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  1. A bright rainbow colored light suddenly flashed out in the dark night and from that light six figures were unceremoniously dumped on the ground, confused and slightly angry. “Curse me kilts!” “That’s how we Dewey things!” “According to the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook-“ “Yuh boy...” “You had me at quill!” “(Angry duck squawking) Phooey!” “Alright, alright already! Now where in blazes are we anyway?” Scrooge McDuck and his family got up and brushed themselves off. Looking around the ducks noticed that they were in the middle of some form of ancient ruins, like Pompeii only more strange. “How did we get here? One minute we planning our next adventure, then Dewey opened that small, mysterious chest and-“ The group collectively froze and five disapproving faces slowly turned to glare down at the blue shirt duck. “What? How was I supposed to know something bad would happen?” Dewey protested. “I literally just translated ‘do not open’ from the lid to you,” Webby reminded him. “That just made me want to open it more!” Dewey whined. “Where exactly did you get this blasted box of botheration?” Scrooge asked as he took the box from Dewey to study it closer. “From the Temple of Henghis Khan, it was lying on the ground and looked fancy,” Dewey explained. “You found a treasure chest and didn’t tell me- er, the family?” Louie demanded. “It’s not a treasure chest Louie, in fact I don’t know what it is. It’s not like any lost artifact I’ve studied,” Webby surmised, studying it with Scrooge. “Can it get us back home? I was supposed to have a date with Daisy tonight,” Donald asked. “And I was supposed to sit on the couch and binge watch trash TV tonight,” Louie added. “I’m trying, but the cursed thing isn’t working anymore,” Scrooge grumbled, opening and closing the box ineffectively. “What even is this wretched waste of a mediocre music box?” “Guys! Isabella Finch has it written down in her journal!” Huey inserted himself into the conversation, showing his family the page about the box. “Finch called it the ‘Calamity Box’ and according to her it was used by ancient ‘travelers’ to transport themselves from their world to ours. She also wrote about something called The Great Challenge.” Another bright rainbow colored light suddenly flashed out in front of the ducks. When it cleared another group of figures had suddenly appeared. “What happened? I thought you said it was dormant?” “It was! I tried opening it dozens of times before and nothing happened!” “Sprig you better not have broken it!” “Why do you always accuse me of breaking stuff?” “I knew I should have left the darn thing in the dirt.” “Wait a second, does this mean it took us back to Marcy and I's world? Are we finally home?” Anne Boonchuy asked in barely contained hope. “All-right! Does this mean you can finally show me what a manga is?” Sprig asked as he jumped on Anne’s head. “Watch out human world! Polly Planter has arrived and she demands the thing Anne calls Starbursts!” Polly declared from Anne’s shoulder. “Anne? I don’t think this is our world,” Marcy directed her group toward the ducks. The two groups stared at each for a few awkward seconds, then suddenly screamed in horror! “FLESH-FACED MONSTERS!” “TINY HERONS!” Team Amphibia pulled out their weapons and readied themselves for a fight. “Bring it! Ole Doris is hungry for blood!” Polly wielded her favorite rolling pin. The McDuck clan likewise readied themselves for a battle. “Remember lads, we give no quarters!” Scrooge brandished his cane like a sword. (Epic background music plays as the two sides prepare to fight to the death) “Wait! Wait. Wait. Wait. Timeout for a minute. Flesh-faced monsters, by any chance were you brought here by some magical music box?” Huey asked. “..Maybe, maybe not. What’s it to you bird brain?” Anne suspiciously asked. “We were also sent here by a music box. Maybe we can figure out why and how this happened if we all work together,” The red capped duckling proposed. “What do you think Mar-Mar, should we trust them?” Anne asked his friend. “Well Anna-Banana, up to a few minutes ago I didn’t know their was more then one box or that it could take us to another another world. So I think we should at least hear what they know about this,” Marcy surmised, lowering her crossbow. “Hop Pop?” Anne asked the older frog. “Might as well, I certainly don’t see any other way out of this,” Hop Pop advised. “Okay bird things, I guess we’re working together,” The two groups relaxed their postures as Anne offered her hand. “I’m Anne Boonchuy, what’s your name?” “Scrooge McDuck, head of Clan McDuck,” Scrooge McDuck shook the offered hand. “Now what’s this about other, other worlds?” ************************************* “Am I the only one who remembers the time that Genie trapped us in that