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  1. Awesome write-up Boratz! Great to see you writing again!

    I’ll back Crosshairs, the guy is cold, professional, and his eyesight is enhanced to the point he doesn’t require night vision scopes to be able to accurately hit targets in the dead of night. The Indoraptor won’t be able to hide from him for long, and he’ll snipe the Dino long before it gets close.

  2. Isabela would do very well in this scenario, being pretty much born into that lifestyle thanks to her mother Madam Hari. Before converting to the Qun, Madam Hari was an infamous charlatan who would often pose as a Rivaini seer for weeks on end to con money out of villagers, and Isabela even at a young age would assist her mother in keeping up the charade. Isabela as an adult would continue to make use of subterfuge and deception to get what she wants: in DA2 she had Hawke pretend to betray her in order to lure out an old enemy of hers and played her role of betrayed companion very well. In the comic tie ins she helped Alistair and Varric infiltrate several pretty highly secured places in Antiva and the Qunari lands through trickery and bluffing through their opposition. Most frustratingly, in Act 2 of DA2 it’ll be revealed that Isabela assumed role as a loyal companion to trick Hawke into helping her retrieve her missing McGuffin and then completely bailed on Hawke with only a Dear John note to explain how she played them. Now if the player had developed a high friendship/rivalry with her she’ll come back to them, but it still proved that Isabela can manipulate and scam people as sharp and self-aware as Hawke and Varric.

  3. Rocky motivated Donnie to defeat Drago Jr, a heavyweight boxer who just wanted his mommies attention. Iroh motivated Korra to defeat Unalaq, the Dark Avatar bent on merging with a God of Evil and conquer the whole world!

    Rocky helped end the Cold War, Iroh helped end the Hundred Year War by mentoring key players like Aang and Zuko to let go of their insecurities and become the best versions of themselves.

    Iroh wins!

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  4. So we’re picking which city we think is a less dangerous place to live in for a year right?

    Well as much of a fan I am of Stranger Things, I’d have to pick it to be the safer place to stay for a year. With Sunnydale having vampires, demons, and quite possibly the Devil himself fixed on it, and Derry having such delights like Pennywise and those creepy aliens from Dreamcatcher, Hawkins actually looks safer in comparison.

  5. 4 hours ago, C.T. said:

    It's not being a troll, it's being accurate. To use your examples, I'll bring the proof of both a Ravager and a Nightwing fight in which Cassandra was never tagged once by either of them. 


    Ravager didn't land a single blow. Though in her case, there has been fights where she has, but that's due to both Cassandra being drugged, and also because she has actual precognition as well, which is something Raph doesn't. It was not from skill alone.


    Oh, look at that, neither did Nightwing. Oh, and here's another time where Nightwing admits he wouldn't even be able to land a hit if she didn't want it to, so he asks Cassandra to pretend he does.


    It's been proven in a fight and by Nightwing's own admission that he couldn't hit her. And you know what, neither would Raphael. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it isn't true. 

    So if anyone's being a troll here, it's you, sorry bud.

    Don’t worry buddy I’ll make sure to upload the scenes of Cass getting hit and proving she can be beaten to even out your clips:


    The second clip clearly shows Cass clipped in the chin by Nightwing and by the end it looks like Nightwing is just getting ready to get serious until Alfred arrives in the next scene to call it off.


    In the second scene we clearly see Jason has grabbed Cass by the throat and pushed her against the bar with his blades over her head! Sure looks like her reading ability did not help her there. And Jason made certain to let her know it!


    And since your a fan of statement feats, here’s a statement that let’s everyone know indefinitely that Dick himself truly believes that if he and Cass were to go all out then her body reading abilities won’t save her from getting a night stick up her ass!

    But like you said, we’re getting close to the end of this so I guess I’ll end it at here as well.

    It’s in your hands now dear CBUB voters. Please vote for Raphy!

