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  1. Brave New World PT 3 Boom! Crash! Wham! Superwoman was smashed back into the room courtesy of a hard punch from her adversary. The battered and bruised Crime Syndicate boss weakly tried to push herself up, only to collapse back onto the floor, completely KOed. Supergirl entered via the large hole in the wall, she was bruised and exhausted herself but nonetheless victorious. “Your team are not good fighters Owlman,” The still nameless man informed the final Crime Syndicate member. “Not against Kryptonians it would seem,” Owlman sardonically replied. “Alright, ‘pants’ which one of you’s next?” The exhaustion in Supergirl’s voice betrayed how drained she was from the fight with the anti-Wonder Woman. “You fought like a true descendant of the House of El Kara. I’m sure Alura would have been proud of your spirit,” The pale faced stranger floated over to the super-heroine. “Just who are you? And if your Kryptonian why have your friend try to kill me?” Supergirl tensed up as the assumed Kryptonian got closer to her. “You may call me H’el and while I might also be a lost child of Krypton, you shouldn’t presume that makes us friends,” H’el now towered over the Girl of Steel. “I don’t, I just want to know which type to classify you as: are you an old rival of my uncle Jor-El out for revenge? An escaped Phantom Zone inmate bent on wanton destruction? Or just a maniac, drunk on his new powers and convinced that makes him a god?” Supergirl glared up at him. “Let’s just say I was the part of Krypton that the ones like you tried to forget. The parts that you don’t dare tell the creatures of this planet about, especially the hybrid I saw you arrive here with.” Whabooom! The shockwave from Supergirl’s fist being caught by the pale Kryptonian’s open palm almost blew the observing Owlman over. As Supergirl struggled to free her caught hand, she didn’t notice H’el bringing his other hand up until- Cruuunch! Supergirl screamed in pain as she felt the muscles and bones on her elbow break under the force of another Kryptonian’s strength. As she crumbled to her knees in agony, H’el grabbed her around her throat and started squeezing. Struggling futilely against the firm hand choking her, Supergirl’s eyes turned red again but H’el placed his other hand over her eyes, smothering her heat vision. The heroines struggles grew weaker as the pressure around her neck and head was rapidly diminishing her ability to stay conscious. “So your gonna kill her now then?” “No... will spare her... she’ll die then...” ********************************************************* “Kara... Kara... Doc you gotta... Is she waking... Kara! Hey Kara!” “Mr. Kent please calm down. Give her some space to breath.” Blinking away the sleep from her eyes, Kara quickly became aware of the fact that she was in some form of hospital bed. Hearing the worried voices of Dr. Amelia Hamilton and Conner arguing in the background, she sat up a bit to get a better look of the room she now in. “Easy Ms. Danvers! You’ve suffered a severe elbow fracture and a neck sprain! Please try not to move more then necessary!” Kara frowned as she began to notice how wrapped up she was, not used to seeing herself so injured. Even on the very rare occasion something managed to seriously hurt her, she usually recovered by now. That man, H’el was what he called himself, who in Rao’s name was he and how did he know her family? “Kara what happened to you? Are you alright? What happened to the Crime Syndicate guys?” Conner Kent’s concerned looking face suddenly filled her vision. “Conner I won’t ask again! Ms. Danvers doesn’t need you overwhelming her with questions right now!” Dr. Amelia Hamilton firmly tugged the worried man off his cousin. “It’s fine Dr. Hamilton. You know that I’m tougher then most,” Kara smiled reassuringly at the doctor and her cousin. “Ultraman and Power Ring were dead by the time I got there. The guy who did it called himself H’el, I think he was Kryptonian but he was much stronger then any I’ve ever seen, maybe even stronger then Kal was. I don’t know why, but he didn’t seem happy to see other Kryptonians.” “So you think he’s another General Zod type?” Conner asked. “I think it’s a bit more complicated then that. Did you catch Johnny Quick?” “Don’t sound so worried cousin, that dumb British prick didn’t have a chance at outrunning Superboy,” Conner smugly answered. “So you gonna tell her about how you went face first