reality show? Or how ‘friendly’ the human things were then?” Louie whispered to Dewey and Webby. “I still have nightmares about that place,” Dewey shuddered. “Come on Louie those weren’t really humans, just aspects of the wish trying to keep us from escaping. Besides the Planters seem like nice, uh, creatures,” Webby offered. “I just don’t like that small pink one,” Dewey narrowed his eyes over at the aforementioned Sprig. “He’s immature, he’s cocky, he’s obsessed with attention, and his impulsive attitude is bound to get his family in trouble.” “Gee, I wonder who he reminds you of,” Webby asked sarcastically. “Anne do I have to remind you that birds eat frogs? We are frogs Anne!” Sprig whispered harshly into Anne’s ear. “Sprig just chill for a minute okay?” Anne gently pulled Sprig from her head and set him down. “We’re gonna need their help to figure out where we are, so don’t start any trouble alright?” Sprig hmphed as he watched Anne go back to talking with Marcy, Huey, and Scrooge. He bounced back over to the other group and glared over at Dewey in particular. “Anne says, don’t start trouble and their won’t be any trouble,” Sprig warned the three ducklings. “Oh yeah? Well the jokes on her, Uncle Scrooge says our family is nothing but trouble,” Dewey proudly declared. “Oh please, your family’s got nothing on mine. When us Planters left Wartwood, the townsfolk complained that their was no one to attract giant monsters or cause mayhem. That’s the trouble we’re used to,” Sprig taunted back. “That’s nothing! Our families so much trouble, a terrorist organization and alien invasion force considered us their greatest threats,” Dewey bragged. “I bet you’ve never had to fight a Red Mantis in your life,” Sprig challenged. “I bet you’ve never been the Captain, latter sworn enemy, of a crew of sky pirates,” Dewey retorted. “I’ve fought mudmen and a cannibalistic couple!” “I’ve fought a wendigo and the Beagle Boys!” “I gave a giant Water Snake heart burn!” “I wrestled a giant snake that was trying to destroy the world!” “You know, I think they’ll be best friends by the end of this,” Webby smiled as she watch Sprig and Dewey continue their argument. “Great, our family was sorely missing a second Dewey,” Louie sarcastically quipped. “Listen up bird things! While Anne and Hop Pop made me promise not to use Ole Doris on any of you, I made no promises concerning Miriam here!” Polly suddenly pulled out a hand held flail. “And let me tell ya, she’s more hungry for blood then Doris ever was!” “(Gulp) Uh Webby why don’t you handle this, she seems more your type then mine,” Louie pushed Webby forward and hid behind her. “Wow, impressive flail you got there! Perfect linked chain, smooth and firm handle. You know some may say that it’s too dangerous to be properly wielded, but I say if it’s not dangerous what’s the point of having it?” Webby laughed as she studied the flail. “Thank you! That’s what I’m always telling Hop Pop,” Polly exclaimed. “Granny’s trained me in other medieval weapons too! Longswords, axes, halberds, maces, crossbows, really any and all weapons in the McDuck family armory,” Webby explained. “You guys have a family armory too?” Polly asked in joy. “Well of course. Where else am I going to keep my babies when I’m not training or playing my favorite game; Medieval Dungeon of Eternal Screaming!” Webby put on her horror face mask for emphasis. “Where have you been all my life?!?! You gotta tell how to play your game! Like right now!” Polly all but begged her kindred spirit. “Okay, I am officially terrified. Uncle Donald their are two Deweys and now two Webbys! We gotta get Scrooge and Huey to find our way home right now!” Louie called out to his uncle. “So on one hand I do want to support my grandkids dreams and help them grow and develop. But on the other hand, I also want to protect them and shelter them from the more dangerous and harsh parts of life. And sometimes those two conflicting emotions just make everything so complicated, you know what I mean?” Hop Pop asked. “I do understand Hopediah, believe me I know what it’s like to be torn between wanting to hold onto them and giving them the freedom to stand on their own. It’s never an easy process and you’ll probably never know for sure when their ready, but the most important thing I’ve learned from raising my kids is to always be willing to listen to them and to be sure they know your love and support is always unconditional,” Donald Duck gave his advice. “(Sniffs) I didn’t understand half of what you said but the rest sounded like good advise. Thank you Donald,” The two fatherly figures shared a respectable handshake. “Blergh. And to think I could be watching Ottoman Empire by now,” Louie grumbled. ************************************* “So your telling me that we’re not on our Earth, their Earth, or Amphibia?” Anne asked “I don’t