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  1. The scenario seems to indicate that treating a wound in the field seems to be the goal, does it not? It says that in a life-or-death situation which contender will survive in the best shape?
  2. No it’s not. Lasers and missiles do in fact generally cover more distance faster then sniper fires.
  3. Has she though? Taken on all four of the male Robins at once I mean? I could show you a scan of Leonardo saying that Raphael is the strongest of the four brothers, would that mean that Raphy is stronger then the other three put together? The fact of the matter is that Raphael’s foes and feats match Cassandra in almost in almost every category and if there’s one feat that definitely puts Cassandra ahead of Raph then show it, otherwise then we must conclude that the bigger, heavier fighter would have the advantage in the Octagon.
  4. No that was meant to be better then the shattering the gravestone feat. The lifting of the giant stone pillar was meant to be the best feat, as even if Raphy was only carrying half the weight that’s still a much better physical showing then anything Cassandra has done. Must I remind you of the speed feats of Raphael? Missiles and Lasers> Sniper shots dude.
  5. Again Raphael has taken on just as many trained assassins as Cass. Or do you not believe that Shredder, Hun, Master Khan, Bishop, and the Foot Clan/Foot Elite belong in the same class as the Bat Family or Lady Shiva? And Raphael in every incarnation is widely considered to at least be one of the two best martial artists in the TMNT setting. Only Leo could be better then him, and in some cases he’s portrayed as being better or at least physically stronger. So yes he has in fact proven himself to be just as good a martial artist as Cassandra, the only difference is that Raphy is much stronger and heavier then her, and in a setting like the Octagon those two stats matter more then anything else.
  6. So the fact that he held a clinic in Omega, a place where dozens of stabbed or shot victims come to him daily wasn’t enough? For a specific case, then in one of two stories that tell how he got the injury to his cranial horn (BioWare hasn’t confirmed whether either was canon) Mordin was slashed across the face and head by a Krogan, refused Kirrahe’s request to return to ship for proper help and instead treated the would himself in order to carry out the mission.
  7. Would Phil even know what Hockey is? I think it wouldn’t have been invented until long after the time period of Hercules. Seriously though, didn’t Phil have several different pupils before Hercules like Odysseus, Theseus, Perseus, and Achilles? And in the Disney canon all of them apparently failed to become the true heroes that Phil was training them to be. So that’s kind of a knock against his training methods.
  8. Again fellas, if they want to “take over the ship” then they’ll probably have to persuade some of the crew to serve them. Who do y’all think is better suited to accomplish that?
  9. How many of Ryu’s games actually have him performing stealth kills? Cause if he goes in hacking and slashing, which is what I remember most his games being, then he might unintentionally draw attention away from Snake-Eyes and make his job much more easier.
  10. Star’s magic would give her more variety in destroying her dress, plus I think she would be less hesitant to trash the expensive gown in the first place.
  11. Sorry Ratchet, but this is totally Medic’s challenge.
  12. I’m leaning towards Moana, her songs like How Far I’ll Go and Song of the Ancestors were entirely her own, Belle’s were either a group song or a duet. (“Belle” and “Something There”)
  13. Yeah but if her opponent is equally as skilled in martial arts, which Raphael has proven himself to be, then we must consider the advantages that an environment like the Octagon could provide. Like the fact that it’s enclosed nature would hinder someone like Cassandra who would need to move around a lot more then the heavier and stronger Raphael.
  14. I looked up the Deathstroke fights, the first one she ran away the second Slade started getting serious and in the second one it was revealed that Slade was just playing with her and leading her to his daughter Ravager. So I don’t really count those as “stalemating” him. Now I’ll give you the Shiva feat, but that “alien tossing around Superboy” feat was very misleading. He wasn’t physically tossing around SB, he was just a telepath who managed to take over his powers. Nice try but please stop it with the misleading feats. And no, Cassandra is not stronger or faster then Raphae btw. Raphael broke through a brick wall with a running start and with Leo squatted up a huge stone pillar: He’s also dodged missiles, lasers, and point blank machine gun fire: He’s also defeated just as many world class martial artists and fighters as Batgirl such as again Shredder, Hun, Master Khan, Bishop, and the Foot Elite! Of them at least Shredder and Khan have demonstrated pressure point attacks just as good as Batgirl’s and Raphael beat them regardless! Raphael already got every advantage, the limited spacing in the Octagon only further adds to it.
  15. Do you have any evidence that Hush ever had to perform surgery with “essentially primate tools” before? The guy drove Joker out of Gotham, beat Riddler to almost death and (temporarily) killed Poison Ivy! Yet your trying to peddle to me that the guy couldn’t get his hands on high tech medical equipment for his surgeries? As for Mordin what exactly did you think during the years before Mass Effect 2? He ran a medical clinic in a part of the galaxy were murder and assault with a deadly weapon was twice that of Gotham’s and you really don’t think that Mordin ever had to perform surgery during that time? And your argument about Mordin’s tools being cutting edge by virtue of it being in the future is a flawed one. There are dozens of places in the world today that use medical tools and practices that are several decades, maybe a century, outdated and primitive compared to medical help in developed nations, those places don’t just automatically have modern day by virtue of being in the same time period as it. How exactly would Mordin get access to the standard medical equipment of that era? He’s light years away from reasonable facilities, and the only groups that could smuggle those supplies in were criminal groups like the Blue Suns, the group he pissed off day one due to killing several members who tried to shake him up.