into the West River or shall I? Also the guy’s an Aussie, not a Brit Supey.” Conner groaned in annoyance and Kara chuckled a bit at the man leaning against the doorway. The Flash, fastest man alive in a foot race and in a battle of wits. “What are you even doing in Metropolis Wallace? Shouldn’t you be in Central City opening another Flash museum or something?” Conner snorted at the Scarlet Speedster. “I was in the mood for some Metropolis burgers and milkshakes. Noticed that the poor man’s Flash was giving you the run around and figured you wouldn’t mind a team up,” Flash sipped on the last of his milkshake. “I could’ve handled it myself,” The Boy of Steel crossed his arms in discontent. “Sure you could. After a few more dunks in the river of course,” Wallace R West III chuckled in amusement. Tossing his milkshake in the trash, Wallace zipped over next to Kara’s bed. “I’m sorry Kara. If I had known how outnumbered you were-“ “It’s fine Wallace really, Girl of Steel remember? I’ll shake this off soon, but what I’d like to know is what H’el’s plan is and whether we should be preparing for anymore attacks.” “Maybe we should interrogate Johnny and Superwoman about what they know,” Flash suggested. “I doubt they’d know anything, H’el seemed like the type who plays things close to his vest. Dr. Hamilton aside from the trans-dimensional device, was there anything else he took from the lab?” “Nothing else was missing from the weapons storage, though quite a lot of experiments were badly damaged during the attack. I just hope the other STAR bases won’t be targeted next, we don’t have the security to handle anymore assaults,” Dr. Hamilton replied. “Don’t worry Dr. H, we’ll have the Justice League keep an eye on the labs until we can figure out what this guy’s next move is. Woah Kara! I thought the Doctor said you shouldn’t be moving around,” Flash exclaimed as Kara slowly lifted herself up. “I’ve done a scan on my body Wallace, my muscles and bones are already close to recovered.” “Ms. Danvers as your doctor I must insist that we run our own tests on you, just to be certain you won’t suffer any lasting damage,” Seeing Kara already ready to argue, Dr Hamilton opted for a more familiar approach. “Kara please, it’ll let me rest easier. I promise it will only take a few hours tops.” “Don’t worry coz, we’ll be able to pick up the slack in the meantime,” Conner’s smile of assurance was interrupted by a beeping from his pocket. Pulling out his phone Kon-El’s eyes went wide as he noticed the time. “Fuck me! I gotta get to New York before Cissie kills me!” “Good luck at the exhibition match btw, assistant coach!” Flash waved to the departing Superboy. “We’ve been over this Streaky! We’re co-coaching!” Conner called back as he left. “Keep telling yourself that Supey,” Wallace snickered. “I’ll tell the rest of the League about the plan, you can join in once Dr. H clears you.” “Alright, fine. Just make sure to remind the team that were dealing with a rogue Kryptonian.” ********************************************************* “So anyway, that’s why I won’t be able to make it to the exhibition. I’m sorry guys,” The speedster hero explained to his face timed iPhone. “Don’t worry about it! We heard a little bit about the S.T.A.R labs attack from Superboy,” Dawn Allen spoke from his iPhone screen. “Yeah, though Arrowette almost bit his head off for being late first,” Don Allen chuckled next to his twin sister. “So how have the starting rounds gone? You guys keeping pace with the Titans?” Wallace idly asked, keeping watch over the Central City branch of S.T.A.R. labs from a few blocks down. “Yeah it’s been pretty neck and neck all night: Don and me helped the team dominate the obstacle course and hostage rescue scenario. But the Titans had us beat during the criminal investigation and sea monster attack scenario,” Dawn explained. “Eh they got lucky is all. We’ll toast them during the exhibition matchup, Bart taught me a new move that’ll take them out before they can even blink!” Don eagerly bragged. “He calls it the Cyclone Storm and how it works is that I start-“ Flash yawned as he half listed to young Don describing his new move. Dusk was starting to creep over Central City and so far he hadn’t seen any sign of trouble at the S.T.A.R. laboratory. He was frankly bored out of his mind. In fact the flock of pigeons flying over the laboratory right now was the most interesting thing he had seen all night. WHRRRRRRRRRRRR! Wallace rubbed his eyes to make sure he didn’t mistake what he saw. The whole flock of pigeons had suddenly vanished! And for a brief moment, the front half of the S.T.A.R. laboratory seemed to flutter and ripple, like a small pond of water after you dropped a pebble into it! “Wally? Hey were you not paying attention?” Don indignantly asked. “Gotta go guys, I think I’ve been played!” “Wally?