  6. 18 minutes ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    I literally said it wasn't canon to this fight. I used it as an example of the ubiquity of the knowledge that Batman is superior to the turtles. I said that in my post:


    It’s a ubiquity knowledge because it appeared in ONE piece of media? So if I show you one Star Trek/X-Men crossover comic where Spock takes down Wolverine would that mean Spock is ubiquity superior to Wolverine?

  7. 3 minutes ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    This is the last thing I'll say on this thread, but the logic being used here baffles me. It's pretty widely accepted that Batman could beat any of the ninja turtles. In fact, in the crossover, he pretty handily beats all 4 of them at once (I know that's not canon, I'm just using it as a frame of reference for how ubiquitous Batman's superiority is). Cassie can go even with and get the better of Batman, and can beat people better than Batman in strict H2H. I know it's ABC logic, but when we're talking about pure tests of skill and athleticism, then I think it makes sense to look at who could beat who.  

    The same Raphael used in 2003? The same Batman from the comics? Or an entirely different set of Batman and Turtles that are entirely unrelated to this matchup?


    2 hours ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    EDIT 2: Upon researching more, the last point is something of an inconsistency in the Mass Effect lore, as the Shadow Broker files tell a different story for him losing his horn as the comic, and neither are confirmed to be more canonical than the other. In either case, though, my point stands: the severity of Mordin's injury, and how much he dressed it, are both completely unknown. In the comic canon, he didn't even dress it at all, an assistant did

    I know, I thought I had talked about that inconsistency in the first post where I mentioned the cranial injury. Look personally I’ve been of the mindset of Original source > comic tie in. Since the Shadow Broker files were part of the Mass Effect 2 game where Mordin first appeared I personally think it should be considered more “canon” then the story told in the comic. And while I do admit it doesn’t directly tell you what happened, you gotta admit it does imply that Mordin had to end up treating the wound on his own with very limited supplies or medicine around, why would Kirrahe tell him to go make to the Salarians main ship if they had equally good medical supplies on the ground?

    2 hours ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    Hush does. Hush has several, actually. He has performed complex self surgery, and he has performed surgery with little to no supplies. Mordin has never performed any kind of surgery that we know of.

    2 hours ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    Also, yes, again, when he saved Prometheus, he was using random supplies he found lying around.

    C’mon Peypey, really look at that scene of him saving Prometheus again. Are you really telling me that Hush found that blood bag filled with just the right blood type for Prometheus “lying around”? The scissors, the tweezers, the scalpel, the ice packs, the shots, the medicine he put into the shots, and all the stitches and bandages he used to wrap up Prometheus? Hush found all of those things just “lying around” in what looks to be some sort of hotel room? Just admit that that was clearly a pre-planned, pre-supplied, classic surgery that a typical surgeon like Hush had already set up before he began the operation. Was it impressive for one man to do it without the typical staff and supplies found at a hospital, sure, but it’s not what one would usually classify as a 127 hours self-care scenario.

    And the reason I keep bringing up that Mordin feat was because it was exactly like what the scenario described: a life-or-death situation with primate medical tools. A krogan (who on average are as strong as Captain America) slashed him across the head hard enough to take off a body part (for a human it would be the equivalent of someone slashing off your ear) so think I think we can conclude it was a pretty severe and life threatening injury. And again it was heavily implied that in that version of the story Mordin stayed in the field and treated the life threatening injury himself! 

    So again in Hush’s beat feat was him treating another man in a pre-planned and pre-supplies room in a place he was clearly comfortable with. Mordin had to treat his own injury, a slash across the head by something with super-soldier strength, in the middle of enemy territory, with only the supplies that a usual special forces member would bring with him on a mission. Which scenario really resembles the 127 hours scenario better?

    I also looked up the other feats you mentioned, and you made some other misleading statements yourself: we never actually saw Hush perform the self-heart surgery, for all we know he had some help doing it. 


  9. 28 minutes ago, C.T. said:

    About as many times I have to tell you that's not really impressive and relevant at all, I guess. For one, as has been pointed out and admitted, he's not doing that alone. Not to mention she regularly fights and wins against people stronger than her. Three, even if we go with Raphael being stronger, it doesn't even matter since Cass's body reading ability means he won't be able to land any attack and so he can't utilize any of that strength. 