  16. Mordin should take this rather easily. Before he was recruited by Shepard in ME2 Mordin was treating humans, turians, asari, and dozens of other species on Omega, and given how lawless and uncivilized the space station is I couldn’t image Mordin had even half the tools and medicine a criminal mastermind like Hush could acquire. Gotta give it to Mordin’s greater wealth of experience and doing it while being under supplied in one of the most dangerous places in the galaxy.
  17. Keep in mind guys if this is a MMA sponsored fight Cassandra won’t be allowed to bring any of her weapons or gadgets into the octagon. I know some of y’all are bringing up her being able to beat Killer Croc and Orca, but how many of those fights would she have won if she fought with just her fists in an enclosed space? Raphael has taken down plenty of tough opponents like Shredder, Hun, Master Khan, Bishop, and the Foot Elite! But his main advantage will be the fact that in enclosed spaces like the Octagon the bigger, heavier fighter usually beats the smaller one. Why do you think UFC fighters are divided based on weight classes?
  18. His wiki page on Star vs The Forces of Evil wiki says he’s a 14 year old of average height so he probably stands at 5’4 feet. I doubt he’d have an issue with climbing the platform though, he’s pulled himself off cliffs before. See 2:34 Yeah but you forget, Marco isn’t just strong for a teenage boy, the kid is much stronger then the average human! Towards the end of the first clip you’ll see one of Ludo’s standard minions “Lobster Claws” lift a car clear over his head! And in the next clip you’ll see Marco and Star pretty casually foddering Lobster Claw and his fellow monsters very consistently and effortlessly. At one point you’ll see another monster “Buff Frog” tear a steel lamp post in two and try to use it as a weapon: If Marco can overpower monsters who are that strong, he’ll have no problem outmuscling the facehuggers. Well given how strong Marco must be to overpower Ludo’s monsters, I’d assume that he could probably punt the thing across the room and it would splatter against the wall.
  19. If the eggs naturally hatch the second they sense life then why did only one of them hatch even though there were three life forms in the area? My personal theory was that the eggs in the 1st film were in some form of hibernation since there had been no food for them for a very long time, and that the only reason one of them woke up was because Kane actively made contact with it. The ones in AvP would probably be the default way the Xenomorph eggs operate, but again they probably didn’t need to hibernate for an unknown amount of time until suitable prey came along. Since we are discussing the eggs of the first movie, we must assume that they operate the way we see it happen in the film: they only hatch when one touches them. Marco may not be a genius but once he survives the first attack by the facehugger even he would know not to disturb the others. He would likely barricade the chamber and then wait out the 24 hours until he could leave. Assuming that those black liquids were in fact on the ship and that Ripley’s crew just missed them, all Marco would have to do is not touch them and he’d be fine. Again he’s no Einstein but I’m pretty sure even a fool would know that any type of black liquid wouldn’t be safe to ingest, and would most likely just avoid it. It’s a big ship so the odds of him choosing to stay nearby the potentially poisonous liquids for long enough for it to leak out is pretty unlikely.
  20. I just realized that they might not have platypuses on Remnant. And if he’s just acting like a mindless animal some less developed cultures might decide to eat him, while places like Atlas or Mistral would try to experiment on him to find out what kind of animal he is.
  21. Not all He-Man characters are planet busters Macklemore, some of them are just badass normals like Bow, Mekaneck, and Man-At-Arms. Just because their not God-tier like He-Man doesn’t make them useless, just like Ron being a bad-ass normal doesn’t mean he can’t carve out his own niche in Eternia.
  22. I think you mean Dilophosaurus chow, but I get the main idea.
  23. Gotta give it to the sass master herself. Go Tinkerbelle!
  24. A one-liner contest hmm? Well in this case I’ll back Hawkeye.
  25. I think you and lots of others are severely underestimating Ron here, like yeah he started the series as a cowardly comic relief, but there’s a little thing called character development and by the final season Ron was a legitimate hero who had saved the world almost as many times as Kim herself! He may clumsy and bumbling but that doesn’t take away the feats of him infiltrating Drakken’s lair numerous times, as a running back for his school football team he was fast enough to break several state records, he’s beaten Monkey Fist multiple times on his own, once beat Kim herself during a mind-controlled episode, and by the fourth season Ron had mastered his Mystical Monkey Powers to the point where he could beat Warhok and Warmonga when even Kim and Shego working together failed to do so. Put some respect on Ron’s name guys, the dude has long earned it.
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