-“ Dawn’s voice briefly called out before the Scarlet Speedster hung up. Bolting over to the laboratory, Flash stood before the seemingly unassuming building in silent contemplation. Raising one hand up, Flash slowly push his hand forward until he felt something akin to a heavy fog, you could feel it but then it quickly dissipated before your touch. As another ripple resonated across the image of the S.T.A.R. lab, the lightning quick hero quickly realized that this was a hologram. Passing through the illusion, Flash came across a startling sight; a whole group of what appears to be military contractors, dressed in all black tactical gear, and armed with some pretty high tech weaponry. The mercs appeared to have been in the middle of loading up several items from the laboratory when Flash appeared and both hero and mercenaries alike froze in shock at seeing each other. “Well not quite as bad as walking in on your parents doing the sacred act, but pretty damn close.” The mercs opened fire on the superhero, but they might as well have been trying to shoot air! Blitzing over, under, and around the various mercs and their bullets, Wallace knocked most of them out before stopping to interrogate one who looked like he was the leader. “Alright buddy save yourself some trouble and- aaarrrgh!” Wallace ducked to the side a little too late and felt a painful, stinging sensation graze across his arm. He managed to launch himself over a nearby desk to take cover from this mysterious new assailant. “Get the goods out of here! I’ll take care of Flash Junior!” A golden portal suddenly opened up in the lab with a loud boom! As the mercenaries that were still conscious quickly pushed several boxes through the portal, Flash tried to stop them but several more laser shots forced him back into cover. As the final merc went through the portal, it closed with another boom, seemingly leaving the wing-tipped hero alone. “Should have taken the night off Baby Flash! Would have saved you a lot of trouble!” The voice seemed to be coming from all around the research room. Looking around the barren room, seeing the numerous windows all around him, Wallace had an epiphany of who he was dealing with. “Evan McCulloch! Didn’t know you were still in the game Evan! Or that you expanded your business to outside our solar system!” Flash carefully peeked around the desk he took cover behind. “Just last year I was out of the game Baby Flash! Then the economy tanked and I was one of the poor blokes who got laid off! That’s what I get for trying to go straight!” Another shot rang out, just missing the hero’s head. “You could have tried getting another job! We went through a lot of trouble getting your record expunged after the war!” The Flash exclaimed. “And you did that out of the kindness of your bloody hearts did ya? Not because you used us Rogues as fookin’ canon fodder against those fookin’ alien shites? That it’s your way of justifying sending Snart, Rory, and Digger to be fookin’ eaten alive!” The enraged Scottish voice echoed throughout the room. “Your not the only one who lost friends during the war McCulloch! Barry died fighting side by side with the Rogues!” “And he got a fookin’ eight foot tall statue in the middle of Centennial Park! Wanna know how many wankers still spit on me even after I fought a bloody alien invasion force for their ungrateful arses?” “Well your not gonna change their minds if you go down this path. C’mon McCulloch, selling weapons to what I’m assuming to be hostile alien forces? Your better then this! Barry believed you were better then this!” “Fuck Barry Allen! One way or another I’m getting the payday I’m owed! And I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way Baby Flash!” ********************************************************* This is the Prime Earth version of Wallace West, taking on the Evan McCulloch version of Mirror Master. Their in a circular office room with glass windows all over the walls. Sorry if the image of the original Kid Flash Wally West confuses people. If I could upload the Prime Earth version of Wallace West I would!