    So your denying that he had to bench at least half of that weight for himself? In one breath are you saying that if me and you together managed to carry a 400 pound refrigerator that we would be weaker then a guy who can only bench 90 pounds because we didn’t do it alone? WTF kind of logic is that? As I keep repeating Raph had to carry at least half of that weight, which is at least 40 or 50 tons of stone. Has Cass ever proven she can bench 20 or 25 tons of weight? If not then she’s physically weaker then Raph! So it’s confirmed that Raph is physically much stronger then her!

    28 minutes ago, C.T. said:

    It's actually not inferior since it made her the superior fighter, and gave her an ability he just can't counter. More brutal, cruel and malicious, yes, but not inferior. As for the illegal under those rules, you're likely right but oh hey, what's that? She's learned from plenty of other people too? Oh, and she could learn and master Raph's moves just from seeing him try to use them in the middle of the fight?

    It is inferior if it leaves crippled and unready for this fight because she’s had it drilled into her head since birth to do whatever it takes to win a fight, and it won’t be so easy for her to turn on the “no cheap shots” switch in her brain if she’s fighting an opponent whose skills and fighting abilities would give her trouble on her best days! 

    45 minutes ago, C.T. said:

    Yeah, not a problem at all. 

    Great! Then name me one fight where she fought an opponent who was stronger and heavier then her that she didn’t use ANY type of cheap shots, joint attacks, throat shots, or ANYTHING that would be illegal in a UFC fight to win. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    50 minutes ago, C.T. said:

    You mean the style that Cassandra would instantly learn just by watching? And the style that wouldn't have any successful attacks hit, because of her body reading ability?

    Also, hey, you still haven't answered my questions! : )

     Dude don’t be a troll. You know damn well that Cass can and will be tagged by Raphael, she’s been tagged by Ravager and Nightwing before and both their speeds are equal to Raphs. So stop saying that her body reading ability automatically means she can’t be touched! She’s a badass but she’s still just a human being and she’s gonna take as much hits from Raph as she’s gonna give. Only difference is that Raph’s hits are gonna rattle her much more then her hits are gonna rattle him.

  10. I personally believe that this is a great match and an amazingly written one at that. Good job Movie-Brat!

    Utrom Shredder was certainly a beast, he’s stood mano y mano against Splinter, Leo, Raph, and the other Turtles several times throughout the series and he’s actually had more wins then loses against them if you add them all together. So while I think a matchup between him and Shang-Chi would be very close and honestly could go either way on any given day, I think ultimately Shang-Chi would take this due to being a more disciplined, determination, and greater physicals when scaled to who he’s fought against.

    @RakaiThwei why do you think Tengu Shredder would be a better matchup? Tengu is a reality warper whose strength and magic is clearly superhuman, while Shang-Chi is more of a street level character.

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  11. Well here’s the thing about Dwight, even if he lands in the area of Eternia where He-Man and the forces of good reside, that area of Eternia is still under constant attack by Skeletor and his forces of darkness so Dwight might find himself being attacked by the evils of Eternia either way. So the real question is whether you believe Dwight could survive even one encounter with the standard dangerous creature encountered in Eternia.

  12. 1 hour ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    Genuine question, did you read my comment? I never said the category isn't about hockey. I said the category isn't about whose long-term coaching strategy is the best, it's about who can make the best 1-in-a-million play, and I think that's Phil

    I did. You might not have said it definitely wasn’t hockey, but you worded it like I was a fool to have assumed that it could have been a hockey game. Even though again, the picture next to the category is clearly intending to bring the image of a Mighty Ducks esque scenario to mind. Look I don’t have much of a stake in this matchup, so I don’t even know why we’re going back and forth.