think so, whatever these ruins are, their made from something not on my Earth’s periodic table,” Huey said as he studied some of the ruins. “And the constellations here don’t match either Amphibia or our Earth Anne,” Marcy explained, lowering the telescope she was using to study the night sky. “What I want to know is why is blazes do neither of you lasses know how to work the boxes that your people created?” Scrooge sourly asked. “Our people didn’t create them Scrooge, the forefathers of King Andrias created them a long, long time ago. And according to what I read in the royal archives, our box should have been dormant until we took them to the three temples. Unless, a Great Challenge was issued,” Marcy realized. “A whaaaaat?” Anne tilted her head in confusion. “Oh yeah! Finch mentioned that in her journal,” Huey once more opened said journal. “Her notes say that The Great Challenge was some sort of game played between two groups of travelers to show off their skills at navigating and exploring the charted worlds.” “Think of it as a scavenger hunt that took place across several different worlds at once,” Marcy further described. “Okay, so how do we even start the game anyway?” Anne again asked. As soon as the words ‘start the game’ were uttered, the ruins around the two families of adventurers started suddenly moving and shifting their shapes. Several members screamed in alarm and everyone gathered together until the ruins formed two tables, a large stone wall with two rectangle shaped openings through them, and a floating square made up of what looked like glass that suddenly started typing words across it’s screen: -Place the boxes on the two tables. “Uncle Scrooge, what is happening?” A shocked Louie asked. “I think the game has started lad,” Scrooge guessed. Scrooge and Anne each walked up to their own tables and placed their respected boxes upon said table. A scanning system appeared on the table and went over the boxes. Swirling portals appeared in the rectangle openings in the walls and the screen typed in some new instructions: -The rules of the Great Challenge are a simple lot to follow: five items scattered across the verse you must collect, it is your choice the order you wish to start. A magic elixir brewed by the most powerful witch of the Boiling Isles. A brown fedora from a secret agent of the Tri-State Area. A pair of dimensional scissors from a former princess of Mewni. A journal of many secrets and mysteries from a place where Gravity Falls. And finally a Shadow Blade from a traitor of Corona. The first group to collect three of five wins the game and all players and the items collected return to their homes upon it’s completion. You are allowed to rest and eat at this location between worlds. Are you ready to play? “Geez, no offense to the King but his ancestors were kleptomaniacs. But I guess it’s our only way home,” Anne sighed before turning to the group. “You guys ready to do this?” “I was born ready Anne! Not so sure about duck boy though,” Sprig grinned teasingly at Dewey. “Oh Spring-foot you just poked the bear. Not only is my family ready, but we are so going to kick your family’s butts at this game, right guys?” Dewey declared. “If their’s money involved sure,” Louie offered. “Team McDuck for the win!” Declared Webby. “Well, uh, as long as the main goal is getting us all back to our own homes, right Uncle Scrooge?” Huey reminded his great uncle. “Right, right, of course it is lad. No need for our dear friends the Planters to feel embarrassed if we get our three items first, right Ms. Anne?” Scrooge smirked at the Planters. “Hate to burst your bubbles old man McDuck, but this here families been doing adventures like these for quite a while now, so we’ll be getting our items first right guys?” Anne asked her group. “Preach sister!” Marcy encourage. “You guys are going down!” Sprig yelled. “Team Planters for life!” Polly yelled. “Then I guess it’s settled then,” Scrooge rightened his top hat and twirled his cane. “May the best family win.” ************************************* Still upset that Ducktales 2017 is coming to an end, figured I’d channel my negative energy into something positive. So it’ll be Team Ducktales 2017 (Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, and Donald) vs Team Amphibia (Anne, Sprig, Hop Pop, Polly and Marcy) in the mother of all scavenger hunts. The first group to complete three of the following five tasks: *Steal a magic elixir from Eda (The Owl House) *Take Perry’s fedora hat (Phineas and Ferb) *Acquire a dimensional scissor from Star Butterfly (Star vs the Forces of Evil) *Steal one of the Journals from the Pines family (Gravity Falls) *Take Cassandra’s Shadow Blade (Tangled the Animated Series) Will win the match. Aside from The Owl House assume the four other series take place near the start of their final season.