  2. As was mentioned in my earlier post of Mai bs Michelangelo, Mai’s ability to control whether the fight is up close of from a distance will be too much of an advantage. Also she can freaking blast out fire!
  3. Can’t bet against my girl Chun-Li, she was the first women of fighting games and she’s probably the best too. Go Chun-Li!
  4. Man you sure take the time to put as much detail and work into your matches as you can Rakai. Much respect and admiration from me. Hmm, this is a very tough for me, love the TMNT crew and I love Fatal Fury! The fairest thing to do is to break it down based on the most important attributes: Speed: Leonardo has dodged and evaded AR bullets and lasers fired from Triceraton soldiers. Terry by video game feats is a bullet dodger as well. So it’s close, but I’ll give the edge to Leo due to him dodging higher caliber bullets much more frequently. Strength: Leo’s best strength feats include bashing through a brick wall and lifting then carrying a steel fridge. Terry best strengths include grappling with and overpowering guys like Chang Koehan (according to SNK wiki weighs 448 pounds at least) and punching the ground so hard he produces shock waves! Terry takes this tier rather comfortably. Durability: Leo and his bros can jump from 3 story buildings and land on their feet, and endured being impaled by enough arrows and shurikens to look like a turtle pincushion! In King of Fighters 99’ Terry survived being in the epicenter of a collapsing NEST cartel building! Terry wins durability. (Don’t have any gifs that show the NEST building explosion, but it is mentioned in most wikis about Terry) Experience: Leonardo has lead his team in fighting a variety of villains throughout the Mirage run, included ninjas, world class martial artists, aliens, and the best fighters from across dimensions. Terry has competed in fighting tournaments from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series. Both have fought many different kinds of foes, but Leonardo’s experience in fighting foes from beyond our own planet certainly gives him the edge in experience. Training: Leonardo and his brothers have been training in martial arts by their Master Splinter since they could walk in order to help him kill the dreaded Shredder. Terry and his bro Andy grew up as orphans in the violent streets of South Town, first being taught by their adopted father Jeff Bogard and then by Jeff’s former master Tung Fu Rue. Both stories seem pretty similar, but then I remembered that this version of Splinter wasn’t Hamato Yoshi, but his mutated pet rat. Sure he technically learned ninjutsu by mimicking Yoshi’s movements, but did he actually get in any fights himself before raising the Turtles? Nope. Jeff and Tung meanwhile were actual formally trained martial artists who were widely considered some of the greatest fighters of their time. Sorry Leo, but Terry takes the final edge due to being trained by two properly certified masters. Sorry Rakai, but with a 3-2 advantage I gotta give it to Terry. Trust me, I take no pleasure in voting against my favorite turtle.
  5. Just another day in the apocalypse for Max.
  6. Really this comes down to whether David can drain Cinder of her powers or not. The final fight with the Hulk seems to indicate that even he has a limit to how much power he can actually absorb, but on the other hand while a Maidens powers are clearly shown to have a high amount of energy, it isn’t strictly stated whether their powers are limitless or not. Then again, since Maiden powers are magical in nature could Banner actually absorb them anyway? Cause if he can’t, then I can’t see him beating Cinder.
  7. I have never heard of Lemillion in my life, I can’t even tell if he’s a comic book character, anime character, or what. Sorry, but I gotta look him up first.
  8. Again, it’s hard to accurately judge how strong Saitama is, but I’m pretty sure he can handle Kazuya even without highballing his strength.
  9. Um, I just read the article but it mostly just talked about something called Marvel: Crisis Protocol (is that some sort of new video game?). It talked about Shuri and Venom as characters of the game, but not about who would win in a comic book fight. And if Shuri has ever canonically fought Venom, then I hadn’t heard of it. Like Magnamax said though, Venom’s got most of the physical stats in his corner so I’m leaning towards voting him.
  10. Finally! Tallahassee gets a battle that I can back him on! Sorry Michonne, but T-man’s got the weapons, the charisma, and the sheer insanity to out crazy Kevin Bacon’s character! He is the perfect person to take out the Graboids!
