some clips to show off the fighting skills of these guys:
  11. Previously on One Night in Sin City: John Wick kept Hobbs at bay with his combat knife, scoring a few glancing stabs at the bigger man’s arms as he tried to lunge at Wick. But a missed timed stab by Wick allowed Hobbs to catch the hit man’s wrist and with a strong pull flipped John over and slammed him onto his back hard! John Wick groaned from the rough landing and Hobbs tried to use that moment to disarm him of the knife. But John’s instincts kicked in and he brought his knee up to knock it into Hobbs forehead, knocking him off. As the federal agent rolled off o
  12. Don’t remember much about Hotaru, she probably wasn’t that great of a fighter probably. Anyways at this point it’ll be pretty hard to vote against the Turtles now considering what challenges they’ve overcome from this arc. The next challengers are gonna need to be pretty tough to be able to take them on.
  13. Sorry Casey, but your a supporting character and Xena is a main character. So she’ll have much more consistent and spectacular feats.
  14. I mean the Tigersharks are each probably far stronger then Jack was, so I’m betting that they make it through Rapture and rescue Bronc Angel.
  15. He has. Ever heard of Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders?
  16. Allow me to refer you to my previous posts about 2005 Leonardo’s feats: Here’s some of the best feats of 2003 Leonardo I could find, including forcing open a T-Rexs mouth from the inside, using his shell to break blades, pushing over a large stone statue with a giant monster on it, and literally dodging missiles by jumping on top of them in mid air: Leo has dodged sniper shots and missiles, no way are Legolas’ arrows going to hit him, plus his strength, durability and combat skills are by far superior to Legolas. That’s why Leo is the clear favorite.
  17. I was coming into this ready to vote Rick, but JohnnyChany post actually managed to change my mind. Hermione would go for the more interesting and charismatic guy I think.
  18. I looked up C. Planet’s weaknesses and I read that radiation counts as a type of pollution that weakens him. Nukes are part of the ACME products, so Cecil could easily trick him into getting hit by them.
  19. I remember back when Dark Agnes faced off against Leo a while back. Movie-Brat argued his points and posted his feats very well, so I’ll give his character the nod here.
  20. Leo takes on far stronger, faster, and skilled fighters, he takes this.
  21. Previously on One Night in Sin City: C’mon old man, push through it! Nancy’s counting on you! So don’t you dare let her down! Ignoring the bullet wounds to my shoulder and leg I unload the rest of my rounds on on the vanity table. Reloading my pistols I tried taking the long way around, hoping to get the drop on her. I crept silently towards the backside of the table, just a few more feet and then I’ll have her in my sites. Then I can get Nancy as far away from that fucking lunatic as possible. *Crack!* Fuck! I stepped on a broken
  22. I never heard of the Samurai Pizza Cats, but I think I’ll vote for Team 1 with Terry as the MVP. His suit’s durability, strength, and various gadgets will be too much for the other team I think.
  23. I mean it’s not literally nose to nose, their 10 yards away. Not as much distance as the other scenarios but enough for him to draw his guns and either kill her outright or at least force her back. Like I said the guy’s a War on Terrorist veteran, so I think he’ll have a greater advantage fighting in the desert then Zealot.
  24. Whoever votes against Bugs in this match is dead to me. Okay maybe not, but I still expect Bugs to win here.
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