  2. Could you clarify whether we should restrict Mario’s feats solely to the video games or whether we can use feats from his comic series or other sources? I don’t think it’ll be that big of a difference but I’d like to know regardless.
  3. Good match as always Johnny. Casting my vote for Groh, I don’t play Soul Caliber as much as other fighting games, but when I did I played as Groh. I think his speed, range, and Soul Charge are going to be too much for Female Raven.
  4. Was browsing through the past archives and noticed that Cap and Punisher never had a posted fight. I figured it was past time they squared off. Hopefully you guys appreciate the references to the OG Civil War and Secret Empire.
  5. War Journal February 19, 2021 My current target: White Star, former private military firm turned domestic terrorist organization. Three months ago the previously upstanding PMC closed down their main facility in New York City and went off the grid. Shortly afterwards a series of coordinated strikes were made on secret bases run by AIM, Serpent Society, and the remnants of Hydra. No civilian deaths so far, though several policemen were injured while responding to one attack. Rumors on the dark web suggest that White Star’s new leader- codename: The Messiah- is a populist, anti-establishment figure whose been preaching about the evils of the elitist, how they’ve infiltrated the government and made it so that the “people” don’t have a voice in the government anymore. Intel further suggests that several pieces of technology stolen during the raids could be used to create some form of biochemical weapon. I can’t say I completely disagree with their view on the government and I have to admire their surgical strikes on groups like AIM or Hydra. But my service years with the Corps has shown me the aftermath of groups who tried to usurp the government for the “good of the people,” and the ones with an almost cult like reverence of their leaders are always the most dangerous. This “Messiah” and his group are too dangerous to ignore, especially if this weapon their creating is as deadly as they say. Update: Managed to pick up a trail that lead me to northern New York State, to a formerly abandoned Army base. White Star’s men had the base fortified to almost perfection, the key word being ‘almost’. Killed all but one man and secured the weapon; can’t make out how the thing is supposed to work, maybe Micro Chip will be able to work it out. Been trying to squeeze some info out of the surviving man, apparently the head developer of the biochemical weapon, but whoever this ‘Messiah’ is, he’s damn good at instilling loyalty in his men. ************************************ “Still no replies from Echo Base sir. What are your orders?” “Take the back roads to the base soldier, if we still see no signs of our men we’ll have to sneak inside to find out what happened and secure the package.” “Copy that Messiah.” The armed convoy continued down the snowed over roads, taking the less traveled road to the still radio silent base. “Can’t say I’m much of a fan of this ‘Messiah’ nickname,” Captain America turned to the Sergeant of this squad. “Kinda worried it might give people the wrong idea about me.” “Don’t worry about it sir. It’s just a reference to how committed our guys are to your mission,” The Sergeant offered. “If you say so Sergeant,” Cap nodded at the squad leader. Looking over the other soldiers in the convoy Cap noticed one of the troops looking distracted. “Something on your mind Corporal?” “Just worried about our men at Echo Base sir and with all due respect, I’m worried if we made the right decision stealing and trying to control this weapon sir,” The Corporal replied. “I know son, trust me when I first heard that Hydra, AIM, and the Sorcerer’s Society were combining resources to build this weapon my first instinct was to find it and destroy it. But Dr. Hartman insists that at this stage destroying the weapon could release the virus into the atmosphere with no way to contain it. So right now the best we can do is keep it contained and away from those who might want to use it.” “Including the feds right? That’s why you went to us instead of S.H.I.E.L.D. right? You heard the feds might want to use the weapon sir?” Corporal asked. “Wouldn’t surprise me none. Always knew