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  1. Bullshit! @leroypowell3 and @IKA can one of y’all explain to me why Deadshot could beat Zealot in this scenario but The Punisher couldn’t?
  2. I’ll second what Rakai said. Nicely written match though Movie-Brat, I’ll give it a 4.5!
  3. Sorry Blaze, but King just has the advantage of being in more games and thus having a much better list of unique and powerful fighters.
  4. @Peypeypeypey and @Magnamax I get your points about Drizzt being able to beat Harry, but you’re yet to explain how he’s going to take on Percy: demigods in the Riordan universe are already much stronger and faster then regular humans and as the son of Poseidon Percy is undoubtedly stronger and faster then even other Gods! Percy has beaten Ares the God of War in a sword fight, he’s shrugged off blows from giants and cyclops, and in the book The Last Olympian was able to fight Kronos the King of the Titans to a standstill, didn’t really beat him but stalled him until his friends could find a way
  5. He was only intense or invasive whenever he was on the job and considering that job was saving the entire world, three times in a row I might add, I think that’s to be expected. And unless I’m misremembering Hermione was the same way whenever they went up against Voldemort so that’s another thing they can relate to each other about. But if you remember his interactions with Julia and Ilsa then you’d know that when he’s allowed to let his guard down Ethan is a very approachable and light hearted guy which I believe someone like Hermione will be even more attracted to. If Hermione
  6. Excuse me but Westley only had one love interest in his movie, Ethan’s romanced Julia, Ilsa, even Carter had some very heavy sexual tension with him during Ghost Protocol. Also remind me again which character was played by People’s Magazine and Vanity Fair’s sexiest man alive Tom Cruise? In all seriousness Westley I think is more a fantasy crush then a real one. I mean I’m sure every little girl has had her fantasies of the dashing, overly romantic rogue who takes her off on wild adventures, but I think Ethan is better because he’s more what the little girl goes for once she grows in
  7. I would like to refer voters back to my last argument for Catherine for the Sherlock Holmes romance scenario: https://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?/topic/34876-105-catherine-tramell-vs-evelyn-o39connell/ Now Amanda is definitely more an anti-villain then Evelyn, but I think we all knew she would eventually have her face-heel turn and become a true hero. Catherine is a true femme fatale so I think that’ll attract Holmes more. Also her crimes have much more to do with manipulation and cunning then Amanda’s, so that’s another thing that’ll attract Holmes more to Catherine then
  8. My bad dude. It just completely slipped my mind, won’t happen again.
  9. Can the turtles summon their allies from the 2003 4kids universe? Otherwise I don’t see how they can defeat thousands of Daley’s by themselves.
  10. Give me magic over steel any day. I don’t know anything about Richard Rahl but Percy and Harry should slaughter the other team.
  11. I gotta vote for Leia mostly because I think she and Kyle would have better chemistry. I think she’d be a bit more snarky and sarcastic about Kyle supposedly being from the future and I think they’d argue and sass each other a bit more then Kyle and Lois. And I just love watching bickering couples, it’s just so much more entertaining then the ordinary lovey-dovey romance.
  12. I’ve always thought Green Arrow as the better combatant, he’s fought tougher enemies (Deathstroke, Constantine Drakon), is a better archer (fires 33 arrows per minute vs Hawkeye’s 30 per minute), and has the best feat. Putting an arrow through Parallax’s chest was better then any Hawkeye feat I could think of.
  13. Gotta be Catherine. She would easily be the Catwoman of the MCU, and I would pay big bucks to see her inserted into The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Bucky would be trying to warn Sam that she’s trouble, while Catherine would be trying to convince Sam that Bucky’s jealous of him and try to break up the bromance!
  14. Heck, I honestly think the Blues Brothers fame will work against them, Wilkes will be more motivated to keep them captured since their famous musicians. Dorothy on the other hand is a normal Kansas girl, so their’s no motive for her to care whether Dorothy escapes.
  15. C’mon guys Dorothy has taken on a Wicked Witch and an army of flying monkeys! Tell me she wouldn’t be able to handle Wilkes better then the Blue boys!
  16. Yeah but my main point was that them actually getting a chance to come back from the dead, let alone twice, was in itself a deus ex machina. I’m pretty sure Dorothy wouldn’t have gotten that option if she allowed herself to be tricked into falling off a cliff.
  17. But he didn’t get knocked out instantly did he? He still kept himself conscious, even after they tried throwing dynamite at him to finish him off, long enough to get out of the mines and then walk off into a creek and only feel unconscious after he found a hermit who could nurse him back to health. So that wasn’t an instant KO and in this scenario Michael would easily keep himself conscious long enough to gut Cherry and then fall into a coma. And as for Loomis surviving the H2 explosion, it’s never clearly explained just how badly he was injured by the explosion, for all we know he was also pu
  18. Firstly getting your head cut off is a little bit more serious then a KO. If you wanna argue that a decapitation could kill Michael, sure that could work but Cherry doesn’t really have any cutting weapon does she? Secondly while H20 does end with us believing that Laurie cut off Michael’s head, the next movie (Resurrection) retconned it into Michael breaking a guards neck and putting his mask on him to trick Laurie into killing the guard instead. The second film takes place literally minutes after the first one and it clearly shows that Michael just needed to get another kitchen knife
  19. I’ll back Sogetsu, partially because Samurai Shodown characters deserve a win, and partially because Nico is more a scientist then a fighter.
  20. And I didn’t say Michael was unkillable, I said guns and explosives couldn’t kill him! John Carpenter literally said those words and there are tons of clips and videos that back that fact up! That’s not figurative or vague, that’s a creator giving you factual info about his creation! And of course it wouldn’t be reasonable to say he could beat Supes because Supes isn’t a regular human being! Cherry is! No matter how badass or tough she is, she is still a human being with human weaknesses and vulnerability! Could Cherry survive being shot six times in the chest? No! Could she survive being pepp
  21. The hell you mean Wolf-Man’s durability is too high? So he’s survived being cut in half? Decapitation? Gutting? We’ve seen a bear trap be able to pierce his skin, so he doesn’t have impervious skin. So as far as we know Wolf-Man durability only extends to concussive force and light bullet wounds. So again as far as we know a clean decapitation or bisection would be enough to kill him. In fact at the beginning of Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man it’s revealed that a stick with a silver handle actually can’t kill a werewolf, which means that Wolfy was in fact overpowered and briefly killed by an
  22. It is a shame that TF2 characters don’t have their own pages, maybe I’ll try adding them in the future. I’ll back the Spy, he’s just got too many hax moves to lose to Bond.
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