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  1. If Atta even wore a dress, we’d need a magnifying glass to even see it. 🤣🤣🤣!
  2. Have you even noticed the size difference between the Transformers and the Kaiju? This is quite literally a stomp.
  3. While both princesses have saved their respected worlds from destructive forces, on top of tackling issues such as bigotry and cycles of hate and mistrust, it’s important to look closely at just how they ultimately changed their worlds by the end of their series: SPOILER ALERT FOR ANYONE NOT CAUGHT UP WITH STAR VS THE FORCES OF EVIL OR RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON! Anyways by the end of SvTFOE while Star did seemingly bring peace to Mewni and Earth, she did it by destroying magic itself, ruining several ways of living and killing Glossaryck, the High Commission, and possibly thousands of other magical creatures who needed magic just to live! Also while Earth, Mewni, and the countless other dimensions merging together might have been good for Star and Marco, we also clearly saw other people having their homes and businesses destroyed during the merging so I’m hesitant to say that Star’s actions really made things better for most of the world. By the end Raya’s movie however, she had successfully destroyed the Druun, brought back to life everyone who had been turned to stone by them, including the dragons, and she stopped the war between the five clans and convinced them to reunify as one nation! So on a scale of 1 to 10 on just how well they made things “better” I’d only give Star a 6/10, while Raya gets an easy 10/10.
  4. Raphy and his brothers do often have to disguise themselves in large trench coats and pass themselves off as humans throughout the 2003 version of the show. He’s also much better at subterfuge and ninjutsu stealth then Raiden, whose really only a ninja in name.
  5. Yeah I’m of the same opinion 🤣. It would have made the fight between Jaws and Namorita a bit more interesting though.
  6. Awesome start to the September 2021 Flash Fiction tournament Movie-Brat! Big question here, is this just the Jaws we saw in the first movie? Because I know of some folks who head canon that Jaws is all four sharks from all four movies who somehow comes back to life every time it dies. Just making sure I know.
  7. He also wouldn’t be able to shoot a crossbow, he doesn’t have hands or opposable fingers. So no chance of Sisu getting bolted regardless. A mob that can spam magical water, control the weather, and fly! Their also much bigger then the horses, so it really doesn’t matter if their more mob then army, their abilities make them far more deadly and efficient then any organized force. I’d have to say the army of magical dragons, by virtue that we see military trained forces literally every day in almost every corner of the world. You know what the average joe doesn’t see everyday? An army of motherfucking dragons! You yourself have pointed out that they can be hurt or killed by mortal means, so if their gods/spirits their very, very low tier versions of them. The argument for them being too intelligent and socially structured to be animals is not meritless, although we could make a similar argument about Maximus and other horses of Tangled. Max and Fidella in particular seem to demonstrate intelligence and emotional bonds on par with if not exceeding humans. The dragons of Kumamdra are specifically stated to be the guardians and protectors of the humans residing there, heck the reason why Susi is the last dragon is because the others died fighting the evil Druun to save and protect the humans. So while they do prefer to avoid conflict, they will literally fight to the last of them to protect the humans of Kumamdra. I mean that last argument could be used against Rapunzel as well. Ruddiger is Varian’s companion and Hamuel is Eugene’s dad pet, so they also may or may not join Rapunzel’s forces. Also I distinctly remember Fidella going with Cassandra when SPOILER ALERT she leaves Corona at the end of the series to find her own destiny, so she might not be available either. Again the dragons are the guardians and protectors of Raya’s homeland, so while yes they do generally prefer peaceful methods, if Raya requests their help to defend the land, then I couldn’t imagine them sitting it out.
  8. How many Cyberman? Casey isn’t nearly at Splinter’s level, I don’t see him replicating Splinter’s feat.
  9. Just how many is a “few”? Cause I think Balthazar could probably take 1-4 of them, but +5 would be a bit too much. Especially if they blitz him at once.
  10. And Maximus wouldn’t be felled by a crossbow bolt to the heart? Even if Sisu isn’t fully immortal she can still control the weather, manipulate water, fly, and shape shift. I’ll take a magically enhanced Dragon over a military trained horse any day of the week dude. And I’d especially take an army of dragons over an army of horses all day every day.
  11. Same as before, gotta side with the Mirage Turtles. They’re just all around tougher and more brutal then the Nickelodeon Turtles.
  12. I would argue that Psylocke would get this done quicker then Deathstroke. Since investigation will be needed here, her telepathy will save her some time on gathering information and allow Betsy to find out what’s going on and where the Red Queen is faster then Slade will be able to.
  13. Mickey might be the OG, but I think the fact he never gained national prominence in his days would end up hurting him here. Since Rocky’s career was more widely known and beloved any team under him will be better motivated to win and not let Rocky down. Voting for Balboa here!
  14. The key word here is “gracefully” guys, which princess could get out of the royal engagement with the most grace and class. Vanellope would probably deal with her unwanted suited by with her usual brand of immature and sharpe comments that would probably get rid of the guy, but likely not in the way one would deem as a “proper princess.” Tiana would probably be a bit more tactful with her rejection, keeping enough of a cool head to time her sass as a back handed compliment that sure to shock her obnoxious wooer and greatly impress the royal court. Going with Tiana here.
  15. Eh for the sake of the match I think we should at least assume that’s his mindset at the start of the match. While generally yes he is against killing, I think they were at least a couple of comics where he did decide to abandon his code and start killing his enemies.
  16. If we take Aliens: Colonial Marines feats as canon, then the Queen is durable enough to tank pulse rifle fire and grenades. And on paper they should be more powerful weapons what the ED-209 has by virtue of them being military grade weapons from the year 2179, while the ED’s are from 2028 and were intended to be used by a police robot.
  17. A very good debate between @RiotGear and @Twogunkid. Both had very good arguments and explained their points very well. Regardless of the score I think your both winners in my book! 👏👏👏
  18. I’ve missed the last few tournament matches so I’m really determined to top this one!
  19. In a crowded city like Vice, I fear that poor Zipper will be in danger of many swatting hands.
  20. Isabela stole the Tome of Koslun from the Qunari, a sacred relic which is as important to the Qunari as the Declaration of Independence to the USA. I think she can steal Christmas from a small town. Much better then Ryan who is more of a comic relief then a legitimate thief.
  21. Raya can recruit dragons and whatever Tuk Tuk is into her animal army. She wins this!
  22. Maybe if it was the book version. But the Benedict Cumberbatch Smaug was said to be over 400 feet long, bigger then 2 jet airliners.
  23. Probably the Wizard. He’s taken on the entire Fantastic Four at once, one power ranger will be easy pickings for him.
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