the damn government was getting too corrupt, only a matter of time before they decided to use a super weapon to keep us in check,” Sergeant spoke angrily. “Settle down Sergeant, I still know some good people working at S.H.I.E.L.D., far as we know this could just be a small splinter group trying to use the package for evil intentions.” Captain America spoke firmly. “But what if it isn’t just a small splinter group? You’ve told us what you witnessed during the Superhuman Civil War and about freak shows like Pleasant Hill. Is it really such a stretch that they’ll weaponize diseases?” Sergent insisted. “If it ever comes down to that we’ll stop them, no matter the cost. But right now I know that their still men like Fury and Coulson who we can work with, so we’ll-“ “Overlord to Messiah! Bravo Team is already advancing towards Echo Base! I ordered them to wait for you guys but the fuckers wouldn’t listen!” “Copy that Overlord, we’ll go get them, over. Alpha Team on me! We gotta catch up to Bravo Team!” Captain America declared. Cap and Alpha Team exited the vehicle and cautiously headed toward Echo Base. “Bravo Team? Bravo Team this is Messiah, what is your position? Over.” “This is Bravo Team, it’s bad here sir. Bodies all over the place, all our men sir. Looks like they were taken by surprise, half the bodies didn’t even have their guns drawn. No sign of any hostiles though. Over.” “Don’t let your guard down soldier, whatever did this has to still be here. Are you close to the package? Over.” “Affirmative Messiah, we’re almost at the vault now but it looks like- SHIT!!! TRIP MINE!!! LOOK OUT-“ BOOOOM!!!! “Alpha Team to the vault! On the double!” Steve Rogers urged his troops forward. “Oh fucking Hell!!! What the flying fuck?!?!” The Corporal entered the vault room first, seeing the dead body parts of fellow White Stars all over the room. “CORPORAL GET DOWN!!!” Captain America tackled the Corporal to the ground, his shield blocking the rain of bullets that came from the rafters. Cautiously looking around his red, white, and blue shield, Cap looked up to the rafters and managed to spot the assailant. Cap meet the man’s hard scowl with one of his own, only for both faces to suddenly break into a confused look of recognition. “Castle?” “SHOOT HIM! PROTECT MESSIAH!” “W-wait a second. Alpha Team stand down!” Alpha Team’s gunfire drowned out Cap’s orders, but they failed to tag the Punisher who ducked and dodged, then threw a bag of frag grenades down at the White Stars. They managed to avoid the grenades, only to find their quarry was long gone. “Who was that guy sir?” The shocked Corporal managed to croak out. “The last man you want as enemy son,”Captain America sighed. ************************************ Two weeks later, Northern Michigan “Frank?...Frank pick up...Frank I know you can hear me....I just want to talk Frank, pick up the radio....” Frank Castle’s eyes never left the scope of his rifle, his index finger stayed over the trigger, but his free hand managed to reach over to the nearby radio and bring it to his lips. “Alright Cap, start talking.” “I don’t want to fight you Frank, and I don’t think you want to fight me. So before this goes too far, let’s try to talk through this.” “...What were you planning to do with this weapon Cap?” “Nothing. I only wanted to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.” “That’s a relief, I got it rigged to several claymores mines, say the word and I’ll blow it-“ “NO! DO NOT DESTROY IT!” “...Then tell me what you were really planning to do with it.” “Frank you don’t understand what you have-“ “I know what biochemical weapon designed to kill thousands looks like! What I don’t understand, is what the hell Captain America is doing with it!” “I told you I was keeping it from-“ “Or why the hell you needed an army of anti-government cultists to get it!” “Goddamnit Frank! Listen to me!” “Or why your army of cultists are trying to sneak into my base.” Downwind of the base The Punisher’s thermal scope could see the men moving through the trees towards his base. “I thought you just wanted to talk Cap.” “Frank do not kill them!” “Then tell them to pull back!” “I ordered them not to shoot unless fired upon!” “PULL THEM BACK NOW!” “FRANK I-“ BOOOOM! BOOOOM! BOOOOM! Multiple bombs sounded off into the cold winter night, alongside