  11. I don’t think the wiki is saying that Graviton himself moves at FTL, as much as it’s saying that his attacks move at FTL. Or rather, that when he manipulates gravity the effects should happen very quickly on the chosen opponent. As for Ichigo, it has been a while since I watched Bleach so I can’t exactly name any specific FTL speed feats off the top of head. But I will say this; Bleach characters are generally considered to be ridiculously fast characters, even amongst fellow Shonen Jump series like Naruto and One Piece. So if the Battle wiki lists Ichigo as FTL, I certainly wouldn’t have trouble believing it.
  12. Sarah is tough, no doubt about that. In a straight up fight I’d probably back her over Rick. But as the TWD universe is keen on showing us, just because your the physically strongest doesn’t mean you’ll survive the apocalypse. Rick has just the right skill set and experience to survive long term in this scenario. Sarah’s may be built to win a war, but she isn’t built to survive losing one.
  13. Yeah this is a hard stomp. Come on SSJRuss how could you do Batman like that? At least give Bats some prep time to make it fair.
  14. I don’t know much about Yujiro, but VS wiki lists him at a small town level strength and durability. Deku is easily a large city wrecker and since he’s long overcome the physical draw backs of his powers then I think he takes this matchup pretty comfortably.
  15. So it sounds like a bit of a stalemate now: Dark Danny being intangible and Ryuko being too durable, so I’m a bit at a loss about who to vote for until someone breaks the stalemate.
  16. Hmm, rereading some of the Mirage Turtles durability feats and skills make me lean towards them but still not certain. BTW, Rakai I personally believe that Fatal Fury characters like the Bogard brothers should be listed as above peak human, I mean Andy can set himself on fire and Terry punches shockwaves, one would think that would be considered superhuman.
  17. That’s right, Grayson vs Joker was the first part of the Brave New World Arc. Sorry I didn’t make that clear.
  18. And Alita’s never been hit by things slower then Massively Hypersonic+? We’ve had this conversation before Peypey, and it’s getting old. I’m not saying Luke will avoid all of Alita’s attacks but Force Vision will help avoid most of the more serious ones and his force boosted durability will protect him from the rest. Remember that Luke has powered through getting slashed and blasted by Boba Fett: And falling from at least several stories after being kicked off a spaceship: https://imgur.com/a/cMd6b7p And being batted around by the giant creature Kongo the Disemboweler: https://imgur.com/a/9Z301zT And need I remind anyone about the time he was almost zapped into fried chicken by the Emperor and after a second was fit enough to carry his robotic father all the way to an escape pod? Point is, he’ll tank her attacks a lot better then she’ll be able to tank being cut in half by a lightsaber. (Before anyone asks yes these are clips from the Disney approved comics and are Canon as far as the Mouse is concerned)
  19. Yeah but again he didn’t really do much during his intro in Tekken 7, he lost a fight to Heihachi, briefly served him, then disappeared halfway through the story mode. Maxi on the other hand has defeated some pretty tough customers during his time, like Mitsurugi, Astaroth, and Kilik.
  20. Alita might be a tier faster then Luke, but if what I heard about Luke’s force visions are true (that he learned to use them during battle to predict his opponents attacks) then he might be able to mitigate that advantage. And because I believe his lightsaber will do more damage to Alita then she’ll be able to do in turn, I’m leaning towards Luke to win.
  21. I think since both their special abilities (Domino’s luck and Spidey’s sense) would even the other out, I would take the stronger, faster, and more durable fighter and that would be Tobey’s Spider-Man.
  22. Tracer: Sorry but she doesn’t like to share, and neither do I!
  23. Yeah gotta go with Will Smith. The guy’s just shown a better ability to MacGyver and think outside the box then Sarah.
  24. I’m once again leaning towards Akuma, even if he doesn’t start with the Satsui no Hado, he’s durable enough to tank most of Dark Danny’s attacks and he’s fast enough to close the distance and finish the fight once he decides to.
  25. Spike: I like a women who can kick my ass 😘 Tracer:😤 Piss off mate, I got me a lady friend!
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