  13. 21 hours ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    I completely disagree because a surgeon would have better knowledge of where to cut, and more importantly, have much more practice actually doing so in the field. Mordin's "feat" isn't even a feat, it's an in-universe story that we don't even know is true, and even then, we don't know the severity of the damage he took or the extent that he dressed it in the field. All we know is that he maybe got hit in the field and kept going. Hush has performed surgery on himself multiple times with no anesthetic, and he has performed surgery with next to no equipment when he saved Prometheus' life. Again, the photo isn't necessarily the challenge. It could be a scenario where they have to take out their own appendix, or perform heart surgery on themselves, or carve out something poisonous. Even if it was an amputation, I would still take Hush's decades of experience as a surgeon over Mordin's experience as a field medic and his experience as a doctor. He simply doesn't have any experience with that kind of scenario, and him maybe dressing a wound in the field is simply not going to stack up with Hush's lifetime to experience with amputations and other surgeries, his proven past of self-surgery, and his experience as a surgeon with few tools. He ticks every single box for this category perfectly, honestly. Again, there's nothing suggesting that it is necessarily an amputation, and if it's not, then Hush for sure wins, but even if it is, he's a world class surgeon who would have much more experience with amputations than Mordin

    Yeah better training in a controlled environment, where all the tools, equipment, and medicine he requires would be prepared ahead of time for him. Mordin’s feat would be far more relevant to an 127 type scenario because one would really not access to anything close to the supplies that surgeons like Hush would use during their operations. Mordin is a field medic, his whole training revolves around being able to treat wounds out in the field without the supplies, medicine, or warnings and prep time that one would have in a hospital funded surgery. That’s what makes his loss cranial feat better then Hush’s, Mordin’s happened in the field, with only the barest of tools and medicine, and Mordin had clearly not had the time to prepare for it. Has Hush ever done any of his medical feats out in the open in anything resembling an 127 hour scenario: e.i. outside, with no tools or medicine already prepared for him, and without hours to prepare for the challenge? Because Mordin has.

  14. 18 hours ago, C.T. said:

    Gotta disagree once more. Well, on some points. Raph might have more experience than her, I don't know how old he is in various continuities and what the general range is there, but similar training? As far as I know that's a big nope, Raph wasn't trained by depriving speech in order to become nothing more than a living breathing weapon like Cass was. Was he? Was he taught increased tolerance of pain by Splinter shooting him with guns as a young child and telling him to not dodge it, or stabbing/cutting him regularly? While Splinter taught them well, he obviously cares for his adopted sons. But David Cain trained her more brutally, kept her from developing speech like a regular person so she would become even more capable. He didn't care so long as he got his weapon.

    Raph's a good fighter, I've never denied that, but their training was not similar, I do not believe that. 

    Granted, Raph is heavier than her, true. But you have not proven he's stronger than her, given that she matches his feat with the brick wall, and surpasses it with the quartz window one, as I've said multiple times now. And consequently no, you have not proven he'd win this fight. Nothing I've seen from you here indicates that to me. 

    He's not as skilled as she is, he has no counter for her body reading ability which lets her anticipate every attack he'd try, their strength and speed are in the same range(though again, I'd argue hers is superior in both counts from the feats I presented), and bringing back a point I made earlier, she could exploit his temper. Like, the more she dodges or counters attacks, the more angry he could get, and consequently the more sloppy as well. Not that I think she would need to do so, given that she overall matches him in physical stats and is superior to him in skill and has an ability he just can't counter. 

    So training to stand still as your being shot and cut counts as “superior training”? If anything that sort of training actually makes you weaker, not stronger. I had family members who served as Marines who told me some enlightening truths about “pain tolerance” training, specifically the ones used by their Russian equivalents. They used to tell me how part the reason why Russian operations and engagements generally lead to greater casualties and failures then the US was because the “pain tolerance” training just doesn’t work, it makes someone so numb and uncaring to the pain that they stop caring about trying to stay alive to complete the ops. They would half jokingly say that the Russians train their troops to embrace pain and dying and that the Marines train to avoid pain and dying. 