several screams of bloody murder. By the time the smoke cleared blood and entrails coated the snowy ground and trees, the men of Alpha Team never had a chance. “...You killed my men...” “I told you to pull them back.” “You killed my men.” “Did you really think I didn’t fortify the area?” “YOU KILLED MY FUCKING MEN YOU FUCKING MURDERER!” “NO YOU DID! YOU KNEW I HAD TO HAVE TRAPS SET UP AND YOU SENT THEM IN ANYWAYS! YOU USED THEM TO TRY TO GET YOUR FUCKING BOMB BACK!” “TO GET IT AWAY FROM YOU CASTLE! TO GET AWAY FROM YOUR SICK, TWISTED, INSANE LITTLE MIND BECAUSE YOU ARE A SOCIOPATHIC MURDERER AND I NEVER TRUSTED YOU!” “WELL I TRUSTED YOU CAPTAIN AMERICA! I trusted you enough to betray my country twice! I trusted you after you beat the shit out of me! I trusted you after you joined Hydra! I trusted you with the power to rewrite history itself because you were the greatest man I knew and I believed in you over anybody else!” Frank Castle had to briefly look away from the scope to wipe the tears falling from his face. “My trust in you almost fucked over the entire world Cap. I won’t make that mistake ever again. I don’t care if your a clone, a robot, or the real fucking deal, but your getting this bomb over my dead fucking body!” “...Then I guess their’s nothing left to say, murderer...” ************************************ Both Punisher and Captain America have had two weeks to prep for the fight. Punisher starts out holed up in the fort listed below: May the better soldier win.
  6. Never heard of Johnny Utah before, so I can’t really speak for him. Between Brian and Jenko though, I’ll ride with O’Conner, he’s a much more experienced and decorated cop whose handled far tougher crooks in his movies.
  7. Okay I can accept that the Kaiju energy attacks shouldn’t be considered light-based level speed but shouldn’t we consider the travel between planets feats as proof of Rodan’s FTL speed? Rodan is consistently portrayed as one of the fastest Kaiju after all. But even if his attack speed should only be limited to what’s been shown on the planet, that still puts Rodan at least at Mach 3 flight speed. My biggest question for the Gundam side is how fast is the F91 Gundam, because if his speed is similar or less then Rodan’s then it would stand to reason that Mecha G would be able to keep the Gundam from blitzing him with the Beam Saber and then use it’s overwhelming size, strength, and destructive capacity to take the win. In short, I would like to know this Gundam’s speed feats since as I’ve previously said I have never watched any of the Gundam series.
  8. It is listed in Rodan’s VS battle page. I’ll upload it if you don’t believe me.
  9. I only watched Pacific Rim once but from what I remember, poor Gipsy has no chance of winning this one. It has less hope then a fly in a spider’s web.
  10. Admittedly, this is more of a personal vote then a thought out one, but dammit I just want more Soul Caliber characters to advance in this crossover, so my vote is for Cassandra.
  11. I feel bad going against Mila because I really like her MMA fighting style and really think it she is one of the funnest new characters to play as in the Dead or Alive series, but at the same time I just think Mary’s throws and grappling might be too much. I might be voting for Blue Mary, but my heart is telling me that I’m making a mistake.
  12. I don’t know a lot about the Gundam series, but I do know that Mechagodzilla is one the toughest Kaiju level creatures that has ever existed. Since we’re going by his strongest feats, in it’s debut Heisei Mechagodzilla first fought and defeated Fire Rodan then immediately after fought and actually killed Godzilla (Big G had to be revived by Rodan sacrificing it’s life force) and during the fight tanked Godzilla’s atomic breath (which reaches temperatures over 900,000 degrees F). Also keep in mind that Mecha G has multiple ranged attacks such as Laser Beam Eyes, Shock Anchors, Rocket Fingers, and his Mega-Buster Ray to keep Gundam at a distance and negate it’s ability to use it’s Beam Saber. Also remember that Mecha G was able to tag and disable Rodan, whose speed is listed as Massively FTL in Attack, Flight, Combat, and Reaction (Literally the second fastest tier level of speed) so he can hit Rodan, he’ll definitely be hitting the Gundam.
  13. I was leaning towards Dracula when I first saw the match, but upon reading C.T.’s posts and facts about Dark Willow, I must admit my opinion has been changed. I’m voting for D. Willow to take this.
  14. Sadly for Barb this is going to come down to the comedy round because in every other areas the two are evenly matched. Both lovely ladies can sing very catchy and memorable songs and have the dance moves to go with them, Barb may have the natural ability to do magic, but “magic tricks” can also be a variety of things such illusions, entertaining tricks, and the ability to perform impossible feats, Pinkie Pie’s natural party tricks and fourth wall breaking abilities can easily qualify as “magic tricks.” Thus with those three categories too close to really call, it will eventually come down to the comedy round and Barb will be hopelessly outclassed in that area. Pinkamena Diane Pie will win this bout.
  15. Can’t figure out why so many people consider spying on the enemy more important then actually destroying them, but for those you stuck on the espionage part of this debate, remember Zwei can be just as effective as a spy as ISIS: *Zwei can compress and shrink his body in order to fit into things as small as a can of dog food and used that ability to smuggle himself into Beacon in order to be with Ruby and Yang, latter in the episode Ruby hid him in her backpack and smuggle him all the way to Mountain Glenn (quite a distance from Beacon) and no one else on the mission knew about it until the dog revealed himself. *Zwei is also far more intelligent then the regular pet; he can use mechanical tools like can openers, responded correctly to Ruby’s questions, and obeyed her order to remain silent when she smuggled him to Mountain Glenn and only revealed himself when Ruby was forced to show him to the group. *Like most dogs Zwei has enhanced senses of smell and hearing, giving him the ability to detect and track enemy combatants, useful for moving through enemy camps undetected, tracking down enemies that are hiding from your forces, and making certain the enemy won’t be sneaking up on you. Zwei can smuggle himself into guarded areas effectively, can track and find enemies hiding from you, and he can help you fight them if you require it. If that doesn’t convince y’all of his uses then I don’t know what will.
  16. Reed Richards has been declared multiple times by multiple fellow geniuses as the single most intelligent man in the Marvel Universe, a list that includes Tony Stark, Hank Pym, Victor von Doom, T’Challa, and Doctor Stephen Strange. Before he was even 20 years old he attained several degrees in science, mechanics, and physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Harvard, Columbia, and the fictional Empire State University. Him and the Fantastic Four regularly make interstellar travel from the Kree Empire to the Skrulls of the Andromeda Galaxy. On top of that he also has military funding to create his inventions, who pays for Arcade’s inventions?
  17. Considering Zwei can easily fodder Beowolfs, Atlesian Paladins, survive being set on fire and survive a train exploding I think he’ll start slaughtering any enemies he’s fired at. I’d rather an animal that can destroy the enemy then spy on them.
  18. Megas XLR, that’s a name I haven’t heard in over 15 years. Having just refreshed my knowledge on the show I can safely say that Coop and Megas have what it takes to take down Destoroyah. In episode 1 of the series they took on a fleet of aliens who were specifically said to have been on the verge of wiping out humanity in the future, including a mech that at least 20 times bigger then Megas itself. In episode 3 Coop was invited to a tournament that featured the strongest fighting mechs in the galaxy and won handily even after it’s host tried to sabotage Megas near the end. In episode 7 Coop accidentally released a galactic prisoner called Grrkek The Planet Killer (who I think was said to have destroyed several planets before this) and Megas not only defeated him halfway through the episode, but also had to defeat dozens of other prisoners who were at least on Grrkek’s level. I hope y’all take these feats into account when you cast your votes.
  19. Bout time! Been waiting to see the big man in your crossover since forever!!!
  20. I’d never heard of Pulgasari before, but after looking up the film and how it came to made... I’m not sure if I can judge it fairly without the kidnapping business hanging over my head.
  21. I got that reference! I’ll be voting for Pinhead though, again Sam didn’t do any of the killing personally during Trick r Treat, though he did seem to be the one pulling the strings behind the scenes. I’m still backing Pinhead, he’s far stronger and more terrifying then Sam.