    When I said Raph and Cass’s training was similar, I meant in similar martial arts and fighting styles. Your right that the methods were different, but if anything their worse for Cassandra then Raphael.

    And dude how many times do I have to show you the feat of Raphy squatting a giant stone pillar?


    Even if Raph only held up half of what must be at least 40 or 50 tons of stone that’s still far above anything a peak human like Cass has shown the ability to do. So yes that would in fact make him stronger and heavier then Cassandra. 

    Here’s a point that you’ve yet to explain to me C.T., can Cass beat Raphael without ANY joint strikes, throat strikes, hits to the spine or back of the neck, no eye gouging of any kind, no downward pointing elbow strikes, and no groin attacks of ANY kind. Here’s another reason why her training with Daddy Cain would be inferior to Splinter’s training, most of the things David Cain taught her to do would be illegal under UFC rules! That’s again why in this scenario strength and weight advantages trump almost anything else. Plus Raph's personal style of combining wrestling moves like grappling and body slams would translate much better to fighting in the Octagon then Cassandra’s.

  15. 21 hours ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    I actually don't disagree. If the scenario was "who could train the best hockey team," I would definitely give it to Splinter. But the scenario reads "which coach will choose that unbelievable million-to-one chance play in the last second and win?" In that very specific situation, I think Phil's style of coaching would be superior to Splinter's. Put another way, Splinter would be more likely to train his team to not even be in a last second, million-to-one shot situation, but if both found themselves in it, I think Phil would shine brighter

    Well the picture literally shows three hockey players dude. Sorry if I assumed it was a hockey game being played.

  16. 7 minutes ago, C.T. said:

    No, they don't, considering that Cass breaks through brick walls like that on the regular, and the other doesn't matter here as much as you think it does because, while it is impressive, he's not doing it alone. Again, that's not a missile at all and you saying it is doesn't make it so, sorry. Also, again, those are not actual lasers, so in comparison the only actual feat relevant there is the gunfire he dodges, which is impressive. It just happens that Cass's feat is superior, since she dodges at much closer range, with the bullet being literally inches from her ear before she even moves.

    Yes they are actual lasers! They looked like lasers, they could be deflected from reflected surfaces like a laser, the literal Turtles wiki page calls them lasers! Sorry but you don’t just get to dismiss a feat simply because you don’t like it! And Raphael dodged machine gun fire at point blank range dude! That was literally the same feat with more bullets coming at him!  

    Please try explain to me how this feat wasn’t superior to Cassandra’s feat.

    19 minutes ago, C.T. said:

    Has Raphael ever shown himself to be hardcore enough to keep on fighting, after he's been stabbed in the heart? Because Cass has. 

    Has Raphael ever mastered a new fighting style in 5 minutes? Because Cass has. 

    Has Raphael ever learned and mastered a new technique in the middle of a fight, after seeing it only once? Because Cass has. 

    Does Raphael have a way to win against someone more skilled, who can read his body and know every move he could make before he makes it, who is just as fast if not faster than him, and who also regularly fights and wins against people that are tougher and stronger than her? 

    Has Cass ever shown herself to be hardcore enough to survive for hours without oxygen by slowing her breathing and heart rate? Because Raph has.

    Has Cassandra ever learned how to master her chi and take dragon form? Because Raph has.

    Has Cass ever used her new found dragon form and defeated an immortal demon who had reality warped her entire planet and one shotted a Superman level character? Cause Raph has.

    Does Cassandra have a way to beat an opponent who has been trained since childhood to know every single martial art and fighting style (including pressure point attacks) and has the feats that show he is physically faster and stronger then her? And whose gone up against enemies just as tough and strong as her Bat family?

    You can argue hyperboles and personal feelings all day long dude, but the main point of this topic is to decide which contestants would win a UFC sanctioned match in the Octagon. And since Raph has at least similar if not superior experience and training, fought opponents that are just as skilled as hers, and is stronger and heavier then her, then I think I’ve proven in this matches scenario Raphael would win! 

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