  22. “Major, if the Guerrillas didn’t do this then what did?” Major Alan “Dutch” Schafer and his team just couldn’t seem to catch a break. Not only had he been lied to and used by a man Dutch had once considered his closest friend, but now they had discovered that the allied village that was supposed to house them was now in utter ruins. The village had been a small, unassuming abode in a pretty isolated part of the Central American rainforest. It’s leaders had always been friendly with the U.S. government and had would shelter Special Forces teams as they wait for their evac to arrive and pick them up. By the time Dutch and his team had arrived, most of the village was burned to charred ruins, dead villagers were all over the place either burnt to dust or blown to several pieces. “I don’t know Mac, but if this was the guerrillas then why would they burn all the crops and destroy any vehicle that could reach civilization? Also did you notice that their was almost no damage to the walls and houses on the outskirts of the village? Whatever did this, they were inside the village when they attacked,” Dutch surmised. “Goddamn, this mission just keeps getting more and more FUBAR by the minute,” Mac grumbled in discontent. Having cleared out what used to be a village pantry, Mac zipped up what little food he could scavenge in his backpack. “I think that’s the best we’re gonna get from here sir,” “Take it back to Dillon and tell him to ration it carefully, we got to holdout until the chopper get’s here. Then go help Blane and Poncho clear the north side of the village, I’m going to check in on Billy and Hawkins,” Dutch ordered, slinging his gun over his soldier. “Maybe I’ll go have a little chat with that little Andrea chick, see what she knows about this shit,” Mac growled out. “Her names Anna and she’s already said her people had nothing to do with this,” Dutch firmly reminded Mac. “Right, of course sir,” Mac nodded at his superior officer before leaving. A few minutes latter had Dutch at the main entrance of the city, a major chokepoint that should have been the main sight of a battle between the villagers and the attacking insurgents, yet it is one of the few areas of the village still intact with no burn marks. “Any signs of movement?” Dutch asked Billy, the team’s tracker and scout who was positioned in one the houses overlooking the entrance. Billy didn’t answer, his focus on the building across the dirt road from them, where Hawkins was holed up with the only apparent survivor of whatever torched this village: an Australian Cattle Dog that Hawkins had taken an instant liking to. “There’s something wrong with that dog,” Billy finally spoke. “The dog?” Dutch looked over at the animal, it was certainly behaving like a typical animal; it barked, scratched itself, waged it’s tail when Poncho offered it expired beef jerky, and whined whenever Hawkins told one of his crude jokes. “Somethings just not right with it sir, just not right,” Billy reiterated, still staring through the window, watching the oblivious Hawkins petting the dog. “Why don’t you head back to the main camp, I’ll take over your watch,” Dutch relived the stoic man. “... Thank you Major,” Billy finally stood up and lumbered back toward the village center. After he left Dutch looked back over at the other building and he felt a sudden chill up his spine when he saw the dog staring back at the Major; not around him, not past him, but directly at him. And as Dutch meet the mutt’s eyes, for a brief second he didn’t see the blank, unfocused eyes of a dog, he saw the eyes of something intelligent, calculating, and sinister staring back at him, sizing him up like it was a hunter deciding whether the prey was worth the effort or not. “And the guy asked ‘you kiss your mother with that mouth?’ And I said ‘no I kiss your mother with that mouth!’ Hahahaha!” And then suddenly the moment was over and the dog was back to being a dog, whining at Hawkins bad joke and licking his outstretched hand. Dutch was left to ponder Billy’s words and to ask himself whether he had simply imagined the look the dog had given him. ************************************ The battle takes place in a small village in the Central American jungle, kinda similar to the one Dutch’s group had the firefight with the Guerrillas (before they first meet the predator). The Thing starts with just the body of the dog and is aware that in a week a helicopter will extract the group. Dutch and his team have the same weapons and equipment they had in the movie. Who is the hunter and who is the hunted?
  23. Smart money’s on Captain Marvel. She regularly slugs it out with heavy hitters like Hulk, Namor, and Thanos, while Invincible regularly brawls with... Omni-guy I think his name was?🤔
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